Honest Trailers - Glass


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  • Screen Junkies
    Screen Junkies   8 months back

    Did you like Glass? Was it the end to the Break-Verse you wanted?

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    • noob gamer
      noob gamer  1 months back

      Hey psst you.... psst yeah you the one reading this help me get them to do Swiss Army Man!

    • GJ Battles
      GJ Battles  3 months back

      I personally enjoyed it.

    • Krystal
      Krystal  4 months back

      Screen Junkies omg just watched this movie and was horrified by the how bad it was. Came on to ask you guys to make an honest trailer about it. This should be good

    • MeshKat / Déjà Entendu ?
      MeshKat / Déjà Entendu ?  4 months back

      Not really the end we expected, but maybe the end we deserved, regarding to the audience's behavior towards Shyamalan's work in the late 2000s.

    • Lovelyheartu
      Lovelyheartu  4 months back

      I belive it's a very damaging movie especially regarding DID.

  • Angelica Figueroa
    Angelica Figueroa  1 weeks back

    Love when they add spoilers. Im like good catch me up so i don't have to watch the movie if I don't want to

    • Dani Hay
      Dani Hay  2 weeks back

      I was a little disappointed with this one. I enjoyed Unbreakable and Split. I was falling asleep during Glass. Such a build up and it was ruined by an insanely dragging story.

      • Ana Milojevic
        Ana Milojevic  3 weeks back

        I died xD aaand James McAvoy doing absolutely everything else... xD

        • Hokus Shettre
          Hokus Shettre  3 weeks back

          I swear I was watching this with a straight face but then y'all got McAvoy's SNL audition on and I lost it😂

          • Moamen Nasser
            Moamen Nasser  3 weeks back

            I didn't like the because it wasn't like marvel or dc I didn't like it because of the ending I think it was very lame and they killed the fucking beast this man alone made watch no one else

            • 1 million subscribes without any video

              Village was good

              • jason lyles
                jason lyles  1 months back

                I was curious about the movie and would give it a 3 out if 5. This movie seemed ripe to add another hero or Gillian or anti hero. Good premise but packed in the delivery department.

                • LaMar Jones
                  LaMar Jones  1 months back

                  he REALLY got to stop making movies.😲😠😫

                  • BigBoss
                    BigBoss  2 months back

                    Some really pretty static images though 😋

                    • Yahiko Kurotama
                      Yahiko Kurotama  2 months back

                      This movie was such a let down i feel like crying. Unbreakable is my all time fave superhero movie and one of my fave movies in general, it was not done justice!

                      • Awesome Ness
                        Awesome Ness  2 months back

                        I tried watching this movie and I have no single clue about it

                        • The Rabid Doge
                          The Rabid Doge  2 months back

                          Do Roswell (1999) TV show

                          • Cloud Isaac Bulabog
                            Cloud Isaac Bulabog  2 months back

                            honest trailer can you do mortal kombat conquest

                            • Kristin
                              Kristin  2 months back

                              I liked glass a lot so I decided to watch split and it made me annoyed AT GLASS why the heck is Casey all hot for Kevin now?! Split did not build that relationship (imo obviously)

                              • UlithiumDragon
                                UlithiumDragon  3 months back

                                2:22 That Muscle Milk gag was so perfect! I laughed so hard and had to rewatch it a dozen times.

                                • Yudha Apriadi
                                  Yudha Apriadi  3 months back

                                  make honest trailer of beowulf.. make special slow-mo for the "angelina jolie parts"..

                                  • noob gamer
                                    noob gamer  3 months back

                                    Do SWISS ARMY MAN.... DOOOO IT SWISS ARMY MAN...

                                    • EXHALER Wolf
                                      EXHALER Wolf  3 months back

                                      Glass is the best superhero movie.

                                      • Maxxn 72
                                        Maxxn 72  3 months back

                                        2:26 song

                                        • mats34
                                          mats34  4 months back

                                          I had no idea what this movie was about before watching it. Defintely gave me a positive surprise!

                                          • Bionicle16
                                            Bionicle16  4 months back

                                            Great characters...Hof did they fuck this up this much?

                                            • Renae Killiough
                                              Renae Killiough  4 months back

                                              Please say in your epic voice " I dont think theres a power in the verus that could stop Kaylee from being cheerful"

                                              • Renae Killiough
                                                Renae Killiough  4 months back

                                                Please do tango and cash!

                                                • Lane Hacker
                                                  Lane Hacker  4 months back

                                                  I feel like other peoples reactions of this movies repaired me to not expect much and that helped me enjoy it, also love the master plan

                                                  • Helder Oliveira
                                                    Helder Oliveira  4 months back

                                                    Funny how Screen Junkies isn't half as harsh to MCU movies as they are to non-MCU movies

                                                    • Sibulle Vicious
                                                      Sibulle Vicious  4 months back

                                                      It's a very good movie, but it feels while watching it that they didn't really know what they were doing... You don't really get attached to Glass or David because they're not present enough in the movie, and when they are they just aren't doing much? Or much that would make you spark interest in them. And i feel like i didn't even care that much for Glass' "master plan" or whatever. McAvoy however stole every scene he was in and made the movie good to me, because it's a good and very human representation of the disorder, contrary to Split's where he just was creepy the whole time. Anyways, it weirdly worked even if there are so many questionable things about the whole process and movie itself

                                                      • Shaun Victory
                                                        Shaun Victory  4 months back

                                                        Would have liked the movie but they don’t fight and nobody wins

                                                        • Unseamed Future
                                                          Unseamed Future  4 months back

                                                          The woman that played the Dr was the worst and most boring parts of the movie. So when she does most of the talking (half the movie) it's a snooze fest. It's like watching a terrible actor play a Dr......oh wait that's what happen in reality. She should have at least died in the movie. Lol

                                                          • Jason Brown
                                                            Jason Brown  4 months back

                                                            "Sam Jackson, not doing much at all for the first half."

                                                            That really bugged me about this movie. Sam just sits there with a blank stare. It seems like such a waste of a great actor.

                                                            • Steve Himel
                                                              Steve Himel  5 months back

                                                              It wasn't terrible but the end was kind of ridiculous. Not necessarily the premiae, but how it was executed. A puddle and a bullet? No thanks.

                                                              It was definitely the worst of the 3 for me, but still in the top half of his movies.

                                                              • ISOHaven
                                                                ISOHaven  5 months back

                                                                I liked the first one, loved the second one and now love the whole series. What they did with it was great.

                                                                • Mel Fortuin
                                                                  Mel Fortuin  5 months back

                                                                  I loved it. People expect every super hero movie to be Michael Bay'd to thy kingdom come. I actually felt distraught at the end. I think it was a beautiful movie, subtle and realistic cause yes... In this day and age we Would post a video of something weird online. The powers were realistic. The acting was phenomenal. The dialogue didn't make me cringe. Their weaknesses are rooted so deeply in the little things or incidents that can color our whole lives. I don't care what a critic says.. This movie was amazing.

                                                                  • Kebron Gurara
                                                                    Kebron Gurara  5 months back

                                                                    I liked glass actually. It was a great ending, definitive but with consequences that carry forward. I guess the clover leaf people could have been a bit more fleshed out but still enjoyed it.

                                                                    • Jimmy Hamilton
                                                                      Jimmy Hamilton  5 months back

                                                                      Best one yet

                                                                      • Caranfil Alexandru
                                                                        Caranfil Alexandru  5 months back

                                                                        WTF is PCP ?

                                                                        • Nirmal Madhusoodanan
                                                                          Nirmal Madhusoodanan  5 months back

                                                                          You missed the M. Night cameo that actually connected his cameos in the previous movies

                                                                          • Graham Van Dyke
                                                                            Graham Van Dyke  5 months back

                                                                            My name's Hedwig. I have red socks.

                                                                            • AMSMagician
                                                                              AMSMagician  5 months back

                                                                              This movie was bad. There was no suspense. It got boring very quickly. I respect the concept and the work that went into this film. It just doesn’t work as the finale I hoped for.

                                                                              • 540VarialHunter
                                                                                540VarialHunter  5 months back

                                                                                Didn't see the previous two, so... Hit ME! Spoilers are NO CANCERN!

                                                                                • M4xECuTIoN
                                                                                  M4xECuTIoN  5 months back

                                                                                  Do Honest Trailer Game of Thrones finale !!

                                                                                  • Jacoby
                                                                                    Jacoby  5 months back

                                                                                    Aside from the anti-climatic ending, this was a great movie. Definitely one of the most original superhero movies in a while.

                                                                                    • James Willmus
                                                                                      James Willmus  5 months back

                                                                                      If nothing else, this movie brings an end to the series. For that, I am thankful.

                                                                                      • Hawk 512
                                                                                        Hawk 512  5 months back

                                                                                        PAAAAASSSSSSS. Best. Title. Ever!

                                                                                        • F T
                                                                                          F T  6 months back

                                                                                          Totally agreed

                                                                                          • Ben Clawson
                                                                                            Ben Clawson  6 months back

                                                                                            I was more entertained by this honest trailer than this movie.

                                                                                            • mael paul
                                                                                              mael paul  6 months back

                                                                                              Do the sixth sense

                                                                                              • Roland Lawrence
                                                                                                Roland Lawrence  6 months back

                                                                                                more people saw this than glass!