100 Walks ANIMATION Challenge (Read Desc.)

  • Published: 13 November 2017
  • Yes I'm still alive, and now I'll be dead again.
    Yep I've made up a challenge where I have to Animate ALL 100 walks from this video:

    Idk what I've gained from this besides a bit of animation improvement.

    I nominate ANYONE to try this challenge I swear if I see anyone else doing this challenge I will shout them out through all my social medias and frickin make a video about the person idk just spit ballin here.
    (Listen maybe this is kind of getting out of hand... none of you don't know what the original still is even when I put the original video IN THE DESCRIPTION)
    Explanations -
    Chimpanzee. So... I wanted to choose a character of mine that would act like an animal at times, and Draby was it, but he was coincidentally black. So many of you guys pointed that out, and I never noticed.... So I guess I'm sorry on that one... u-u

    Three Arms: Ninja Sam doesn't have three arms, its just its scarf.

    Black Mario: His name is Brodyman, he actually used to be my mii character. He was changed to a fully "original" character and the hat is I guess inspired by Mario's hat himself uwu

    Messy lines. Yes, I know I have to work on clean up, and also Sony vegas did some strange rendering thing, when rendering the video.
    Uhh... someone in the comments said the word.... I forgot... But its doing that thing where u can see the before lines.

    Music. I made the music guys, heres my soundcloud:

    Beeper Gambler: soundcloud.com/brodbrodymusic/beeper-thinker
    Brodyman 8 Bit Theme: soundcloud.com/brodbrodymusic/8-bit-brodyman-theme

    Bassed (Chased but its base Boosted): soundcloud.com/brodbrodymusic/bassed

    And the last song, I didn't release it out on soundcloud oops...

    Characters: Yes these are my original characters.

    Furries: No, I do not have a sexual obsession over furries, nor involved in the fandom. There's a reason why they have tails, and no its not just only girls who have tails. There's a whole population of them... Think of... RWBY, the fahnus.. or... whatever they were called, the animal people! That's like basically what they are! Hope ya understand it now. And guys... sometimes you guys just need to stop hating on a character just because it has a tail, or extra pair of animal ears of some sort. Even if you're joking... some people do take a big offense to it, like me sort of... But some people I guess doesn't give any trucks like the fandom xd so just... keep it at a minimum with those EW FURRY jokes.

    Easter Eggs: Coal turns to legos for a brief second.
    Draby has on a marionette mask from fnaf.
    Charlie Chaplin.
    (I didn't reference Hamilton but you guys thought of it xd)
    Hidden words from The Rusty Drawing (The Distorted ones)

    The guy in the corner: That's the reference video (the original video)
    Yeah I don't mind if you look at him more than the animation.
    (lol sims.)

    I do not deserve these subs honestly .-.
    but... thanks...
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  • Brodbrody
    Brodbrody   2 years back

    Alright lemme get some things clea-omg theres comments literally coming each second!
    Alright lemme just pin this one to tell you to, read the desc.
    I'll explain most things there
    -and ruin your fun on looking for easter eggs >:)-

  • Suvali Dwarikapersadh
    Suvali Dwarikapersadh  3 hours back

    0:21 anyone else thought this looked like Romeo from MCSM s2

    • Keshaunasshole Davis
      Keshaunasshole Davis  5 hours back

      0:16 me going down stairs to get a cookie

      5:39 me when I make a sound and my parents heard it

      • Cursed Spinel
        Cursed Spinel  5 hours back

        When me and the boy play hide and seek

        • Yelly Yelmut
          Yelly Yelmut  10 hours back


          • TOL Animations
            TOL Animations  11 hours back

            Me at school

            How I think I walk: 6:01

            How I actually walk: 1:01

            • Drake Morse
              Drake Morse  14 hours back

              2:15: its painted faces all iv- me: NO NOT THE MUSIC BOX DEMON

              • Madison Frias
                Madison Frias  15 hours back

                0:00 yes I’m still alive

                • doge roblox 23
                  doge roblox 23  15 hours back

                  en la 0:20 me recuerda a spinela cuando decia quien soy quien soy soy la que perdio el juego

                  • When will the cuckoo clock fly and hit my face?.

                    I walk like creeper to show how stupid I am like ed

                    • Toy Sonic The Robot Hedgehog Br

                      5:39 White tubby

                      4:20 Tink winky

                      • elixor PS
                        elixor PS  17 hours back

                        1:41 aw man

                        • -CreationStationPro- o
                          -CreationStationPro- o  17 hours back

                          4:01 You didn’t put the wrong walk

                          • Lourdez Conley
                            Lourdez Conley  19 hours back

                            Put it on 2x

                            • SkeletonGold Gamer
                              SkeletonGold Gamer  20 hours back

                              2:17 FNAF 2 REFRENCE

                              • Michael Menjivar
                                Michael Menjivar  22 hours back

                                🐱. I. Am. CAT.

                                • Konstantin Turimandzov
                                  Konstantin Turimandzov  24 hours back

                                  The naruto walk

                                  • KLOREAS {GD}
                                    KLOREAS {GD}  1 days back

                                    1:42 AW MAN

                                    • The D&S Gaming Show
                                      The D&S Gaming Show  1 days back

                                      6 minutes and 29 seconds of 100% content. 😎👍

                                      • Edhen Sese
                                        Edhen Sese  1 days back

                                        4:20 me when my friend get my ice cream and saw him

                                        • Edhen Sese
                                          Edhen Sese  1 days back

                                          1:42 creeper aww man

                                          • FNAF FANATIC 27
                                            FNAF FANATIC 27  2 days back

                                            My fnaf sence is tingling

                                            • Wielbład xd
                                              Wielbład xd  2 days back


                                              • Insanity Wolf434
                                                Insanity Wolf434  2 days back

                                                Did anyone notice the “Marionette” walk had the puppet’s mask from Fnaf? (Five nights at Freddy’s)

                                                • confUsinboi20
                                                  confUsinboi20  2 days back

                                                  0:00 Yes I'm still a *_Lie_*

                                                  • KittyQueen YT
                                                    KittyQueen YT  2 days back

                                                    5:03 trying to sneak to McDonald’s at 3am
                                                    4:58 parents sees I’m not there and trying to find me
                                                    5:19 sees them and tries to hide
                                                    6:10 got McDonald’s and happy
                                                    5:03 my parents seeing it in my hand

                                                    • 「 Cookieh 」
                                                      「 Cookieh 」  2 days back

                                                      *texting is so me*

                                                      • Freddy Fazbear
                                                        Freddy Fazbear  2 days back

                                                        4:20. Fnaf characters chasing the night guard

                                                        • CobraLuigi64
                                                          CobraLuigi64  2 days back

                                                          3:12 Undyne is that you?

                                                          • HerNameIs Arian
                                                            HerNameIs Arian  2 days back

                                                            I do not regret watching this

                                                            • remyyy Garrety
                                                              remyyy Garrety  3 days back

                                                              1:09 is fucking 69

                                                              • Ilana Rahim Braden
                                                                Ilana Rahim Braden  3 days back

                                                                1:08-1:13 me

                                                                • BeaD
                                                                  BeaD  3 days back

                                                                  Haha notification UH OH

                                                                  • Gacha Mellow
                                                                    Gacha Mellow  3 days back

                                                                    This is like avakin life animations

                                                                    • kylie brewer
                                                                      kylie brewer  3 days back

                                                                      Me when I see someone I hate and they have no idea I’m there: 4:20

                                                                      • kylie brewer
                                                                        kylie brewer  3 days back

                                                                        Dat butt tho

                                                                        • J&J TwinLifeCreations
                                                                          J&J TwinLifeCreations  3 days back

                                                                          Vid:marionette walk
                                                                          Person animating:how bout fnaf 2 one? Yeah that’ll work
                                                                          Me watching the animation:FIVE NIGHTS AT FREEEEEEDDDDYYYYYYYSSSSSS
                                                                          Sister: really ? •-•

                                                                          • dat undertale fan undertale

                                                                            I watched all of it 6 minutes of my life gone but I dont regret

                                                                            • A random Liverpool fan

                                                                              I'm ALWAYS the drunk one.

                                                                              • Daniela Gheoca
                                                                                Daniela Gheoca  3 days back

                                                                                Where is the Naruto run?

                                                                                • xSavage Angelx
                                                                                  xSavage Angelx  3 days back

                                                                                  I counted 102

                                                                                  • •Twinkle•
                                                                                    •Twinkle•  3 days back

                                                                                    I Like Kevin parry ^w^

                                                                                    • Michael Jackson
                                                                                      Michael Jackson  3 days back

                                                                                      Where is moonwalk? 😂

                                                                                      • Nagito Komaeda
                                                                                        Nagito Komaeda  3 days back

                                                                                        Teacher walking behind you: 3:12
                                                                                        Asks you what your doing;4:20
                                                                                        Your brain: 5:31
                                                                                        You when you say you literly just told us what to do: 2:46
                                                                                        The teacher telling the principal: 1:38

                                                                                        • {Cookie Dough}
                                                                                          {Cookie Dough}  3 days back

                                                                                          Please spread the word before it's too late... https://youtu.be/1LnAGCNmllE

                                                                                          • Eva Kat Brionne
                                                                                            Eva Kat Brionne  3 days back

                                                                                            DID IT FEEL LIKE IT TOOK YA YEARS

                                                                                            • River The Otter
                                                                                              River The Otter  3 days back

                                                                                              is there a walk for people with there whole body sore?
                                                                                              oh wait that's sitting

                                                                                              • Kalyn The crime pink
                                                                                                Kalyn The crime pink  3 days back