How fast can we do this I wonder

  • Published: 06 November 2019
  • well in this video we started off with a bit of corn harvest and then ended with the new high speed tillage tool from John Deere the 2680h. we are having a lot of fun with it and intend on using it in corn stalks to decide how good of a job it will do.

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Comments • 43

  • Seth Moore
    Seth Moore  2 days back

    I'm an hour north and a half north of Lawrenceville in paris awesome channel and videos

    • Allen Moore
      Allen Moore  3 days back

      Is guess you like the John Deere sprayer better than the Haggie because I never see you in the Haggie. Is that a good assumption?

      • L&R Rusch Farms
        L&R Rusch Farms   3 days back

        It’s allitle rough if I can run the Deere I prefer the Deere everyday

    • Tim Westendorf
      Tim Westendorf  4 days back

      Dude where you located at!? We farm in jasper, effingham county. Home farm is in wheeler il

      • L&R Rusch Farms
        L&R Rusch Farms   4 days back

        No kidding we haven’t got any snow yet luckily

      • Tim Westendorf
        Tim Westendorf  4 days back

        @L&R Rusch Farms i know right where your at, we're just over an hour northwest of ya. Kinda neat seeing youtubers close to home hope your enjoying the crappy weather today lol

      • L&R Rusch Farms
        L&R Rusch Farms   4 days back

        We are located in Vincennes Indiana about 45 miles north of Evansville

    • Sam Ellis
      Sam Ellis  5 days back

      Hahaha gotta love demo equipment eh?

    • George Deane
      George Deane  6 days back

      I don't like to be a whiner, but you should use your seatbelts when on the public roads guys.... @ 6:35 mins Better safe than sorry. You can't predict everything, especially other road users.

      • Michael White
        Michael White  7 days back

        WOW, your corn looks GREAT compared to MN Millennial Farmer.......picking corn out of ice????? WAAY too much for this old Alabama boy!

        • Michael White
          Michael White  7 days back

          You've got some nice equipment.........Was sent over from Ron at Hartung Family Farms You Tube channel.....don't blame you for kicking him out of your cab......I've been around his channel for a little while now and already think he is a hot dog on tractors! Great vid!

          • alberta farmer
            alberta farmer  7 days back

            Alex did you know that it is Kwik-till by Norwood Sales from North Dakota, just painted green and sold by Deere.If it is doing a good job mabey it wood be cheaper if you guys bought one from them.

            • matt phillips
              matt phillips  1 weeks back

              go get the degleman it will be better one i bet being deere copied off of them

              • Wayne Burnett
                Wayne Burnett  1 weeks back

                Pitter patter boys!!! Let's get atter!!

                • Vince Fallon
                  Vince Fallon  1 weeks back

                  You talk about something you call a sewer, what is it? A sewer to most people is somewhere that wastewater runs underground. Mostly from toilets

                • Brad Single
                  Brad Single  1 weeks back

                  The operators manual apparently says to not use the deflector in fall tillage. I think I now know why.

                  • John Dobbs
                    John Dobbs  1 weeks back

                    Ross is a wise man with the 4630 comment. When I was a kid my dad had 2 4630s. Planter and tillage.

                    • Colby Mack
                      Colby Mack  1 weeks back

                      11:25 goes from wot to off. Yikes😬

                      • mike rellim
                        mike rellim  1 weeks back

                        Seatbelts. Boys. Want you to be able to keep making awesome videos

                        • The Redneck Farmer 22
                          The Redneck Farmer 22  1 weeks back

                          Everyone has a 4020 haha🇺🇸🚜

                        • Mason Nordhues
                          Mason Nordhues  1 weeks back

                          That plate is supposed to be like that, at least on the Degelman version. It doesn’t do what a ripper does but more useful as a finish tool like a field finisher or a finish disk

                          • L&R Rusch Farms
                            L&R Rusch Farms   1 weeks back

                            We have kind of discovered that it does a very good job at barring trash tho which we love

                          • Mason Nordhues
                            Mason Nordhues  1 weeks back

                            On the degelman you just take that plate of if your working in wet conditions, that plate is just made to keep it from making a ridge but if you go fast without it, it’s not all that bad

                        • Brandon Kaercher
                          Brandon Kaercher  1 weeks back

                          The ground heats up in June that's why the corn did so well. I'd start planting everything in June and I guarantee you your beans and corn will yield high. I love in northern Indiana and last year it got cold as hell highs in the negatives and of course my well pump that goes into my house burned up and I had to buy a new pump and put it in that negative cold weather.

                          • Ron Grose
                            Ron Grose  1 weeks back

                            Glad to see your farms finishing up corn harvest early this fall !!

                            • Ricky Ivey
                              Ricky Ivey  1 weeks back

                              What products are you spaying?

                            • Aaric Hale
                              Aaric Hale  1 weeks back

                              I been wondering if that lake you have is good fishing .

                            • Curt Weatherbee
                              Curt Weatherbee  1 weeks back


                              • Dan Finley
                                Dan Finley  1 weeks back

                                Looks like the tillage disc did a good job

                                • Dan Finley
                                  Dan Finley  1 weeks back

                                  Great job on the videos good to see ya in the combine.

                                  • D W666
                                    D W666  1 weeks back

                                    grease is cheaper than fixing the machine... what ive always been told haha

                                    • Southern Outdoor Boyz
                                      Southern Outdoor Boyz  1 weeks back

                                      Love the videos we r supposed get snow thursday here in ohio

                                    • Bob Crone
                                      Bob Crone  1 weeks back

                                      Yet another very good upload boys! Kudos!!!

                                      • bill slayton
                                        bill slayton  1 weeks back

                                        It is supposed to snow here in St Louis area tmrw morning but I don't see us get very much. Grounds not froze and since we will have rain in front of the snow we won't have any accumulation. So I don't see y'all getting very much if any at all. The field work looks good and smooth what it needs for next yrs work and or planting.

                                        • L&R Rusch Farms
                                          L&R Rusch Farms   1 weeks back

                                          We would like to get one like millennial farmer had with the rubber packer on the back think it would break up the clumps better even tho that one does a really good job at it

                                      • Brandon Fix
                                        Brandon Fix  1 weeks back

                                        you will love it, we got ours three years ago and we have asked ourselves why we didn't invest in one sooner, we pull are with are 9400, and we roll about 7.5 to 8.5.

                                        • Nathan Faires
                                          Nathan Faires  1 weeks back

                                          First veiw