What to Know Before Watching the Breaking Bad Movie


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  • CinemaBlend
    CinemaBlend   2 months back

    Are you more excited or less excited after seeing the "El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie" trailer?

      AYROZEN  2 months back

      It was a long time since I watched BB, thanks for a recap. Now I know what I needed to know and I'm so stoked to see the movie. Thank you for this video.

      • PotterheadGeeK7
        PotterheadGeeK7  2 months back

        Thank you for this! 😍
        I can't believe this hasn't got more views! 😳

        • Wendy Lou
          Wendy Lou  2 months back

          Good to see you Sean!
          Would love to hear a review from you after you've seen it.