The Lighthouse Ending | What Happened and What It Means


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  • CinemaBlend
    CinemaBlend   4 weeks back

    What was your interpretation of the ending? know the whole film.

    • LeRoy Sinclair-Blaha
      LeRoy Sinclair-Blaha  3 days back

      The movie is basically about what happens to inexperienced naive people who want power

    • LeRoy Sinclair-Blaha
      LeRoy Sinclair-Blaha  3 days back

      Ephraim kills Wake because he wants that power that the Lighthouse gives, but he is too inexperienced and immature to handle that power when he goes up into the lighthouse and hits rock bottom. The seagulls eating him represent the men before him who failed too. The mermaid represents women in our lives we sexually desire but will never be able to be with simply because of them being out of our league. Ephraim pleasures himself to the mermaid and sexually dreams about her which represents us guys who fantasize about other women

    • rupertcornelius
      rupertcornelius  1 weeks back

      as told by a dullard

    • Elijah The Capricorn
      Elijah The Capricorn  1 weeks back

      Why'd you spill you're beans

    • Kassandra Smith
      Kassandra Smith  2 weeks back

      Anyone else think that Pattison assaults Dafoe at the end before he buries him alive? Pattison says "and now roll over" after making Dafoe bark while kind of cradling his junk, then there's a cut and the next shot is Pattison leading Dafoe outside on the leash. It's clearly been some amount of time but we don't know how much. Dafoe's long underwear is stained at the knees and bum when they weren't previously, and there are two quick moments where it looks like the back flap was left open or torn off. I didn't even catch it the first time except for the stained knees but the implication was there on my second watch.

  • Liam Dawson
    Liam Dawson  6 hours back

    I interpreted this movie as the struggle of man and an exercise in masculinity.

    Two themes that I can't get away from, no matter how much I mull it over in my head, is Man versus Man and Man versus Nature. Obviously, that sounds a bit simple for a complex piece of art, but I try and start simple and the spread out.

    Both characters seem to be different parts of the same man's psyche. They have the same name and I think at some point they sleep in the same bed. I only saw the film once so I might be miss-remembering that part. But when they are sober they are almost completely different people and are constantly in a power struggle to get what they perceive they are entitled to. The struggle of man verse man, or even man versus him self. A constant struggle with Wake, impulsive, aggressive, prideful and obsessed with what he feels is his and Winslow, reserved, quiet, thoughtful and a desire to move forward with changes. They only get along while they are drinking, which Winslow says 'Makes men stupid'. They start to mirror each others actions when drinking. They dance together arm in arm, mirroring each other. They raise bottles and down them at the same time, mirroring each other. Alcohol removes the individuality of a man.

    I think there is a bit more about the booze that I'm not getting though. They dance and almost kiss when they drink and then start to fight right after. Something going on there.

    I think the Man versus Nature thing is a bit more cut and dry. Wake, Proteus or Nereus is a representation of nature and Winslow, Prometheus is a representation of man. I'm not claiming to understand why man failed against nature in this film, but that is almost certainly a big conflict taking place.

    Unfortunately, that's all I got now. I'm starting to think there is theme or recursion and how these conflicts can never be resolved. Like the recurring one eye symbol. I don't think it has to do with Odin and more to symbolism similarities of characters and themes.

    And the sex stuff? Got no clue. Haven't dived into that stuff yet. I need to brush up on Carl Jung before I get into that. But I'm almost convinced it ties into the Man versus Man or Man versus himself. Some kind of sexual repressive behavior that men are forced to deal with.

    Honestly I need more time with the film. I'm counting down the fucking days so I can get a copy and go by scene by scene. I absolutely adore The VVich and I'm falling in love with this film, partly because I'm a Newfoundlander and am currently living in Nova Scotia. This movie is a master craft but also reminds me so much of home. No subtitles needed. I am SO excited to see what Eggers does next. He's right behind Denis Villeneuve as my favorite of the new generation of film makers.

    • ImaginaryAstronaunt
      ImaginaryAstronaunt  9 hours back

      Defoe is likened to Proteus, the old men of the sea while Pattison is likened to Prometheus. The lighthouse would then be seen as mount Olympus. There is a lot of reference to Greek mythology that does help decipher events in the film. I loved the film!

      • R1
        R1  15 hours back

        I wanna fuck a mermaid

        • Vidro King
          Vidro King  1 days back

          It was a classic case of gaslighting *Pun intended

          • Buttslammer Bob
            Buttslammer Bob  1 days back

            The film's subtext is about how repressing your natural urges (in this case, homosexuality) is bad.

            Think about it.

            • Lucas Polack
              Lucas Polack  2 days back

              Fuck this channel

              • Rafael Puentes
                Rafael Puentes  2 days back

                well , I saw the movie & surprisingly realice that it was a different movie from what every weekend it's exhibit on theaters .It makes me remember the time when I was a cinema student on my city , 2-3 movies a day on small art cinema clubs, that was fun , this movie remember me about Fassbinder movies "camera spile" I liked a lot , B&W it's so beautiful , it's was also very difficult to understand this accent "slang" , but the story takes you to a different place & time !!!! thanks.

                • GrungyAssCinema
                  GrungyAssCinema  3 days back

                  I agree about Pattinson's face at the end. I think it ended up being ordinary and is laughing the pain from his futile attempts to gain access to it off.

                  • EdenRae
                    EdenRae  3 days back

                    They miss the boat because they slept in drinking not because of the storm. The storm comes after they've already missed the boat 2:30

                    • Maxie Pattie
                      Maxie Pattie  3 days back

                      best leave him be.....

                      • Rckfilms
                        Rckfilms  3 days back

                        IF I HAD A STAKE...I'D FUCK IT..

                        • Tim Hughes
                          Tim Hughes  3 days back

                          I think the changing of the wind after the murder or the seagull signified that there was supernatural phenomena on the island after all.

                          • Marc
                            Marc  4 days back

                            Jesus. took you almost 5 minutes of a 9 minute video to finally actually talk about the ending. Also, if people are coming to watch a video called "The Lighthouse ENDING" then you don't need to do a review of the full movie. Just stick to what brought people here. We don't need your over-the-top animated personality. We're just looking for info about the movie. That's it. That's all. Strip everything else away for F sake.

                            • Peter Irving
                              Peter Irving  5 days back

                              No explanation needed. Perfect film. Just enjoy it.

                              • kidneythief91
                                kidneythief91  5 days back

                                When Rob was climbing the stairs to finally see the lighthouse, i raised my drink to my mouth but paused...i froze that way until the credits rolled.

                                • Backroad Joe
                                  Backroad Joe  6 days back

                                  Dafoe is Poseidon’s son in human form

                                  • J Gunzler
                                    J Gunzler  6 days back

                                    Is it me or did Pattinsons voice change from old time sailor to a queens NY type accent at one point in the movie?

                                    • Jonathan Perez
                                      Jonathan Perez  5 days back

                                      Yes, I noticed that too! I thought that was weird.

                                  • Jack's raging bile duct

                                    There are so many great literary and cinematic influences in this film. It really is a cinephiles wet dream; or rather, wet nightmare.

                                    • ExplosiveLizard
                                      ExplosiveLizard  7 days back

                                      3/10 not enough mermaid coochie

                                      • Em Dee
                                        Em Dee  1 weeks back

                                        Sooooooo glad I didnt waste money to see this in the theater. Thank you.

                                        • Magicman205
                                          Magicman205  6 days back

                                          I mean... It's a fantastic movie tho but whatever

                                      • Fry Fry
                                        Fry Fry  1 weeks back

                                        Dafoe is Mister Krabs and Pattinson is Spongebob. Now the whole abusing and docking wages thing makes sense now

                                        • Hunter Allison
                                          Hunter Allison  1 weeks back

                                          so nobody talkin about the mermaid vagina???? ok I'll just see myself out

                                          • wiinterflowers
                                            wiinterflowers  1 weeks back

                                            I took the sea gull pestering Winslow as a symbolic meaning that he was trying to escape his crime (his being that he killed the REAL Winslow) but in the end, was consumed by the madness of his crime. But the film itself, I did enjoy and it would definitely rewatch it.

                                            • s1conrad
                                              s1conrad  1 weeks back

                                              When Pattinson finally reaches the forbidden lantern room and sees the jewel-like beacon, the built up sexual tension explodes and he reaches climax. Overcome by the ultimate "release", he topples down the spiral staircase, and in the final moments, nature (the gulls) takes its revenge. There are elements of Greek mythology, Herman Melville, Rime of the Ancient Mariner and Fight Club in The Lighthouse.

                                              • SpeediestWolf5
                                                SpeediestWolf5  1 weeks back

                                                My theory about the film is that Willem is Neptune or some sort of creature. Now it might seem weird but the whole movie is weird. Really though, Willem obviously has some attachment to the lighthouse and the sea. Farting is one of them, let's say he is Neptune when the sea farts it releases gas and can sink ships and cause storms. So every fart Willem has means something to the sea and doesnt just smell. He is a great liar and manipulator, he makes robs character go mad the whole film and lies about his whole history. The man has no history and it's all a lie, so what has he done his whole life? He has kept to the lighthouse to punish those who have done wrong. We don't know much about his last keeper but we do see him dead. So what if the keepers that go to the rock with Willem are there to be punished? Robs character killed a man instead of helping him, so being sentanced to the rock is is punishment. And he can either get his act together or have a worse punishment for all eternity. He kills a gull and has sex with a mermaid, two things Neptune wouldnt like. Then at the end he " kills" Willem and after that it all goes down hill and he gets his punishment. Now I dont think Willem could actually die unless another god kills him. He is an old man that cant put up a fight really against young men so if they " kill" him then there fate is sealed. Also we see willems character twice take a different form. I think there is an enchantment in the light atleast for Willem, he becomes Neptune in his true form and shifts to a aquatic creature. I think he is Neptune or something like that and he punishes men who need punishment by driving them mad. I know this is a few weeks late but I really hope you see this.

                                                • JThomason87
                                                  JThomason87  1 weeks back

                                                  Late 19th century??

                                                  • evelyn
                                                    evelyn  1 weeks back

                                                    Having sex with a mermaid? Well that's a first. I think it's all Pattinson hallucination because he was carving a female company not Defoe's. Something to take his mind off working as a lighthouse worker till it his time to leave place and the cranking old man. When he killed that pesky bird, things immediately changed.

                                                    • Ian Genuine
                                                      Ian Genuine  1 weeks back

                                                      Was Pattinson always dead??

                                                      • Steven Bentsen
                                                        Steven Bentsen  1 weeks back

                                                        “The lighthouse universe, is not one that I would choose to visit” is EXACTLY what I was feeling in this movie!!!!!!! 👏🏼👏🏼 bravo sir absolutely

                                                        • Gio Master
                                                          Gio Master  1 weeks back

                                                          what was with " whyd you spill your beans?" like if you confess bad things about yourself will the island use it against you or

                                                          • John Agudelo
                                                            John Agudelo  1 weeks back

                                                            How and why was he naked at the end

                                                            • Dhruvit Dhodia
                                                              Dhruvit Dhodia  1 weeks back

                                                              I thought in the end Mermaid 🧜‍♀️ started sucking him and he has an orgasm so intense he fell off the stairs.

                                                              • cryptoskulls
                                                                cryptoskulls  1 weeks back

                                                                Defoe was Pattison’s alter ego. Their relation is similar to Norton and Pitts in Fight Club.

                                                                • Kuzey Koremezli
                                                                  Kuzey Koremezli  1 weeks back

                                                                  Seabirds represent women and at the end of the film the seabirds (women) are giving him a blowjob.

                                                                  • Claudia leal
                                                                    Claudia leal  1 weeks back

                                                                    "That's a lot to unpack" literally tells us like 5 things that happened in the film

                                                                    • Jeff Payne
                                                                      Jeff Payne  1 weeks back

                                                                      He was insane and burned his eyes out looking into the light. He fell and managed to make his way outside but was crippled by insanity and his injuries. Seagulls picked him open, and that's it. It was amazing.

                                                                      • Brian Kahn
                                                                        Brian Kahn  1 weeks back

                                                                        Dafoe was Proteus or "The Old Man of the Sea". Shape shifter who is commonly associated with the island of Pharos which is where the lighthouse of alexandria was.

                                                                        • MrSionis
                                                                          MrSionis  1 weeks back

                                                                          Also it seems like Patterson’s character believes Dafoes character when he tells him hes the one who chased him with an axe and is going crazy. That’s until Patterson reads Dafoes journal where he completely changes his mind. This leads me to believe that Dafoe is actually trying to manipulate Patterson

                                                                          • Brett Alltop
                                                                            Brett Alltop  1 weeks back

                                                                            Shutter island on acid

                                                                            • Christopher Wood
                                                                              Christopher Wood  2 weeks back

                                                                              Dog spelled backward is god. Patterson was subjugating religion and burying we are doing in modern times

                                                                              • Carl Google
                                                                                Carl Google  2 weeks back

                                                                                This was the worst piece of shit I have seen in years

                                                                                • Bryan Alvarez
                                                                                  Bryan Alvarez  2 weeks back

                                                                                  This movie is a Qabalistic masterpiece. They're both the same person; Tom the higher self, Tommy the lower. We see both of them perfected and distorted, as they attempt to cross the abyss and gain access to that supernal light, represented by the lighthouse! The higher self (Tom) tries to outsmart the lower (Tommy) but is destroyed by the animalistic nature of man that in desperation and the seeking for truth ultimately destroys the higher. He achieves what he wants but at a great self sacrifice, thereby balancing out both the lower and higher states of self.

                                                                                  • Bryan Alvarez
                                                                                    Bryan Alvarez  1 weeks back

                                                                                    More info has come to light...get it? Anyways, the opening shot is them crossing the abyss. But as there are two, it is apparent that they could not unite themselves into the oneness required to exist beyond in the supernal realm. They arrived fractured and attached to the past, ie the world prior to the trip. Upon arriving, the lower self, aka Tommy, in his distorted animalistic way, realizes the only way to access the lighthouse, aka Kether, is through the desecration of the holy. Hence why he is constantly smoking, masturbating (giving in to the siren song), and eventually...well, you know if you've seen it. I realized this when he made Tom bark like a dog. He took the higher self, which was Triton personified (aka the glowing eyes bit), and flipped it around. He turned God into a dog, stole the keys to the supernal light, and being imbalanced upon arriving was destroyed outright.

                                                                                • Young money Blood
                                                                                  Young money Blood  2 weeks back

                                                                                  What if dafoe is not even real and Patterson is frozen in Canada hallucinating all of it

                                                                                  • Buck-Shot Bear
                                                                                    Buck-Shot Bear  2 weeks back

                                                                                    Fuck I need to see it again with subtitles.

                                                                                    • Astral Turtle
                                                                                      Astral Turtle  2 weeks back

                                                                                      No one is talking about how Dafoe and Patterson almost kissed and quite frankly i'm disappointed in the lot of ye

                                                                                      • Astral Turtle
                                                                                        Astral Turtle  6 days back

                                                                                        @Charlotte Buchanan Cool story bro

                                                                                      • Charlotte Buchanan
                                                                                        Charlotte Buchanan  6 days back

                                                                                        Becsuse it was disgusting. And proof that men only kiss when they're not in their right minds.

                                                                                    • Airplane Towards the Sky

                                                                                      My favorite part of the movie was the puppy play

                                                                                      • Yousif Alhenian
                                                                                        Yousif Alhenian  2 weeks back