Governor Cuomo confirms casualties in Midtown Manhattan helicopter crash


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  • Jim Murray
    Jim Murray  5 months back

    Cuomo sucks, cates more about latinos then american elderly another Democrat traitor.

    • gj
      gj  5 months back

      When i heard the news i thought.........They better hurry and get those people out before that baby comes down in 6.5 seconds like building 7😂😂😂😂😂

      • loganinkosovo
        loganinkosovo  5 months back

        Another ArKanicide... Just Hillary cleaning house. Nothing to see here. Move along, move along...

        • Tots Mini
          Tots Mini  5 months back

          Will tRump visit his Home-base?..... Or will "Embarrassment" embrace his EGO?.... tRump will Definitely Butt-Heads with Governor Cuomo! Plus New Yorkers DONT REALLY "like" tRump!!!

          • M L
            M L  5 months back

            Well, well, Governor Cuomo in a split second God can destroy all your pride.

            • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!

              Lol isnt he that guy who want to ban skyscrapers and meat on monday

              • derek452
                derek452  5 months back

                787-7thave glad it's not a 787

                • ShareThisFastDOTcom
                  ShareThisFastDOTcom  5 months back

                  The only thing that died is freedom of press. Another orchestrated black ops from our psychotic government.

                  • loganinkosovo
                    loganinkosovo  5 months back

                    If you said Hillary and the Deep State I'd agree with you.

                  • A Sense of Pride and Accomplishment!
                  • Hox
                    Hox  5 months back

                    ShareThisFastDOTcom can you just shut up and stop posting the same damn comment in every video about this?

                • Destiny Fan
                  Destiny Fan  5 months back

                  must have been from boeing

                  • TK Podcast
                    TK Podcast  5 months back

                    Fake hoaks

                  • Jacob Wellington
                    Jacob Wellington  5 months back

                    its a good thing the FDNY got the fire put out, otherwise the building would have fallen at free fall speed into its own footprint, because thats what happens to steel and concrete structures hur dur

                    • Wellington
                      Wellington  5 months back

                      Wyatt R u doing indeed

                    • P S
                      P S  5 months back

                      Jacob Wellington the rain hopefully helped

                  • Toronto Man
                    Toronto Man  5 months back

                    i wonder why building didn't collpase ohh wait everyone knows about false flag operations so we can help invade countrys enemyts of israel

                    • Yeet Skeet
                      Yeet Skeet  5 months back

                      You are aware multiple causes as to why America has invaded Israel? There's precious oils, terrorist organisations, corruption and alot more issues. America is helping those, not saying there doing a good job of it but there really trying.

                    • Yeet Skeet
                      Yeet Skeet  5 months back

                      @Cameron Harper hahahah

                    • Cameron Harper
                      Cameron Harper  5 months back

                      Small Helicoptor =/= Fully loaded Jet Airliner

                    • wino0000006
                      wino0000006  5 months back


                  • Loxer M.
                    Loxer M.  5 months back


                    • John Valdes
                      John Valdes  5 months back

                      Some good ole fashioned reporting 👌

                      • Petr Ivanoff
                        Petr Ivanoff  5 months back

                        ... and she is definitely not a bimbo - very unusual nowdays

                    • 8th davis
                      8th davis  5 months back