Surfaces - Seattle Interlude [Official Audio]


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  • Surfaces Music
    Surfaces Music   10 months back

    Track 6 from our first album, Surf. Check our playlists to stream the whole album :)

    • J Nuy
      J Nuy  10 months back

      You are really underrated!💖🎵🎶🎶🎵💖

  • Amani Hossain
    Amani Hossain  1 weeks back

    y’all really gonna make me cry like this, without even asking

    • KT Charlotte
      KT Charlotte  4 months back

      This gives me goosebumps, the fact you guys said through dm I could use this music in my videos makes me heart so happy🥺🥺❤️❤️

      • Helene Hart
        Helene Hart  4 months back

        This has me in my feels

        • Anicca Hill
          Anicca Hill  4 months back

          how is this not more popular??

          • Kristel Monica
            Kristel Monica  4 months back

            I LOVE THIS INTERLUDE!!! it perfectly describes how i feel about your songs 💙

            • Clarenz
              Clarenz  6 months back


              • Nita Tabaka
                Nita Tabaka  6 months back

                OOOO i love this omfg

                • whocairs
                  whocairs  7 months back

                  I feel like I've forgotten so much from when we were kids
                  But then again, when I listen to some songs
                  It's like some of these melodies, these words...the lyrics
                  Just kinds brings you back in the moment in time
                  Where you can feel it all again

                  Yeah, absolutely
                  I like it cause...
                  For me, like, when I make a song
                  I feel like I'm creating my own little world
                  Like, it's a place where I can go stay and like...
                  The listener, It's the coolest thing cause...
                  The listener completely goes to that place with you
                  Like, how you're feeling when you make the song
                  Is how the person is gunna feel when you go that place

                  Yeah, it really feels like an escape...

                  • PCStudio
                    PCStudio  8 months back

                    I would love an hour loop of this

                    • Jessica H
                      Jessica H  10 months back

                      This album makes me a little emotional

                      • J Nuy
                        J Nuy  10 months back