The Last of the Game of Thrones Hot Takes


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  • Audrey Dozeman
    Audrey Dozeman  4 months back

    For my own reference:
    Sansa - 4:38
    Bronn - 11:37
    Varys - 14:04
    Jon - 20:29
    Tyrion - 26:41
    Jaime - 33:15
    Cersei - 38:38
    Daenerys - 46:15

    • eric banks
      eric banks  3 days back

      Alex Caldwell That literally would’ve been amazing..and would’ve given bran something to do..

    • Alex Caldwell
      Alex Caldwell  1 weeks back

      she missed bran... and how there are the cut scenes where bran was warging into Nymeria. They foreshadowed the "Super Pack" of direwolves back in season 7. When Bran left he was meant to bring in the pack by warging into Nymeria, picking up aria and thats how she jumped over a wall into the garden right onto the Night King. Also there was meant to be a battle between Jon and NK that would have halted access to the garden, they could have made every hit NK took from Jon kill an amount of walkers making the Plot Armor a lot weaker in the battle. It would have been epic but they said it would have cost too much for Nymeria, and said nobody would care about the 1v1 (wtf?!) despite spending 200 Million on all the other non sense this season...

    • Riley Rivalle
      Riley Rivalle  4 weeks back

      @Marta Peixoto
      She was touched upon in part 1.

    • Marta Peixoto
      Marta Peixoto  1 months back

      what about arya?

    • Kirby Kirby
      Kirby Kirby  1 months back

      @Lady Moses yeah it is I literally woke up to my wife sending me the story!

  • Wonderfeel
    Wonderfeel  56 minutes back

    THANK-YOU!! It’s been a while, but this brilliant perspective has has helped me process the fricken train wreck! Jeez it went off the rails, hey. 😕

    • Bernardo Rodriguez
      Bernardo Rodriguez  7 hours back

      also, I once intended to tell someone something important, planning to see him again. he died.

      • magalí
        magalí  8 hours back

        This is probably stupid but it bothers me how ~pretty~ danny's death is... Everyone else's deaths are gory ugly realistic and gross, but danny just drips a bit of blood from the side of her mouth and falls asleep like snow white

        • Bernardo Rodriguez
          Bernardo Rodriguez  8 hours back

          the problem is, often, that we expect characters to do things that make sense. in a sense, we think that something unrealistic, people acting consistently and in their own best interest, makes a story more realistic.

          • RoJoe
            RoJoe  14 hours back

            Absolute power corrupts absolutely- MF DOOM 2009

            • sanjios
              sanjios  15 hours back

              Nixon part:

              • Quincy James
                Quincy James  1 days back

                "Good job lord of light" - Yup

                • Vivilon Rane
                  Vivilon Rane  2 days back

                  I feel like having not continued Game of Thrones since season 4 made this video like double as enlightening, entertaining and confusing for me 10/10

                  • MrPingo9999
                    MrPingo9999  2 days back

                    what about the strory of =OZ?

                    • Dominic Bounds
                      Dominic Bounds  2 days back

                      @MrPingo9999 Ah...
                      I'd make a similar point concerning Farscape, but that seems a bit esoteric these days.

                    • MrPingo9999
                      MrPingo9999  2 days back

                      @Dominic Bounds when she mentioned some of the best tv series but not OZ so was just wandering about that

                    • Dominic Bounds
                      Dominic Bounds  2 days back


                  • Thomas Willard
                    Thomas Willard  3 days back

                    Man, you make a really good argument for how Daenerys really is like the Nazis.

                    The Nazis believed in good things. Or at least what they felt were good things.

                    They saw Socialism and Communism as evil; because those political ideologies had been extremely damaging to German identity and hadn't really fixed any problems early Nazis were concerned about.

                    They believed in German supremacy, and weren't alone. Most Europeans at time believed in Eugenics.

                    Daenerys started by going after those who disagreed with her.

                    She was compassionate to women being taken as captives . . . by taking them as her own slaves. She didn't free them, she simply believed slavery under her was better than slavery under the Dothraki men.

                    And she was betrayed for it . . . twice. Thrice if you consider Mossador.

                    She killed slavers, yes. But she killed ALL the slavers. Even those who spoke out against the execution of children.

                    She freed slaves, but she freed ALL of them. Meaning even those who preferred slavery were forced out of their masters' care. There is an entire scene in the earlier seasons about this.

                    She executed one man who rightly deserved to die and her people turned on her. Showing that no matter how much she cared for them, they didn't truly care for her.

                    Daenerys consistently shows that she doesn't care about the world she is in, but rather her naive idea of what the world should be.

                    She got giant badass dragons, she got power. That power didn't corrupt her, but it did reveal what she was willing and capable of doing.

                    Which was make the world she wanted.

                    The show isn't saying that believing in something too much is bad, it is saying that even with the greatest intention you can be evil and damaging.

                    What does this add in the world of 2019? In the best case scenario it reminds us that centralized power, echo chambers, and poorly distributed control lead to situations where eve the best intentioned people can perform great evils in the name of their beliefs.

                    How did you watch the entire show and not expect something so nihilistic?

                    • Robert Michaels
                      Robert Michaels  3 days back

                      Got almost single handily created the northern Irish film industry. So I can’t hate it.

                      • 88Grimmjow
                        88Grimmjow  3 days back

                        Are you an alcoholic? You drink alot

                        • Shiney Luna
                          Shiney Luna  3 days back

                          AmNEsiA wATer!!

                          • eric banks
                            eric banks  3 days back

                            A corrupt vengeful Tyrion AND littlefinger would’ve been an amazingly bad influence on Daenerys and it would’ve been awesome to see.

                            • Simeon Wardle
                              Simeon Wardle  4 days back

                              JRR Martin should not have let this happen to his masterpiece...he lost the inheritance to Tolkien's throne with the sad demise of GOT.

                              • Axe hammer Jackson
                                Axe hammer Jackson  5 days back

                                It’s like chase game. Sacrificing one character to make the other characters look better or more tragic, like that family or mentor figure that dies in the main character’s flashback. I guess Danerys is just tragedy fodder now.

                                Thanks I hate it.

                                • Chelbasaur
                                  Chelbasaur  6 days back

                                  For all of the OBVIOUS problems with this disaster of an ending, some of the small things really piss me off. Just shows that the showrunners really did just phone it in and didn't put the intense thought, dedication, and effort this show deserved.
                                  -Euron having a crew of mutes that talk
                                  -yelling "fire" instead of "loose"
                                  -saying "flags" instead of "banners"
                                  -Greyworm teleporting to the Red Keep after executing Lannister soldiers
                                  -"I know a killer when I see one" as if murdering literally a million people wasn't a fair indication
                                  -"I never really cared for them anyway. Innocent, or otherwise"
                                  -Gendry "Rivers" he shouldn't have a surname at all, but I'll take Waters. Does anyone other than main characters know he's Robert's son?
                                  -wights being able to break through stone, but not the wooden door to get to Arya, Sandor, Beric, and Melisandre, nor the wooden box one was in for 1,000+miles
                                  It's as if we're supposed to forget anything that's happened previously if it contradicts anything that's happening now.
                                  The list goes on. There maybe three good moments in this entire season. Even then, it's relative.
                                  It's just plain bad. Bad in terms of Game of Thrones, and just plain bad in general.

                                  • eringoblah
                                    eringoblah  7 days back

                                    "Is this is liberation, he doesn't believe in liberation theology." These are the same writers who were creating a show in which slavery was never abolished in the U.S. south, right?

                                    • Eric
                                      Eric  1 weeks back

                                      Fuuuuuuuck your videos are good.

                                      • Alex Caldwell
                                        Alex Caldwell  1 weeks back

                                        if i was as stupid as D&D, i would have just had the Night King kill everybody at the end to justify all the stupid characters.

                                        • Jokanaan
                                          Jokanaan  2 weeks back

                                          1:00:17 made me spit my fookin' wine

                                          • Magic Medic
                                            Magic Medic  2 weeks back

                                            43:45 A bit late to the party, i know, but the bank backing Cersei is stupid in itself. So far, the war between Dany and Cersei, although at a temporary standstill because of the truce, has gone terribly for Cersei, she may have taken Highgarden, but lost the overwhelming majority of her forces when Dany burned the Lannister Army back in Season 7 and Dany has already a sizeable foothold in Westros, the backing of the 5 of the seven kingdoms and three dragons. Which why Cersei brought up the Golden Company in the first place. Giving someone such a massive credit to hire a good 20.000 Men worth of Mercenaries (A sizeable army!) to someone who WILL probably lose the war is just so, so incredibly stupid. In any reasonable setting, the Iron Bank would have given Cersei the Finger, because there is no chance in hell she will ever repay them.

                                            Remember how the Iron Bank backed Stannis, who, at the time, had the best chance of success because they were rightfully pissed off that Tywin and the Crown simply were unable to pay off the massive debt that accumulated under Roberts reign? I know it might be a minor nitpick, but as someone who likes to take an economic analysis to almost everything (Marxism, you are both a curse and a blessing) this bothers me greatly. Banks are not big honeypots that give out money to anyone because they can, that's not how they operate and never have, not even in the early capitalist era GoT seems to be set in, with Braavos being a very thinly veiled allegory for Republican Venice in its prime and the rising Oligarchy in the free cities outside of any monarchs reach, which has a real-life counterpart in the form of the German Hansa or the Merchant Republics of the Mediterrean. Try to get even a 5k € loan for a car as someone who has no regular income. Banks will always bet on the lowest risk, and that is not what Cersei offers. Even if she miracously won the war, how would she repay the war debt ON TOP of the debt of the crown? The difficult economic situation of the Seven Kingdoms was a major plotpoint in S1 until S3. It's just so, so dumb.

                                            Sorry for the tantrum. But it clearly shows another facet those two fucks didn't even give an inkling of thought towards. Even with the troubling implications of the stereotype of the rich money-lending douchebags (read: Jews) that only help out the bad guys to thwart the rightous cause of our heroes without getting their fingers dirty, in spite of all odds. Yup, i just interpreted their portrayal of the Iron bank as Anti-Semitic beause, like so many things in their writing that are absolutely disgusting when you think them through, it is deeply worrying, especially in times like today, with rising anti-semitic violence.

                                            • Jonny Ozark
                                              Jonny Ozark  4 days back

                                              Your ideas are intriguing to me and I would like to subscribe to your newsletter

                                            • Dominic Bounds
                                              Dominic Bounds  2 weeks back

                                              To put things in perspective, the books feature the Iron Bank losing patience with Cersei *very* early on - in fact, not long after Tywin's death. Essentially, she not only defers payments until after Stannis has been put down, but goes so far as to dismiss one of their emissaries halfway through a conference.
                                              As a result, the Bank not only backs Stannis, but starts calling in debts from all over Westeros and refusing all further loans - triggering an economic crisis.

                                              See, if you set up a bank as a major player and claim that there are consequences to pissing them off, *you have to demonstrate it* .

                                          • Jacob Hanna
                                            Jacob Hanna  2 weeks back

                                            Honestly, Daenerys should have torched King’s Landing way back at the beginning of Season 7. You don’t even need to adhere to Murum aries attigit philosophy to justify it. A medieval siege typically ends in a daylong orgy of indiscriminate looting and violence anyway. Civilians die no matter what.

                                            The unclear nature of what the bells actually mean and the fact that after they ring plenty of Lannister soldiers still have weapons in hand indicate that the surrender was not legitimate. Additionally, at the time granting no quarter was an accepted choice in warfare. By setting standards, no wrong is done.

                                            It would have been good strategy. One instance of incredible destruction and indiscriminate and unpreventable violence would have a deterrent effect on anyone considering resistance. Fewer losses for Daenerys since she doesn’t have to fight a protracted ground war against every lord in the Seven Kingdoms. Hell, even fewer civilian casualties for the same reason. The famine and rapine that would inevitably result from a slower-paced ground conflict and occupation (multiple sieges, the need to feed larger armies to occupy territory, etc.) are averted by one big shock and awe assault on a country already weakened by a decade of conflict (just like the atomic bombings at the end of the Second World War).

                                            Even under the Geneva Convention, Daenerys’ use of dragon attack on King’s Landing would arguably be legal. Drogon is essentially one big flamethrower and flamethrowers are permitted under the Geneva Convention (though disallowed for this role by Protocol III of the Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons - I’m just going to ignore this since fire has been a common weapon throughout the show and this relatively new compact didn’t even start collecting signatories until 1980 and hasn’t been tested by a global total war, so...shhhhhhhh). Killing civilians is generally unlawful, but that is not the case when they are being used as shields in an effort to protect legitimate military targets. In that instance (explicitly the case, since Cersei had admitted thousands of civilians to the Red Keep, a legitimate military target) it is the side which intermixes legitimate military targets with illegitimate civilian ones who commits a war crime by endangering the lives of civilians.

                                            Disproportionate force against these intermixed targets is prohibited, but that is not the case here considering the wide dispersion of anti-air batteries and Lannister soldiers present throughout the city as well as the fact that it is pretty clear that Drogon’s experimental fire control system leaves a lot to be desired. A case can be made that the surrender bells were not clear on their intent, especially as some Lannister soldiers appeared to continue the fight after they were sounded. False surrender is also a war crime under the Geneva Convention.

                                            Additionally, the Geneva Convention applies only to conflicts between two state actors who both adhere to it. As Cersei is not adhering to its regulations, it no longer binds Daenerys either.

                                            Had this been her rationale for torching the city, how great would that have been?


                                            • Baroque & Bougie
                                              Baroque & Bougie  2 weeks back

                                              "She's just a girl and she's scared" may be one of the more unironic misogynistic things I've heard lately.

                                              • Faerie Queen
                                                Faerie Queen  6 days back

                                                Imagine Marvel saying "in the end, Thanos was just a boy."

                                            • Scottish Prince
                                              Scottish Prince  2 weeks back

                                              Why is the fact that Dany crucified the masters seen by some as a sign of future madness? Some of them may not have been complicit in killing the children and may have objected to it but they were still fucking slave owners. Not exactly innocent.

                                              • Dominic Bounds
                                                Dominic Bounds  2 weeks back

                                                I know, right?
                                                If we were to judge the other characters by the same measure, Sansa's brutal murder of Ramsay should be a sign of her using human blood as mascara; Arya's Frey massacre should be followed up by her broomhandling herself with severed limbs from the battlefield; Jon should be portrayed as a remorseless serial childkiller after executing Olly Chekhov.

                                                Also, barring Hizdar, the slavers are universally portrayed as Always Chaotic Evil - no shavepates, no brazen beasts, no noble reformers. So why would the audience be inclined to give a rat's ass about them dying?

                                            • Corbin Markey
                                              Corbin Markey  2 weeks back

                                              Great video, lindsay 👍 since you mentioned the Sopranos in the first part of this video, I wish you would have touched on some of David Chase's remarks about audience perception of Tony Soprano while commenting on D&D's explaining away of Dany's horrible crimes. He mentions how people cheered Tony on as he rampaged, stole, cheated and murdered but wanted to see him with a bullet in his head and his face in a bowl of pasta. The difference between Tony and Dany is that the whole point of Tony in the show is the juxtaposition of his allure and his violence, but Dany for most of the show is, in relative terms, one of the more sympathetic characters. It feels cheap when they try to completely reframe her actions at the literal last minute.

                                              • Tyler Simmons
                                                Tyler Simmons  2 weeks back

                                                I don't know why you're so frustrated Lindsay. Game of Thrones ended after season 4. Don't tell me differently.

                                                • Daniel Martinez Gonzalez

                                                  I need a 10 hour version of the Who let the Hound Out to Hype Us.

                                                  • DoratTheKiller
                                                    DoratTheKiller  2 weeks back

                                                    Hey, Lindsay also drinks Corona Extra beer! Now I feel accomplished

                                                    • zimnomel
                                                      zimnomel  2 weeks back

                                                      11:25 Women not being sent into jealous hysterics when a more attractive woman shows up? Unfathomable. Prettier than me = bad.

                                                      • Ariel Me
                                                        Ariel Me  2 weeks back

                                                        Monthy Python!! ^^

                                                        • Sara Samaletdin
                                                          Sara Samaletdin  2 weeks back

                                                          Jaime did need a redemption arc, not for being a king slayer but committing treason by having illegitimate children with the Queen which caused nearly all wars in the show and much more deaths than Aerys did. And Jaime also personally tried to kill Bran for protecting a secret. But it’s not like all characters need to be redeemed even if people like them.

                                                          • HARKO
                                                            HARKO  2 weeks back

                                                            i'm not mad i'm just disappointed

                                                            • Nabs 2099
                                                              Nabs 2099  2 weeks back

                                                              Lol loving the Hbomberguy cameo

                                                              Also brilliant video. Reminds me of the rage

                                                              • Riley Sutton
                                                                Riley Sutton  2 weeks back

                                                                I hadn't seen season 8 and now I regret watching this. I've seen so many horrible scenes that I had previously avoided.

                                                                "Everywhere she goes, evil mean die and we cheer her for it." **Shudder**

                                                                Despite that, good video.

                                                                • Kelly Wolstenholme
                                                                  Kelly Wolstenholme  3 weeks back

                                                                  Everytime I hear "Everywhere she goes, evil men die, and we cheer her on" I can't help but think… duh?? Was she supposed to let them go in the name of… I dunno… honor? Mercy that would not only be undeserved, but cruel to those they tormented? Of course you cheered for her. Just as they cheered when Hitler died. Just as they cheered when Nazis were put on trial and executed for their genocidal crimes. Just as they cheered when bin Laden was killed. Because terrible people must be stopped and this show established that execution is an expected punishment. Keep cheering for the evil people dying. That's how this show goes.

                                                                  • Magic Medic
                                                                    Magic Medic  1 weeks back

                                                                    But... the Nazis weren't executed. Only Göring, Heß, Keitel and Jodl were. Even then, Göring killed himself. The majority of those Nazis continued the jobs they had during the Nazi Regime. It's disgusting, frankly.

                                                                  • Nova Fury18
                                                                    Nova Fury18  2 weeks back


                                                                • AmbitiousWitch
                                                                  AmbitiousWitch  3 weeks back

                                                                  "Every where she goes, evil men die and we cheer her for it."

                                                                  Damn well we did, you fucking couple of hacks.

                                                                  • Gino Feretti
                                                                    Gino Feretti  3 weeks back

                                                                    i hope dan and dave will never get decent jobs anymore

                                                                    • Kaleb Norton
                                                                      Kaleb Norton  3 weeks back

                                                                      Lindsay: *brings in Titanic during Game of Thrones hot take*

                                                                      Me: Ur mAh QueEN!

                                                                      • Sage Bias
                                                                        Sage Bias  3 weeks back

                                                                        1:05:50 it still holds up because the books are still great and unfinished.

                                                                        • Sage Bias
                                                                          Sage Bias  3 weeks back

                                                                          I liked Cersei's death. Everything else she did was dumb. But in her final moments, she can't even remember to lie. Her Tywin facade falls away and she reveals herself as a scared little girl. She never grew up.

                                                                          • Dominic Bounds
                                                                            Dominic Bounds  3 weeks back

                                                                            *What* Tywin facade?
                                                                            If that's what that was supposed to be, they fucked that up as well.

                                                                        • turtle_food
                                                                          turtle_food  3 weeks back

                                                                          fucking varys wtf

                                                                          • Rosalina 90
                                                                            Rosalina 90  3 weeks back

                                                                            Thank fuck for your Dany analysis. It is pretty clear GRRM isn't going the Full Mad Queen route and it bothers me when people believe this. Yes there will be a lot of dark and damaging stuff in Dany's book arc but it feels unjustifiable that she would turn mass peasant murderer for NO reason. Also there is the fact that the Battle for King's Landing is not going to be the end of Dany's story. Whatever happens with Dany and King's Landing, she will have the chance for redemption and self sacrifice with the battle against the Others.

                                                                            • Melissa D
                                                                              Melissa D  3 weeks back

                                                                              Here’s an idea I’m sure someone else thought of but I’ll say it anyway. If it was foreshadowed that Danny would do horrible things for what she thought were just reasons, then why not have her torch king’s landing BEFORE they go to winterfell to fight the ice zombies? She’d do it because let’s say most of her army had gone ahead to the north when she found out Cersei’s betrayal. Maybe only Danny could fast travel fast enough there and back. And when the city refuses to surrender, Danny decides to get rid of a threat before it becomes one.

                                                                              And to add insult to injury let it be John Snow that witnesses this mass act of violence, because then he’ll be put in the same situation as before. Being one of the only people that knows how big the threat is, and no one else believing him at first because it sounds so unbelievable. That is, until they make it back to King’s landing.

                                                                              That’s my suggestion anyway.

                                                                              • Dominic Bounds
                                                                                Dominic Bounds  3 weeks back

                                                                                @Melissa D Thank you :)

                                                                              • Melissa D
                                                                                Melissa D  3 weeks back

                                                                                Dominic Bounds woah that is a fantastic rewrite of my initial suggestion. And it plays to Danny’s character flaws.

                                                                              • Dominic Bounds
                                                                                Dominic Bounds  3 weeks back

                                                                                Hrmmm, I think that might work - but we still don't have enough dots joined between "extremist hero" and "extremist villain." We need more of a buildup.
                                                                                What if the mission isn't to kill Cersei, but to capture her for a trial? Dany wants to impress the north and prove her worth by bringing them her hated enemy - oblivious to the fact that her pride and zeal is being used to lure her into a trap.
                                                                                Then we have the death of Rhaegal.
                                                                                He gets killed by a fluke hit from close to the Red Keep and Dany is immediately enraged: she goes straight after Cersei and attacks the Red Keep, partially crushing her under rubble as she tries to escape... only to discover at the last minute that it's not Cersei at all, but one of her handmaidens used as a decoy.
                                                                                Beside herself with rage, she scours the city for Cersei, eventually using more dragonfire to flush her out of a building that looks like a safehouse - only to discover too late that it's actually a stockpile of Wildfire. Soon, King's Landing is in flames as the fire spreads and caches of Wildfire ignite, all set by Cersei as a final "fuck you" to her rival.
                                                                                It's then that, as she's reeling from the shock, Dany finally sees Cersei's ship fleeing across the horizon, and she's faced with a difficult decision: use Drogon and her fire immunity to save as many people as she can and make amends for her terrible mistake, or kill Cersei. In the end, Dany is so angry and humiliated and horrified at what she's been tricked into doing, she finally allows her hate to consume her. She pursues Cersei and murders her in cold blood - not *just* incinerating her, but *holding her down and allowing Drogon to bathe them both in dragonfire so she can watch up close as the pretender queen burns alive* .
                                                                                When Jon finally asks why she did it, Dany can't bring herself to admit that she was tricked or that she made a mistake; she only says that it was necessary.
                                                                                And that is the final nail in the coffin of Daenerys, the Breaker of Chains. The woman who flies back to fight the White Walkers is the Heartless Queen, she who will burn her own to stop the enemy.

                                                                            • Sydni Taylor
                                                                              Sydni Taylor  3 weeks back

                                                                              I did hate how Jon didn't really react after he found out he was Rhaegar's son.

                                                                              • Sydni Taylor
                                                                                Sydni Taylor  3 weeks back

                                                                                My favorite ones are Daenerys, Varys, Tyrion and Jon. Varys especially, it's hilarious that he wanted Jon on the throne, he has no reason to think Jon would make a good King. He doesn't know his leading experiences, he had no reason to trust or like Jon. Also he has no way to prove that Jon is "Aegon Targaryen". How do you prove it by saying "Bran said so". I know their marriage is recorded, but it only proves Rhaegar and Lyanna got married it doesn't prove they had a kid. Hell even Daenerys doesn't have a reason to believe Jon was threat to her claim because she hasn't been shown any physical proof.

                                                                                • Brock
                                                                                  Brock  3 weeks back

                                                                                  17:00 has me dead