Fire & Blood Chapter One: Aegon's Conquest (Part 1)


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  • Justin Rogers
    Justin Rogers  1 weeks back

    I miss you and your ASOIF content and your wonderful voice hope you are well

    • Eduardo Campos
      Eduardo Campos  3 weeks back

      ¡¡¡There’s a Tv show announced!!!

      • frmer td
        frmer td  3 weeks back

        In a perfect world, JRRM would sit down and quickly write down a narrative point of view book of this this weekend. I really didn't care for the point of view of this book. I almost wonder if the book was written to himself (jrrm) so that later on , he could write it the real way and get the details correct.

        • UDLTUBE
          UDLTUBE  2 months back

          I'm confused are you reading the book or doing commentary? I want to hear the book, is that possible?

          • Jon Snow
            Jon Snow  3 months back

            Regarding the muddied history of Targaryen rulers before Aegon I, I believe the Valaryians were not a feudal society set on first born inheritance. Most likely it’s driven by genetics to ride and hatch dragons who rule the family.

            • mowgli72s
              mowgli72s  4 months back

              interesting stuff, but sad to get tricked to watch it. It's named: "Aegon's conquest" but you not talking about or his conques, just much info about GRRM and the show. Part two was good tho :)

              • Oracle of Raelor
                Oracle of Raelor  5 months back

                Nicely done Gemma,

                • Nestor Rodriguez
                  Nestor Rodriguez  6 months back

                  Oh no that voice ! 🥴

                  • Celso Castillo
                    Celso Castillo  6 months back

                    I have a feeling Balerion & Haera was attacked by The Cannibal.

                    • Madeline Sartori
                      Madeline Sartori  5 months back

                      Cannibal's got the attitude, but not the size. That's just my opinion, however! Some massive creature in Valyria did it. I'm quite sure it's Valyria, though something in Sothoryos could do it, too.

                  • Wesley Molt
                    Wesley Molt  6 months back

                    Sorry, but if the 'dragonfire fallout' was the real reason for the infertility problems, how did Rhaenys and Visenya become pregnant after they also rode their dragons and had them burn people (ie the Field of Fire for example)? Also, Valyrian politics sounds much like the politics of the other empire that Valyria is clearly based on: Rome. There were many great, powerful, rich and old families in Rome, and politics could be a DANGEROUS thing to do, especially since any suitably rich politician could hire a collegium (essentially Rome's mafia) to beat up or even kill your rivals, and EVERYTHING was able to be used as a political weapon against your opponents.

                  • Fuzzy Dunlop
                    Fuzzy Dunlop  6 months back

                    I'd rather the Doom of Valyria not devolve into a plot-device for the story of AsoIaF, tbh. I feel it's a central, massive event from which many smaller stories can spawn and grow with time. It's a catalyst as well as a catastrophe and as that kind of plot device - which can remain vague and in its vagueness carry more weight within a larger literary universe - I feel it fulfills its importance. Then again, I look forward to different stories within the Westeros/Essos/and Beyond universe in the future as much as an ending to this main series. Why not? Star Wars has tons of Extended Universe material, and despite what Disney or Lucas himself might have said canon is largely irrelevant when the works have already been released and are still able to be consumed and enjoyed.

                    • Madeline Sartori
                      Madeline Sartori  5 months back

                      Yeah I don't mind too much if the Doom remains a mystery. I crave an answer, of course, but it's so exciting and intense having so many different theories on it. I don't mind the one on the Lannisters involvement, myself!

                  • YoDuuu LeDude
                    YoDuuu LeDude  7 months back

                    Hello there, interresting theory about dragons fallout . But it is maybe simpler than that . It is known for a fact that male genitals don't like warmth. That's why it is not advised for men to take warm bath .I guess having a beast with fire in its blood between your legs doesn't help for fertility ... That would be again a clever detail from our beloved George .

                    • Spazz Maticus
                      Spazz Maticus  9 months back

                      I'm of the suspicion that Aegon never existed , key factors in holding the realms of which he was never present or even mentioned . The marriages of the realms need to be looked at closer , the marriages of the Bracken and Blackwoods , the real key role of the Velaryion and Baratheon men . I think Balerion was a rogue dragon that the sisters had troubling controlling and subduing with their own dragons . The fact that Aegon is largely unaccounted for in key situations when he forged the throne , Aegon's sudden quietness at key events too . The contradictions describing and stating him and his apparent actions at other events . The sheer convenience of it all leads me to believe that Aegon never existed and was in fact made up the lords and sisters as a means to keep control of the state of affairs when the sisters forged their empire as it were . The timing is off and is even questioned at the very beginning (it written by the eyes of a Maester) , look at the sister's dragons for evidence and timing (notably the birth and growing of them) . The whole purpose smells of a myth king like Arthur Pendragon . All to hide the fact that two sisters really conquered the realms , kept quiet by their enemies and the defeated by ways of covering their embarrassment at losing to two women . Even their own sigil invented by them is a device to remind others of why , the whole point of a sigil or coat-of-arms is to tell someone something . Three heads have the dragon . What is the realm? It's a story we all tell ourselves to keep the lie alive .

                      Does anyone else suspect the same thing as I ?

                      • Madeline Sartori
                        Madeline Sartori  5 months back

                        I'd just never thought about it! It's interesting, to say the very least. Who do you think fathered Aenys and Maegor? Can you explain it all a little more in-depth?

                    • DoYouKnowWhoIam Im Ivar the Boneless

                      Sweet Cinnamon Gemma...I dont think all the Dragons got lost in Valyria ..Vagar,Meraxes and Balerion+ other 2 dragons did all survived and traveled along with Aenys Targaryen and his daughter Daenys the Dreamer in Westeros .Maybe Vagar,Meraxes and Balerion they were then small dragons in a size of a cat ..i dont know well..but they got survived..Dannys dragons eggs are their successors through Sunfire[who was her rider i dont remember well..but i will check on my pdf FAB version]who give birth to those 3 eggs .

                      • Gary Norris
                        Gary Norris  11 months back

                        OMG YOUR STUFF keeps me holding on until the show starts, you fill in the blanks and keeps me charged up love everything else you do here

                        • Christopher Tracy
                          Christopher Tracy  11 months back

                          Dragonfire isn't radioactive!

                          • Christopher Tracy
                            Christopher Tracy  11 months back

                            It took some time 2 build Dragonstone. What bothers me is that Queen Alisayne's Dragon did not fly over the Wall! Dany's Dragons shouldn't have crossed that Wall! They're spells in it's foundations.

                            • Madeline Sartori
                              Madeline Sartori  5 months back

                              Exactly! Silverwing point-blank refused to do it. I think in the books, Dany's dragons won't do it either, unless made to with Dragon Binder.

                          • Christopher Tracy
                            Christopher Tracy  11 months back

                            There's a reason he's called Argalac the Arrogant same goes 4 Harren the Black. So glad his whole house roasted in Harrenhall!

                            • John Boxler
                              John Boxler  11 months back

                              I love this book. So well written and so I’m depth. HBO really messed up only doing 8 seasons. 10 seasons we would have had this book. Knowing dragons can’t go beyond the wall. If they knew that and still did season 7 the way they did really f***ed things up. Too much cgi and not enough story. If season 8 is anything like season 7 I will be upset. It gives me no confidence in them to do north and stark history. George is awesome. I really hope he finishes The winds of winter and A Dream of Spring. HBO please don’t f*** the next show up. Why not do this with George’s amazing writing or have him on hand to tell stark history please. Rant over I guess. Fire and Blood has been amazing and I’m only half done.

                              • gingerg85
                                gingerg85  11 months back

                                You're killing me, Gemma! Do you not know how many college assignments I have for the next 2 weeks?!

                                • J W
                                  J W  11 months back

                                  Great job Gemma!

                                  • Daena the Dreamy
                                    Daena the Dreamy  11 months back

                                    Very cool intro!

                                    • Larissa Cameron
                                      Larissa Cameron  11 months back

                                      Personally I think the Dragon Fire fallout theory is really interesting but I'd like to add another layer to it, it's not the dragon fire itself that causes the 'fallout' symptoms, it's the way it mixes with stone, specifically Westerosi stone. If dragons were so common in Valyria and were used fairly regularly why wasn't there an overwhelming population problem? It makes sense if there's a different chemical or component in Westerosi stone which would not be surprising at all considering they're different continents with different materials available for building even if we can generalize them into things like stones.

                                      • Nuncle Joe
                                        Nuncle Joe  11 months back

                                        ".....the towers of Harrenhall glowed red against the night, like five great candles... and like candles, they began to twist and melt as runnels of molten stone ran down their sides."
                                        When I read this, it reminded me of the glass candles, they have a similar description. I wonder if there's anything to this?.......

                                        • Galby Celestin
                                          Galby Celestin  11 months back

                                          BALERION the black dread making targaryen infertile again

                                          • Amanda TheFearlessMermaid
                                            Amanda TheFearlessMermaid  11 months back

                                            Gemma time!!!! 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🐲🐲🐲🐲🐲

                                            • Dr. Kai
                                              Dr. Kai  11 months back

                                              I 💗💗💗 this channel. 🐉🐉🐉

                                              • A Professor of Ice and Fire

                                                One passage in The World of Ice and Fire does seem to foreshadow the publication of Fire and Blood. If that's the case and F&B was indeed published in-world after TWoIaF, why is only Gyldayn posthumously credited and not whoever compiled all of Gyldayn's long lost notes? With this is in mind, Yandel seemingly got names and birth orders of Jaehaerys I's children wrong--details "corrected" in Gyldayn's retrieved files. And he might have gotten more details of the Stark lineage wrong.

                                                • Madeline Sartori
                                                  Madeline Sartori  5 months back

                                                  Order of the Green Hand speaks to the changes in birth (and existence, in one case) order of Jaeherys and Alysanne's children in their videos on Saera (the ninth child) of them - "The Rogue Princess" or something. It's so fascinating!

                                              • SunnyMcleod
                                                SunnyMcleod  11 months back

                                                Been waiting for your take on the new book! I wanna pick it up now!!!

                                                • Evil Never Dies
                                                  Evil Never Dies  11 months back

                                                  Sorry guys I have had it with George R.R. Martin.
                                                  What a scumbag.
                                                  The book readers made him and he clearly doesn't give a fuck about us.
                                                  If I would have started reading these when they were released in 1996(?) I would have already beat down his door.
                                                  I feel sorry for those people.

                                                  • books from Windblown
                                                    books from Windblown  11 months back

                                                    This is a propaganda made by a maester who was paid by someone who is a Targareyn loyalist.

                                                    • mayoite160
                                                      mayoite160  11 months back

                                                      my theory was that the frequent stillbirths/miscarriages of "deformed monstrosities" were a kind of ongoing or 'auto-renewable' blood sacrifice needed for the Targaryens to successfully continue to hatch new dragons.... & that Dany needed to go the extra mile with the ritual pyre because she needed to restart the cycle all over again

                                                    • House of the Conqueror
                                                      House of the Conqueror  11 months back

                                                      All Hail Mushroom. Lol. Great job Gemma. I love this book so much.

                                                      • Taylor Gayhart
                                                        Taylor Gayhart  11 months back

                                                        OK I just need to hurry up and buy this! Also, you should link your previous videos that you mention in your new videos in the description box!

                                                        • Eric Hanna
                                                          Eric Hanna  11 months back

                                                          Wasn't the turmoil, within the high families of Old Valyria, akin to the blood feuds between the Patrician families in Rome at the time? Politics were a blood-sport! Lol.

                                                          • yensid
                                                            yensid  11 months back

                                                            I absolutely adore the illustrations in this book & I've asked Santa for it for Xmas to keep World of Ice & Fire company 😊

                                                            • Matthew Withum
                                                              Matthew Withum  11 months back


                                                              • Captain Anopheles
                                                                Captain Anopheles  11 months back

                                                                Bit disappointed to find some of the first chapter word for word identical to the passages in World's of fire and ice. Hoping it's not like this all the way through.

                                                                • The Clueless Fangirl
                                                                  The Clueless Fangirl  11 months back

                                                                  I waited for this FOREVER! EPIC - thanks SO much :)

                                                                  • William St.Romain
                                                                    William St.Romain  11 months back

                                                                    The Curse of Harrenhal has nothing to do with dragons. Rather, it comes about because people believe in it. I think George has made clear that in Westeros belief is power. The whole thing about king's blood for example. I also look at the riddle Varys tells Tyrion. What it all means is that if enough people believe in something, and it doesn't have to be consciously, that gives it power. The Curse came about simply because people believed there is one.

                                                                    • tulkas 42o
                                                                      tulkas 42o  11 months back

                                                                      They called their flee as cowardice but why did they call them the exiles?

                                                                      • magister343
                                                                        magister343  11 months back

                                                                        I just finished this book about an hour and a half ago. There are a few dozen pages of exciting new revelations, but I was very disappointed to find that it was mostly just things I already read in the World of Ice and Fire.

                                                                        • Joden Paolo Peroy
                                                                          Joden Paolo Peroy  11 months back

                                                                          That Aerea Targaryen description gave me shivers when I first read it. I can’t wait for you to cover it.

                                                                          • Austin Woods
                                                                            Austin Woods  11 months back

                                                                            Even withe deanys prophecy I never understood how the targaryens were the only dragon lords outside of the city of valaria. They had a vast empire and all the dragon lords but one family were in one spot during the doom? Seems fishy to me

                                                                            • Madeline Sartori
                                                                              Madeline Sartori  5 months back

                                                                              @magister343 Its looking like Nyneria probably should have joined with Garrin. Why didn't she?

                                                                            • Madeline Sartori
                                                                              Madeline Sartori  5 months back

                                                                              @Austin Woods Pretty much! Like the Wall, like Ashaii, like the Isle of Faces...the Fourteen Flames would definitely be like that. They would not have made that area their capital had it not been somewhere extremely important or beneficial for their greatest asset - their dragons.

                                                                            • Austin Woods
                                                                              Austin Woods  11 months back

                                                                              @magister343 I remember reading that in twoiaf . It just seems strange that these families didnt try to make new valyrias across the empire. What's in the capital that's so important that they would feel the need to stay there. Was valyria a nexus of magic like the Wall?

                                                                            • magister343
                                                                              magister343  11 months back

                                                                              @Austin Woods I think provisional governors were not usually of the Dragonlord class, but the lesser nobility on par with House Velaryon or Celtigar. Volantis fought multiple wars with the Rhoynar without assistance from the motherland's dragon riders. Only after another colony was completely razed did Valyria send a few dragons, and only after a couple dragons were killed by Garrin The Great's forces did they decide to enter the war outright and send 300 dragonriders to commit genocide against all the Rhoynar city states (including those who had opted not to join with Garrin, like Nymeria's Ny Sar).

                                                                            • Austin Woods
                                                                              Austin Woods  11 months back

                                                                              @magister343 your think if your some provisional dragon lord governor out near vilantis or something you'd want to have a dragon to hand in case of an uprising. Guess not

                                                                          • David Rauscher
                                                                            David Rauscher  11 months back

                                                                            Fabulous points as always, and I do agree and wish the book started with a post Valyria pre Conquest Targaryen history. Even if it would just be to know who rode Balerion to Dragonstone and any other riders he may have had, and what the other dragons were named and/or looked like

                                                                            • WarriorGirl 113
                                                                              WarriorGirl 113  11 months back

                                                                              ♡♡♡ Thanks!!!

                                                                              • The Crochet Nerd
                                                                                The Crochet Nerd  11 months back

                                                                                Just scrolled through the comments. You folks really need to read the Realm of the Elderlings. Robin Hobb's dragons in that series make GRRM's look simple, even with 2 history books so far. At 3:10 I spy these books on Westros . org's shelf.

                                                                                • Child of Persia
                                                                                  Child of Persia  11 months back

                                                                                  I’m loving Fire & Blood so far.