• Published: 03 January 2019
  • Ferrari Italia F458 install
    •Speciale Half Carbon Front Bumper
    •Speciale Front Bumper Bonnet
    •Novitec GT Carbon Fiber Spoiler
    •Novitec Carbon Fiber Front Lip
    •Novitec Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Lip
    •Novitec Carbon Fiber Lower Diffuser

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Comments • 23

  • evildream666
    evildream666  2 months back

    looks like shit now

    • x NaBr
      x NaBr  3 months back

      Tbh it looked better before.

      • Jourdan Tolentino
        Jourdan Tolentino  4 months back

        very neat , nice

        • vincent lu
          vincent lu  4 months back

          Can you remove the shit background music

          • Ken
            Ken  7 months back

            OMG China Made bodykit for a Ferrari??!! The owner must be nuts! Congratulation now your car looks like a replica!

            • vincent lu
              vincent lu  4 months back

              They are not Chinese

            • Forza Novitec
              Forza Novitec  6 months back

              Ken 1000% true buy Novitec parts 💪🏻

          • Migz Gealogo
            Migz Gealogo  8 months back


            • Aldo Dirgantara
              Aldo Dirgantara  8 months back

              R.I.P FERRARI ! ! ! !

              • Danilo Ogunseri
                Danilo Ogunseri  9 months back

                R,i,p, orginal ferrari 😞

                • Hawchar
                  Hawchar  10 months back

                  Who puts aftermarket parts on a farrari like how stupid man I would never do that to my car

                  • The Anime Libarian
                    The Anime Libarian  3 weeks back

                    Uh everybody including the parent company. they just tune it also and name it something else and its now a limited edition

                  • Osya maula
                    Osya maula  5 months back

                    at the end of the day, whose car is that?, no hard feeling✌😝😅

                  • Forza Novitec
                    Forza Novitec  6 months back

                    / AMG/BMW/HSV/ Liberty Walk if i had the money

                • mat kereta 77
                  mat kereta 77  10 months back


                  • Antonio Kim
                    Antonio Kim  11 months back

                    Throw money way ....🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑

                    • Antonio Kim
                      Antonio Kim  11 months back

                      Didn’t like too

                      • Liberguy
                        Liberguy  11 months back

                        Looks like shit after 😂

                        • Alex Rts
                          Alex Rts  11 months back


                          • Pietro Peca
                            Pietro Peca  11 months back

                            Poor ferrari....

                            • abu maawi
                              abu maawi  11 months back

                              grill depan tu cari la elok skit
                              nmpk murah seyh

                              • CT Motorsport
                                CT Motorsport   11 months back

                                hai boss.. Grille depan tu kami guna kan besi, bukan nye plastik, semasa shoot ferrari ini keadaan kereta baru siap.. jadi belum car wash lagi.. apabila carwash, baru kelihatan cantik grille hitam tersebut..

                            • CRASH CAM
                              CRASH CAM  11 months back

                              The front grill its be nice if it was honeycomb