Gilly's SECOND Discovery!! = a Clue to the Night King’s Secret Identity | Game of Thrones Seasons 8

  • Published: 12 December 2018
  • In this video, we review a scene that I missed until last week. In this scene lie clues to two of the biggest questions going into Game of Thrones Season 8: Who is the Night King? And how will they defeat the Night King and the White Walker Army of the Dead?

    This video is both an analysis of events from past seasons of HBO
    s "Game of Thrones" as well as Game of Thrones Season 8 theories and Game of Thrones Season 8 predictions.

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    *Book Quotes Used in this Video*

    “When will he be as he was?” Dany demanded. “When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east,” said Mirri Maz Duur. “When the seas go dry and mountains blow in the wind like leaves. When your womb quickens again, and you bear a living child. Then he will return, and not before.” (AGOT, Danaerys IX)

    AS THE FIRST MEN established their realms following the Pact, little troubled them save their own feuds and wars, or so the histories tell us. It is also from these histories that we learn of the Long Night, when a season of winter came that lasted a generation—a generation in which children were born, grew into adulthood, and in many cases died without ever seeing the spring. Indeed, some of the old wives’ tales say that they never even beheld the light of day, so complete was the winter that fell on the world. While this last may well be no more than fancy, the fact that some cataclysm took place many thousands of years ago seems certain. Lomas Longstrider, in his Wonders Made by Man, recounts meeting descendants of the Rhoynar in the ruins of the festival city of Chroyane who have tales of a darkness that made the Rhoyne dwindle and disappear, her waters frozen as far south as the joining of the Selhoru. According to these tales, the return of the sun came only when a hero convinced Mother Rhoyne’s many children—lesser gods such as the Crab King and the Old Man of the River—to put aside their bickering and join together to sing a secret song that brought back the day. It is also written that there are annals in Asshai of such a darkness, and of a hero who fought against it with a red sword. His deeds are said to have been performed before the rise of Valyria, in the earliest age when Old Ghis was first forming its empire. This legend has spread west from Asshai, and the followers of R’hllor claim that this hero was named Azor Ahai, and prophesy his return. In the Jade Compendium, Colloquo Votar recounts a curious legend from Yi Ti, which states that the sun hid its face from the earth for a lifetime, ashamed at something none could discover, and that disaster was averted only by the deeds of a woman with a monkey’s tail. (TWOIAF)

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Comments • 740

  • Leslie M. Isaacs
    Leslie M. Isaacs  12 months back

    MIND BLOWN!!!!!!

    • Randolin Plop
      Randolin Plop  7 months back

      I'm more blown away by the fact that they found the Horn of Winter in the second season that can resurrect all the dead Starks to fight against the Night King... bitches. They are not gonna include it in the show, aren't they...

    • mr. 100 ups in 60 god
      mr. 100 ups in 60 god  7 months back

      @Leslie M. Isaacs twisted

    • Leslie Arrunada
      Leslie Arrunada  10 months back

      Leslie M. Isaacs what if the Night King turns the babies as his own way of having lab rats for a cure? He can’t test himself because he might kill himself.

    • Stephen Jones
      Stephen Jones  11 months back

      HA! JINX

    • Tinfoil Mummy
      Tinfoil Mummy  11 months back

      Almost everything makes perfect sense for me now, if ya can hit me back, i got some examples.

  • Vivi Aer
    Vivi Aer  1 weeks back

    Jaime's true father = mad king?? What????

    • TheDzudas
      TheDzudas  5 months back

      Damn do you think that Grr Martin really write that deep. Also dude you have a gift, you can be great hystorian or detective if you put time in that. I love this, but this is useless knowldge

      • TheDzudas
        TheDzudas  5 months back

        @bridge4 i support you anywayas, also D&D fucked up, with not calling you to make seasons 7 and 8.

      • bridge4
        bridge4   5 months back

        lol, there's utlility in that it gives me happiness to do the research, and fingers crossed, my findings (right or wrong) can bring some light to at least one person's day =))

    • casey carsburg
      casey carsburg  5 months back

      He was on to something talking about “the son rises in the west and sets in the east” coz dany will be with drogo and her son in death as drogon was born in the west and carries danys dead body with him to set in the east
      Well I mean he wasn’t born in the west, but he travels west to east with dany

      • IvanSensei88
        IvanSensei88  6 months back

        The more I watch these, the more wasted potential I start seeing.

        • Mr Silver
          Mr Silver  6 months back

          "It's not black dragonglass, look at it! This is black dragonglass right here:"
          >Shows identical mineral
          >Am I... Colorblind?

          • Matthew Rowley
            Matthew Rowley  6 months back

            Yeah...none of that happened. How does it feel to be far more talented than D&D

            • Pam Phraner
              Pam Phraner  6 months back

              I love Gillys accent. It's very strong. LOVE ya Gilly.

              • Kult Kayleigh
                Kult Kayleigh  6 months back

                Its a shame that this never happened.... though after certain things with season 8 so far i doubt they're all gone... maybe banished back to the ice?

                • shobana s
                  shobana s  7 months back

                  see this is soo much better than killing him. Why did htey have to kill the night king :( whhhhyyyyyyyyyy :(

                  • Michael Barros
                    Michael Barros  7 months back

                    The forgotten son is Tyron. Half tygarean half lanister. Rose is the west and set in the east. Winner of the game of thrones.

                    • Isaac Keller
                      Isaac Keller  7 months back

                      this was in the show when she was learning to read with stanis daughter

                      • LOZIM
                        LOZIM  7 months back

                        The fucking bank is going to get the iron throne

                        • mike manente
                          mike manente  7 months back


                          • Ivy Marie Marfe
                            Ivy Marie Marfe  7 months back

                            NO ONE (arya) can defeat death🤯👏👏

                            • Vinay Lakshman
                              Vinay Lakshman  7 months back

                              Anyone noticed @0:17 how he said the night king will be defeated and the dagger used by arya to kill the night king appears in the video at the same time ;)

                              • Behzad Vasegh
                                Behzad Vasegh  7 months back

                                well it seems you've been wrong friend but still cool theory

                                • Joris van Dijk
                                  Joris van Dijk  7 months back


                                  • V. Scott
                                    V. Scott  7 months back

                                    Some people are saying the Knight King isn't dead.

                                    • Justin McNabb
                                      Justin McNabb  7 months back

                                      My theory was close to what happened except i also thought Bran was the night king and he would die when the night king does or some madness. Arya using a dead face i think was always a very strong possibility, who else could get close enough to kill him

                                      • Lisa Healy
                                        Lisa Healy  7 months back

                                        Having seen S8 E3, I wish any of this was included or even alluded to

                                      • Sheri Pavelich
                                        Sheri Pavelich  7 months back

                                        Or is is the KNIGHT King?

                                        • Nichia 219B
                                          Nichia 219B  7 months back

                                          What's up with the sun and son and all of that nonsense??!! Just Watch episode 3 season 8:)

                                          • aaron gomes
                                            aaron gomes  7 months back

                                            Welp, just a little off!

                                            • Dustin
                                              Dustin  7 months back

                                              no... the night king was defeated when arya naruto leaped towards the night king and stabbed him with a valyrian steal dagger

                                              • light101
                                                light101  7 months back

                                                Lmao nice theory bro

                                                • Kisselle C.
                                                  Kisselle C.  7 months back

                                                  arya be like

                                                  • Todd G Arnold
                                                    Todd G Arnold  7 months back

                                                    Well that didn’t work out so well did it.

                                                    • Diva's Perfect Posse
                                                      Diva's Perfect Posse  7 months back

                                                      The "Monkey" reference has been bothering me. Then I just saw a scene in a video where Tyrion is referred to as the "Demon Monkey" of then King Joffrey.

                                                      • Paul G
                                                        Paul G  7 months back

                                                        Well arya wrecked that idea

                                                        • Ellie DePrima
                                                          Ellie DePrima  7 months back

                                                          Well - So much for healing the Night King! Too bad he was taken out on the show .

                                                          • Philip Dyer
                                                            Philip Dyer  7 months back

                                                            I felt liked I've been flipping trolled watching Ayra of all people save the world from The Night King. Not Bran, got Jon, not even Sam flipping Ayra of all people.

                                                        • Eva Reisl
                                                          Eva Reisl  7 months back

                                                          highly interesting - but the directors of the show said no - we just kill the nk in a fkn dump plot

                                                          • alec polk
                                                            alec polk  7 months back

                                                            Eva Reisl the funniest part? People are defending it.

                                                        • honesthesiologist
                                                          honesthesiologist  7 months back

                                                          Oh, well, Arya just killed the Night King at the end of s8e3.

                                                          • Brianna Mojica
                                                            Brianna Mojica  7 months back

                                                            Is this the same guy that does Khan videos?

                                                            • bridge4
                                                              bridge4   7 months back

                                                              Like Khan academy? No. We're friends tho, in spirit. Khan academy is awesome.

                                                              He has no idea who I am tho, so I guess we aren't friends. Im a Khan fan :)

                                                          • louis shimika
                                                            louis shimika  7 months back

                                                            Bet after watching S8 E3 you then realized everything you’ve been saying is bullsh*^%t huh?

                                                            It happens.

                                                            • louis shimika
                                                              louis shimika  7 months back

                                                              Valeen Arroyo Lmao, even if GRRM saw this theory, mans would probably be like, “WTF?” See sea sun son, people think I write nursery rhymes now.

                                                            • V. Scott
                                                              V. Scott  7 months back

                                                              louis shimika that was harsh.

                                                            • yg Knight
                                                              yg Knight  7 months back

                                                              louis shimika dam I was going ask that 😂😂😂

                                                            • Valeen Arroyo
                                                              Valeen Arroyo  7 months back

                                                              louis shimika lol yeah but it is a nice try....

                                                          • Joseph James Santiago
                                                            Joseph James Santiago  7 months back

                                                            Well, this wrong. Hahha

                                                            • Perry Norman
                                                              Perry Norman  7 months back

                                                              The Night King is DEAD, Arya, done him with the dagger that Little Finger held to Ned Starks throat, the same one that Arya used to slit Peter Baelishs throat.

                                                              • Bryan Caventa
                                                                Bryan Caventa  7 months back

                                                                If the night king is dead, whose cold wind and frozen ice that run along the crypts of winterfell with john, arya, and sansa in the got official trailer(crypts of winterfell)?

                                                            • shegocrazy
                                                              shegocrazy  7 months back

                                                              Really cool theory but I wonder if you are just reading to much into seemingly random events. Sea and see for example. Would the writer back then have inserted this based on something to happen years in advance...or was it just a neat way to show how easy it is to be confused when learning to read. I'd like to think the show creators were so far advanced in their planning but I'm not so sure.....

                                                              • Laura V
                                                                Laura V  7 months back

                                                                so what about the woman with the monkey's tale/tail?

                                                                • Cosmic K
                                                                  Cosmic K  7 months back

                                                                  Couldn't "endless night" also be "endless knight" if we're talking about words that sound the same and also he has played with these two in other places as well.

                                                                  • veronicajade20
                                                                    veronicajade20  7 months back

                                                                    Ok, what is the difference between the different colors of dragon glass? Is there anywhere to find that information?

                                                                    • Chris Johnson
                                                                      Chris Johnson  7 months back

                                                                      There must always be a Night King...

                                                                      • Ticky
                                                                        Ticky  7 months back

                                                                        So you just decided Jon & Dany would have a son and you're even claiming to name him Rob? Even if she is pregnant, you think she's name her son after her biggest enemy of all time (Robert Baratheon) regardless of Robb Stark & Jon's relationship. I'm just baffled you so casually decide to tell you're viewers they will have a son and named him without even a hint that it's not fact??

                                                                        • Arthur K
                                                                          Arthur K  7 months back

                                                                          That's just mindblowing!! Never seen such a profound breakdown of every detail! Brdige4 leaves no dragonglass unturned!

                                                                          • Kristie D
                                                                            Kristie D  7 months back

                                                                            Arya died at the House of Black and White and warged into Nymeria (thus the Nymeria getting an army of wolves together) and Arya/paidtheprice is a faceless man setting up her kills in Winterfell?    Or was it all a red herring in season six and seven to give a non purpose background for a non carried out story that will probably never be written by R. Martin? Team Nym/AryaShe-Wolf of Lorien - I LOVE it!!!Deven Science4 days ago...
                                                                              there is a theory that the Waif successfully killed Arya, but then took on her tasks, and is posing as her. That's why a Man saw her and said, "finally, a Girl is no one." Because he knew he was looking at the Waif with Arya's face.
                                                                               If you go back and watch the House of B & W episodes you see there is no waif or Jaqen H'ghar.  The faceless men creatures are only actors of the people that have given up there lives as payment.  This payment is for the insurance to protect their loved ones and is usually given a list of those to assassinate.  Is it coincidence Arya had those things?  If you watch the episodes with that in mind, it makes more sense. It's explaining why and how the faceless men creatures are. It's not a "Arya's path to become Super Assassin in less than a year" story Deven Science8 hours ago @D I'll have to do more research, as I'm not quite understanding what you wrote. I wouldn't re-watch those sections though, as I was bored out of my mind anytime those scenes came on.

                                                                            • Scottish Girl
                                                                              Scottish Girl  7 months back

                                                                              Promiss me, ned. i had toen open a new thing its me kev

                                                                              • Idr.Christian David
                                                                                Idr.Christian David  7 months back


                                                                                • Mr.Nice Guy
                                                                                  Mr.Nice Guy  7 months back

                                                                                  "The night king is the Azor Ahai and that the prophesy was probably lost in translation."

                                                                                  I agree with you on this, but I have a strong feeling that the Night King is Rheagar T. Targaryens are believed to have the ability to forsee the future right? Even King Aeries said it himself that Rheagar was the prince that was promised. What if Rheagar didn't die during the Battle of the Trident. What if his body washed ashore somewhere else and then founded by The Children. What if the Prince that was promised was actually the prince who was promised by The Children to become the new Night King? You're probably thinking it cannot be possible Whites were created 8000years ago. Remember, Bran also said in order to destroy the undead army you have to kill the Night King. Will the whites also lost their war once so they lost their king once, so they needed a new king to walk the surface again. Then why the offering of Rheagar to the whites... will the children needed the whites help to fend off humans from killing off their race and cutting down their sacred trees.. and who better to be crowned as the new Night King other then the prince that was promised!


                                                                                  Targaryen sigil not so different than the undead sigil. Both swirling patterns but opposite directions. Why in reverse... will what's the opposite of living... ..the undead. One sigil of dragons cause they control dragons the other sigil of dead body parts because they control the undead. Thus the hidden message is that the NK is an undead Targaryen who rides on an undead dragon, dragons who will never become slaves (deanerys said it herself).