Courage Reacts to NEW *FULL* Season 8 Battle Pass! (Skins, Emotes & More!) | Fortnite Highlights


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  • H20 Gelirious
    H20 Gelirious  7 months back

    You lucky you got donates from mrbeast

    • Logan Dent
      Logan Dent  8 months back

      I love the battle pass

      • Cesar Jasso
        Cesar Jasso  9 months back

        Haha courage how yoy dance

        • Blake -
          Blake -  9 months back

          That moment when you monetize somebody else's content

          • Jessica Jemmy
            Jessica Jemmy  9 months back

            There were no pickaxes in the entire season pass :P

            • Jessica Jemmy
              Jessica Jemmy  8 months back

              Mistah Muir nice..? Congrats I guess

            • Mistah Muir
              Mistah Muir  8 months back

              Jessica Jemmy cuz I’m pregnant

          • BasicMakaroni
            BasicMakaroni  9 months back

            Roses are red grass is green this season can go suck a peen

              RADIOACTIVE GAMING  9 months back

              That tier 100 is TRASH

            • disave
              disave  9 months back

              Best season my ass

              • Trash Panda
                Trash Panda  9 months back

                Dope we unlockable style fishtick?

                • JB 650
                  JB 650  9 months back

                  I think the thumbnails broken, u mean WORST SEASON EVER

                  • LUCIFER
                    LUCIFER  9 months back

                    @Anonymous - Season 7 was the worst.

                  • Lord Zeno
                    Lord Zeno  9 months back

                    I think it is not that bad because if they made a better 100 tear skin this depate would pretty much change

                  • Anonymous
                    Anonymous  9 months back


                  • Anonymous
                    Anonymous  9 months back

                    It's not season 5 is the wost

                  • disave
                    disave  9 months back


                • Blowzy
                  Blowzy  9 months back

                  Roses are red
                  Violets are blue
                  If you sub to me
                  I will do the same to you

                  • Brianna Blankenship
                    Brianna Blankenship  9 months back

                    I just bought it and the banana skin is 10/10 itss NEAT

                    • Draxsis
                      Draxsis  9 months back

                      This season is bad tier 100 is the worst by far I don't see myself using anything here

                    • Clappy Jr
                      Clappy Jr  9 months back

                      Good vid but the battle pass is a L

                      • TheManWithPhones
                        TheManWithPhones  9 months back

                        Thx bro for this vid

                        • KrampY FN
                          KrampY FN  9 months back

                          I know you`ve seen this a million times,but I started making fortnite vids and put a lot of effort into it.A quick look and a quick feedback would go a long way,

                          • LUCIFER
                            LUCIFER  9 months back

                            @Devin Thomas - STFU, everyone's channel starts out that way.

                          • Devin Thomas
                            Devin Thomas  9 months back

                            Ur channel is garbage

                        • Saul Ramirez
                          Saul Ramirez  9 months back


                          • The Blue Phoenix
                            The Blue Phoenix  9 months back

                            Bananas in pajamas

                            • Speedy Boii
                              Speedy Boii  9 months back

                              So excited to play

                              • Noob Master69
                                Noob Master69  9 months back

                                Loved the part when he said best season ever

                                • Tea Sis
                                  Tea Sis  9 months back

                                  How do you reset the walking glitch on iPad it makes me walk on IPad when I try to run it only works for a short time when I double tap and enter settings :(

                                  • Dali937
                                    Dali937  9 months back

                                    I think im the best in the world at fortnite

                                  • Dali937
                                    Dali937  9 months back

                                    I think im the best in the world at fortnite

                                    • Dali937
                                      Dali937  9 months back

                                      @Cubes,Games,Trickshot if you dont why you talking to me lol

                                    • Cubes,Games,Trickshot
                                      Cubes,Games,Trickshot  9 months back

                                      Dali937 no you’re really not and no one cares at all

                                  • Dali937
                                    Dali937  9 months back


                                    • CxpFN YT
                                      CxpFN YT  9 months back

                                      Best battlepass

                                      • Devour imluigi
                                        Devour imluigi  9 months back

                                        Am I underrated professional poop master

                                        • Clash Bannon
                                          Clash Bannon  9 months back

                                          It’s time for double upload day

                                          • ILuc77 Icool
                                            ILuc77 Icool  9 months back

                                            best fortnite highlight channel ever !!!

                                            • hooty
                                              hooty  9 months back


                                              • Biraj Niraula
                                                Biraj Niraula  9 months back

                                                Im early love from nepal😍

                                                • Tasnim Arfaoui
                                                  Tasnim Arfaoui  9 months back


                                                  • Chobbo S
                                                    Chobbo S  9 months back

                                                    Hi ferst

                                                    • Salwa Ayu Anisa
                                                      Salwa Ayu Anisa  9 months back

                                                      Number 5