How to Tie-Dye Your Shirts With 3 Simple Methods


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  • Ariana Dourre
    Ariana Dourre  5 months back

    "Lately, I've been thinking about how we can be more sustainable"
    Uses elastics.
    Cuts them once done.

    • sugarcakeuhh
      sugarcakeuhh  2 months back

      @AshleyRosella ! its better than synthetic material that is made which cause pollution

    • Ariana Dourre
      Ariana Dourre  4 months back

      @Briggs Ogloff Rubber is still rubber boo boo.

    • Zero Two
      Zero Two  4 months back

      AshleyRosella ! Using water doesn’t hurt the environment.

    • AshleyRosella !
      AshleyRosella !  4 months back

      Also uses heaps of cotton t-shirts, which is really bad. If you do research about it, cotton uses heaps of water.

    • Briggs Ogloff
      Briggs Ogloff  5 months back

      Tamara reuses her elastics by tying them for her next use :)