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  • CinemaBlend
    CinemaBlend   2 months back

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    • Nai 94
      Nai 94  1 weeks back

      I love Joaquin hope he’s happy 😊☺️

      • snki slolsa
        snki slolsa  3 weeks back

        Fuck you phoenix!!! Wtf!!

        • Reg. Pson
          Reg. Pson  4 weeks back

          18:20 "Are you guys sleeping?" I'm dead

          • Denvy Zhang
            Denvy Zhang  1 months back

            I thought an actor must know really well about the character he /she would play, but Joaquin gives me a new perspective about not knowing all about the character and the ambiguity make it more interesting. Great podcast btw.

            • Byronflowerz
              Byronflowerz  1 months back

              An actual great interview!😃

              • warren Philbert
                warren Philbert  2 months back


                • Abou 7able
                  Abou 7able  2 months back

                  I feel like he's just making up the "Fuck you Joaquin" story 😂😂😂

                  • Hey Its DaiSy
                    Hey Its DaiSy  2 months back

                    This was so hilarious lmao

                    • TheMongolat
                      TheMongolat  2 months back

                      F**k you Pheonix 😂😂

                      • Edgar Ramirez
                        Edgar Ramirez  2 months back

                        23 minute interview without any commercial interruptions? Thank you YouTube Gods and CinemaBlend for bringing this to me!! This is pure GOLD 👏👏🙏🙏

                        • Constanza Jimenez
                          Constanza Jimenez  2 months back

                          Yes! Miss you! Even more, now that GOT is officially done (after Emmys)

                          • הגר גדליוביץ'
                            הגר גדליוביץ'  2 months back

                            I'm just glad he didn't have to talk about his brother. He could never let him go because he is absorbed in him and because of the circumstances but he shouldn't be reminded of that by strangers who just want to get a good title. It's fascinating to listen to him and I can't wait to watch him on screen. Thank you for sharing.

                            • הגר גדליוביץ'
                              הגר גדליוביץ'  2 months back

                              @SwerveNation thank you, I'll watch it so no spoilers, but I don't think he meant it directly or concisely, whatever it is he probably took Lynn's directions and put them through his own personal prism and it played out that way. He communicates with River everytime he's on screen, in a different way; In 'walk the line' it was Johnny singing to his dead brother, in 'the master' River basically flows through him everytime they make a shot last more than 5 seconds, in 'the Sisters Brothers' (which is a flat out masterpiece by the way, I walked out of the theater truly upset because the film was over) he played a younger brother for the second time after 'we own the night' but this time he actually found that intimacy hard to watch, look up the screening and you'll see several articles about how emotional he was, in 'don't worry...' There's a scene where Johnah Hill talks about seizures and you just have to look into his eyes to see that he does anything but act in that moment, in 'two lovers' he even kisses a girl the same way his brother did on screen and that's just the visible things, I could write a theses on his relationship with River on screen but my point is, if you haven't fallen asleep by now, is that it's completely legitimate for him to pay tribute to River artistically within the structure of story, because he misses him, and he's a part of him, and he is one of very few people that sadly know exactly what happened there that night but no journalist has the right to abuse that bond for attention and a pet on the shoulder. It's a really good "story" for allot of people but it's not theirs to use so I'm just saying I'm glad Jake respected him and his brother alike and focused on what's ACTUALLY relevant for the film.

                            • SwerveNation
                              SwerveNation  2 months back

                              The ending of im still here is a tribute to river

                          • Suvigya Basnotra
                            Suvigya Basnotra  2 months back

                            14:49 That's the Best BTS Story I've ever heard from an Actor's mouth...!!!

                            • Griwhoolda
                              Griwhoolda  2 months back

                              I won't be able to watch that scene without thinking of this! :D :D :D

                            • Sean O'Connell
                              Sean O'Connell  2 months back

                              @Suvigya Basnotra More included in the October 4 episode of the ReelBlend podcast, so SUBSCRIBE!

                            • Suvigya Basnotra
                              Suvigya Basnotra  2 months back

                              @Sean O'Connell Is that the complete interview or more of it is coming on October 4...???

                            • CinemaBlend
                              CinemaBlend   2 months back

                              SO good

                            • Sean O'Connell
                              Sean O'Connell  2 months back

                              We are so damn happy he shared that story