Can You BAKE Brownies From the Brownie Batter in Ice Cream?


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  • Curtis
    Curtis  1 days back

    You were only recommended this video after watching her cookie batter experiment

    • Kara Wilson
      Kara Wilson  2 days back

      Try the churro dough Coolatas

      • Mas Tun
        Mas Tun  2 days back

        3:43 wtf, didn't say itadakimas. I don't know in what to believe anymore

        • Meerah Almazmi
          Meerah Almazmi  4 days back

          Why does her voice remind me of bob ross?

          • Evelyn Lopez
            Evelyn Lopez  4 days back

            the gov really is watching us.

            i was eating ice cream while wondering this & now i got it recommended

            • KittyPanda V2
              KittyPanda V2  4 days back

              good video but needs to get to the point and cut the bullshit

              • Cookie Kilbane
                Cookie Kilbane  5 days back

                This woman does love to talk

                • Lyssa Marie
                  Lyssa Marie  5 days back

                  Can you like incorporate a lil flour and eggs to it and see how good it tastes?

                  • Brooke Kelly
                    Brooke Kelly  5 days back

                    2:20 “scrub brush” 😆 thank you for clarifying, honestly would have never noticed or thought it was *something* else, but you know someone would hahaha

                    • Acer PAJ
                      Acer PAJ  5 days back

                      Someone forgot to edit the start.

                      • Mame Amar
                        Mame Amar  5 days back

                        I’m on a fast, and this, this is quality content.

                        • Tanner James
                          Tanner James  5 days back

                          my favorite!

                          • R IP
                            R IP  6 days back

                            That's 13 minutes and 8 seconds of my life that I will never get back!

                            • Rose
                              Rose  6 days back

                              If you added a wee bit of flour it might have cooked better?

                              • Moni
                                Moni  6 days back

                                ok youtube ! i finally clicked on the video 🙄

                                • stratostear
                                  stratostear  6 days back

                                  Ben & Jerry's is the dog food of ice cream.

                                  • ラブJaggerNicks
                                    ラブJaggerNicks  6 days back

                                    MAKE A COOKIE BROWNE FROM THE B&J’s HALF BAKED PLEASE

                                    • Basl Ksa
                                      Basl Ksa  6 days back

                                      How about if you mix The entire ice cream with flour in bake it ???? It might work 🙄

                                      • Julia_The_Child :3
                                        Julia_The_Child :3  6 days back

                                        These are things you didn't know you needed to know, until you saw this video.

                                        • Jennifer Morton
                                          Jennifer Morton  7 days back

                                          Beep beep I’m a sheep.

                                          • H F
                                            H F  7 days back

                                            I think if you were to freeze them after or throw them in the fridge they’d set better 😍 then dust with icing sugar

                                            • ohla300
                                              ohla300  7 days back

                                              Emmy forgot the lab coat!
                                              Emmy: Honey take your shirt off!

                                              • Amanda King
                                                Amanda King  7 days back

                                                That doesn’t sharpen your knife it just straitened out the blade 😐

                                                • Russell Brown
                                                  Russell Brown  7 days back

                                                  That brownie reminds me of the brownies in those kids TV dinners with the blue trays

                                                  • Snuff Muffler
                                                    Snuff Muffler  7 days back

                                                    So happy to have stumbled on your channel, you're fabulous ♥️! Love your experiments and your determination. A real role model.

                                                    • MarcosChavez43
                                                      MarcosChavez43  1 weeks back

                                                      I’ve eaten an unspeakable amount of brownie batter core

                                                      • Kate
                                                        Kate  1 weeks back

                                                        I want Ben and Jerrys now 😭😭

                                                        • Incandescent Ideas
                                                          Incandescent Ideas  1 weeks back

                                                          this reminds me of one of my first times baking alone! I made a pan of brownies, but I forgot to add flour. It turned out as a thin layer of goo in the pan. Tasty goo, but goo nonetheless

                                                          • Sarah Elizabeth
                                                            Sarah Elizabeth  1 weeks back

                                                            It looks like the kind of brownie you would get in a tv dinner lol

                                                            • Bianca Jingles
                                                              Bianca Jingles  1 weeks back

                                                              “Beep beep I’m a sheep 🐑” love your lab coat Emmy and the extra editing sounds you’ve added in to your videos recently 😂

                                                              • кςнα тαqαηα
                                                                кςнα тαqαηα  1 weeks back

                                                                I'm Arabic I don't understand ☹

                                                                • Sophie McCormick
                                                                  Sophie McCormick  1 weeks back

                                                                  3:43 she licked a knife that she just sharpened

                                                                  • Hélène R
                                                                    Hélène R  1 weeks back

                                                                    Beep beep, I’m a sheep 🐑

                                                                    • Juan Cardona
                                                                      Juan Cardona  1 weeks back

                                                                      hey pssy

                                                                      • annalise
                                                                        annalise  1 weeks back

                                                                        am i the only one who realised this is the same lady who basically introduced slime?

                                                                        • Mary A
                                                                          Mary A  1 weeks back

                                                                          Can someone give Emmy a job at tasty or buzzfeed already?! I can see her and Reu making things fancy together

                                                                          • lachie Bosman
                                                                            lachie Bosman  1 weeks back

                                                                            next one, can the tonight dough form into a clone of jimmy fallon!!!

                                                                            • Froop Loot
                                                                              Froop Loot  1 weeks back

                                                                              It looks like the brownie you get with a Kid Cuisine

                                                                              • Francisco Vargas
                                                                                Francisco Vargas  1 weeks back

                                                                                Can you make pizza using pizza Pringle’s

                                                                                • Paula Wilson
                                                                                  Paula Wilson  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I haven’t watched your videos in a few months.... you took up a new editing style with pretty dang funny sound effects.

                                                                                  • Britney Waldron
                                                                                    Britney Waldron  1 weeks back

                                                                                    Can you try and make a Tim Hortons Timbit. It's a round tiny donut with sauce inside

                                                                                    • Katherine Canon
                                                                                      Katherine Canon  1 weeks back

                                                                                      What world are you living in that icecream has no eggs?? All icecream unless stated on their containers has pasteurized eggs. BTW Ben and Jerry's has eggs. I would stopped once started bubbling like that 😂. Next time try make two one with some flour.

                                                                                      • julia
                                                                                        julia  1 weeks back

                                                                                        can u make ice cream out of the ice cream in ice cream?

                                                                                        • Nightshade
                                                                                          Nightshade  1 weeks back

                                                                                          This type of titles remind me of King of Random.

                                                                                          • Anne Azelton
                                                                                            Anne Azelton  1 weeks back

                                                                                            Beep Beep I'm a sheep

                                                                                            • Starzier
                                                                                              Starzier  1 weeks back

                                                                                              other shh- stuff

                                                                                              • Starzier
                                                                                                Starzier  1 weeks back

                                                                                                i love her absolute queen

                                                                                                • Position28 Position28
                                                                                                  Position28 Position28  1 weeks back

                                                                                                  I think this would have came out great if you would have done it like a ice cream mug cake recipe