TRANSGENDER DEBATE: Crowder Argues Science vs. Julie Rei Goldstein | Louder With Crowder


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  • StevenCrowder
    StevenCrowder   1 years back

    Julie Rei Goldstein joins us to talk transgender issues including suicide rates, gender identity, and more. Was your mind changed? Let us know below!

    • Dday 41
      Dday 41  2 weeks back

      I would have to give a shit what trans people do to have an opinion .

    • Laine White
      Laine White  3 weeks back

      Let me sit on ur face

    • Tinkerbell Bear
      Tinkerbell Bear  1 months back

      @Panos Teodoridi hello, it is great that you are looking into these things. I wanted to let you know that for the surgery, sterilization is just given. The surgery involves turning the penis into a vagina and vice versa and so when that occur the sexual reproductive organs are automaticallynsteralized because of how wildly invasive the surgery is and the fact they remove the entire sex organ. There would be no way to keep ones fertility and have the surgery because they do hand in hand and still do. Does that make sense how I explained it?

    • Panos Teodoridi
      Panos Teodoridi  1 months back

      Hi, I have one aspect concerning the Swedish study that might change your mind or at least question the results from it. I think the study you refer to was conducted between the years 1973-2003. Well in Sweden until 2013 people that wanted to get a sex-change surgery also had to get sterilized by law or else they were not able to get the surgery. I'm not familiar with the details of the study, if the study included people outside Sweden but if there were only swedes in the study then all transsexuals in it had gotten sterilized. I would think that a factor like this could have an effect on the results, most likely on the suicides. Great channel by the way I like these type of interviews were 2 people with different views can have a civil conversation. They change my mind episodes are also good.

  • Rosa rose
    Rosa rose  7 minutes back

    I was a Tom boy when I was a child, after puberty I completely changed, even my parents were surprised with the change... I'm now a really feminin woman and I'm happy with my life, leave children alone!

    • Lubo Baggins
      Lubo Baggins  16 minutes back

      Steven, you’re so hot.

      • No Name
        No Name  4 hours back

        When I was 11 I grew breasts and it didn't feel right. I was confused on why the attention I received changed. If given a choice at the time I would have gotten rid of them. Those years are already confusing it is up to the same sex parent to teach how to navigate those feelings.

        • Charlett Delmars
          Charlett Delmars  9 hours back

          Is it saying that a trans can't play a female role. Wouldnt that be considered descrimination?

          • Garfield the cat
            Garfield the cat  12 hours back

            Image cutting your dick off

            • Alpha Libra
              Alpha Libra  1 days back

              B I A S !
              Sorry, I lasted a 1/2 of this video, but it's annoying af. Kudos to SC for playing along, but God this trans crap is so tiresome. It seems like the guest is recruiting for the trans team...
              Here's the deal, if you're different, own it in your own way, but don't recruit, and for the love of God, let kids be kids. If a kid decides that they are the opposite sex after they've reached adult maturity, let them take action after then.

              • Gaelic Gladiator
                Gaelic Gladiator  1 days back

                I don't if this is weird to say or "bad" but "she" reminds me of that guy from the change my mind segment where you let the students debate gun control...the one that debated in high school and was incorrect about his I the only one that sees the resemblance?

                • Rob Davidson
                  Rob Davidson  2 days back

                  Generally good show!

                  • Jason Gardner
                    Jason Gardner  2 days back

                    Anecdotal evidence is literally the only evidence the left can ever some up with.

                    I would love for this Transgender person to live my life where I was from being white in a b lack neighborhood. The racism is VERY much an issue from the second these kids are born. If you consistantly tell a society that there is some white boogeyman to get em, you're literally perpetuating racism... in the household and family.... you may not agree but it doesn't make you right.

                    The racism didn't come from families like mine, yeah, let us be racist in an all black community... makes a LOT of sense.. no actually I was harrassed daily by cops... because why am I in this neighborhood if im not trying to cop some chronic, or some heroin?

                    The corner store HATED me because I was white and why the fuck am i going into THEIR store..... but go ahead, keep this fucking myth about how only whites are racist.

                    Sorry, but I hate when this shit gets brought up. It strikes a nerve with me because I'm white, and grew up in the ghetto... and i'll be the first to tell you that as much as you wanna complain about whites and racism.... well.. it happens just as much on the other end.

                    Stop ALL of it.

                    • CJoseph Ferrerro
                      CJoseph Ferrerro  2 days back

                      Good old days:
                      Boys: blue.
                      Girls: pink.


                      • Bearded Patriot
                        Bearded Patriot  2 days back

                        He can take all the estrogen he wants but he'll never be able to hide that fucking chin & jawline lmao!

                        • NaHb YiKeRs
                          NaHb YiKeRs  3 days back

                          Yoooo! This was on my bday what a present! Thanks dude

                          • qwertykevin1
                            qwertykevin1  3 days back

                            Two guys arguing

                            • Vucumprá
                              Vucumprá  3 days back

                              Anyone that's not male or female is a freak.

                              • Yanni Darling
                                Yanni Darling  3 days back

                                SPEAK ON WHAT YOU KNOW 19:50 black people aren’t experiencing discrimination from family members? How would you know that? The black community has our own issues and yes there very well is hatred and negative spewed amongst black people within our families surrounding our identity. Don’t insert yourself into that convo boo

                                • Country Boy Ogre
                                  Country Boy Ogre  3 days back

                                  When it comes to kids being transgender, no child should be given puberty blockers at all. How about that for.a high standard? If you are 18 and you want to and can pay for the surgeries and the hormones go for it, but in no way should my tax dollars have to pay for it.

                                  • Malisia Stahl
                                    Malisia Stahl  3 days back

                                    I appreciate this guest. Thank you for being honest and coming on the Crowder show for an honesty show.

                                    • Kim Wilson TV
                                      Kim Wilson TV  3 days back

                                      Julie was civilized, but completely disconnected from reality, facts and the science Julie seems to like, but does not understand

                                      • Kim Wilson TV
                                        Kim Wilson TV  3 days back

                                        If Julie is interested in science Julie should be taking a hard look at Dr Tyrone Hazes research on Atrazine in the water supply. Julie has been chemically castrated by the government without consent or knowledge

                                        • Lilly Ann
                                          Lilly Ann  4 days back

                                          If he got dug up by an archeologist 50 years from now would they claim him to be a man or woman there you go stop the nonsense be with you wanna be but nobody else wants to be that and shut the fuck up about it .live ya life,nobody has it easy.. It's almost narcissistic

                                          • Yandy Ramirez
                                            Yandy Ramirez  4 days back

                                            As conservative naturalized Cuban American, a very small minority thinks that Cuba actually has better healthcare. We know that's not true, it can be more accessible, but that's no good when the medicine is scarce at best. I'm a big fan of the show and the change my mind segments, though I think that statement is unfounded. And if you had the majority of Cubans you've talked to actually say that, I'd like to talk to those people because they're full of shit.

                                          • CountlessPWNZ
                                            CountlessPWNZ  4 days back


                                            • Michael Harrison
                                              Michael Harrison  5 days back

                                              28:25 CROWDER YOU CAN HOLD IT BACK LMAOOOO LOVE IT

                                              • Frater ANPV BAiL-ShM
                                                Frater ANPV BAiL-ShM  5 days back

                                                Julie Rei Goldstein
                                                Exactly the kind of last name i expected

                                                • Mualdeave
                                                  Mualdeave  5 days back

                                                  If gender identity is a social construct, then why is it in the DSM-V? That makes it a medical consideration. The suicide rate needs to be looked at in regards to how they feel about themselves and balancing loving and hating their own bodies as they are.

                                                  • Mualdeave
                                                    Mualdeave  5 days back

                                                    It's nice to see a professional debate from both sides. Bravo to both.

                                                    • B S
                                                      B S  6 days back

                                                      I can see 10 years in the future someone saying " i wanted a little girl ,Dr please cut that off". This is child abuse. Parents should not be able to make these decisions either.

                                                      • Michael Diamantino
                                                        Michael Diamantino  6 days back

                                                        Why’s this dude wearing a dress

                                                        • GCT10/31/1990
                                                          GCT10/31/1990  6 days back

                                                          A year later... Did he wanna be she just say they're both coming at this topic from a scientific standpoint? There's nothing scientific about transgenders... And the only area that is based in science regarding this subject, is discredited and rejected which is gender dysphoria which clearly trans suffer from and biology

                                                          • Drive Bye
                                                            Drive Bye  6 days back

                                                            Speak with your real voice!
                                                            JHC!!!!....ugh. Creepy bastard..

                                                            • Sofia Burnett
                                                              Sofia Burnett  7 days back

                                                              Love the conversation happening here. We need more of this.

                                                              • TORYN Nielsen
                                                                TORYN Nielsen  7 days back

                                                                He almost bursted out laughing a couple times.good job holding it back crowder. 🤣😂🤣😂

                                                                • mik ztif
                                                                  mik ztif  7 days back

                                                                  This was actually a great video!

                                                                  • Lernen.Ohne. Angst.official

                                                                    Interview/discussions like this is why Julie will still be relevant 10 years from now and others will not. I think Julie is fair and Steven you did a fine job as well.

                                                                    • soumiya das
                                                                      soumiya das  1 weeks back

                                                                      I don't know why people are arguing like that if two boy born with joint head doctor knows that this is abnormal and in doctors mind there is a refernce of normal human child they get them normal by surgery. Like that transgender is pshycological and if someone born with transgender that is an extreme case and doctor has refernce like what a normal boy or girl look and they made them normal if you don't consider it as problem and compel the doctor to accept them as it is . In case of any surgery the doctor will become creative with your body beacuse he or she has no refernce like how a boy or girl look like . So the situation will be very awful.

                                                                      • Harry Strong
                                                                        Harry Strong  1 weeks back

                                                                        Is the entire point of acting not to pretend to be something you aren’t in order to entertain an audience?

                                                                        • Glamorous Taee
                                                                          Glamorous Taee  1 weeks back

                                                                          These people disgust me to the highest degree!!! Comparing their voluntary struggle to enslaved Africans! Detestable!!

                                                                          • Eric Thompson
                                                                            Eric Thompson  1 weeks back

                                                                            This lady needs to read "slave community". It's mentioned in the movie Antoine Fisher. It shows that for generations American slaves subconsciously passed on to their children the feelings of being less than that slave owners initially impressed upon them

                                                                            • john smith
                                                                              john smith  1 weeks back

                                                                              MY OPINION....STEVE IS RIGHT

                                                                              • Eric Thompson
                                                                                Eric Thompson  1 weeks back

                                                                                Thought she said whore nerd.

                                                                                • Eric Thompson
                                                                                  Eric Thompson  1 weeks back

                                                                                  I said " she looks like a man".

                                                                                  • john smith
                                                                                    john smith  1 weeks back

                                                                                    NO CHILD SHOULD BE GIVEN ANY TG DRUGS BEFORE THEY ARE OVER 21

                                                                                    • Lunar
                                                                                      Lunar  3 days back

                                                                                      john smith I’m not too sure either.

                                                                                    • john smith
                                                                                      john smith  5 days back

                                                                                      @Lunar ?

                                                                                    • Lunar
                                                                                      Lunar  6 days back

                                                                                      john smith ok boomer

                                                                                  • john smith
                                                                                    john smith  1 weeks back

                                                                                    We do not have a definitive cure for cancer SHOULD WE STOP LOOKING?

                                                                                    • john smith
                                                                                      john smith  1 weeks back

                                                                                      2 genders. he and she... IF you want to include TG then i am ONLY willing to include 3 as pronoun of IT... Then we should have 3 restrooms at this point...He, She, It...

                                                                                      • T҉w҉i҉z҉d҉e҉d҉ L҉i҉o҉n҉

                                                                                        Only way to be a women is to be born one... Only way to be a man is to be born one... 2 genders !

                                                                                        • goatitisful
                                                                                          goatitisful  1 weeks back

                                                                                          The biggest thing that I respect about this guest is that even though she has an implicit bias, she concedes that she is open to new information and open to having her mind changed if she's presented with studies that contradict what she believes. That's something that's missing in most debates today. It's even something it's missing on most debates with Steven Crowder because most of the people he debates simply believe what they believe regardless of any evidence or proof that is presented. So I have a lot of respect for this girl coming on with someone who openly disagrees with her and is willing to take an honest look at any new information that's presented to her.

                                                                                          • Private Private
                                                                                            Private Private  1 weeks back

                                                                                            The John/Joan story was recorded as a success until the kids committed suicide then people "forgot" John/Joan