Helicopter Crash That Killed 5 In NYC Caught On Camera | TODAY


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  • Michael Brown
    Michael Brown  1 weeks back

    #1 safety and emergency exit plans need to be in place, passengers need to know how to unstrap and open doors. #2 pontoons. they fly over water enough to justify them. #3 The pilot should not just worry about himself, he need to make sure people are able to exit the aircraft.

    • Joeseph Perez
      Joeseph Perez  3 weeks back

      So only Captains go down with the ship...not pilots?

      • Retha Blair
        Retha Blair  1 months back

        Im curious to know which 2 died at the scene🤔😥

        • aircam pilot
          aircam pilot  3 months back

          crazy these poor people were tethered to that ship with no way to free themselves
          so sad should not have happened

          • If you laugh you sub!
            If you laugh you sub!  4 months back


            • Pils Nrimgaard
              Pils Nrimgaard  5 months back

              The only pilots I trust to fly with are ex military, THATS IT!

              • DJSbros
                DJSbros  2 months back

                Thats ridiculous

            • Stephen Stern
              Stephen Stern  5 months back

              The city of New York should sue the pilot for negligence and take his license away for 1

              • jackdaknife
                jackdaknife  5 months back

                What? He had engine failure. It wasn't like he was doing a barrel roll and it went wrong. The facts will come out but what they're going to look at is the company that maintains the Helicopter and its service history. They'll also take the heli apart to see what actually went wrong. If it was true engine failure, the fact he landed it in water saved his life.

            • i see said the blind man to the deaf dog

              Pilot new how to get out, has he left the others to die ?

              • J P
                J P  5 months back

                Helicopters are inherently dangerous. So many life limited parts. Oh and let's not forget they shake and vibrate constantly, not exactly good for turbines.

                • lovguru23
                  lovguru23  5 months back

                  i know that captins for ships and planes must not leave during an emergcy until all everyone else has left (even if everyone is ok or there is only a handful of surviors) i am feeling a little scared for the helocopter poilt if he was suppose to follow the same rules.

                  • Trey Middleton
                    Trey Middleton  2 months back

                    not the same for pilots... when having an emergency landing without engine power the pilot is to open the doors prior to landing, tilt the blades into the water and exit the aircraft. The pilot did what he was supposed to but the passengers were unable to undo their harnesses and seatbelts in time

                • Kathryn Richards
                  Kathryn Richards  5 months back

                  My dad's copter lost rpm on take off and landed in 3 ft of water in lake Tahoe. Took pontoons off just day before and was taking copter to storage for winter season. He and 2 passengers were ok. Never flew again as a pilot. Sad as He was a great pilot.

                  • Steve O
                    Steve O  5 months back

                    `i remember my Pensacola topiary.

                    • Kenneth
                      Kenneth  5 months back

                      There is a procedure for getting out. Check out "Underwater Escape Training - HUET"

                      • Nick Savage
                        Nick Savage  5 months back

                        Kenneth seen it .and I know your here cuz of the helicopter thag crashed earlier

                    • Tabs T
                      Tabs T  5 months back

                      this isnt the one today in 2019

                      • Carlos Rosas
                        Carlos Rosas  5 months back

                        Wait, wrong incident LMAO

                        • Jay Boyer
                          Jay Boyer  5 months back

                          @Cohaki were not laughing at their death, we were laughing cuz we went to the wrong video. We were originally going to watch the helicopter crash in ny skyscraper but ended up here

                        • Carlos Rosas
                          Carlos Rosas  5 months back

                          Cohaki Grow a pair of BALLS will ya

                        • Cohaki
                          Cohaki  5 months back

                          Carlos Rosas haha, so funny, THEY DIED LMAO

                          but seriously though

                        • TheGoldStandard
                          TheGoldStandard  5 months back

                          Same lol

                        • Izzy Singleton
                          Izzy Singleton  5 months back


                      • fly
                        fly  5 months back

                        liberty helicopters got the liberty to crash where they want

                        • Rohan Ghosh
                          Rohan Ghosh  6 months back

                          This is a very silly question but I am going to ask anyways - after the hard landing, would the passengers be so disoriented not to be able to unbuckle and get out of the helicopter?

                          • flightisallright
                            flightisallright  5 months back

                            The helicopter probably sank quickly and that results in the doors no longer opening due to water pressure. Really, when you land on water, it's best to land with the doors open.

                        • Jacquelyn Rose
                          Jacquelyn Rose  6 months back


                          • ilovetinydornan
                            ilovetinydornan  11 months back

                            As soon as i felt that going down. i would of unbuckled my belts and went for the door before it went under. cause as soon as it go under water the pressure will happen and no amount of strenth would get them doors open. so sad 💔

                          • NYCTMTA KID
                            NYCTMTA KID  12 months back

                            This was uploaded on my sister’s birthday. And I already left nyc on the cruise

                            • Julio Velasquez
                              Julio Velasquez  1 years back


                              • Julio Velasquez
                                Julio Velasquez  1 years back

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                                • Tropically Fit (TropicallyFit.com)

                                  You couldn't pay me enough to get in a helicopter.

                                  • Alexander Afxendiou
                                    Alexander Afxendiou  1 years back

                                    So much for advanced technology

                                    • Abhishek Das
                                      Abhishek Das  2 years back

                                      Didn't they knew how to get out

                                      • NWBackcountry
                                        NWBackcountry  2 years back

                                        Pilot deployed the emergency floats on the skids too late, after the heli was already in the water. They need to be deployed before landing.

                                        • christian Williams
                                          christian Williams  5 months back

                                          Is that what happened? Looked to me like one of the floats was defective because that one side is where it went under first

                                      • Jeff Ebner
                                        Jeff Ebner  2 years back

                                        Oxymoron: Safety harnesses

                                        • Rex The Thoughtful T-Rex

                                          Was there any pun intended when he said "choppy cold water"?

                                          • AC DC
                                            AC DC  2 years back

                                            This is what can happen when you do daredavil stuff. No matter how strong the safety rules are and how fun and adrenaline rushing it is, Life is much more worthy than a moment of excitement. You should always take into account that these incident are common in these types of activities because the posibility of risk of injuries are higher. If you could avoid doing this stuff, well avoid doing that

                                            • Randombloxplayz
                                              Randombloxplayz  1 months back

                                              AC DC they had no choice there was an engine failure if you had listened instead of spouting absolute nonsense you would have heard what they said so next time you want to say something watch the whole video

                                          • Henonaga
                                            Henonaga  2 years back

                                            The dude in the background looks like he has constipation.

                                            • awk axel
                                              awk axel  2 years back

                                              He had to shut the engine off , spinning blades entering water have a devastating effect on the fuselage. There's a training for choppers in the case thye have to land on water , people working on oil rig know thzt . . Did that chopper had life vest ? The pilot had to make his passengers wear life vest when he knew they would crash on water . Federal law on emergency procédure for chopper with passengers should be passed

                                              • Carlos Nivicela
                                                Carlos Nivicela  2 years back


                                                • Pattreth
                                                  Pattreth  2 years back

                                                  pilot made a tough decision to go down on water instead of maybe would've been concrete or a building.. maybe saved a lot more than the five people who sadly died.

                                                  • Paul Yu
                                                    Paul Yu  2 years back

                                                    Seatbelt will take your life...

                                                    • VINYLHOTEL
                                                      VINYLHOTEL  2 years back

                                                      WHO GETS THE REFUND THEIR $250 THEY PAID WHERE IS THE REFUND

                                                      • 33X 33X
                                                        33X 33X  2 years back

                                                        The ENGINE has failed
                                                        The pilot sounded too calm...

                                                        • Chris Rundle
                                                          Chris Rundle  2 years back

                                                          You have a better chance of survival if you remain calm and follow your training. Unfortunately, that chopper sank faster without its doors on than if it had been sealed against the elements.

                                                        • 33X 33X
                                                          33X 33X  2 years back

                                                          Chris Rundle why? He's about to die?

                                                        • Chris Rundle
                                                          Chris Rundle  2 years back

                                                          You have to remain calm in that situation.

                                                      • Tommy Gunz
                                                        Tommy Gunz  2 years back

                                                        the piolet killed them and ran

                                                        • Nicholas Rojas
                                                          Nicholas Rojas  2 years back

                                                          Tommy Gunz Even of he did quickly swim to shore I wouldn't say he "Killed them and ran away". It was an accident

                                                        • peep
                                                          peep  2 years back

                                                          Mac Is Back no he was hurt, if not , he couldn't go back, he needs to breathe too

                                                        • peep
                                                          peep  2 years back

                                                          Tommy Gunz no he didn't, didn't you heard

                                                        • Radio Man
                                                          Radio Man  2 years back

                                                          Tommy Gunz yeah I think the pilot would have went down there swimming to see if he could save some of them what the heck

                                                      • E Kop
                                                        E Kop  2 years back

                                                        LIBERTY TOURS ARE JERKS
                                                        FRIEND OF MINE WENT ON ONE

                                                        • Dave in the Black Hills

                                                          Five point seat belts are tricky.

                                                          • Figger Naggot
                                                            Figger Naggot  2 years back

                                                            They were probably too busy snapchatting the whole thing to free themselves. Darwinism in action. The dumbasses crashed the copter because they couldn't handle their phones without tangling their bags and yanking on the fuel shutoff valve. Idiots.

                                                          • Tyler513
                                                            Tyler513  2 years back

                                                            I wonder if they went over how to take them off. It seems like maybe not.

                                                        • Radio Man
                                                          Radio Man  2 years back

                                                          I cant understand how they can hold their breath get out of the seat belt and get out of there it doesn't make any sense

                                                          • Non Stop
                                                            Non Stop  2 years back

                                                            It depends which company you go with, I think this flight flew out of New Jersey for the open door helicopter tour, but the Helipad I went too was in Lower Manhattan, and multiple companies share that helipad, I booked all my stuff online beforehand, so if you wanted an Open door tour, its quite possible to do, It will cost a bit of money though, but when you are in the greatest city in the world on holiday Its a good thing to do! and no I was just a kid in primary school in the UK when the Twin towers were Hit, I went in 2017 and the only trade centre now is One world trade centre (Modern version) I have seen photos of the old skyline compared to now, and it must be a strange thing to see if you was to ever return now, if you saw the old twin towers, I mean even for me, Granted the difference wont be as big as missing the twin towers, but the Skyline will look slightly different then how I remember it in 2017, by 2020.. the skyline will look a bit different again, and those risks are worth it to me, I feel bad for those who develop a fear of flying, with out it I never would have seen new lands.

                                                          • Radio Man
                                                            Radio Man  2 years back

                                                            fox on the run I just can't understand how you can't hit the button get out of your seat belt open the door and swim out none of it makes any sense to me something a little fishy I think. Another thing too is he said he was having trouble with the engine, why were the propellers moving beautiful in the back propeller working fine. none of it makes any sense with that either

                                                          • Non Stop
                                                            Non Stop  2 years back

                                                            Not really so much a special permit, I was researching helicopter tours before I went to NYC, ended up on a closed door one, but If I wanted to go on an Open door one, it would have allowed for a better view, which is why I suppose a lot of photographers choose that, open door I guess is something I would have to get used to, I had a great experience on the closed door tour however, and the thing is, these people did not know they was about to Die, Before I get on any flight, or helicopter tour I tell my self theirs the possibility that I may die, but for this experience Its worth it.. and then off I go.. nobody wants to die, but unfortunately sometimes a tragic event happens that results in the loss of life.. and yeah It cant have been a good end for them, must have been terrifying actually strapped in like that unable to get out.. and I guess that's the only thing they give you on an open door helicopter tour, better then nothing, but yeah I suppose you would think there would be something more simple, but then again I dont think they want to run the risk of people falling out the helicopter also.. and the thought does cross your mind but i suppose its only natural to think of the worse case scenario.

                                                          • Allen Nop
                                                            Allen Nop  2 years back

                                                            fox on the run yeah they actually give you a knife just for that case. You can actually unhook the harness but it's right in the middle of your back, hooked on like a carabeener of sorts easier for someone else to unhook for you, so imagine trying to do unhook yourself while quickly submerging with water.

                                                        • thunderdude
                                                          thunderdude  2 years back


                                                          • Dreama40
                                                            Dreama40  2 years back

                                                            I'd say they all survived the crash(more like hard landing) but drowned sadly, except for the pilot. Tragedy.

                                                            • Hod D
                                                              Hod D  5 months back

                                                              It waz supposedly recorded it cuts before it supposedly sinks its edited fake news all involved were faked death'd and givin new allias and government checks every month

                                                          • babalooey100
                                                            babalooey100  2 years back

                                                            Oh my. That didn't look like such a bad crash.

                                                            • R King
                                                              R King  2 years back

                                                              Its actually a great auto-rotate landing.. its the cold water that did them in.. but really what choice did the pilot have? You can't crash into any area around the river without creating major havoc.

                                                              Very sorry for all that lost their lives.

                                                            • Pat Gogan
                                                              Pat Gogan  2 years back

                                                              babalooey100 it’s the water not the crash

                                                          • Constituent A
                                                            Constituent A  2 years back

                                                            Oh my God, so sad!