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    REACT   3 years back

    Thanks for watching PEOPLE VS. FOOD! This is the 1st time we had Teens and Adults together in a food episode! Let us know if you like the multi-gen episodes! - FBE Team

  • L Hernandez
    L Hernandez  3 years back

    I tasted a jabanero and It accidentally touched my lips so my whole mouth was red of the pain! so like
    the Carolina reaper must be Horrible😥😩😧

    • polo
      polo  3 years back

      haha.. compare this to Rhett and Link... these people acted like the pepper was nothing...

      • Nicho Laush
        Nicho Laush  3 years back

        phan_traaaasshh yeah i knew that. They were mashed up

    • Harphoney
      Harphoney  3 years back

      This is so weird, at 59 secs, on the menu picture, from the side profile of the peppers, they both have devil like faces,,,sure as hell they will be HOTTTTT ! lol

      • Cookie Monster
        Cookie Monster  3 years back

        "This dude just said hey to me like my day is going good" lmaooo something I would say.

        • Robin Sequira
          Robin Sequira  3 years back

          I'm not eating anything I can't even touch with my bare hands.

          • Probably a DM
            Probably a DM  3 years back

            It's fine to get it on yer hands, just don't rub your eyes after without washing your hands. (Also, all those weaklings suffering after only the tip. That's the least spicy bit!)

          • Gigglegal320
            Gigglegal320  3 years back

            Robin omg i agree. it hurt me so much to watch them eat that! im surprised no one puked

          • Skerdy
            Skerdy  3 years back

            Isn't that the goddamn truth!

        • Robin Sequira
          Robin Sequira  3 years back

          Dude needs to button up his shirt. Especially during an eating challenge.

        • H8stupidppl
          H8stupidppl  3 years back

          1:51 this girl got so much balls, love it !

          • Thorham
            Thorham  3 years back

            I hope she doesn't have balls.

        • Justin S
          Justin S  3 years back

          Magaly she's so pretty

          • BH Prototyping
            BH Prototyping  3 years back

            ive had one before. they are by far the worst pain i have ever experienced.

            • Vincent Lim
              Vincent Lim  3 years back

              I know it really hot but just swallow

              • BH Prototyping
                BH Prototyping  3 years back

                the second you swallow the pain gets worse. very very worse.

            • Handel Roberts
              Handel Roberts  3 years back

              Lmao "I'm crying dude don't say hey to me"

              • Chloe Wilson
                Chloe Wilson  3 years back

                @REACT thank you for making my day this was so fun too watch!

                • RebelzWedge
                  RebelzWedge  3 years back

                  make them try the pure caspacian pepper plz

                  • Probably a DM
                    Probably a DM  3 years back

                    That's not a pepper, but a refined food additive. It would cause massive health complications to even the most hardy of individuals, so I doubt they would.

                • T-T a
                  T-T a  3 years back

                  Adults react to feel good memes!!!

                  • BabyBotany
                    BabyBotany  3 years back

                    Well hello there mikayla

                    • e22378
                      e22378  3 years back

                      Shared pain format approved

                      • Dipdip Dulidu
                        Dipdip Dulidu  3 years back

                        Damn sergio 😏

                        • MyE Corre
                          MyE Corre  3 years back


                          • Scott Keesler
                            Scott Keesler  3 years back

                            I want to do this so badly but it makes me so sad that I can't. ; (

                            • ThorDaBeast
                              ThorDaBeast  3 years back

                              Unofficially my uncle has crossed his carolina reaper and a thai chile and a jalapeno for flavor and heat Hell to the no I will not try it but he has crossed some stuff

                              • DR COCONUT
                                DR COCONUT  3 years back

                                hybrid carolina reaper crossed with ghost pepper and plutonium hot sauce

                              • Iyana Whitener
                                Iyana Whitener  3 years back

                                I like it when people get the hiccups from eating spicy things

                                • Reverend Benzo
                                  Reverend Benzo  3 years back

                                  That REALLY hurts when it happens. Trust me.

                              • #Beebo lover 4 lyf
                                #Beebo lover 4 lyf  3 years back

                                Josh is literally my brother by the way he acts

                                • Martinsleep
                                  Martinsleep  3 years back

                                  Imagine him crying and eating icecream in the hall xD hilarious

                                  • Its'a Nightmare Daya!
                                    Its'a Nightmare Daya!  3 years back

                                    can the teens eat tarantula for the next video plz plz plz

                                    • Its'a Nightmare Daya!
                                      Its'a Nightmare Daya!  3 years back

                                      thx for doing this video for me react

                                      • Robert Willis
                                        Robert Willis  3 years back

                                        5:00 hes freaking shaking!

                                        • Triple Nut
                                          Triple Nut  3 years back

                                          My friend once put the Carolina Reaper pepper in my food and thought I would freak out but I just said that it tasted spicy and congratulated him on adding spices to the food.

                                          • Chris Moreland
                                            Chris Moreland  3 years back

                                            LOL ! I Love the React Channel !

                                            • DA MotoNeko
                                              DA MotoNeko  3 years back

                                              These things should be used as a ritual to adulthood!! I once tried a dry pepper(Dont know if it was ghost or reaper) and while i was oddly enough the one with least reaction i too could feel the terrors of it.

                                              • Paul Zhao
                                                Paul Zhao  3 years back

                                                NORTH CAROLINA

                                                • jtomally9681
                                                  jtomally9681  3 years back

                                                  Magaly is so adorable.

                                                  • trickster3696
                                                    trickster3696  3 years back

                                                    josh's reaction was my favorite

                                                    • koocie kat
                                                      koocie kat  3 years back

                                                      imagine if the ice cream was spicy 😂

                                                      • himanshu khetan
                                                        himanshu khetan  3 years back

                                                        i mean i've had a ghost pepper, I understand this is a lot worse but honestly, that wasn't that bad, it hurts quite a bit but its doable, but then again, I'm also Indian

                                                        • Mister Senate
                                                          Mister Senate  3 years back

                                                          when my dad takes pepper, he is like
                                                          "thats some sweet candy"

                                                          • Tangerine_Jess
                                                            Tangerine_Jess  3 years back

                                                            Scott is my fav lol

                                                            • Marlene Martinez
                                                              Marlene Martinez  3 years back

                                                              4:13 explains my life 27/7 😂 like dont say anything

                                                              • aacuevas 321
                                                                aacuevas 321  3 years back

                                                                SWALLOW DON'T CHEW, wait that doesn't sound right. oh boy.

                                                                • Plizd
                                                                  Plizd  3 years back

                                                                  THIS VID IS 5:55 MINS EXACT

                                                                  • Bailey Em
                                                                    Bailey Em  3 years back

                                                                    My dad could of win this if he in there if he doesn't have spicy thing to eat he not going to eat food my mom cook lol

                                                                    • BB Child
                                                                      BB Child  3 years back

                                                                      3:57 Hahahahaha the lady is so chill, just eating her ice cream, and the poor teen is losing his mind XDDD

                                                                      • ThePorritZ
                                                                        ThePorritZ  3 years back

                                                                        never tried one of these hellions, but i have had Bhut Jolokia(ghost pepper) and that paralyzed my breathing for about a minute... i love spicy food and eat chili every day... but those are just brutal O.o not doing them ever again.

                                                                        • Valentine Amoretti
                                                                          Valentine Amoretti  3 years back

                                                                          Both of the guys in the green sweaters are HILARIOUS~!!
                                                                          xDDD I'm dying~!
                                                                          love them

                                                                          • Zachary VanderJagt
                                                                            Zachary VanderJagt  3 years back

                                                                            Hey btw it is 2.2 million SU not 1.5 :p

                                                                            • RebelzWedge
                                                                              RebelzWedge  3 years back

                                                                              2.2 million was the hottest individual pepper ever measured, 1.5 is and average carolina pepper.

                                                                          • Edson Luna
                                                                            Edson Luna  3 years back

                                                                            If they had a Mexican reactor, it would be piece of cake, Mexicans were born for the spicy

                                                                          • Gleidston Filipe Santos Silva

                                                                            Bunch of loosers. Can't even stand the... Oh.