LIVE House of Commons: Speaker Statement, Ministerial Statements and Urgent Questions 21 Oct 2019

  • Published: 22 October 2019
  • The House of Commons sits again today after MPs decided on Saturday to withhold support for the Government’s revised EU exit deal at this stage.

    The Commons Speaker plans to make a statement at 3.30pm today on proceedings on the Prime Minister’s motion on the negotiated withdrawal agreement between the UK and EU.

    There will also be an urgent question on publication of the Withdrawal Agreement Bill and the extension letter to the EU Council, an urgent question on Northern Ireland, a business statement from the Leader of the House and ministerial statements on Harry Dunn and preparations for leaving the EU.

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  • Andrew Wooldridge
    Andrew Wooldridge  2 weeks back

    ORDER ORDER -- O R D E R The Proceedings then Shortly Retire and wait for Big Mouthed Berk-Cow To Be Ever So SELF OPINIONATED AND Obnoxious - Oh Dear i've Said it .... !

    • Andrew Wooldridge
      Andrew Wooldridge  2 weeks back

      The Speaker is SHORT and Cannot Proceed with the Proceedings because he is a Short Arse

      • Andrew Wooldridge
        Andrew Wooldridge  2 weeks back

        The Speaker is Proceeding in a Shortly Direction and Will START Proceedings Shortly !

        • Andrew Wooldridge
          Andrew Wooldridge  2 weeks back

          The Proceedings Cannot START Without Da Speaker .... (?)

          • Andrew Wooldridge
            Andrew Wooldridge  2 weeks back

            Speaker Shortly will START PROCEEDiNGS (!!)

            • Andrew Wooldridge
              Andrew Wooldridge  2 weeks back

              The Proceeding Will start Shortly ??????? (!)

              • Ahamad Ali
                Ahamad Ali  4 weeks back

                Nothing out of this debate looks like wastage of precious time of Britons

                • B.T.
                  B.T.  4 weeks back

                  329 to 299 was a bigger win than I thought it would be. More and more Labour MPs must be sick of Corbyn’s party political games. These Labour MPs know the people are sick of it too. Only the Labour traitors from the London elites keep on delaying and fear mongering.

                  • Cliff Smith
                    Cliff Smith  4 weeks back

                    Ceaușescu strikes again.

                    • Singulare Certamen
                      Singulare Certamen  4 weeks back

                      The 2016 in/out referendum was based on misinformation on one side and fear mongering on the other. I believe in the support for giving us a peoples vote where we can have our voice heard based on a more informed judgement. It's not about a rematch; it's about having an honest resolution.

                      • mofal
                        mofal  4 weeks back

                        Love him or hate him, you have to respect that the speaker. He must have a good understanding of law, parliamentary procedure and English history in order for him to do his job. This is certainly not the case in the United States with the president or the leader of the house. I'm gonna miss Bercow, I don't know of anybody else who is going to be as entertaining. But I'm American so it doesn't matter. I hope he moves on to a successful life weather in state hood or otherwise

                        • mr democracy
                          mr democracy  4 weeks back

                          Welcome to the remainiacs HOUSE OF REMOAN to CARRY ON REMOANING REGARDLESS with the remainiacs little helper Bercow.
                          This remoan Parliament is a total disgrace to Democracy.

                        • Tom Ricciardi
                          Tom Ricciardi  4 weeks back

                          Totally agree, he is/was extremely good and entertaining at that. All class. Wish we had Congressional leadership as articulate and knowledgable as Mr. Bercow

                        • TJ O
                          TJ O  4 weeks back

                          Well said. He is exactly the rudder that the house has needed throughout Brexit.

                      • Rumpoleful
                        Rumpoleful  4 weeks back

                        CLEAN BREAK - or BUST!
                        The HOUSE need to be held accountable for BETRAYAL on 29th March, 2019

                        • metiscus
                          metiscus  4 weeks back

                          Video starts at 4:02

                          • Sepp Panzer
                            Sepp Panzer  4 weeks back

                            Why does it say 6 hours long but only shows the last 4 hours

                            • aknopf
                              aknopf  4 weeks back

                              Youtube is still rendering/optimizing the video. Uploads with more than 4 hours need a little while before you can see the whole video.
                              Some channels do circumvent this by uploading them in private mode and only setting the video to public once youtube is done doing it's thing.

                          • Love you World
                            Love you World  4 weeks back

                            Some people think Bercow is bias but he isn't... he is doing his job... he has to follow the parliament rules not THE Tory party rules. If he speaks in favour of Boris then he wouldn't be said bias

                            • mr democracy
                              mr democracy  4 weeks back

                              Bercow the little man with a big ego who is a known remoaner and bias against brexit.
                              Should of been removed last year.

                            • Messy Mr
                              Messy Mr  4 weeks back

                              It isn't what he says or how he says it that makes him biased, it's what he does, the things he lets go through and that which he doesn't, he has been biased in those actions and many of us see it, even if he himself does not.

                            • Chatta290
                              Chatta290  4 weeks back

                              Do you know what the parliamentary rules even are? Doubt it, as such you don’t know what you are talking about, all the MP’s know very well he has bypassed the rules, his own deputy has said so. So carry on with your narrative

                          • Ciaran H
                            Ciaran H  4 weeks back

                            Those idiots couldn't agree on the colour of shite if it hit them straight in the eyes. And people vote for these clowns!

                            • the real Jack Myers
                              the real Jack Myers  4 weeks back

                              I recognize this tune.

                              • Check Al5
                                Check Al5  4 weeks back


                                I think and tha'ts legitimate, English people have to give Boris the good majority of the parliament.
                                He has to govern in a comfortable standing.

                                Good Receipt.

                                Check Al Green.

                                • Realist 1801
                                  Realist 1801  4 weeks back

                                  Bercow = legend for all the wrong reasons , he’s supposed to be unbiased. Are they investigating him yet ?

                                  • Do NOT
                                    Do NOT  4 weeks back

                                    Realist 1801 it did seem irregular that Mogg proposed an order of business in a point of order.

                                • keith hobson
                                  keith hobson  4 weeks back

                                  And all this delaying tactics by the traitors and Bercow are costing all of us still £one Billion per month.

                                  • Mr Singh
                                    Mr Singh  4 weeks back

                                    John Bercow = Legend.

                                    • mr democracy
                                      mr democracy  4 weeks back

                                      Should of been removed last year.
                                      The little man with a big ego who has been trying everything to frustrate delay brexit being done.
                                      The remainiacs little helper.

                                    • Michael Nash
                                      Michael Nash  4 weeks back

                                      John Bercow = C*** .