Jojo Rabbit Cast Interviews with Scarlett Johansson, Taika Waititi, Sam Rockwell and More


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  • Michael DeBolt
    Michael DeBolt  11 minutes back

    God, media is really pushing the how strange it must be to get directed by an actor/director in a Hitler costume.

    • Q
      Q  13 hours back

      Christ Scar Jo is frickin hot!

      • The great white Hope
        The great white Hope  18 hours back

        Another movie about the glorious NSDAP created by a jew..

        Of course...

        • Observer 101514120505
          Observer 101514120505  2 days back

          Wow! What a cast!

          • isabella Egan
            isabella Egan  2 days back

            I loved this movie so much! It's definitely up there with my favourite movies of all time. I'm planning on rewatching it next week.

            • Santiago Amarillas
              Santiago Amarillas  3 days back

              Just saw it yesterday and it was amazing! Possibly my favorite film of the year.

              • Intellectual Clickbait
                Intellectual Clickbait  1 weeks back

                8:08 Not anymore

              • Gee Whiz
                Gee Whiz  2 weeks back

                This dude is so hopped up. I now need to find other videos to see if this is his baseline or whether mans got a habit

                • Lisa B
                  Lisa B  1 weeks back

                  Gee Whiz he’s subdued compared to normal

              • ohmightywez
                ohmightywez  2 weeks back

                Someone should tie the interviewer’s hands to the arms of his chair. So distracting! lol

                • Loulou Jayoush
                  Loulou Jayoush  2 weeks back

                  t and I have to get together with you and the family have a wonderful Christmas party and I have been talking about this 😂😅😁😁 😊

                  • Loulou Jayoush
                    Loulou Jayoush  2 weeks back

                    LuLuLu 1234567890

                    • Dr4gon 360
                      Dr4gon 360  2 weeks back

                      Could they possibly put more makeup on them???

                      • FBI SWAT
                        FBI SWAT  2 weeks back

                        Oh theon gray joy

                        • karravolin
                          karravolin  2 weeks back

                          I get mesmerized every time I see Taika Waititi

                          • chris jackso
                            chris jackso  2 weeks back

                            Scarlett Johansson needs to do more nude scenes

                            • x0xtran9x0x
                              x0xtran9x0x  2 days back

                              chris jackso you should go fuck yourself

                            • Intellectual Clickbait
                              Intellectual Clickbait  2 days back


                            • Slit Bodmod
                              Slit Bodmod  4 days back

                              Manuel Monterroso Amen

                            • Manuel Monterroso
                              Manuel Monterroso  2 weeks back

                              James D It’s fine for men to be sexually attracted to women, but the moment you start saying “I’d love to see her naked mhmm” just makes you sound like a creepy ass neckbeard incel who’s never had an ounce of pussy in his life.

                            • 陳佳音
                              陳佳音  2 weeks back

                              @chris jackso im finna cut your balls off and feed them to the rats you ain't shit 2 inch mofo

                          • Sophie
                            Sophie  3 weeks back

                            Stephen merchant doesn't deserve "more"

                            • jorge diaz
                              jorge diaz  3 weeks back

                              The interviewer needs to calm down on the stimulants

                              • Justin Kennedy
                                Justin Kennedy  4 days back

                                He's just very interested in finding out about processes

                              • ladsrus
                                ladsrus  2 weeks back

                                Meth is a hell of a drug kids.

                            • bravetherainbow
                              bravetherainbow  3 weeks back

                              Alfie is hot in this movie

                            • Dexter Desmond Quentin
                              Dexter Desmond Quentin  3 weeks back

                              Oh boy, that's funny, the song "Heroes" from David Bowie was very badly translated into German. He sings "Dann sind wir Helden..." with a thick accent. I would know, I speak German. :D

                              • Willow Pierce
                                Willow Pierce  3 weeks back

                                I thought he said tanzen die Helden lol

                            • garyweglarz
                              garyweglarz  3 weeks back

                              A wonderful film!

                              • matt AUBREY
                                matt AUBREY  3 weeks back

                                Awesome casting. TW. I've never been more excited about a movie. It'll be ok or likely better and I don't ever feel that. I dont usually pist but... This is cool as fuck

                                • Mereana Wi
                                  Mereana Wi  4 weeks back

                                  Eagle Vs Shark was the first Taika movie I saw, it was gold.

                                  • Ben Quinney
                                    Ben Quinney  4 weeks back

                                    Scarlett looks Nordic

                                    • The great white Hope
                                      The great white Hope  18 hours back

                                      @Bones182x lmfao she looks like a jew, she just dyed her hair blonde and got plastic surgery to look more aryan.

                                      Jews want to look like aryans, because aryans are beautiful.

                                    • Bones182x
                                      Bones182x  1 weeks back

                                      Ben Quinney Shes makes the perfect Aryan

                                    • Sheena345 M
                                      Sheena345 M  2 weeks back

                                      Her mother is Ashkenazi Jewish, she is Jewish, her father Danish heritage.

                                    • Pani Smith
                                      Pani Smith  3 weeks back

                                      Nordic nice,

                                    • Lise
                                      Lise  3 weeks back

                                      Probably because she's Danish and Swedish from her father's side.

                                  • Dr EightBall
                                    Dr EightBall  4 weeks back

                                    Can’t wait to watch this movie

                                    • YZ
                                      YZ  4 weeks back

                                      @Sam Kenny enjoy it !!! same

                                    • Sam Kenny enjoy it !!!
                                      Sam Kenny enjoy it !!!  4 weeks back

                                      Dr EightBall I’ve Watched it It was brilliant

                                  • Wayward Mind
                                    Wayward Mind  4 weeks back

                                    This dude asks great questions but needs to lay off the coke.