THE ISLE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HD

  • Published: 28 January 2019
  • THE ISLE Official Trailer (2019) Horror Movie HD

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    On a remote island off the west coast of Scotland in 1846 a heavy storm hits, causing a ship to sink. Three survivors row through a thick early morning mist, lost and disorientated. The mist begins to clear and The Isle appears before them. They soon discover that it is almost abandoned except for four sole residents: an old harbour man, a farmer, his niece and a young mad woman. Once rested and recovered the sailors are desperate to leave and return to the mainland, but the promised boat never appears. One of them starts to investigate and learns of a tragedy at sea that occurred five years previously causing several young men from the island to perish. When his two shipmates meet with accidents, the myth of a ghostly siren haunting the island leads him to uncover the truth whilst he battles to save his own life.

    © 2019
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Comments • 47

  • Mundy. Medics
    Mundy. Medics  7 months back

    Varys from GOT!

    • Toxy :D
      Toxy :D  8 months back

      It’s not the isle silly

      • Karl Axel
        Karl Axel  9 months back

        Nick Cage needs to be in this!

        • ROCKSOLID
          ROCKSOLID  9 months back

          This movie is boring and slow as fuck and I'm 45 minutes in! Nothing scary or exciting at all. I can't keep watching it. Bout to fast forward to see if there are any good parts.

          • MrEmmanuel303
            MrEmmanuel303  9 months back

            I believe the reviews are fake. I watched last night and it was AWFUL!

            • Gretchen Waldvogel
              Gretchen Waldvogel  9 months back

              Some times i like to watch a horror movie.

              • Сахалин 1
                Сахалин 1  9 months back


                • kzarkage
                  kzarkage  10 months back

                  Seriously though .........
                  What the hell is going on ?

                  • Andrew Schumm
                    Andrew Schumm  10 months back

                    New movie is coming out in Spring 2019!!!

                    • jack jakson
                      jack jakson  10 months back

                      watch full movies

                      • Brett Forsyth
                        Brett Forsyth  10 months back

                        Dammit where are the dinosaurs?!

                        • Brent Dreher
                          Brent Dreher  10 months back

                          Holy crap, a trailer that didn't spoil the ending. I'm shook.

                          • Sasquads
                            Sasquads  10 months back

                            Isle be watching this movie.

                            • werewolf914
                              werewolf914  10 months back

                              I hated The VVitch one of the most boring and hilarious 'horror' movies I've ever seen though the talking Goat at the end was pretty funny, and The Wicker Man was meh so I'm just going to assume that this movie will be awful if its being compared to those 2 movies, even if in the future it's on Netflix or something if it's anything at all like The VVitch it's not worth the time even if its free.

                              • MrEmmanuel303
                                MrEmmanuel303  9 months back

                                Crossover93 yes, its great but its not for everyone. Its slow, but very atmospheric and effective. In the other hand, I watched this last night and its awful

                              • Crossover93
                                Crossover93  9 months back

                                @MrEmmanuel303 is the witch worth watching? I watched apostle and thought it was pretty good.

                              • MrEmmanuel303
                                MrEmmanuel303  9 months back

                                @Leo Gemini Both Hereditary and The Witch are modern horror masterpiece. Shame people cant appreciate truly good horror nowadays.

                              • Leo Gemini
                                Leo Gemini  10 months back

                                @werewolf914 meh well OK everyone has different taste you know... But I like slow burn horror and I thought it was really good but OK... What are your thoughts on Hereditary tho?

                              • werewolf914
                                werewolf914  10 months back

                                @Leo Gemini actually I don't like Paranormal Activity either, but The Witch can't even be called horror it was an artsy period piece drama that just happened to have Evil Goats because why not guess they saw Drag Me To Hell and were terrified of the Goat in that movie, then you have the Father who you can't even understand because he's gargling on Rocks or something. The only good thing about it was the soundtrack but the movie its self was awful

                            • da_x_ve insta
                              da_x_ve insta  10 months back

                              Nice trailer

                              • Fuck me Ray Bradbury
                                Fuck me Ray Bradbury  10 months back

                                ... they died on the boat, didn’t they?

                              • Some Beach
                                Some Beach  10 months back

                                Its like Fantasy Island the early years.

                                • Billyisaacholloway
                                  Billyisaacholloway  10 months back

                                  BBC CREAMPIE compilation

                                  • Bianca Bloom
                                    Bianca Bloom  10 months back

                                    Vague... I like it.

                                    • Axel
                                      Axel  10 months back


                                      • Rh 10035
                                        Rh 10035  10 months back

                                        Wait the isle is a dinosaur game

                                        • Rh 10035
                                          Rh 10035  10 months back

                                          @Brent Dreher just look up the isle dinosaur game

                                        • Brent Dreher
                                          Brent Dreher  10 months back

                                          No, that's Isla. Different vowel. 😉😊

                                      • Knock Out
                                        Knock Out  10 months back

                                        They keep putting out boring ass movies that are like reading a book.

                                        • ruben garcia
                                          ruben garcia  10 months back

                                          Looks good.

                                          • maybeharmful
                                            maybeharmful  10 months back

                                            Island happy?

                                            • Brenton Ryan
                                              Brenton Ryan  10 months back

                                              Reminds me of “LOST” cross “Poltergeist “

                                              • alejandro olivera beltran
                                                alejandro olivera beltran  10 months back

                                                The witch part two

                                                • Djinnk042
                                                  Djinnk042  10 months back

                                                  reminds me of Shakespeare's The Tempest but horror

                                                  • alf lebt!
                                                    alf lebt!  10 months back


                                                    • Ryan C
                                                      Ryan C  10 months back


                                                      • michael mcdonough
                                                        michael mcdonough  10 months back

                                                        now this looks damn good!!!

                                                        • Crossover93
                                                          Crossover93  9 months back

                                                          @Leo Gemini that was good is this movie like it?

                                                        • Leo Gemini
                                                          Leo Gemini  10 months back

                                                          You've watched Apostle right? If not you should check that out

                                                        • cyrus johnson
                                                          cyrus johnson  10 months back

                                                          Peleng SR2 yes.

                                                      • Om Topita
                                                        Om Topita  10 months back


                                                        • Rapid Trailer
                                                          Rapid Trailer   10 months back

                                                          Here's the trailer for #TheIsle! Enjoy and leave a like!