AXIOS On HBO: Mitt Romney (Season 2 Episode 5 Promo) | HBO


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  • googleislame
    googleislame  3 months back

    Get this weak piece of shit out of here.

    • abumwithmoney
      abumwithmoney  3 months back


      • Jason Horst
        Jason Horst  3 months back

        Romney is a political failure that sits on his hands. A swamp leach promoting his own interests. Go ahead tell us the moron link to the native Americans one more time. That story has more holes than Swiss cheese.

        • David M. Evans
          David M. Evans  3 months back

          I voted for Romney but Romney it turns out is one of those people that "misunderstood" didn't get the joke, doesn't get hyperbole, "oh I thought you meant..." 😡 Trump didn't ask China to investigate... Trump said it in the context of if he were China he'd investigate as in wouldn't China want to know for themselves??? Wouldn't Ukraine want to know if the Biden's were being paid off by a company inside their country 🤔 of course so investigate it duh. But since Rooney didn't interpret it the intended way and demonicrats 😈 intentionally misinterpreted Trump's words/context Romney has caused created a false narrative... 😡 Ya Romney you got it wrong!!

          • petoz2
            petoz2  3 months back

            Republicans are showing their true color they are part of the swamp. Pierre de electo!

        • bill bixby
          bill bixby  3 months back

          TRUMP/PENCE 2020 BITCH!

          • Ana Maria
            Ana Maria  3 months back

            I had a lot of sympathy for Mitt Romney. Not anymore!!!

            • Warren Sanders
              Warren Sanders  3 months back

              So Yangs no tie trends is catching on.

              • Anthony S2K04
                Anthony S2K04  3 months back

                All you piece of shit weak ass soy boy snowflake so called American pussies. How pathetic are you folks to support this piece of shit human being who represent the weakest link in American politics south of Jimmy Carter and Kiss Ass Obama. Your hatred had already destroyed many like yourself. Those Democrats with half a brain have already woken up to the bullshit of the Democratic and corrupt politicians including most Democrats and Republicans.
                Why America elected a non politician to expose the filth.

                Trump believes American values, traditions, and heritage allowed his father, himself, and his children to succeed. Trump is sowing the future America for his and my grandchildren. We have hope in Trump America. 2020 / Ivanka or Laura Trump 2024. Thank you America.

                • Wolf4077
                  Wolf4077  3 months back

                  HBO-orange man bad, very bad bad bad bad

                  • bill bixby
                    bill bixby  3 months back

                    @Wolf4077 Keep telling yourself that.

                  • Wolf4077
                    Wolf4077  3 months back

                    this is what HBO wants

                  • Wolf4077
                    Wolf4077  3 months back

                    orange man bad indeed

                  • Wolf4077
                    Wolf4077  3 months back

                    impeach orange man

                • junior777
                  junior777  3 months back

                  Investigating Trump endlessly for things he didn't do in Russia by Obama and his CIA and FBI is okay with this idiot, but asking China to tell the American people about Uncle Joe's totally corrupt son and the selling of a vice presidency to China and Ukraine is a no no. The Unbelievable hypocrisy can only be justified in the most twisted and insane Minds of the left. This mittens rino has just proved he is devoid of Common Sense, credibility, loyalty, and hopefully will lose his seat and fade away ASAP

                  • CabbyMcinnes
                    CabbyMcinnes  3 months back

                    Fuck Mitt Romney

                    • LIBERTY MURF
                      LIBERTY MURF  3 months back

                      Mitt, your father would be disappointed in you sir, for he truly was a great man! I wonder if thou protests much against President Trump because thou were also on The Board of Directors of Burisma in Ukraine! Of course Burisma is an Energy Company registered out of Cypress, & a hub for Arms Dealings, etc... Support your President Sir, your behavior is beneath you & tiresome...