How To Make Fried Ice Cream


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  • Nicholas C.
    Nicholas C.  2 weeks back


    • melisa 143
      melisa 143  1 months back

      Have made now and love... It's oh so good... Thank you for sharing this with me

      • Skull Zone
        Skull Zone  2 months back

        I love this guy’s shirt

        • amanda
          amanda  4 months back

          dont know why this is in my recommended but it looks BOMB as heck

          • amanda
            amanda  4 months back

            @Tami Dunn love your vids!!

          • Tami Dunn
            Tami Dunn   4 months back

            Thank you!

        • Marv
          Marv  5 months back

          All other I've seen are garbage, this is how I like it, Thank you!

          • EZE 15
            EZE 15  5 months back

            Round of aplause for this guy

          • شموخ رجل
            شموخ رجل  5 months back

            Good channel 🌸🌸

            • Dami Oyesanya
              Dami Oyesanya  6 months back

              Imagine frosted flakes instead of corn flakes

              • Quaina Price
                Quaina Price  6 months back

                What state are you in

                • Quaina Price
                  Quaina Price  6 months back

                  @Tami Dunn i made your fried ice cream it was yummy

                • Tami Dunn
                  Tami Dunn   6 months back


              • Caroline Gray
                Caroline Gray  6 months back

                In scotland they have deep fried mars bars

                • Tami Dunn
                  Tami Dunn   6 months back

                  We looked for one to try while we were there, but never found a place that made them unfortunately. I bet they are great.

              • Caroline Gray
                Caroline Gray  6 months back

                A nice treat

                • Caroline Gray
                  Caroline Gray  6 months back

                  Fried ice cream I haven’t tried that before

                  • Jamie Montgomery
                    Jamie Montgomery  7 months back

                    Hello guys from Frankfort KY. What a wonderful memory and a fave of mine from Chi Chi's!! Hands down the best food. Thanks for sharing this Tami and Kevin. Now remake their classic enchiladas and burritos and I'll be in heaven lol

                    • Rebecca Kelly
                      Rebecca Kelly  7 months back

                      this does not intact work for us because the ice cream just melted

                      • Tami Dunn
                        Tami Dunn   7 months back

                        You dip it very quickly.

                    • Dual Shock
                      Dual Shock  8 months back

                      Minecraft shirt what a god

                      • Tyler Joseph Smith
                        Tyler Joseph Smith  9 months back


                        What place is that?

                        • Old Fashion Mommy
                          Old Fashion Mommy  10 months back

                          Ohhhhh yes. My 16 year olds just haveing a fit for some fried ice cream. I thought i could never figure that. But now this i really think i could do. I'm makeing this a goal to surprise her. Great idea on the corn flakes. Who would of thought you could throw a lil healthy kick into fried ice cream. Love ittttt. Great job. This litterally looks like what we ate at Mcasittas restaurant. Which got my daughter started on it. Thanks guys.

                          • starbucksbooklover
                            starbucksbooklover  11 months back

                            This looks awesome , I am so trying this!!

                            • palehogrider
                              palehogrider  11 months back


                              • ben marshall
                                ben marshall  11 months back

                                Thanks man it looks good, I found that last bit about the tortilla very interesting can't wait to try it!

                                • Old Fashion Mommy
                                  Old Fashion Mommy  10 months back

                                  We ate at Micassitas restaurant a few weeks ago. Mexican food. Their fried ice cream is just like his served on a tortilla. Honeyyyyy you talking about something good. You got to try it. Melts in your melt.

                              • Tee Spring
                                Tee Spring  11 months back

                                The man explained and did all the work the lady come in yelling reminding everyone what it was and taking all the credit 🤣🤣🤣

                                • Raptor Rachel
                                  Raptor Rachel  12 months back

                                  Looks delicious!

                                  • Chrissy thornton
                                    Chrissy thornton  1 years back

                                    that looks so good

                                    • Laura Nolastnamegiven
                                      Laura Nolastnamegiven  1 years back

                                      I don't like corn flakes, would, maybe, crushed Rice Krispies work as well? if you can't really taste the corn flakes, if it's just a crispy coating, then never mind :)

                                      • lil boost
                                        lil boost  1 years back

                                        Step 1. Become a wizard

                                        • Reese& Dia
                                          Reese& Dia  1 years back

                                          I never had fried ice cream before so that seems like something I gotta try 😍😍😍

                                          • Coulette
                                            Coulette  1 years back

                                            Great video!!! was easy to follow. When she said how long to leave the tortillas in.. and he said “iono”... I felt that s*#t lmao. Loved this video. Thanks

                                            • Chris Carroll
                                              Chris Carroll  1 years back

                                              look like fun

                                              • Sandra Mullikiin
                                                Sandra Mullikiin  1 years back

                                                Looks good! Thank you for sharing it!

                                                • private private
                                                  private private  1 years back

                                                  Thankyou! The first time I had fried ice cream was at Casa Gallardo when I was like 15yrs old. It BLEW my MIND!. Second time I was 35, it was at a mom&pop restaurant. But they just took vanilla icecream and put it on a a bed of cornflakes and put melted caramel on everything....I was sorely disappointed. I thought maybe the CasaGallardo I cream I had was a fluke...Well, I'm gonna make this. I have ALWAYS wanted to reexperience that CasaGallardo ice cream. It was like a flaky-thin-doughy crust w/ honey and caramel and carmelized apples and whipped cream, it was MAD crazy delicious. the crust was kind of like an OLD SCHOOL McDonalds Apple Turn over - I think Hardees , KFC, and LEES chicken also have these apple turnovers now, the ones w/ the crispy flaky yummy crust...I guess I could just get some of those hot pies,break 'em up around a place and while they're still warm, put a scoop of vanilla icecream on top and drizzle w/ honey and caramel sauce come to think of it..LOL...hmmmmm, guess I just came up w/ my weekend desert

                                                  • joseph arias
                                                    joseph arias  1 years back

                                                    Oldest suger ever LOL

                                                    • KCunlimitedEATS
                                                      KCunlimitedEATS  1 years back

                                                      Got a value pack bag of frito lay snacks back there behind you. You remember chi-chi's. I am that old too.

                                                      • candice lorenzo
                                                        candice lorenzo  1 years back

                                                        Ew honey lol hope I can try this one day... minus honey! 😂

                                                        • Gloria James
                                                          Gloria James  2 years back

                                                          Oh wow I gotta try that yummy

                                                          • dick channel
                                                            dick channel  2 years back

                                                            Minecraft fan huh

                                                            • Mike The Martian
                                                              Mike The Martian  2 years back

                                                              *stop killing corn* to make *corn flakes*

                                                            • Adonis Downey
                                                              Adonis Downey  2 years back

                                                              try rolling the Heath bar kind, in candied corn or movie theater butter popcorn after battering prior to frying it.

                                                            • Yeet The Skeet
                                                              Yeet The Skeet  2 years back

                                                              Looks tasty! Nice job

                                                            • Adaora Nweafuna
                                                              Adaora Nweafuna  2 years back

                                                              Now I want sone

                                                            • emm woonamy
                                                              emm woonamy  2 years back

                                                              Minecraft shirt i love it XD

                                                            • Dean Le
                                                              Dean Le  2 years back

                                                              It would be good if you added whipped cream and a cherry.

                                                            • Walk_Wit _Wolves
                                                              Walk_Wit _Wolves  2 years back

                                                              What kind of grown man wears a Minecraft shirt

                                                              • Pillsbury Doughboy Channel
                                                                Pillsbury Doughboy Channel  1 months back

                                                                Walk_Wit _Wolves don’t be a jerk these people are amazing

                                                              • Tami Dunn
                                                                Tami Dunn   2 years back

                                                                A man who feels like he is never too old to have a good time and be happy! :)

                                                            • sunnylilme
                                                              sunnylilme  2 years back

                                                              Hey, I read the health nut comments. I for one REALLY appreciate you posting this. I have 4 boys, we're going to make this together this weekend. I hope they're half as happy as your crew was!🤗💞

                                                              • Tami Dunn
                                                                Tami Dunn   2 years back

                                                                I'm sure they will be! This is SO delicious!

                                                            • sunnylilme
                                                              sunnylilme  2 years back

                                                              I'm in Hawaii, no Mexican restaurants.. Craving this! Plus, a man who cooks, are you kidding me? Can you talk to my couch dwelling hubby?? Does chichis still exist?

                                                              • Jon Riv
                                                                Jon Riv  2 years back

                                                                What if we used cinnamon toast crunch cereal instead. Might be able to cut out a whole step 🤔

                                                                • Jon Riv
                                                                  Jon Riv  2 years back

                                                                  Tami Dunn - Thanks! i gotta say im suprised you took the time to write me. This vid is over a million views, so im genuinely flattered for the response.

                                                                • Tami Dunn
                                                                  Tami Dunn   2 years back

                                                                  That's a smart idea!

                                                              • Dayana Vega
                                                                Dayana Vega  2 years back

                                                                I always wanted to make fried ice cream thank you 🙏 you saved my life I got all the ingredients 😽😽😽

                                                              • Pang Peter
                                                                Pang Peter  2 years back


                                                              • The Last Styleblender
                                                                The Last Styleblender  2 years back

                                                                ice cream too soft bro more firm be better