The Fever Dream Clue that Jaime Lannister is Destined to Save Jon Snow in Game of Thrones Season 8


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  • Ray Deleon
    Ray Deleon  4 weeks back

    I’m still reading the books. Just finished the third., ‘A Storm of Swords’.
    You’re a great narrator for GRRM’s books & hope you keep speculating for what’s to come. Books are better than show

    • bridge4
      bridge4   3 weeks back

      I'm a show lover but the books are definitely better in many ways. Train of thought is huge for this series. And the additional subplots and characters are awesome. Plus it's fun looking for all the wordplay easter eggs. Like bran hitting his head on the doorway cause hodor would forget bran was on his back. Then the final words of the chapter are: "'Hodor,' he said sadly. "'Hodor,' bran agreed. Wondering what it meant."

  • madadh the wolf hound
    madadh the wolf hound  2 months back

    Joffs such a cunt even to his own father. If he wasn't a coward he could have rivaled the crows eye who seems to be as evil as a person can be combined with fearlessness and brains

    • Olaf Widuliński
      Olaf Widuliński  3 months back

      Lol what would Oberyn's thoughts be on Jon Snow, I believe he'd, not hate him, but despise him, because he was the child born of Rhaegar's betrayl (writing?) of Elia for Lyanna Stark

      • bridge4
        bridge4   3 months back

        Interesting topic tho... I dunno. I wouldn't want to make him mad tho, thsts for sure lol

      • bridge4
        bridge4   3 months back

        Its debatable. Oberyn loved his sister, Oberyn and dornish in general are pretty sexually open. He may understand rhaegar and lyanna doing their thing

    • Elizabeth Zertuche
      Elizabeth Zertuche  5 months back

      Wait a minute could the night king been the prince that was promised

      • TheRex
        TheRex  5 months back

        Sadly nothing of this happened..

        • 1oTon Hammer
          1oTon Hammer  6 months back

          His entire 3rd act was in this one fever dream 🤔

          • IWant2Live OnMyFeet
            IWant2Live OnMyFeet  6 months back

            Don't forget one thing: Joffrey named his sword, the sword Jaime carries, 'Widow's wail'. Cersei is a widow...

            • Pan Pluto
              Pan Pluto  6 months back

              Is there a bear down there?
              Not from the harrenhal bear but rather a Mormont.

              • Avantika Reddy
                Avantika Reddy  6 months back

                Calling it. Jamie will die protecting Jon Snow aka Aegon Targaryen.

                • Barrack O’Bezzy
                  Barrack O’Bezzy  7 months back

                  I am so ready for the kingslayer to die

                  • Katherine Neugebauer
                    Katherine Neugebauer  7 months back

                    Jaime and Sandor are the 2 Best character arcs ever. Change my mind.

                    • outherefilms
                      outherefilms  8 months back

                      That's one thing that has upset me and leaves me with hope that they come in season 8 or future books - the kraken.

                      • Douglas Greene
                        Douglas Greene  9 months back

                        We shall see.

                        • Sleekoduck
                          Sleekoduck  11 months back

                          Do you think Jaime will ride Viserion in the book?

                          • bridge4
                            bridge4   11 months back

                            As opposed to the NK?

                        • Edwin Black
                          Edwin Black  11 months back

                          Man the show ain't reveal nothing compared to the books. How could this not be in the show?? Will the overall outcome be that different?

                          • bridge4
                            bridge4   11 months back

                            They removed all dreams except brand wolf dreams and danys house of the undying vision

                            In the books, almost everyone has dreams of some sort

                        • jo collantes
                          jo collantes  12 months back

                          I just had to watch your take on this dream after seeing pt2 of your "Who wins?" series w/ LMR the other day. Interesting theory about it. When I read that cryptic dream, it seemed like the weirwood tried it's best to influence Jaime. There's this convo between Jaime & Steelshanks earlier in the chapter that's relevant to interpreting it I believe. It goes.."Shouldn’t you northmen have a different sort of peace banner?” he asked Walton. “What are the Seven to you?”“Southron gods,” the man said, “but it’s a southron peace we need, to get you safe to your father.” - here Walton simply meant that to deliver a message effectively to achieve a purpose, the best strategy is to identify your audience and 'speak their language'.

                          I think Walton's reasoning should be considered, since we have here the weirwood (of the Old gods) trying to communicate w/ Jaime.. a westerner, believer of The Seven. The dream made use of Jaime's vulnerabilities to influence his next choices and steer him in a certain path and actually, was successful.. Jaime turning back and saving Brienne from the Bloody Mummers was the immediate result. At the end of this chapter when Brienne asked why he saved her, Jaime answered its because he dreamed of her. I believe the part about the Kingsguards was tailored to use Jaime's guilt to make him honor the oaths he'd made.. it worked also because later in the story, once he returned to KL and his duties.. we saw how he consciously upheld his oath vs. Tywin's wishes and Cersei's tempting.

                          There were some foreshadowings mixed in, but the most curious was about the swords. It showed us Jaime was about to receive a special blade.. based on what happened later, it was one of the swords forged from Ice (interesting how the dream portrayed it to be aflame). Remember a part showed Brienne asking for a sword, it appeared out of nowhere (it wasn't from Jaime).. and by the end it was solely her sword that protected them from the darkness. It clearly wasn't foreshadowing Jaime would give Brienne the sword.. it was a suggestion that Brienne should have the sword because he would need her. At one time, the two of them had identical blades (burning w/ silvery blue light).. this to me foreshadowed what had happened in the show already.. Jaime & Brienne will weild the swords made from Ice. However the dream implied at some point Jaime will somehow lose his blade (Widow's wail).

                           “The flames will burn so long as you live. When they die, so must you."  in Cersei's voice as Brienne poised to protect Jaime (to fulfill a vow).. this sounded more like a warning than a foreshadowing.  It essentially reiterated that Jaime's path will test his resolve to live by his oaths...remember the latest one he gave was to Catelyn (Brienne did too), it concerns him vowing never to take arms against the Starks & Tullys (he did his best to avoid attacking Riverrun w/c at that time was under the command of Blackfish if you recall, he honored his vow to Cat then). He also promised to compel Tyrion to safely return Arya & Sansa.. ultimately, I think this particular oath is the subject of that dream-Cersei warning because the two blades from Ice metaphorically represents the Stark sisters. It could be foreshadowing Jaime's important role in the sister's survival or safety (we saw how his cooperation w/ Brienne saved Sansa) but it doesn't necessarily mean he will loose his life in the end.. his survival still depends if he'll manage to honor the vows he'd made. The 'death', dream-Cersei warned him of, doesn't even have to be a literal dying. . It can be like the 'death' he experienced when he lost his sword hand.

                          • max mustermann
                            max mustermann  1 years back

                            you know nothing. the swords glow blue bc there are orcs nearby, obviously...

                            • kuronekouhai
                              kuronekouhai  7 months back

                              Im sad that not much notice your reference.hahah

                            • bridge4
                              bridge4   1 years back

                              You watched 20!?!? Thats soooo helpful in supprtng this channel.

                              Thank you soooo much!! For real. Thank you! :))

                            • max mustermann
                              max mustermann  1 years back

                              ty sir you too. i ve only watched 20 out of 150 vids so this might be to early to praise it, but i like them a lot, especially the way you present the theories and evidences (especially when quoting and/or reading out of the books)

                            • bridge4
                              bridge4   1 years back

                              Lol. Well played

                          • Ivar Gannicuššøn
                            Ivar Gannicuššøn  1 years back

                            Me gusta eñ pito

                            • Awesome Sause
                              Awesome Sause  1 years back

                              Ohhhh noooo! Jamie is going to have to kill her... :(

                            • msleianyc1
                              msleianyc1  1 years back

                              Ima go on the record and say 09/14/2018 Jaime gonna die trying to save brienne from cersi and brienne will kill cersi

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   1 years back

                                It never says younger more beautiful queen. It's actually just YMB without the queen part (which fans attach to it because if the prior sentence in the prophecy)

                              • msleianyc1
                                msleianyc1  1 years back

                                @Rory Johnston , she's a younger sister to galladon tarth. Lol i mean i gotta stick to my story, i already posted it! And the beauty can still be Dany. Did the prophesy say the valonquar and the younger more beautiful queen was the same person?

                              • Rory Johnston
                                Rory Johnston  1 years back

                                msleianyc1 could be, but that would stray away from the valonquar prophecy, how is brienne the "little brother"? at this point everything else the woods witch told cersei has come true, now the part about the "younger, more beautiful queen will come and take everything you hold dear" could be a play on brienne the beauty, her mocking nickname, but she's never referred to as a queen, I guess we shall see

                            • courtney marie
                              courtney marie  1 years back

                              Watching this resurfaced a question I've had regarding the wights. Now that the white walkers are in Westeros, do you think will we see some familiar faces among the wights? Could the bodies of Joffrey or Tommen or possibly anyone within the crypts of Winterfell be reanimated, since they have not been burned? Also, this could be a way to incorporate Lady Stoneheart into the show.

                              • callisto
                                callisto  8 months back

                                Oh no! I hadn't thought of that.

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   10 months back


                              • kelammo
                                kelammo  10 months back

                                I'm pretty sure we will see Hodor. But I don't like it!

                              • bridge4
                                bridge4   1 years back

                                hodor and summer :(

                            • Jojo Is a bad person
                              Jojo Is a bad person  1 years back

                              With him going blue, red then black could be him hinting at his son being Jon snow red (him) plus blue (Leighanne) equally black and that could be Jon since he is wearing black at the wall and his hair is black

                              • Al
                                Al  1 years back

                                3:35 extra *fire*power ayyy, I see what you did there ;)

                                • Ares Gaming
                                  Ares Gaming  1 years back

                                  “You sword to keep him safe”

                                  I noticed that...

                                  • Geno Porreca
                                    Geno Porreca  1 years back

                                    Great job. Fuckin Krakens Eurons secret weapons!!!! That is genius!!!! Dragons torching the ships from the sky, Krakens smashing them from underneath underneath!!!!

                                    • Thoughtfull Dane
                                      Thoughtfull Dane  1 years back

                                      Jon will drop the sword fighting the night king, jaime will try to help but get disarmed and thrown back, but before the night king can kill him, he pulls ice up from the from the fire from the undead dragon and he is azor ahai, Goldenhand the Just. that is my prediction.

                                      • Emily York
                                        Emily York  2 years back

                                        Bridge 4, great vid. I hadn't thought of this, but it makes sense! Could you do a video on if John and Dany are really twins? The more I look into it, I think they may be!

                                        • Black Cat Rapture
                                          Black Cat Rapture  2 years back

                                          3:38 You mean WATER POWER...

                                          im so lonely

                                          • Blackpearlmatt
                                            Blackpearlmatt  2 years back

                                            It’s a great theory, however, I would rather infer that they were the actual ghosts of the kings guard. Ser Arthur Dayne pulled Jaime aside when he was first inducted into the kings guard and told him “it is our place to protect the king, not judge him” or something like that, and so what Jaime did was technically judging the king

                                            • Blackpearlmatt
                                              Blackpearlmatt  2 years back

                                              Lukas /DE my mistake, thank you for the correction although the point still stands, as Barristan is know to have had the same views as Hightower

                                            • Finn -
                                              Finn -  2 years back

                                              Blackpearlmatt Hightower pulled him aside

                                          • Hadies !
                                            Hadies !  2 years back

                                            12 people the 12 companions

                                            • funtazia
                                              funtazia  2 years back

                                              Jamies the bollocks

                                              • Marcus Drake
                                                Marcus Drake  2 years back

                                                Symbolically speaking, Jaime saving Jon Snow's life could allow him to make peace with the fact he failed to protect Rhaegar's other children. Jaime more than likely will head North (or South to kill Cersei in Kings Landing) if he survives his encounter with Lady Stoneheart, because everyone believes Jeyne Poole is Arya Stark and Jaime will attempt to rescue her to honor his promise he made to Catelyn Stark and to save Brienne's life. How he learns to truth about Jon being Rhaegar's son is anyone's guess but, plot-wise it makes little sense for Jamie to head North only to fail- then again this is GRRM so we can't be sure of anything. If R+L=J turns out not to be true in the books, perhaps Jaime will then go serve the man whom he believes is the son of Rhaegar- Young Griff. This could all lead to Jaime's quest for redemption to fail or to be a hollow one, because if he goes to help Young Griff, it would be part of a bittersweet ending that we are teased about for Jaime to find out too late that, what he hoped would finally redeem his honor, turned out to damn him again as traitor doing what he thought was right.

                                                • Draven Flores-Rios
                                                  Draven Flores-Rios  2 years back

                                                  If Arthur Dayne and the others return as white walkers, everyone can kiss their asses goodbye.

                                                  • outherefilms
                                                    outherefilms  8 months back

                                                    Headless Ned will just stab him in the back again.

                                                  • Rory Johnston
                                                    Rory Johnston  1 years back

                                                    "We looked for you at hardhome."

                                                    AD:"We were not there."
                                                    "Woe to all the living if we had been."

                                                  • bridge4
                                                    bridge4   2 years back


                                                • Watcher on the Wall
                                                  Watcher on the Wall  2 years back

                                                  In the books R+L doesn't equal J, it equals A for Aegon, N+A = J, as in Ned and Ashara Dayne.

                                                  • Praveen Loganathan
                                                    Praveen Loganathan  2 years back

                                                    i think the twelve with spears are the members of house casterly and others are of lannisters. i think jaime and tyrion's redemption begins when their casterly blood awakes. also i believe that the child rhaegar asked to protect is none other than jon and i believe this is how jaime must die protecting his oath

                                                    • sean mayorý6687
                                                      sean mayorý6687  2 years back

                                                      I love this dream. But it always reminds me that ice was reforged. One of the most frustrating issues I have is that people reference the name Widow's Wail as a connect to Nissa Nissa. It will be reforged again and kill practically every female character to bring to bring forth lightbringer and unveil a hero.

                                                      Why do I hate this so much? People are stupid and can't grasp the implications of the name. For a widow to wail her husband has to die, to make her a widow. If Jamie kills his sister she isn't a widow, she's the one that dies making Jamie a widower. What this means is, for Nissa Nissa to be a widow, Azor Ahai has to be dead. The closest possible way this could work is if he was just a Smith. If he called Nissa Nissa, plunged the sword through his own heart and she grabbed the flaming sword and pulled out lightbringer and "wailed" crying out so loudly it cracked the moon. And then she became the Lord of Light or the last hero. If the sword is the reference people think it is, Cersei is the Lord of Light and Jamie nobly kills himself. Nissa Nissa is the hero. Try waving that bit of sacred astronomy in lucifer's face, LMAO.

                                                      Speaking of which (pun alluding to my questio), how can Robert Strong be a member of the Kingsguard? There is an oath involved. The wife of the king that created it modeled it after the night watch oath. So who witnessed this oath? He can't speak, how can he take an oath? Am I to believe the high sparrow collaborated with them and lied about hearing the oath spoken? Huge plot hole. Lmao. I love GRRM, but I think even he may have slipped up on this one, or everyone at court fell asleep and let it slip past them unnoticed.

                                                      I'd like to take the moment to make a couple observations. Tobo Mott had a big sapphire and black and white carving. This blows whistles, waves flags, and does jumping jacks. Bloodraven's favourite hangout, was actually the street the Smith works on, interesting. The younger brother of Raymund Redbeard was named Red Raven (that's not a name that sounds like a missing lord commander of night's watch, right?). After second actual battle I think it was against the blackfires, blackfire went missing and never turned up again. Some say Bittersteel, some Bloodraven. If it was Bloodraven, then he suddenly possessed both Blackfire and Dark Sister. Did Mott reforged Ice, or did he hide Ice and swap it out for the Targ swords with new Hilts? It would be a lot easier if he had access and who would question a Qohoric Smith? I have had a private theory about a certain female warrior and her true family lineage for a long time. Let's just say she shares a birthday with a supposedly dead princess and potentially carries Blackfire. I have a feeling Jon has an older sister. Everyone points out the straw hat Aegon wears, and his friend is Duck (Dunk). But I've never seen anyone recognize that the maid they believe is the daughter of Dunk is traveling all over westeros with a young child as a squire. An arthroPOD can lay an egg (I almost misspelled that as ARTHURpod, isn't that weird?), like say a caterpillar might turn into a butterfly. It's that a funny word, arthropod. Reminds me of Androgen (male hormone). It's funny because Varys as goaler calls himself Rugen, kinda like the male part removed (and)Rugen. This is by far one of my favourite Latin jokes in the book.

                                                      Things to ponder

                                                      • Matt Desrosiers
                                                        Matt Desrosiers  2 years back

                                                        that will b awesome having jamie protecting jon

                                                        • Dylan Mathew
                                                          Dylan Mathew  2 years back

                                                          Best character, by far.

                                                          • bridge4
                                                            bridge4   2 years back

                                                            +Deeclassify LS-RP davos. Then jaime. :-P

                                                        • Alex Black
                                                          Alex Black  2 years back

                                                          Joffrey... forgot what a constant jerk he was lol. What a great character. And the actor did an excellent job, super underrated.

                                                          • Marcus Drake
                                                            Marcus Drake  2 years back

                                                            Jack Gleeson is a good actor though last I heard he retired from the profession after wrapping up GOT's.

                                                          • bridge4
                                                            bridge4   2 years back

                                                            i didnt appreciate the actor until years after he "died." i think its because i hated him so much

                                                            but eventually, i realized.... whoa....that means he did his job very well. the kid was good!

                                                        • Tristan Toole
                                                          Tristan Toole  2 years back

                                                          "Armored all in Snow"? Okay, maybe they're Kingsguard, maybe they're wights/whitewalkers.

                                                          ...or maybe they're bastards of the North, in piecemeal armor taking revenge on a noble family.

                                                          • Tristan Toole
                                                            Tristan Toole  2 years back


                                                   Jaime a Greenseer?

                                                            • Egie Asemota
                                                              Egie Asemota  2 years back

                                                              Sir, I am only subscribed to A FEW ASOIAF video makers, and you have joined that rank. You actually analyze the hidden messages, focus on the human aspects and multifaceted characterization, and actually make sensible deductions of the dreams. Seriously damn good stuff!

                                                              • bridge4
                                                                bridge4   2 years back

                                                                thanks!! look forward to chatting with ya =)

                                                            • Fabian D. Smith
                                                              Fabian D. Smith  2 years back

                                                              Havent you seen that Aeron chapter... i'll be shocked if Euron doesn't have a Kraken

                                                              • bridge4
                                                                bridge4   2 years back

                                                                im a high fantasy nerd, so i dig it. i HOPE you're right. i was hoping for one in season 7 when we got the pre season trailers of that ship battle

                                                                was a cool nod to victarions ship battle, but it wouldve been gnarly if a huge craken was seen ripping down ships in the background or something

                                                              • Fabian D. Smith
                                                                Fabian D. Smith  2 years back

                                                                bridge4 yeah lol It didnt say he had one (I think) but there's so much badassery crammed into that chapter, I just can't be surprised anymore. Euron's a creep. But he's a pretty resourceful guy...

                                                              • bridge4
                                                                bridge4   2 years back

                                                                the forsaken? i need to reread it. i dont know if ive read all the WoW chapters tbh. i started back in the day but i got sad that the book hadnt already been finished and X'd out like a pansy lol

                                                            • Albert Guerrero
                                                              Albert Guerrero  2 years back

                                                              Im COMPLETELY lost...cant someone summarize it for me???

                                                              • bridge4
                                                                bridge4   2 years back

                                                                theres also foreshaadowing in there related to brienne, and his sword's fire going out

                                                              • bridge4
                                                                bridge4   2 years back

                                                                alot of potential theorizing, but the main takeaway (especially for the show), is that Jaime seems to regret not being able to protect rhaegars two children (oberyn's niece and nephew - the kids the mountain killed when tywin betrayed the mad king). so the main theory is that once jaime finds out that rhaegar had another son, jon, he will be able to regain his honor by fighting for, protecting, and maybe dying for him

                                                            • Anjelica Parana
                                                              Anjelica Parana  2 years back

                                                              In the dream, Cersei said that he dies when the fire dies out. However, she didn't specify of it was the fire only on his sword or on both his and Brienne's. It could mean that both flame symbolizes his life- the one on his sword his old life, the one on hers is his new one. The flame on his sword eventually dies but the flame on Brienne's is left alive before he wakes up. Could it mean that he died, rather, his old life of being a shitbag has passed and he has one life left to live which is actually on Brienne's sword? He wakes up and asks to go back for Brienne, meaning he's still alive and living that second life with honor, little by little redeeming himself? I'm a non-native English speaker so I hope y'all getting my drift.

                                                              • Ainiewainy
                                                                Ainiewainy  2 years back

                                                                Saphire Lion Cubs ❤️

                                                                • bridge4
                                                                  bridge4   2 years back

                                                                  +Ainiewainy :) season 8!

                                                              • nKosi Ama Kosi
                                                                nKosi Ama Kosi  2 years back

                                                                (In my best Westerosi accent) Damn it Ser! You have amazed one who is not easily amazed! Your analytical prowess does honor to the chronicles entitled A Song of Ice and Fire! Verily, we have a new champion of theories! Well done Ser, well done! 😃😄😁👍🏾

                                                                • bridge4
                                                                  bridge4   2 years back

                                                                  +Dub Dueces lol don't give me credit. This is all ser grrm! :)

                                                              • Fukou da
                                                                Fukou da  2 years back

                                                                I always found the whole king's guard wearing "snow" to be an interesting choice of words. We all know that technicalities state that Jon is the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. The fact that Rhaegar appears with his King's Guard clad in Snow, lamenting for the lost children before the White Walkers...

                                                                I just feel like this can be taken in so many ways, but I feel like it should actually be taken in more than one way. I think Jon Snow will be king; the Night's King. I think his King's Guard will be "clad in snow"; also defending Snow. I think at the same time Jon Snow is in fact the Prince that was Promised, and above all, I think Jaime will be his Lord Commander.

                                                                Or at least, I think the possibility for all that is there; or at least some parts. It's neat to think about. I think it's just as possible they all die lmao

                                                                • HelloItsMaxie
                                                                  HelloItsMaxie  6 months back

                                                                  um its not confirmed that jon is a targaryen in the books. in fact there is a lot of support that hes not since he has no resemblance and targaryens have dominate genes.

                                                                • bridge4
                                                                  bridge4   2 years back

                                                                  +Fukou da oh wow. So jaime becomes a ww?