FDNY: At Least 1 Killed In Helicopter Crash On Roof Of Midtown NYC High-Rise | MSNBC


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  • NeoKenni Me
    NeoKenni Me  5 months back

    Glad it isn't terrorist attack

    • Dizzy Duke
      Dizzy Duke  5 months back

      And I thought helicopters were safer than 747s. My dad and I literally just had a conversation about this. Thing is, I trust heli engines, over turbine parts.

      • peace4 J
        peace4 J  5 months back

        Oh terrorists again. Trump is always right. Thk u trump.

        • JackPoet
          JackPoet  5 months back

          I was less then one block away from that PanAm building in 1977 where parts of the chopper felled on the street and killed one person in the streets I guess back then...
          and btw 9/11 was a Staged Event (from the global criminal Perverts That Be) to start the War of Terror against all the people and reduce population...

          • JackPoet
            JackPoet  5 months back

            @DavieMac48 you mean that fake moonlandings... :)

          • DavieMac48
            DavieMac48  5 months back

            JackPoet and the moon is made of green cheese😉

        • skipstalforce
          skipstalforce  5 months back

          Closed Airspace around TT had nothing to do with it, it took off from 34th street and crashed at 7th, both points well south of Trump tower and headed away from it,

          • TheDesert IsPatient
            TheDesert IsPatient  5 months back

            I heard it was actually an alien craft and this is a cover story. They didn’t have any ballon fragments so they dump some helicopters parts. Word has it the parts are actually from various military debris so we’ll see if the helicopter crash story holds. Notice we’re not being shown the actual crash site up on the roof.

            • Max O.
              Max O.  5 months back

              Why not on trump tower? RIP to the innocent, God Bless NY, God Bless USA without trump& his minions.

              • MediaMatters IsMyCockHolster

                What did the pilot know about Hillary? and when did he know it? and was he going to squeal? :)

                • Slick Rock
                  Slick Rock  5 months back

                  Like OMG! Was it the Russians!

                  • arjaygee
                    arjaygee  5 months back

                    No, the sky is falling.

                • Pat Maillé
                  Pat Maillé  5 months back

                  Crash time 13:43
                  1+3+4+3 =11 !!!!!!🙁

                  • J Barnhart
                    J Barnhart  5 months back

                    After the crash at the Pan-Am building, tRumps commuter helicopter business went...bankrupt.
                    Small world.

                    • Joe Killip
                      Joe Killip  5 months back

                      History repeats itself and Demacrats do nothing about are borders

                      • arjaygee
                        arjaygee  5 months back

                        Democrats have refused to address the border until you address your remedial spelling needs. It's all up to you, spanky.

                      • Seine O'More
                        Seine O'More  5 months back

                        Stay off the koolaid

                      • José Hunter's EW&F Remixes
                    • David Ellis
                      David Ellis  5 months back

                      One element of transport I dislike is 🚁. Seem like an accident waiting to happen.

                      • Tony Touch
                        Tony Touch  5 months back

                        Why dear god the Helicopter did not fall on Trumptower and eliminated the whole NaziTrumpfamily...I keep on prayin🙏

                        • peace4 J
                          peace4 J  5 months back

                          Easy cos lord jesus trump is the our god

                      • She's my President
                        She's my President  5 months back

                        There is a big difference between a 747 and a helicopter (unless the helicopter had viles of a biological substance with origins unknown and this substance is now airborne and spewing down upon the new Yorkers only for them to DIE in their sleep and then awaken with worms on their faces and go into a homicidal rage on the Uninfected!! << MSNBCannibals' goal #SpreadingTheDisease

                        • DavieMac48
                          DavieMac48  5 months back

                          She's my President so what does to sotify mean?, exactly?😜

                        • DavieMac48
                          DavieMac48  5 months back

                          She's my President on no, vile stuff in PHIALS!😱

                        • She's my President
                          She's my President  5 months back

                          @arjaygee Im high on THE TRUTH!

                        • arjaygee
                          arjaygee  5 months back

                          Which of your prescribed meds are you no longer taking, again?

                        • She's my President
                          She's my President  5 months back

                          @Seine O'More When you see a maggot faced zombie trying to bust thru your window dont say I didnt warn ya

                      • catalinacurio
                        catalinacurio  5 months back

                        So sad someone died! Condolences to those who have lost a loved one and Kudos to the New York emergency services, again running towards danger. True heroes.

                        • ColtsFan4Life 35
                          ColtsFan4Life 35  5 months back

                          This is horrible.😔

                        • Old Boat Guy
                          Old Boat Guy  5 months back

                          got my fingers crossed that it hit msnbc.