What to know about the so-called 'tampon tax' | GMA Digital


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  • TechGeek
    TechGeek  3 weeks back

    Taxation is theft.

    • Nicole Lyons
      Nicole Lyons  4 weeks back

      Yang's next Presidential advisor!

      • Leah X
        Leah X  4 weeks back

        Lmfao rogaine isn’t taxed but this is... Disgusting.

        • UrFavorite Handmaiden
          UrFavorite Handmaiden  4 weeks back

          This is common sense. Menstrual supplies should not be taxed. And they should be considered medical supplies and covered under any government program.
          They should be freely given out at schools, shelters, and Planned Parenthood.
          This is dumb af that men in charge are not taking care of the stuff that they should.
          Viagra is not medically necessary if that's the case. Its amazing how anything related to their penis they can figure it out. Then, they complain about feminism.

          • MoonaticDestiny
            MoonaticDestiny  4 weeks back

            Im so grateful that I dont menstruate. LOL. I really am! I dont know how you girls do it but fuck! I would not want to go through that.

            • Marilyn Monroe
              Marilyn Monroe  4 weeks back

              I can't believe that some box's of tampons and pads are like 10 fuckin dollars, And not just that, Pantyliners are expensive to.🙄

              • Connor Michael
                Connor Michael  4 weeks back

                Least i'm not on this list phew

                • Funoroma
                  Funoroma  4 weeks back


                  • tudy quinn
                    tudy quinn  4 weeks back

                    Funoroma I care, I was forced to pay exorbitant prices for products the old fashioned patriarchy made me pay. It’s ridiculous! Skipping meals so you can buy enough feminine hygiene products? It does matter and you should care.

                  • Funoroma
                    Funoroma  4 weeks back

                    @Marilyn Monroe me

                  • Marilyn Monroe
                    Marilyn Monroe  4 weeks back

                    Who cares.