The One Major Thing Joaquin Phoenix's Joker Does Wrong


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  • CinemaBlend
    CinemaBlend   1 months back

    What do you think of Jeff's take?

    • Muhammad
      Muhammad  1 months back

      CinemaBlend a shity take. I’m sorry.

  • Elhadji N´Diaye
    Elhadji N´Diaye  3 days back

    You've made it, this is your "cash grab"! A really noticeable click bait trying to make this video viral and people flooding it with comments to push the video up... Including me, (which I'm already regretting), but you made it so,I'll give you that! cause that's the only thing you get right with this one!! what a waste of time

    • Angie S.
      Angie S.  1 weeks back

      I don’t think you understand the character at all and you’re taking this way too seriously. Um, the character effs with people constantly. That’s his whole thing. He’s a psychopath who makes you question everything, the ultimate gaslighter.

      • Emak
        Emak  2 weeks back

        actual retard lmao

        • Simão Olaio
          Simão Olaio  2 weeks back

          awfull opinion

          • D Wrult
            D Wrult  3 weeks back

            I loved the fact that the movie was different and not the typical mindless drivel. Just copy and paste formulas. This movie leaves you hoping for more of it's kind. For the love of god not another formula marvel movie.

            • DJ Dammbro
              DJ Dammbro  3 weeks back

              Ugh you obviously shouldn’t be talking/reviewing about movies because that ain’t your forte.

              • Khameleon Studios
                Khameleon Studios  3 weeks back

                The character of The Joker is subjective. Is there not allowed to be anything that isn't comic accurate anymore? Or does everything have to be what some person who has seen The Dark Knight twice and read two comics containing The Joker in them views what The Joker is. Jesus Christ.

                • ishaan sadhanand
                  ishaan sadhanand  3 weeks back


                  • Michal Krasnodebski
                    Michal Krasnodebski  4 weeks back

                    you sound almost like you decided to not like the movie even before you watched it, and more than half shit you say can be easily disputed, plus you sound like joker normie, I mean the dude that maybe knows the joker from one movie and maybe 1-2 comics that you find randomly, Joker had many versions some silly and goofy some acted more like serial killers others more like mobsters.

                    • atrain132
                      atrain132  4 weeks back

                      Lol, how does this guy have a job?

                    • J W
                      J W  4 weeks back

                      I agree, poor portrayal of Joker, some pathetic loser dude who is half crying/laughing every two seconds like a crybaby victim wussy. I rather enjoy viewing Joker as a little more confident and intentional.

                      • Octavio Serrano
                        Octavio Serrano  4 weeks back

                        I understand where you're coming from but come on, there's been like five jokers. People say Hollywood is out of ideas but the minute they try something different, comic book fans get upset when it is not exactly the way it is in the comics or previous movies. 

                        It's a fun and interesting adaptation that brings attention to a real social issue. That's what the movie is trying to be and that's what it delivered.

                        There are storylines where Bruce dies and his father is the one that becomes Batman. Did you also not like that storyline because it's a "poor portrayal" of Batman? Something refreshing and new is always welcomed, specially for a character that has been portrayed (somewhat accurately) on multiple platforms.

                    • Tanner Alfaro
                      Tanner Alfaro  4 weeks back

                      Except, they did make him out to be a character that could be the real joker, hence why they killed the Wayne family at the end of the movie?

                      • Dhruvit Patel
                        Dhruvit Patel  4 weeks back

                        I'll be looking forward to your death threats LOL. Have gotten a few myself because I said similar things about it

                        • Cody Beck
                          Cody Beck  1 months back

                          Do I attack weak arguments or grammar in this thread? I’m just trying to understand the rules.

                          • Ronald Moreano
                            Ronald Moreano  1 months back

                            Hater opinion. Didn’t even get to the end of this video.

                            • Jonny Shanon
                              Jonny Shanon  1 months back

                              Ouch,more dislikes than likes.

                              • BraBra 360
                                BraBra 360  1 months back

                                The film is definitely an arousing story of a truly broken man. However the joker I know doesnt reflect how Todd depicted him. Not saying that the film was bad because of it but it is a lack luster joker film. It wasn't "jokery" enough for me.

                                • TheGrayGhost
                                  TheGrayGhost  1 months back

                                  Yes, I completely agree. Didn't feel like the Joker at all.

                                  • JEB Ford
                                    JEB Ford  1 months back

                                    Those that can't write or produce anything themselves become critics. This guy is another want-to-be douche that thinks his commentary means something. I made it 2 minutes through his horseshit.

                                    • Roman Pina
                                      Roman Pina  1 months back

                                      Lame Opinion I Can Tell Your Mad! Maybe Its Because You’re Bald

                                      • J W
                                        J W  4 weeks back

                                        lol, nice burn

                                    • Darren Lee
                                      Darren Lee  1 months back

                                      Right after he shoots Murray, for the first time he laughs out of pure enjoyment then he smiles uncontrollably in the police car as he sees Gotham in anarchy.

                                      If that’s not a Joker enough moment then i don’t know what is.

                                      • Jonny Shanon
                                        Jonny Shanon  1 months back

                                        @TheGrayGhost you're still crying. Get a grip man!

                                      • TheGrayGhost
                                        TheGrayGhost  1 months back

                                        @Jonny Shanon Lmao XD. If that's what you think whining is then never have children lmao.

                                      • Jonny Shanon
                                        Jonny Shanon  1 months back

                                        @TheGrayGhost calm down whiny butt. 😭

                                      • TheGrayGhost
                                        TheGrayGhost  1 months back

                                        If that's all it takes to be Joker, then fuck it, John Wayne Gacy is the fucking Joker.

                                    • Sabiqq blackfire
                                      Sabiqq blackfire  1 months back

                                      You are wrong ..i love this movie

                                      • Jeremiah Roark
                                        Jeremiah Roark  1 months back

                                        My gosh another cry baby bc it’s not the same old joker. I for one appreciated the connection to Batman. Fan service!

                                        • J W
                                          J W  2 weeks back

                                          @Simão Olaio I wouldnt describe it as incredibly good, of course compared to a lot of movies these days perhaps it qualifies, I wasn't bored watching it, which is a compliment, but it wasn't a movie that particularly moved me in any way, neither overly comedic, dramatic, dark, adrenaline-pumping, romantic, or any other emotional reaction you could think of. I just walked away feeling the same way as I went into the theatre. It's like listening to a piece of music and experiencing no subjective emotional reaction, what's the point?

                                        • Simão Olaio
                                          Simão Olaio  2 weeks back

                                          @J W the movie is incredibly good, u may not like it but if u dont see how good it was then u just have a awfull movie taste

                                        • Jeremiah Roark
                                          Jeremiah Roark  3 weeks back

                                          J W need some tissues?

                                        • J W
                                          J W  4 weeks back

                                          @Octavio Serrano That's what I said, if you want to see a quality 2 hour movie about an Incel go to the source, Taxi Driver, but I don't agree about him crying and blubbering through the movie, he had his anger and disgust provoked and turned violent in an intentional way. This Joker seemed to turn violent accidentally.

                                          For anyone who has a certain appreciation for the Joker, I don't see much of the here, it's difficult to feel terror, admiration, or anything really for this version of Joker, who is basically just a big loser wimp who accidentally bumbles his way into some notoriety and violence. Perhaps had he murdered the black woman and her child we could sense some depraved psychosis, perhaps had he killed his mother with true violence instead of that vanilla murder with the pillow we could have sense true violence in his nature. The only truly violent death on his clown co-worker felt very rational and logical based upon the feeling of a need for revenge in the largest context of his already having committed murders and being pursued by the police. I think the problem with this origin story is that it attempted to explain the Jokers origins from the perspective of how a very rational person would become the Joker. Doesn't this defy the very notion of the Joker aesthetic, where irrationality and chaos are his defining features? Why are things so logical? Personally I didn't care much for Joaquin's performance, it was okay but over-acted and masturbatory feeling, I felt zero emotions throughout the entire film, but there was enough light humour and action to keep me engaged at least.

                                        • Octavio Serrano
                                          Octavio Serrano  4 weeks back

                                          I agree man. Approaching a character we've seen countless times with a new angle is always refreshing and exciting.

                                      • John Doe Chance III
                                        John Doe Chance III  1 months back

                                        What would joker look like in the real world... there is no such things as criminal masterminds

                                        • John Doe Chance III
                                          John Doe Chance III  1 months back

                                          @Jonny Shanon there is no such thing as perfect crimes... the heath ledger joker isn't real... he couldn't exist. This guy could

                                        • Jonny Shanon
                                          Jonny Shanon  1 months back

                                          So there's no criminal who plots and schemes in the real world??? Stop sniffing the glue.

                                      • John Doe Chance III
                                        John Doe Chance III  1 months back

                                        You are an idoit... they take from joker comic book storylines word for word.

                                        • Cody Beck
                                          Cody Beck  1 months back

                                          John Doe Chance III I agree, a complete idoit.

                                      • TerrorBite1
                                        TerrorBite1  1 months back

                                        You didn't watch the movie stop chatting shit. He talks about it when he is on the talk show

                                        • Joseph Arrington
                                          Joseph Arrington  1 months back

                                          another shit take

                                          • octagonproplex
                                            octagonproplex  1 months back

                                            To my mind the Joker origin is essentially Fight Club where Tyler Durdan's personality prevails.

                                            • Devin F
                                              Devin F  1 months back

                                              I agree he’s no mastermind at any point in the movie

                                              • Fabio Assis
                                                Fabio Assis  1 months back

                                                Oh, God, No.

                                                • MOVIE DAY!
                                                  MOVIE DAY!  1 months back

                                                  OhhHhHHHhh shots fired!!

                                                  • Art Fluegge
                                                    Art Fluegge  1 months back

                                                    In the 1989 film Batman, it was Joker who killed Bruce's parents. What if the REAL joker is the masked man that kills Thomas and Martha?

                                                    • Diana Banana Ontiveros
                                                      Diana Banana Ontiveros  4 weeks back

                                                      If the scene where Joker is standing with all his followers is a hallucination, then he probably killed Thomas and Martha Wayne.

                                                    • Dark Knightx1977x
                                                      Dark Knightx1977x  1 months back

                                                      A great theory

                                                    • CinemaBlend
                                                      CinemaBlend   1 months back

                                                      Yep, I like this. I like this quite a bit.

                                                  • WE ARE AWESOME VENOM PADILLA Padila

                                                    Your wrong about Joaquin Phoenix joker, he did a great job

                                                    • Nane Dinga
                                                      Nane Dinga  1 months back

                                                      take that opinion and shove it up your ruined arse

                                                      • Byron Parry
                                                        Byron Parry  1 months back

                                                        But Patrick Bateman is already Batman he can't be both :)

                                                        • Isaiah's Reviews
                                                          Isaiah's Reviews  1 months back

                                                          I understand what you're saying but purging 7 seperate prescriptions out of your body at once might cause a problem. I think at the end he's capable 😃👍 He's gonna be in Matt Reeves 3rd Batman film by the way 😉 I can feel it

                                                          • thicc vegan smoothie
                                                            thicc vegan smoothie  3 weeks back

                                                            Isaiah's Reviews ok but joaquin would still be like 50 something in real life lol

                                                          • Isaiah's Reviews
                                                            Isaiah's Reviews  1 months back

                                                            @Damian No I believe the JOKER movie is a flashback told to the psychiatrist at the end of the film. I think about 10yrs has passed when he kills the psychiatrist and escapes from Arkham Asylum which we see at the end. I also think his age during the film is 30 so he'd be in his 40's when Batman starts which could work I think

                                                          • Damian
                                                            Damian  1 months back

                                                            Isaiah's Reviews so it’s gonna be a 60+ year old joker (Joaquin Phoenix is 44) vs a 20 something year old batman? Yeah sure... 🤦🏻‍♂️

                                                          • Isaiah's Reviews
                                                            Isaiah's Reviews  1 months back

                                                            @Damian $236m opener $96m domestic ehhh we'll see

                                                          • Damian
                                                            Damian  1 months back

                                                            Isaiah's Reviews director Todd Phillips I believe? Said this joker will never be with a Batman. Look it up

                                                        • Crispian Bish
                                                          Crispian Bish  1 months back

                                                          I’m not sure why it’s a major issue that it isn’t supposed to be canon. All the recent comic book adaptations of the Joker, Batman, and pretty much every strictly print release by DC in the last 20+ years has all been the same formula. Give a director/writer/graphic novel artist the rights to the names and let their creativity tell the story they want to tell. This is something I think DC does better than marvel , especially in the comic books. So your complaint is understandable, but only if you feel the same way about all the other DC works in recent years.