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  • Edin Alihodzic
    Edin Alihodzic  4 months back

    Rob is the dumbest mf on earth. It's always the othrr team choking? Not judt Brsdy being great. He knows Brady is the, but he just wants to spew hot takes for clout. Even Kellerman eventually gives Brady prop. Also LMAO I dont know Tom Brady personal? Then get his balls out of your mouth

    • Matt Pascal
      Matt Pascal  10 months back

      Shannon is such a clown 😂😂

      • Esai Morales
        Esai Morales  10 months back

        Rob is absolutely wrong

        • tigerbiterhater
          tigerbiterhater  10 months back

          Lol. Pats are almost guaranteed 6 wins playing Bills, Miami and Jets. Put Pats and any NFC division.

          • Hitman_Cuatro
            Hitman_Cuatro  10 months back

            All I have to say is if Rodgers or any other QB throws that INT Brady threw in the Red Zone skip would not dismiss it the way he has.

            • Joel Bailey
              Joel Bailey  10 months back

              LOL @ Gatorade commercials

              • lnicShae
                lnicShae  10 months back

                I agree with Rob Parker...I wasn't impressed with Tom Brady til OT of the game. KC defense is to blame! you got to stop 3rd and 10. Period.

                • Eric Davis
                  Eric Davis  10 months back

                  He better get rid 🏈 Better not run around dat stay in the pocket. He knows what he would get 💯🏉💯🏈💯🏉

                  • Michael Bradley
                    Michael Bradley  10 months back

                    first time cant agree with Shannon .. let me down

                    • Francisco Gutierrez
                      Francisco Gutierrez  10 months back

                      The system of the patriots allows them to get to superbowl each year no matter what type of players they have and the east division also helps weak dolphins ,jets,bills 6 easy wins

                      • chickaqwa
                        chickaqwa  10 months back

                        Francisco Gutierrez wasn’t so easy this year I tell you that much

                    • John Weiss
                      John Weiss  10 months back

                      Shannon is extremely sharp. Pun intended. There is no way he can believe that. Come on. There is no way he can believe that. No way. This is classic entertainment filler material.

                      • Bobo Tyrone
                        Bobo Tyrone  10 months back

                        Shannon is a true Brady Hater..monday & today are 2 diffrent Shannons smdh!!

                        • Lannce
                          Lannce  10 months back

                          When Aaron Rodgers broke Brady's record of passes without an INT didnt he have like 7 times as many throwaways XD

                          • Joe DeAngelis
                            Joe DeAngelis  10 months back

                            Weren't 90 percent of Brady's throws check downs? :)

                        • Lannce
                          Lannce  10 months back

                          No they wouldnt have, Gronk wouldve retired also meaning no insanely good blocker on top of Brady not being there

                          • Nick Rossetti
                            Nick Rossetti  10 months back

                            Rob is an idiot

                            • Michael Wynn
                              Michael Wynn  10 months back

                              Nick Rossetti just a Brady hater

                          • toorop111
                            toorop111  10 months back

                            Tom has no deep threat!

                            • That_Guy_35
                              That_Guy_35  10 months back

                              Gronk is a pretty efficient deep threat

                            • STJ
                              STJ  10 months back

                              Skip is his deep threat (throat)

                          • Tie Dennison
                            Tie Dennison  10 months back

                            But here’s the THANG SKIEUP

                            • wolley2012
                              wolley2012  10 months back

                              No way Jimmy g gets the pats to the Superbowl this year.

                              • Daniel lo
                                Daniel lo  10 months back

                                wolley2012 the 49ers would have had a losing record this year with jimmy g, he’ll be ready to win games next year tho.

                              • Jason Calloway
                                Jason Calloway  10 months back

                                I do believe they would make it to the playoffs; however, Jimmy G hasn't proven presnap knowledge, audibles, and the intangible leadership qualities that it would take to perform in the clutch.

                            • Arvin Senthilnathan
                              Arvin Senthilnathan  10 months back

                              *But SKIEUP!!!!!!!!!!!*

                              • Tyler Gibson
                                Tyler Gibson  10 months back

                                The refs should be able to go back after the play and discuss after the replay on the jumbo tron

                                • Philip Scoppettuolo
                                  Philip Scoppettuolo  10 months back

                                  You can't review every pi it's not feasible.

                                  • Lannce
                                    Lannce  10 months back

                                    Literally any big pass play would be reviewed