Star Meets the Group | American Honey (2016) | 1080p HD

  • Published: 06 January 2017
  • Star (Sasha Lane) meets the magazine crew she'll soon be working with.

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    Prospective nominee for:
    Best Director, Andrea Arnold

    This movie's quite recent, so there are no major writings on it, but here's my the soundtrack listing for you guys:

    And here's a pair of interesting articles on the film and Shia LaBeouf:

    And here's an interview I appreciated with one of the supporting actors:

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    Writer and Director: Andrea Arnold

    Actors and Actresses:
    Sasha Lane as Star
    Shia LaBeouf as Jake
    Riley Keough as Krystal
    McCaul Lombardi as Corey

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Comments • 39

  • Gali G
    Gali G  2 months back

    Such a depressing movie to me but I’m attracted to it

    • Noam Weizmann
      Noam Weizmann  3 months back

      Riley is such a terrific actress.

      • imkindapissed aboutthis
        imkindapissed aboutthis  4 months back

        I really loved Riley Keough’s performance in this movie. It’s what kept me watching until the end, I believe. I wish there had been a little bit more of her in it, but I don’t make the movies.

        • adam burdt
          adam burdt  5 months back

          I'm halfway through this movie and its Stars attitude is getting on my last nerve. They would've fired her for pulling some of this... staring at a tree picking the bark while you're trying to learn. Messing with the statues in Lala land. Giving that lady a hard time when they had the sell in the bag

          • Seroogy W
            Seroogy W  5 months back

            Your getting on my nerves!! Great great movie!! Star is amazing!! 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

        • Cactus Bill
          Cactus Bill  6 months back

          Nobody gonna say anything about how times that dude pulls his dick out in the movie?

          • Æ N I Ǝ M A
            Æ N I Ǝ M A  6 months back

            This movie flat out sucks. Over 3 hours long and the movie goes nowhere.

            • Aaron Rivera
              Aaron Rivera  2 weeks back

              Story lacks motivation 2/5

            • GreenSorceress
              GreenSorceress  3 months back

              @Seroogy W You're deeply pathetic for someone over 40. You really sound like an old teenager.

            • Seroogy W
              Seroogy W  3 months back

              jonah Hahahaha I’m actually in my 40s and your just an uneducated Moran who probably lives in his mother’s basement! 😂😂😂

            • Esmeralda Couture
              Esmeralda Couture  3 months back

              I disagree this movie was absolutely amazing !💖

          • helloworld 95
            helloworld 95  7 months back

            I wish they wouldv'e gave more insight into Riley Keough's Character background
   how she got her start in that buisness and how the hell she managed to find young people/teens to work and follow her around America.

            • Anthony Garrido
              Anthony Garrido  7 months back

              i heard she a lesbian now cuz of shia's off putting schizo

              • Crystal Ramos
                Crystal Ramos  7 months back

                The white boy that showed his dick omfg so sexy 👅👅👅👅

                • divaquana
                  divaquana  9 months back

                  can somebody please upload this stupid cheap movie on youtubeAa

                  • Xstal87
                    Xstal87  7 months back

                    divaquana well it’s on Netflix if you have that

                • Thierry Brown
                  Thierry Brown  11 months back


                  • Jane H
                    Jane H  1 years back

                    Hey can you please post more clips ! 🤗

                    • Alyssa Rose
                      Alyssa Rose  1 years back

                      Krystal is my fav!

                      • Dylan Minish
                        Dylan Minish  2 years back

                        That bitch in the read is a classic hoe who thinks she's a pimp

                        • Felicia Strong
                          Felicia Strong  2 years back

                          I love mcaul Lombardi he sexy as fuck

                          • Kate
                            Kate  2 years back

                            Riley Keough is mesmerising in this

                            • Youssef Rasta
                              Youssef Rasta  1 years back

                              I think she kinda uppity in this movie

                          • Ray Rocco
                            Ray Rocco  2 years back

                            This is how it was in the 1960's !!

                            • Whit *
                              Whit *  2 months back

                              Ray Rocco
                              One of the best decades ever(60s) and I missed it... My parents were teenagers during that time but were not hippies… I told them they missed out… I would’ve loved to do this...The music, the people ,the clothes.. the fight in politics...everything was better...From what I’ve seen and heard about

                          • tarık fener
                            tarık fener  3 years back

                            1:53 ewww very repulsive:)

                            • widM
                              widM  2 years back

                              what exactly? taking out a gum or putting a cigarette?

                          • yossi illions
                            yossi illions  3 years back

                            I love this movie!!!

                            • would thatitweresosimple

                              Get in the car - thats what im doing - lol

                            • Patrick Lynch
                              Patrick Lynch  3 years back

                              Great movie - well worth the watch

                              • Crista Grym
                                Crista Grym  3 years back

                                i am obsessed with Labeouf lucky girl Sasha Lane

                                • Charlie Abbot
                                  Charlie Abbot  3 years back

                                  What a HO