Gods & Monsters World Premiere | Ubisoft E3 2019


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  • Kaleb Tarmey
    Kaleb Tarmey  5 months back

    Zelda meets ac odyssey

    • Moonlight Greatsword
      Moonlight Greatsword  5 months back

      it looks boring, needs to show gameplay to amp it up

      • Kito Brown
        Kito Brown  5 months back

        Can I just get more Odyssey

        • Stephane Frozen
          Stephane Frozen  5 months back

          2:04 !
          More entertaining than the whole video

          • White Eagle
            White Eagle  5 months back

            Gameplay is Legend of Zelda BotW but reskinned.
            This game could also be considered a mod basically.

            • Masil Rizwan
              Masil Rizwan  5 months back

              Did anyone notice that the playlist heading is E3 3019 than 2019.

                KING LEONIDAS OF SPARTA  5 months back

                God of war for babies

                • kuaikukia
                  kuaikukia  5 months back

                  Talk big things and just show 50 sec trailer with barely any gameplay.

                  • mk Hernandez
                    mk Hernandez  5 months back

                    I like this. "Breathe of the Greece" sounded better than Gods & Monsters tho

                    • Exile
                      Exile  5 months back

                      wow seems like the people from the front and second rows were hired just to hurl positive vibes.

                      • Bararaq Siqa
                        Bararaq Siqa  5 months back

                        so no rayman?

                        • Akoth Slayer of the dead
                          Akoth Slayer of the dead  5 months back

                          who can not wait to play zelda on his xbox one or ps4 ? 😂

                          • Nick Shwartz
                            Nick Shwartz  5 months back

                            sooooo..... what is it?

                            • JG DGO
                              JG DGO  5 months back

                              dont lost you time in this video....no gameplay

                              • PrinceOfAllToasters
                                PrinceOfAllToasters  5 months back

                                They ENDED on this shit

                                • SuzanoSho
                                  SuzanoSho  5 months back

                                  4 and half minute long video for a 50 second trailer...great job, GameSpot...

                                  • Mugdug
                                    Mugdug  5 months back

                                    LOZ meets Witcher. If that's the case, I'm in!

                                    • Mugdug
                                      Mugdug  5 months back

                                      @Ahmed Sadman if I was blind I wouldn't be able to see the trailer. It's a guess, obviously. The art design is kind of BOTW but the vibe gives me a witcher-esk style because of the mythology and since it looks openworld it has the potential. It can clearly go anywhere.

                                    • Ahmed Sadman
                                      Ahmed Sadman  5 months back

                                      How the hell this is Witcher???
                                      Are you blind or something

                                  • zuppa zone
                                    zuppa zone  5 months back

                                    4:08 so I guess this is a 2.5D side scroller.

                                    • Pablo Stefano
                                      Pablo Stefano  5 months back

                                      Battle royale.

                                      • Noah Reubens
                                        Noah Reubens  5 months back

                                        Me so asian

                                        • vicente neto
                                          vicente neto  5 months back

                                          so now we have a name for that thing they called AC last year

                                          • Mario Him
                                            Mario Him  5 months back

                                            dauntless : summerborne

                                            • Don Jon
                                              Don Jon  5 months back

                                              2:05 🤢

                                            • meninist
                                              meninist  5 months back

                                              what an abrupt end to the conference

                                            • 24nero24
                                              24nero24  5 months back

                                              No gameplay so i still don’t know what the game is so i don’t care

                                              • donayre21
                                                donayre21  5 months back

                                                What did the guy say at the beginning, some guy in the audience

                                              • Craig Martin
                                                Craig Martin  5 months back

                                                So Dauntless adventure mode basically

                                                • Vox Populi
                                                  Vox Populi  5 months back

                                                  M'ok... See nothing

                                                  • HR - G
                                                    HR - G  5 months back

                                                    That game looks as if Nintendo asked Ubisoft to make them a Kid Icarus game and instead they took the idea and made their own thing

                                                  • maneco88
                                                    maneco88  5 months back

                                                    Gamepass game? Or mobile game lol

                                                    • Charbel Elias
                                                      Charbel Elias  5 months back

                                                      Just take my money

                                                      • LuisTheImpaler
                                                        LuisTheImpaler  5 months back

                                                        Kinda like if Link clash up with Kid Icarus.

                                                        • Johnny 12
                                                          Johnny 12  5 months back

                                                          Need to see some gameplay

                                                          • Haylton Barata
                                                            Haylton Barata  5 months back


                                                            • Andrew Rentschler
                                                              Andrew Rentschler  5 months back