The real reason Boeing's new plane crashed twice


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  • Lemonade lemon
    Lemonade lemon  5 hours back

    As soon as he said “rivalry” I knew someone was going to do something to the planes and not tell the people actually flying the plane🤬🤷🏻‍♀️

    • astute one
      astute one  5 hours back

      *why they neglect human lives travel in it? when do they think about business and competition and ignore lives? the security of human life must be in the first place and all the other things should come after. why they make things so difficult, typical what the pilot can not handle in the air, there must not be a more typical system, especially where stability and pitch are concerned.*

      • Aditya Darmasurya
        Aditya Darmasurya  5 hours back

        Boeing should pay compensation to the victim's family.

        • SumGuy3000
          SumGuy3000  13 hours back

          Question. How many of these planes would have had to have crashed before the deaths were declared murder?

          • joshron99
            joshron99  17 hours back

            Is the annoying background music necessary? I would have liked to watch the whole video but left it at 01:53 due to the irritating sounds.

            • Random world
              Random world  21 hours back

              After this China order $30+ billion Airbus from France a big loose for Boeing!

              • brainwashing detergent

                Why did America operate more of these planes but havnt crashed a single one?

                • kf160k160
                  kf160k160  14 hours back

                  Good question but I guess it is all down to luck. The American got real lucky this time.

              • Clem Alford
                Clem Alford  1 days back

                Greedy capitalist rivalry. Never mind the safety get the planes up making money.

                • The UnknownSG
                  The UnknownSG  2 days back

                  US pilots: Hey, our planes keep nosing down and nearly killing us. We should stop flying them
                  Boeing: Is this some poor joke I'm too rich to understand

                  • Shifftee
                    Shifftee  2 days back

                    Capitalism, free market and competition, huh?...

                    • Errupted Train
                      Errupted Train  2 days back

                      Here come the people with their “737 MAX Jokes” in the

                      • Errupted Train
                        Errupted Train  1 days back

                        stefan stefanovic You mean boeing not boing

                      • stefan stefanovic
                        stefan stefanovic  2 days back

                        I don't see anybody joking about 300+ people that died. You would need to be sick for it. Boing should be responsable and face consequences.

                    • Honesty Counts
                      Honesty Counts  2 days back

                      Boeing had the same problem as a person who owns a small car but tries to shove a larger engine into the car = the new engine is too wide, so it won't fit between the front wheels. Boeing's solution = Okay, we will just remove the front wheels and have a new computer system balance the entire car on the rear wheels, what could go wrong with that? Stop light = 'BOOM!, CRASH!'

                      • Honesty Counts
                        Honesty Counts  2 days back

                        All Boeing had to do was design a new longer landing gear for their jet, and then they could mount the new engine in the same spot as the old engine and then there would not be a need for the MCAS system in the first place. That would have been the best and most common-sense solution.

                        • Andrew Quintero
                          Andrew Quintero  2 days back

                          When you have pilots complain about the operation of any plane and it's performance, those complaints need to be taken very serious to avoid air disasters. Putting away all your pride in rushing to get these planes out just to beat out the competition is a very sick way of doing things. All those engineers that design these planes need to take their own lives into consideration; it appears that dignity has taken a back seat or tossed out the window.

                          • Max Moen
                            Max Moen  2 days back

                            I wonder why the boeing doesnt make the clearance to ground higher, accommodating the bigger engine

                            • NARCISISMO EXPOSTO
                              NARCISISMO EXPOSTO  2 days back

                              Capitalism has side effects.

                              • Willson Saints
                                Willson Saints  3 days back


                                • ROAD WARRIOR
                                  ROAD WARRIOR  3 days back

                                  Who's is responsible for the death's ? THE INVESTOR'S OR THE DESIGNERS.

                                  • kf160k160
                                    kf160k160  14 hours back

                                    The executives. They are the one who calling the shots.

                                • Jack The Skittle
                                  Jack The Skittle  3 days back

                                  It is only a matter of time before another max crashes...

                                  • Liam Fippinger
                                    Liam Fippinger  3 days back

                                    Wow good research my guy it’s tragic but with good reporting it doesn’t make it any worse

                                    • Kiran Kulkarni
                                      Kiran Kulkarni  3 days back

                                      Very well explained. Well done video.

                                      • Reza Radhika
                                        Reza Radhika  3 days back

                                        The Beginning of SKYNET.

                                        • Killbird 334
                                          Killbird 334  3 days back

                                          They forgot to add airplane mode to the engines

                                          • Priscilia Mellark
                                            Priscilia Mellark  3 days back

                                            4:35 i got goosebumps
                                            I'm from indonesia so i remember that day, i was living out of town, in sulawesi, while my family's live in Jawa, it was 2 different island, so traveling back home with a plane was the best option.
                                            I remember watching on the television when one of the news station aired the real time search for the lost plane, i remember seeing the bodies floating in the ocean thru my tv screen, i remember seeing family's of the victim screaming and wailing at the airport.
                                            I also remember the fear of getting on an airplane knowing that i could get on an airplane the very next month for the end of year holliday, with a chances of never actually seeing them too like the victim.

                                            • Bobby Bobson
                                              Bobby Bobson  3 days back

                                              They better get rid of this mcas system. Technology is good up to a certain extent but to let it do all the work for you is no good

                                              • Bobby Bobson
                                                Bobby Bobson  3 days back

                                                In my opinion pilots are in the cockpit for a reason. TO FLY THE PLANE. You let computers do the work for you , you are asking for trouble

                                                • Step Forward
                                                  Step Forward  3 days back

                                                  Failed Product! Shame on you Boeing!

                                                  • Divjot Singh
                                                    Divjot Singh  3 days back

                                                    Makes me sad to watch this video

                                                    • YouTube User
                                                      YouTube User  3 days back

                                                      How a historic company realsed a unsafed plane? Just because of the economic competition?

                                                      I hope those mistakes won't happen again.

                                                      • Michael Maylor
                                                        Michael Maylor  3 days back

                                                        When looking at videos of this aircraft, now every time I seem drawn to any odd looking trim movement angles of the variable horizontal tailplane! That tailplane is in two parts, stabilizer and elevator. If with a faulty MCAS input, one can now fight with the other for control and if no quick reset, no control!

                                                        • 〈@W&O
                                                          〈@W&O  3 days back

                                                          They could have just made longer wheel stands that collapse so they still fit into the bays I guess it was cheaper or easier I guess they know what they're doing oh wait

                                                          • Nguyen Trung
                                                            Nguyen Trung  4 days back

                                                            what is the music used in this video ?

                                                            • Alex Shuysky
                                                              Alex Shuysky  4 days back

                                                              So Boeing is the EA of Air Industry. They rushed their products when it's unfinished and make an 😮 face later wheb it's failed miserably.

                                                              • DIY MAN
                                                                DIY MAN  4 days back

                                                                Topical Americans always cheating and stealing. What's new?

                                                                • botchi1
                                                                  botchi1  4 days back

                                                                  It should be a universiel law, that forbidden any company to do any developments, that could cost human life.
                                                                  Why do I say this. Because money goes before life.

                                                                  • H.M.Lenstalk
                                                                    H.M.Lenstalk  4 days back

                                                                    Boeing should develop a new plane, not upgrade from 737

                                                                    • Laser Sailor
                                                                      Laser Sailor  5 days back

                                                                      Third world airlines letting minimally qualified pilots fly jets they didn’t understand. When the MCAS activated in the hands of pilots who actually know how to fly, they simply clicked off the auto throttles and auto pilots and flew the plane manually. Yes, Boeing ‘s software wasn’t so great but please, all the people who think they are being so clever with their comments, the pilots have their fair share of the plane for being so inept.

                                                                      • Jack // Jackloveslego123

                                                                        This guy sounds like amustycow

                                                                        • The123michaelsilva
                                                                          The123michaelsilva  5 days back

                                                                          Until Boeing reengineres this plane for stable flight without computer assist knowbody will fly in it! Boeing is wasting it's time with a software fix. They need to redesign the wing and landing gear to accommodate the new engine. Then recall the planes already built. Final they need to give it a completely new name. Oh, and FIRE the CEO.

                                                                          • dana free6950
                                                                            dana free6950  5 days back

                                                                            Interesting presentation. Why doesn't Boeing just spend the money to fix the problem. It's not like it will affect the bottom line in anyway. After all, Boeing will just get bail out money from the taxpayers to cover the cost.

                                                                            • thenoob1231231
                                                                              thenoob1231231  5 days back

                                                                              ryanair : landes terribly
                                                                              boeing : Hold my beer

                                                                              • Dhiren Oswal
                                                                                Dhiren Oswal  5 days back

                                                                                Elvis has left the building

                                                                                • Dexter Haven
                                                                                  Dexter Haven  5 days back

                                                                                  This message should be mandatory on all 737 Max flights. "Welcome aboard. Please be advised that this plane may try to dive to the earth shortly after takeoff. But a special computer program will correct this. Both the plane and the computer program were designed by the same company."

                                                                                  • El Capitan
                                                                                    El Capitan  5 days back

                                                                                    Boeing made crimes not mistakes.

                                                                                    • Herbert Chang
                                                                                      Herbert Chang  6 days back

                                                                                      This soundtrack some Game of Thrones mood.

                                                                                      • theberrybest
                                                                                        theberrybest  6 days back

                                                                                        Good going Boeing. Your race killed people. Lots of people. All for a dollar.

                                                                                        • jaiizwaii89
                                                                                          jaiizwaii89  6 days back

                                                                                          Boeing American greed

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