Let's Talk about OEM vs Aftermarket


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  • C King
    C King  2 hours back

    I know the manufacture of oem parts make those throttle body's for less that $40 a piece with using SLAVE LABOR IN OTHER COUNTIES AND THEN RIPOFF THE U.S. CONSUMERS

    • Joe's Auto Electric
      Joe's Auto Electric   58 minutes back

      I can't verify this...but I am sure they don't cost near 1200 dollars they are asking for them. Cheaply made junk.

  • C King
    C King  2 hours back

    OEM parst have become a ripoff because they charge 5 pots of gold and one diamond for them....WAY OVER PRICED ON OEM PARTS!!!!!!!

  • drandle 65
    drandle 65  4 hours back

    i dont buy any major auto part off ebay or amazon that isnt backed by the manufacturer.

    • Jay Lee
      Jay Lee  5 hours back

      Americans are not capable of making anything themselves and desperately need china to make everything for them lol

    • Jay Lee
      Jay Lee  5 hours back

      Americans are cheap and want everything cheap!!!!!! If you americans willing to pay then parts will be made with better quality. You can't expect companies to make high quality stuff when you americans are cheapskate and paying peanuts LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • EMS Rusty
        EMS Rusty  6 hours back

        ebay parts are garbage . period.

        • wesley sandifer
          wesley sandifer  6 hours back

          I tell you what it's come too today. Old school we would have taken defective parts apart and rebuild them with kits that was readily available almost everywhere. Now it's all about changing the part and that can get really expensive. But like starters and alternators and things like that, a rebuild kit for $10-20 and it's good as new. Now they want you to buy new ones.

        • jules leon
          jules leon  7 hours back

          if you buy the part then my warranty is 6 feet.thats my work philosophy.works quite well .

          • Lee Ramos
            Lee Ramos  7 hours back

            Rule I go by, critical parts = oem or better, non critical, who gives a shit.

            • mcroadracer1
              mcroadracer1  7 hours back

              You are so right. I do my own work and made that mistake of buying a cheap power steering pump on eBay. Wish I just paid more so I don’t have to do the work again. That is a waste of time and money. I get buying cheap stuff for easy fixes to some degree but not for big jobs. 👍

              • earl turner
                earl turner  10 hours back

                Professionals will not install customer provided parts. They need to make money on parts to stay in business.

              • The Flying Trucker
                The Flying Trucker  10 hours back

                You get what you paid fo....
                you paid crap you get crap.... you paid good money you get items

                • 96EEng
                  96EEng  11 hours back

                  Hard to find a good honest mechanic. Also hard to deal with some customers.

                  I try to do work myself when I can to save money . For sensors and most electronic parts I prefer OEM. For consumables like brakes and filters I go for aftermarket. Also if I go the high performance route I may choose aftermarket.

                  You may pay more for OEM but it saves you headache in the long run.

                  • Chris H
                    Chris H  12 hours back

                    I enjoyed the video, and agree with what you said. Please tell the other mechanics in the shop that next time you make a video, I want silence, no talking and no noise, because if I hear it, I’m gonna


                  • Electrak E20
                    Electrak E20  13 hours back

                    I've repairs several throttle bodies in less than an hour and used them until the end of the car's life. Generally is the feedback potentiometer, or in your case there seems to be a mechanical issue. It has never cost me a cent to fix them except for the hour invested.

                    • Joe's Auto Electric
                      Joe's Auto Electric   9 hours back

                      The time invested would have cost more for the customer than the used one. Not worth it.

                  • Jimmy S
                    Jimmy S  13 hours back

                    I would gone to junk yard for good oem part.

                    • grafvonstauffenburg
                      grafvonstauffenburg  16 hours back

                      Paying for OEM (or a reputable replacement maker from Ger., It., or Japan) is likely worth.....IT?!!

                      • grafvonstauffenburg
                        grafvonstauffenburg  16 hours back

                        Our one time Japanese (recommended & trained) mechanic insisted that only a pristine throttle body was acceptable if he were to service the car (a Mitsubishi product); the car was scrapped.....early. Apparently, VERY special equipment is required to "calibrate" such devices---as you probably know. NOT a thrilling revelation....at all.

                        Mitsubishi was WILDLY pricey as a source of replacement.....as you confirm. Diesel parts are not even that expensive.....!

                        You've presented 'the problem' very clearly, honestly, and succinctly.....! Will ELECTRIC cars prove to be less costly or easier to service..!??!?!

                        • Ed Kummel
                          Ed Kummel  17 hours back

                          I agree that sometimes a part costs what a part costs. But sometimes a trusted mechanic does get crappy parts as well. A trusted mechanic I've been using for over 40 years...his grandfather worked on my cars, his dad worked on my cars now him and his son work on my cars. Yet about 3 years ago, I had a Chrysler Sebring (yeah, I know) that had a bad pressure sender unit. He replace it with an oem (he claimed) but less than a week later, it was having the same problem. Had to replace that part 4 times. Until I told him to just get the local Chrysler dealer to send him the part and stop getting it from Napa or what ever local supplier he was using. Once he did that, it worked. Then again, He replaced the timing belt and water pump. It worked fine for about a month, then I started noticing that it had a tendency to overheat...but seeing it was summer and temps were hitting 106 most days, I figured I was lucky! Took a trip to the beach and found that I couldn't run the AC because the engine would overheat. On the way back from the beach, it got so bad, it looked like the timing belt was going to break...it was walking off the water pump pulley! Took it to a Merchants service and got raked over the coals big time! They too my car and fixed it the next day. $1,200 to redo the timing belt and waterpump. And another $200 for the hotel stay! Went back to my mechanic and he apologized and refunded me the cost of the waterpump...$28. The waterpump wouldn't even turn it was so seized up. Yeah. Needless to say, a 40+ year relationship with this shop was essentially ruined by him trying to cheap out on the parts. I could not trust that he could get the parts that I need to rely on. I've been taking my vehicles to a new place, right across the street from where I work. They are much more expensive, but so far, so good...(by much more expensive, they are more than double what my other place charged...but they are also in a high rent area too!)

                          • Abdon Rodriguez
                            Abdon Rodriguez  19 hours back

                            If you need a part to communicate with your PCM then you have to go OEM..

                            • Khang Xiong
                              Khang Xiong  19 hours back

                              There are certain aftermarket parts that works fine. But even those are not cheap. The whole truth is, if it's that much cheaper than oe, it's probably junk, and even junkyard or pull apart may work better still. If it's more than 100$ difference, I'd be very weary of the quality

                              • William Greenhouse
                                William Greenhouse  19 hours back

                                I have brought aftermarket parts for years and have never had a problem it depends on the make and model of the car some cars have different specs that the part needs to signal the ecu so the aftermarket part will make the check engine light come on but its not on all cars

                              • Jim Remmell
                                Jim Remmell  21 hours back

                                I've been looking for a comparison of aftermarket auto parts suppliers for a long time. Every industry has an organization comprised of manufacturer's representatives that cooperate on various standards and practices, apparently except auto parts.

                                Sometimes a supplier will advise you not to buy certain brands or types of items from certain brands, for various reasons but that is the only advice I've ever found.

                                How do I know whether or not to buy Borg Warner vs Lemforder vs URO vs Bosch?

                                By the way, yes, I do know that URO parts are cheap Chinese knockoffs. In fact, my phone's predictive text software suggested "knockoff" immediately after I typed the word Chinese! LOL

                                • Joe's Auto Electric
                                  Joe's Auto Electric   20 hours back

                                  The main vendors around here used to carry all top notch parts. Then they had a lower priced "knockoff" brand for those who didn't want to buy the better quality/oem stuff. In recent years the good quality parts are the ones I have to ask for, and they still try to sell me cheap junk. It is the area, I think.

                              • BigDaddyJinx
                                BigDaddyJinx  22 hours back

                                I must be one of the luckiest men on the planet then because so far in my life I have yet to experience any super bad after effects from buying aftermarket parts, and I've replaced a LOT of parts. So I'll consider myself one of the luckiest men on the planet at this point.

                                I DO try as hard as I can to suss out aftermarket parts online from forums or threads or reviews first, and I always try to go out of my way to not buy any Made In China garbage.

                              • Rick J
                                Rick J  1 days back

                                You have to do your homework like Joe says. Great video Joe and you are correct, parts aren't cheap.

                                • PETE55
                                  PETE55  1 days back

                                  Some of "you guys" (techs) must feel you should be drawing two salaries - one for doing your "job," and a second as "educator" . I'd agree.
                                  To all the honest workers out there, keep it up!
                                  Thanks for taking the time and posting this.

                                • L Z
                                  L Z  1 days back

                                  The problem is no one knows much about cars anymore and dishonest mechanics take advantage of that and rip people off. I bought a used car with full dealership service records and receipts but half the work they charged the previous owner for was not even done on the car. It was completly evident when I replaced parts that said they had been the ones I was removing were the old original parts.

                                  • Joe's Auto Electric
                                    Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back

                                    I get that...it is sad but true. Another reason to talk to people in your area about good places that are honest.

                                • John Smith
                                  John Smith  1 days back

                                  Good diagnosis But if you check top class actions .com you will find you and your client were ripped off by price fixing for 19 yrs go thier and check inform ur clients of parts price fixing

                                  • John Smith
                                    John Smith  1 days back

                                    Hey joe on rear differtials on fords 975... what has wen bad if the flange yoke snaps universal was knew.would it be the bearing tail light side or engine side. Rumbble was noise it made whats most likley as main gear has no missing teeth. Or chunks in bottom of diff just flaking on edge of gear...

                                • RealisticSurvivor
                                  RealisticSurvivor  1 days back

                                  The problem lies there that everybody want to own a car nowadays. Even for bank's money. These people are not up to the cost of daily running of a vehicle. Back in days car was a luxury item. Not by chance. It still is.

                                  • Joe's Auto Electric
                                    Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back


                                  • RealisticSurvivor
                                    RealisticSurvivor  1 days back

                                    @Joe's Auto Electric You're right Joe. I too meant that if people can't realize they have to put money in quality (reliable) parts to run a vehicle properly and they have no budget for such expenses then they shouldn't own a car.

                                  • Joe's Auto Electric
                                    Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back

                                    Well, nothing wrong with owning them as long as people understand that they require work to upkeep them.

                                • Keith Barnett
                                  Keith Barnett  1 days back

                                  The times you may not want to go with OEM is if that part in a particular car is always having a problem. Don't want to keep putting the same probably back on the car.
                                  Just look for a good aftermarket then.
                                  Just my thought I'm not a professional mechanic.

                                  • Joe's Auto Electric
                                    Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back

                                    Yes, there are exceptions of course. Upgrades may be available in some cases that work better, et..The point in the video relates more to ecm related components over a shock or brake pads, for instance.

                                • Jason Taylor
                                  Jason Taylor  1 days back

                                  What if OEM parts and no longer available for older vehicles. Some companies say they are better then OEM. What's the scoop there?

                                  • Joe's Auto Electric
                                    Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back

                                    That is the case sometimes, and in that case you may be forced to aftermarket.. or used.

                                • Less1leg Pirate
                                  Less1leg Pirate  1 days back

                                  Unfortunately, there are too many stories of Mechanics who scam Customers. The profession is harming itself when dubious Mechanics scam uneducated people on simple vehicle repairs. So fix your profession by rooting out bad practitioners of the Trade.

                                  • Joe's Auto Electric
                                    Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back

                                    Yes, but easier said than done. Customers are the ones who need to really weed them out by not going back to them. If they are in business, it is customers paying them that keeps them there..just my opinion of course.

                                • TENNSUMITSUMA
                                  TENNSUMITSUMA  1 days back

                                  48 laws of power: law 40!
                                  I play that law at some point in the day, at least once a day!
                                  I find high quality first, then look for the cheapest price of said high quality. I also have a list of all the routine maintenance items of my car and the model number of the part from an oe brand. Example: filters (oil, engine, cabin) - Purolator boss. Brake pads - tip of the line c tek, spark plugs - ngk (obviously) laser iridiums, etc. Never have to worry about quality. Just find the cheapest price of the highest quality stuff!

                                  • Kasha
                                    Kasha  1 days back

                                    The best thing to do is to look at the customer reviews on whatever website. If the part fails often, it will show up in the results.

                                    • New Englander
                                      New Englander  2 days back

                                      I was quoted over $400 from a local mechanic for a well known brand of timing belt. $160 on EBay for the same brand. What are you going to do? This was an aftermarket belt, not a genuine part. So how many people who don't know to check prices are getting ripped off? This is what this guy doesn't like, people checking where they can get things cheaper. Time you dropped your prices a bit. I have a whole catalogue of stories on how I could have been ripped off with auto parts. And as I do all my own work on my vehicles, at least they aren't ripping me off with their way over the top labour charges.

                                      • New Englander
                                        New Englander  1 days back

                                        @Joe's Auto Electric OK Joe, I believe you are probably good with your prices. But why can't customers check for lower prices. Another instance of a rip-off, (I'm in Australia by the way). I checked with one guy for disc brake sliding caliper rubber boots. These came as a kit which included a piston seal. $180 for just two little boots and one larger seal. (Non genuine) And this was just for one side! I then went to another local mechanic who stared at me in disbelief when I told him what I'd been quoted. He got both sides for me for $40. Still expensive for what they are, but better than $360. I could tell you a lot more, but you get what I'm talking about. I am guessing it's the same in the States as here in Aus. People getting ripped off all the time. Especially women who may not know much about cars. But I'm sorry if I misjudged you Joe, you are a rare breed, a genuine Mechanic who looks after his customers. I did enjoy your video, it does highlight the problem of using non-genuine parts in critical areas. Places where genuine just has to be used. Thanks for your reply.

                                      • Joe's Auto Electric
                                        Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back

                                        My prices are more than fair. Thanks for watching.

                                    • Frederick Thoms
                                      Frederick Thoms  2 days back

                                      I agree in the main with your thoughts on OEM Vs Aftermarket but... on older vehicles I've had no choice except to go to Aftermarket Parts or even Parts from the junkyard.
                                      Concerning OEM Parts - on numerous occasions I've been sent defective or incorrect Parts and am I getting reimbursed for the hours of labour sometimes involved in installing a faulty part? Am I fock!
                                      I steadfastly refused to install Parts purchased by customers - especially if they'd 'diagnosed' the problem themselves - much for the same reasons you mention... if they wanted to buy a Part, then they could install it themselves - I'm a mechanic not a 'fitter'.

                                      • Kj16V
                                        Kj16V  2 days back

                                        There's no rules when it comes to oem vs aftermarket. I've had crap oem and brilliant aftermarket - and vice versa. Also what makes things even more complicated is that companies constantly buy each other out, so you never know who actually manufactured your part.
                                        A good example is clutches: I used to think Borg & Beck was better quality than Delphi - then Delphi bought out Borg & Beck and I started receiving Delphi clutches in B&B boxes!
                                        Generally it's a good idea to avoid any unbranded Chinese stuff because of their lack of quality control, but there are still a very few exceptions to this rule. For example, in my experience, generic Chinese o2 sensors work PERFECTLY. They output the correct signals (I've datalogged them) and last just as long as Bosch O2 sensors.

                                        • Michael Albertin
                                          Michael Albertin  2 days back

                                          Great advice!

                                          • Josh Beekman
                                            Josh Beekman  2 days back

                                            GM standards are all Chinese OEM or not stfu

                                            • Josh Beekman
                                              Josh Beekman  1 days back

                                              @Joe's Auto Electric really what I have a cruze nuf said

                                            • Joe's Auto Electric
                                              Joe's Auto Electric   1 days back

                                              Still made to better specs than some aftermarket. And really dude?

                                          • Jeremy hanna
                                            Jeremy hanna  2 days back

                                            I will keep doing my Ford warranty work collecting my 401k

                                            • Pollo Frito
                                              Pollo Frito  2 days back

                                              Over 500 comments, I can't scroll through to see if this point has been made:

                                              It's not a "nowadays" thing that customers are looking for the least expensive price to pay for parts. This has always been this way. Rather, what has changed is that, as you pointed out, dealerships have thoroughly lost their damn minds with some of the prices of their parts. Possibly it's because all dealer's service departments have taken a hit since cars have all collectively become much more reliable. (probably blame Honda and Toyota for setting this trend). Add to that the increased access to Chinese parts that are absurdly low.
                                              But what you didn't really discuss is that (which is why your video title is not correct) there IS a sweet spot between OEM and cheap Chinese parts: there exists a quality aftermarket. And that market varies because certainly I don't have to go to Lexus to buy a strut on my 23-year-old LS400 for $400 each, but also shouldn't get a $15 unbranded Chinese one either when KYB makes an excellent strut for $75. (as just one random example of many)
                                              This is why I think the video title should be "Let's Talk about OEM vs Cheap Chinese unbranded parts". Thanks for the video. I enjoyed it and enjoy this topic.

                                              • Joe's Auto Electric
                                                Joe's Auto Electric   2 days back

                                                I cannot argue with you. Aftermarket is used by all shops. Have no choice in that. But my point is picking when to buy aftermarket makes sense. There are times when you will get burned using anything other than OEM. Thank you for joining us!

                                            • abochavez
                                              abochavez  2 days back

                                              Cheap bastards!

                                              • Babur Ejaz
                                                Babur Ejaz  2 days back

                                                Excellent educational Video to educate the public. Definitely you get what you pay for. Cheap Chinese stuff has no reliability. Very good choice of words, phrases and expression. Thanks

                                                • Curtis Jarvis
                                                  Curtis Jarvis  2 days back

                                                  Cheap........for a reason😃 better to buy a used oem part

                                                  • Tony Robbins
                                                    Tony Robbins  2 days back

                                                    I have used almost solely aftermarket. There has only be a few times I used OEM when they were the only source. For instance, I had a chevy Lumina van where I needed a small metric bolt to hold down an ignition module inside a distributor. It was $10 dollars for this tiny metric bolt. Really,! come on. I had a 2003 Ford Lightning. The throttle body warped and would not idle. I got a 1996 throttle body from a junkyard and it idled better than when I purchased the truck in 2010. I had one cylinder drop out for miles then start working again. I replaced all 8 coils for $50 per cylinder less than OEM ($80 vs $480) and they are still working years later. I still own the truck. Not saying as a business that non OEM are a problem, but for those of us who can troubleshoot and fix our own problems, non OEM can be quite a money saver.

                                                    • Joe's Auto Electric
                                                      Joe's Auto Electric   2 days back

                                                      It depends what you are replacing. There are plenty of situations where you will get burned not using a factory part...and there are plenty of times a good aftermarket part will be fine.

                                                  • Orlando Thrifter
                                                    Orlando Thrifter  2 days back

                                                    Either a bad aftermarket part, perhaps a wrongly listed cross reference saying this works for your car too, or something from a pick n pull that was cleaned and sold as new. Possibly just a defective new cheapo part. If you pull the same part from the same exact year and model car used if it's still good it will work. Otherwise you have to order the same exact part number from the oem supplier or even the dealer. I've seen aftermarket wash fluid pump motors that have the external ground on the complete wrong side of mounting surface. It can be 'fixed' with a hack to make it on the other side and work. Otherwise it won't make connection at the ground and won't work. China is famous for this.

                                                    • Neal Cleary
                                                      Neal Cleary  2 days back

                                                      So having said that dealer parts are the way to go, shouldn't you and everyone else be working for a dealer? This is a right to repair issue.

                                                      • Joe's Auto Electric
                                                        Joe's Auto Electric   2 days back

                                                        Working for the dealer and buying manufacturer parts are two different things. No, I will not work for a dealer.

                                                    • Mike Jones
                                                      Mike Jones  2 days back

                                                      I definitely agree with the customers and cheap parts happens just about everyday at my shop then when it craps out they want to blame you cause you installed not cause they bought cheap parts