Is The New Nintendo Switch Lite Actually Worth Buying in 2019 !?


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  • Top Hat Gaming Man
    Top Hat Gaming Man   4 months back

    Forgot to mention Mario Oddysey, which took me a while to get into but enjoyed!

    • Amber Zwarthoed
      Amber Zwarthoed  4 months back

      Loook at the blind console (kickstarter)plz you will love it

    • bdel80
      bdel80  4 months back

      I think Top Hat Gaming Man and Izzy Nobre should hook up with a discussion video on hand helds as he is also a big fan of them too. Shame he is in Canada though.

    • AnimationGaming Nerd
      AnimationGaming Nerd  4 months back

      Yes your back you need to go back on the live streams

    • Nipple Johnston
      Nipple Johnston  4 months back

      Are you not aware, you're only allowed to have an opinion, personal or not, if it's in agreement with the trolls bolstered by an IQ equivalent to the rock you stubbed your toe on last week?

    • Top Hat Gaming Man
      Top Hat Gaming Man   4 months back

      @Solly vs. The Mole-Men I did for most of my adult life and I intend to again as soon as I go FT on YT in less than two weeks!

  • Mathew G
    Mathew G  3 months back

    I love my switch and I love to hate its flaws. I'm definently getting my money's worth. That being sayd as a Canadian I'm paying up to 30% extra unless my switch thinks I live in Portland Oregon lol

    • Luke Beauchamp
      Luke Beauchamp  4 months back

      You're lucky. My partner hates video games 😞

      • Amber Zwarthoed
        Amber Zwarthoed  4 months back

        Loook at the blind console (kickstarter)plz

        • Professor Rob
          Professor Rob  4 months back

          Ik im getting it

          • The SNES Man
            The SNES Man  4 months back

            I think that Nintendo should've given the system mini joy-cons with no rumble instead of fixed controls and they should've given the system the ability to dock but sell the dock separately so those who want a cheaper handheld could get it and those that want the docking could get it separately.

            Having additional Joy-Con's needed kinda negates the whole cheaper switch thing.

            My problem with the Switch Lite (other than the obvious compatibility issues due to it ditching the docking ability) is that despite the smaller size it is still quite large and I don't see myself carrying it in my pocket.

            In fact I also used one of my socks to keep my Switch's screen scratch free.

            • BigG Bucks
              BigG Bucks  4 months back

              The question is can u swap batteries

              • Chan Saet
                Chan Saet  3 months back

                You can swap batteries the same way how you can do it with smart phones. Meaning you have to either pay someone to open it up and replace the battery
                or do it yourself. It looks much much easier than a smartphone though.

            • TheUpliftingGuy
              TheUpliftingGuy  4 months back

              Won't buy a Switch until Switch Pro or next gen Switch comes out.

              • Dustin Nunn
                Dustin Nunn  4 months back

                If you already have a Nintendo Switch, then there is no need to get a Nintendo Switch Lite.

              • TheGenesisCrisis
                TheGenesisCrisis  4 months back

                The only real interesting thing I can see with the switch is the hacker scene it could possibly become the first ps2 portable.

                • BlueCollar Gamer
                  BlueCollar Gamer  4 months back

                  But can it play skyrim?

                • Travis Ruston
                  Travis Ruston  4 months back

                  I think you can actually buy this thing in Japan right now!

                  • Horst Vaisselle
                    Horst Vaisselle  4 months back

                    Nintendo Switch is for soyboys

                    • Simply Sherbert
                      Simply Sherbert  4 months back

                      I'm kind of interested, but then again, I just bought a 2DS, and I'm pretty happy with that.

                      • SLHellGirlFan
                        SLHellGirlFan  4 months back

                        This your first switch video I 100% agree with your opinion I won't be getting one as I already own a switch and I like going between handheld and TV but that is just me. 😊

                        • Bloodbane2099
                          Bloodbane2099  4 months back

                          if the drifting analog stick issues continue with this version it will be a huge problem <.<

                          • MathiusSoSpecial
                            MathiusSoSpecial  4 months back

                            Please cut down on the ranting on other topics. I had to sit through roughly 8 minutes of this video to get what I came here for. Sorry if this looks like a hate comment, I don't mean it to be.

                            • yogibear2k2
                              yogibear2k2  4 months back

                              OMG, you are married? That DID surprise me. I always thought of you as a confirmed bachelor. Well, you learn something new everyday. So, when is Top Hat Gaming Wife gonna make an appearance then?

                              • Top Hat Gaming Man
                                Top Hat Gaming Man   4 months back

                                @yogibear2k2 welcome along!

                              • yogibear2k2
                                yogibear2k2  4 months back

                                @Top Hat Gaming Man Fair enough and thanks for the Answer! I have not been with you long, so apologizes for that. I guess I have some catching up to do!

                              • Top Hat Gaming Man
                                Top Hat Gaming Man   4 months back

                                She already has appeared on here several times and has her own channel. Lady Decade.

                            • yogibear2k2
                              yogibear2k2  4 months back

                              I never understood with the switch why the Joycons are opposites to each other? It always puzzled me why the left one has the thumbstick at the top and the right one at the bottom. To me that is stupid. Also, there is nothing on the Switch that I want to play. The only console I would of gotten if the emulation wasn't so amazing in the Sega DreamCast. The other Segas and Nintendo's are OK and have some good games, but nothing ground breaking. I also, cannot understand the point of a handheld that you use on your telly. You may as well use a proper console. But, I guess I am spoilt with Emulation and the PC. I LOVE EMULATION! I have ONE real game for the 1 console I have (The PS 2,) and 3 UMD's (only, no cases, just the UMD's in a bubble envelope,) for my 3 PSP's. The other over 40,000 games and software I have are emulation! Apart from the one PS 2 game I have the rest are on Hard Disk and the PSP consoles are mainly emulation and games on 128gb Micro SD Cards. I do have 2 Vitas, but I can't get them to run Emulation because it is too difficult for me. Not only that, but the games are way too expensive for it, too. So they are in my drawer, where they have been for 5 months. Used for about 2 hours each. But I definitely will try again, soon. Now, this may seem wrong to a lot of people, and look like piracy, which, OK it is, BUT, if you went today and bought, for example, a Nintendo 64 console and 5 game cartridges for £100, how much of that money would go back to Nintendo and the developers of the games? NONE! So, that's why, to me, piracy of non-supported hardware and software I have no problem with.

                              • M Tech
                                M Tech  4 months back

                                Can you call this a Nintendo Switch if it cant Switch?

                                • TheJadeFist
                                  TheJadeFist  4 months back

                                  Should have had a mini hdmi port, and just play games in handheld mode on the TV, ie reduced cpu and gpu power and in 720p. It would have cost very little for them, and would have made the console a buy for me.

                              • BlueKewne
                                BlueKewne  4 months back

                                In short:
                                If you already have a Switch - no.
                                If you don't have one & don't mind sacrificing the TV dock & removable joycons for $100 savings & more portability - yes.

                                • JOHN CERVANTES
                                  JOHN CERVANTES  4 months back

                                  I don't care that it can't switch, I've been waiting all year for this. I love it, I think the normal switch is too big for handheld play. All I play is pokémon and I haven't bought a switch yet because lets go is trash and I knew this was coming. I'm officially hyped now.

                                  • Christopher Blair
                                    Christopher Blair  4 months back

                                    I'm still not really sold on the Switch. There's a few great exclusives, but they haven't sold the system to me and I'd rather play all of the multi-platform games on other platforms with more horsepower.

                                    • The SNES Man
                                      The SNES Man  4 months back

                                      Christopher Blair I guess you could take it with you. (The battery life does kinda negate that slightly)

                                  • safety steve
                                    safety steve  4 months back

                                    Switch Lite seems perfect for me and my family. We aren't into television watching but we sure like videogames. I suspect we'll get one when one of our 3DS handhelds get broken.

                                    • Jeremy Martin
                                      Jeremy Martin  4 months back

                                      I wanna be a citizen of the world...

                                      • Jeremy Martin
                                        Jeremy Martin  4 months back

                                        You carried your Switch in your sock?
                                        Didnt the joystick jab you in the ankle? Kinda hard to walk mate

                                        • Peter von Feldt
                                          Peter von Feldt  4 months back

                                          I mostly play in handheld mode so this is definitely worth it for me. I just won't get it at launch.

                                          • shadowinthevoid
                                            shadowinthevoid  4 months back

                                            Look like would be great in addition to a normal Switch........except for issues transferring saves when swapping between them

                                            • bdel80
                                              bdel80  4 months back

                                              Cloud saves maybe. But games like pokemon save to device.

                                          • Raymond Bergg
                                            Raymond Bergg  4 months back

                                            I am subscribed and I have the bell icon checked, so why didn't I get a notification?

                                            • Brian Sharp
                                              Brian Sharp  4 months back

                                              I wonder why so many compare him to ReviewTechUSA

                                              • Sharif Sourour
                                                Sharif Sourour  4 months back

                                                The pricing by region is available on the official Switch Lite website.

                                                • deathsyth8888
                                                  deathsyth8888  4 months back

                                                  Do you have a smaller, more portable top hat when you travel or do you use your regular top hat? We must know!

                                                  • Frost Aurora
                                                    Frost Aurora  4 months back

                                                    1:55 oh behave, lol

                                                    • steven bowen
                                                      steven bowen  4 months back

                                                      i still got my original Nintendo Switch i find without the Nintendo Switch lite for me i wait for the Nintendo Switch pro and i still got my Wii U and new Nintendo 3DS XL.

                                                      • Horst Vaisselle
                                                        Horst Vaisselle  4 months back

                                                        That's a lot of soy

                                                      • steven bowen
                                                        steven bowen  4 months back

                                                        Neo -geo 2&3 in 2020 and i still got my original Nintendo Switch since December 18 2017 and still got my to this day i pick on dock more and handheld at home with the right accessories to it

                                                      • steven bowen
                                                        steven bowen  4 months back

                                                        And so much more

                                                    • VinnCapp
                                                      VinnCapp  4 months back

                                                      it's like a Nintendo Vita, I love it!

                                                      • Sterman99
                                                        Sterman99  4 months back

                                                        But the battery life is supposed to be better. 3-7 hours vs 2.5 to 6.5 hours.

                                                        • bdel80
                                                          bdel80  4 months back

                                                          To me 30 min is not that great of a difference

                                                      • skins4thewin
                                                        skins4thewin  4 months back

                                                        Seriously, if the thing was only able to be docked then every bit of my negativity towards this thing would be resolved. It makes zero sense too considering all of the hardware to get the picture out was contained in the Dock, so there should be hardly any increased manufacturing cost to do so. It really makes zero sense that Nintendo would choose to do this.

                                                        • Mamiya645
                                                          Mamiya645  4 months back

                                                          The battery life situation hurts. Can we not get bulkier devices? Seeing Made In China (for better or worse) laptops that keep the weight down terribly well and bring mad batterylife.

                                                          • skins4thewin
                                                            skins4thewin  4 months back

                                                            Making the system Undockable was THE dumbest thing Nintendo could have possibly done!

                                                            This is on top of all of the other features that were removed... I don't even know why they left Bluetooth support in to begin with if it can't even be docked. Seriously, they should have just removed the Bluetooth as well and priced the system at $150, because that is honestly what this thing should cost with all of the stuff they removed along with the smaller screen. BOTW was hard enough to play in portable mode, I can't even imagine trying to play it on this thing...

                                                            • metachronicler
                                                              metachronicler  4 months back

                                                              They couldn't make money on joycons if they did that.

                                                          • James Burke
                                                            James Burke  4 months back

                                                            so do you think that no HD rumble means no rumble at all?

                                                            • juice hedgehog
                                                              juice hedgehog  4 months back

                                                              I think the issue with the early Switch ports weren’t so much Nintendo‘s laziness but mostly the overhyped fans, you’d see comments like “omg, Tropycal Freeze is coming to the Switch, finally a new DKC game”, “omg NSMBU is coming to the Switch, I wanted to play that”, “omg, Mario Kart 8 is the reason I bought a Switch”, “omg, captain toad is coming to the switch, I always wanted to play that”, “omg, Bayonetta 1&2 are coming to the switch” and so on, when to us WiiU owners they felt like a waste of money since we already had them, plus, it feels like Nintendo spat on our faces for supporting them during the WiiU era by providing better versions on the Switch anyway, not a very good message if you ask me as if Nintendo rewarded those who shat on the WiiU.

                                                              • Retro Jeegee
                                                                Retro Jeegee  4 months back

                                                                If they’ve fixed the drifting sticks issues AND the dpad is actually better than the dual use button setup then possibly yes!
                                                                Main issue is ergonomics for me. After 30 mins playing my hands physically hurt 🤣

                                                                • Lord Publius
                                                                  Lord Publius  4 months back

                                                                  The large number of WiiU ports was because the WiiU didn't sell and Nintendo wanted the $$$ they'd normally get for Zelda, Super Mario & Mario Kart games.

                                                                  • ZombieBarioth
                                                                    ZombieBarioth  4 months back

                                                                    True, though it wasn't just that, they used them to alleviate the usual launch drought. Remember the 3DS's first year?

                                                                    Their 'big' releases were an Ocarina of Time remake and Mario 3D Land. Not much else to attract buyers for what was a $250 handheld. Switch would have launched with Breath of the Wild, and what else?

                                                                • James Lewis
                                                                  James Lewis  4 months back

                                                                  It is still a 720p console released at a time where most of its competitors are using 1080p and transitioning to 1440p, 4k or even 8k.

                                                                  • Imsu MT
                                                                    Imsu MT  4 months back

                                                                    It's a handheld.

                                                                • Retro Recollections
                                                                  Retro Recollections  4 months back

                                                                  Some sensible arguments. They could have done something about the battery life. They've also made internal hardware changes so the system won't be exploitable (yet) like it's predecessor. It sounds daft but it bugs me that they're still calling it a Switch. It doesn't "switch" anymore, it's just a handheld! 😀

                                                                  • Maxx Lee
                                                                    Maxx Lee  4 months back

                                                                    The battery life on the LITE is only extra 1 hour compared to Switch based on the information given by Nintendo.

                                                                    • MrPoestyle
                                                                      MrPoestyle  4 months back

                                                                      GLAD TO SEE THE THEME SONG BACK !!!!

                                                                      • SAM3
                                                                        SAM3  4 months back

                                                                        so will it play 3ds games?