• Published: 13 December 2017
  • Hey Dandelions!!!

    So this is the first of two will be my most loved of the year. I hope you enjoy these underdogs, and the video. Thank you for watching and please subscribe!!

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    Lawless liquid lipsticks George and Leo

    Mac Driftwood Lipstick or

    Chantecaille Mermaid eye color or

    GA eye tints #11 & #23 or

    Touch in Sol No Pore-blem primer

    Tarte Amazonian clay foundation or

    Antonym highlighting blush

    Antonym Rose blush

    CT gold bar highlighter or

    Edward Bess Daydream bronzer

    Bare Minerals Tan bronzer or

    Lancome Natural mauve liner

    Hourglass Eden lip liner or

    Eyes Makup geek prom night
    Cheeks ND blush duo #4
    Nails Smith and Cult

    **This is not a sponsored video, some links are affiliate, thank you so much for using them and support this channel! All opinions are my own:)
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  • Katrina Reid
    Katrina Reid  2 years back

    Just found you on YouTube your so damn funny 😂

    • Annie Lawless Jacobs
      Annie Lawless Jacobs  2 years back

      Aw, thank you so much for the love!!!! xoxo

      • thelaurenshow
        thelaurenshow  2 years back


        • dobcsek
          dobcsek  2 years back

          You look gorgeous in the video Nat. Love your jumper a lot and the makeup is amazing!

          • D Smith
            D Smith  2 years back

            Homonym and Antonym.

            • Renatetalks
              Renatetalks  2 years back

              Hey, great video! I just did my first disappointing products video and your video appeared on my list of recommendations, which I love, finding so many new exciting channels. I love the creative content on your channel! It was really interesting, I haven't tried any of the products and I've subscribed!

              • Kristina
                Kristina  2 years back

                Love this video idea!!! Whenever you upload it literally makes my day ahaha you crack me up!!!

                • Sarah Nibbs
                  Sarah Nibbs  2 years back

                  I laughed out loud when you were talking about your guinea pigs. I had my headphones in and made by husband jump 😂

                  • Helena W
                    Helena W  2 years back

                    I have issues with the Armani eyetint. Don’t like to use it because the tiny shimmery partikles do fall under my eyes, what is not nice with my mature undereyes. I was very dissapointed like also with Armani foundations. The Armani makeup seems not work by me. Love your channel and your rewievs and tips!

                    • Joye Smith
                      Joye Smith  2 years back

                      Love these types of videos...Yes the Tarte foundation !!  Its one of my new favs!!  I stumbled on it and now Love it.  I mix it in with others that I don't like and suddenly BAM a new great foundation!

                      • Stephanie Marie
                        Stephanie Marie  2 years back

                        I rave about the Liptensities all the time! Totally underrated. I had two neutrals and went out a grabbed a red b/c it's the PERFECT formula to have a red in since it's creamy and comfortable yet lasts a long time and doesn't make your lips look dry. I RAVE ALL THE TIME about the eye tints. I'm on my 2nd Cold Copper. Everyone that's bought one from my rec has thanked me profusely. So great! They're not pricey if you wear them all the time, which you WILL! Love that Natural Mauve too! Awesome list! 👍

                        • Eva Marie
                          Eva Marie  2 years back

                          Don’t care for your language.

                          • KathysBeautyCareChats
                            KathysBeautyCareChats  2 years back

                            Hey gorgeous!! LOVE The Amazonian!! I like to mix it with the It CC! Gorge! And!!! have you tried Lancome The Rose???? Omg it's perfection!!! I'm gonna pick up the one you mentioned! I've gotten so many GREAT nude lip colors from you so your liners are usually perfect for me too! Love you beauty!! xoxoxo!!

                            • Candy Lamas Rodriguez
                              Candy Lamas Rodriguez  2 years back

                              You look very pretty!

                              • My Heavenly Days
                                My Heavenly Days  2 years back

                                You need to do this makeup tutorial. Gorgeous!!

                                • Kathleen M
                                  Kathleen M  2 years back

                                  You always look pretty but you look exceptionally lovely in this video.

                                  • Katrina Sinclair
                                    Katrina Sinclair  2 years back

                                    Pretty in pink!

                                    • Janelle Hall
                                      Janelle Hall  2 years back

                                      An tuh nim--the opposite of a synonym 😉

                                      • LemansSunset350
                                        LemansSunset350  2 years back

                                        Based on the fact you and I seem to have similar taste in clothes, you may also like the sweater on Revolve called “X Revolve Union Sweater” by the brand Lovers + Friends. You may also like “Cold Shoulder Sweater” by the brand Endless Rose (super cute but must admit it is a bit scratchy).

                                        • Renee Lopez
                                          Renee Lopez  2 years back

                                          You get prettier with every video, love your sweater. U have a great humor, tarte clay foundation is the best. I use all the time. Tried first 4, 5 years ago, still use it. Want ask for your opinion about skinny tea. I no you use it. Which one you like best for bloating? Thanks. .

                                          • Renee Lopez
                                            Renee Lopez  2 years back


                                          • Flowerbomb31
                                            Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                            I like to for bloating, or around that time of the month when you gain a bunch of water weight!

                                        • Annie P * Beauty Defying Age

                                          U kind of remind me of myself. The things that come out of your mouth is something i'd say as well. I'm an 80/90s girl who still beats to her own drum. lol
                                          The color of the sweater makes your skin look so bright and vibrant. It also looks great with the sliver hair!!! Love it C&%t!
                                          That Tarte foundation is the best!!!! I thought I was going to hate it because I am nit a mouse foundation type of gal but this shit rocks

                                          • Flowerbomb31
                                            Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                            thank you so much girl, and that's me!!!

                                        • Marla Mann
                                          Marla Mann  2 years back

                                          'cunty guinea pig' ' mario brothers' dying....nat i spit my coffee out. love you girl- you look stunning as usual- happy holidays beauty xo

                                        • Lisa Tucker
                                          Lisa Tucker  2 years back

                                          The cunty pig 😂😂😂. I have a pig, too. I'm going to be laughing all day!

                                          • Flowerbomb31
                                            Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                            I mean she issss that little hooker, we had to put her in time out. She needs to cool off

                                        • Kristie Myers
                                          Kristie Myers  2 years back

                                          Do you think the Charlotte Tilbury bar of gold would work on super pale skin? I'm about an NW15 in MAC lingo and I've wanted to try it since it came out but thought it would be too dark. L. Geller gilded honey, MAC whisper of gilt and Becca Opal are all too dark for me.

                                        • guellue74
                                          guellue74  2 years back

                                          hahahah i love your humor girl xoxox gül

                                          • Catherine Ruiz
                                            Catherine Ruiz  2 years back

                                            Haha! You crack me up!

                                          • LemansSunset350
                                            LemansSunset350  2 years back

                                            Hey Nat, what size sweater are you wearing? Thank you!

                                            • LemansSunset350
                                              LemansSunset350  2 years back

                                              Flowerbomb31 thank you! Do you normally wear a large though? You don’t look like you would be a large. Just wondering because I’m trying to figure out what size I should get and their sizing chart and the size the model is wearing (on a different website than what you posted) is confusing me.

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              I love her!! I must've missed that video

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back


                                            • LemansSunset350
                                              LemansSunset350  2 years back

                                              I swear Kiko’s baked blushes look just like the Antonym blushes, TaraBabyz (however you spell her name lol) has a video on them.

                                          • Alina Gomez
                                            Alina Gomez  2 years back

                                            You crack me up!!! Love your videos!

                                          • Dezidoll
                                            Dezidoll  2 years back

                                            Ok, so I know you would know. My husband and I are going through a rough patch and I never wear perfume. I want something that will make him want to😉you know. Lol. What should I get?

                                            • lu rramirez
                                              lu rramirez  2 years back

                                              Dezidoll hello I would have to say Chanel "Chance" light pinkish bottle smells wonderful. My hubby loves it 😉

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              I'm sorry to hear that doll, thanks for being so honest. Hey we all go through it, we've been there too. Since my husband has no sense of smell I only wear perfume for i can't ask him. I would say something spicy? Isn't cinnamon an aphrodisiac for men?

                                          • Tanya Wood
                                            Tanya Wood  2 years back

                                            Girl you are cracking me up! I absolutely love watching your videos...not only are you entertaining but informative, funny, and look amazing no matter how long it took for you to throw on your makeup! contour your titties omg I am dying!! (Ha) xo

                                          • Laurie Delre
                                            Laurie Delre  2 years back

                                            lolol love the video! I’m dying over the guinea pig comment😂😂

                                          • Lucinda Robinson
                                            Lucinda Robinson  2 years back

                                            “The cunty one...” I DIE 😂😂😂😂😂

                                          • Monica143
                                            Monica143  2 years back

                                            I love this video! I think maybe that brand is pronounced like the word that means the opposite of synonym?? I could be wrong!Love your channel!! 💗💗

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              that's prob it and I'm a DUMB SHIT!! omg

                                          • Michelle Kelly
                                            Michelle Kelly  2 years back

                                            You've convinced me to try the Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation. Did you know they eat guinea pigs in Peru? I learned that recently watching a travel vlog. I can't even imagine, but I guess it's no worse than people who eat rabbits. Now, onto happier thoughts.......I'm looking forward to seeing your yearly favourites. : )

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              yes its a delicacy!! i can't either, coming up soon love

                                          • michelle violetta
                                            michelle violetta  2 years back

                                            Omg I wish if I had like 5 min to do my makeup it would turn out like that lol. Your eyeshadow is gorgeous . Omg your guinea pig lol I hate when an animal bullys another one too lol . U should do another q and a again . Don't be nervous we all like you. Xoxo

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              hahahaha she only pick on the one, I don't know why. Ok I prob had more like 20 ;)

                                          • Andria Pizzi
                                            Andria Pizzi  2 years back

                                            I love your style, you can pull off anything! Rocker vibes, baby pink, and your hair color is so dope! Love it and great video!

                                          • Nicole Poliskey
                                            Nicole Poliskey  2 years back

                                            OMG I had 3 little baby hamsters. Two of them ganged up on one and ate her!! The kids were devastated and no-one told us that those hamsters should live alone. Guinea pigs are so damn sweet xx

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              shut upppp that is terrible!!!!

                                            • LemansSunset350
                                              LemansSunset350  2 years back

                                              Nicole Poliskey awwww that’s sad and disgusting at the same time :(

                                          • Amanda Brookman
                                            Amanda Brookman  2 years back

                                            Yessss Tarte Amazonian Clay is my all time favorite. It gets no love!!

                                          • stev9079
                                            stev9079  2 years back

                                            “An-ta-nim” means an opposite word

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              I know but is that the word I was trying to pronounce? I didn't think it had a Y in it

                                          • Kim Jones
                                            Kim Jones  2 years back

                                            You look so pretty in this video ❤️

                                          • SandyLee Garcia
                                            SandyLee Garcia  2 years back

                                            That tarte foundation ages me and looks terrible on my mature skin. I wish it worked for me tho

                                          • Rosa María Vélez
                                            Rosa María Vélez  2 years back

                                            Very good content! You know, many youtubers just talk about brands they’re affiliated with or receive PRs! Mario bros lmao 😂

                                          • Sarah Kalnajs
                                            Sarah Kalnajs  2 years back

                                            Ok ANT-O-NIM 😜😘 There you have it!

                                          • Theresa McElhaney
                                            Theresa McElhaney  2 years back

                                            ITS the best seeing your pretty in pink face!! This was such a fun video. I need to look at those mermaid eye creams. Love you

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              she is such a bitchhhh yes shes all youuuuuuu the mostttttt

                                          • Carol perara
                                            Carol perara  2 years back

                                            Girl u r on your game tonight!!! Loved everything! Can we just have a moment of silence for the bar of gold? Gorgeous!! U look SO good!!!! Love love !

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              its such a stunning highlighter and no one talks about it!

                                          • sascha alexandra
                                            sascha alexandra  2 years back

                                            Oh dear beautiful Natalie! Antonym! When you fumble with the words, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine, when you popped up and said did I get it.... it made my heart skip a beat.. you are so precious! Ant-oh-nim....

                                            • sascha alexandra
                                              sascha alexandra  2 years back

                                              Flowerbomb31 I don’t know if you’ll see this, but you are not a dumbass... you pronounce much more complicated words with ease... the English language is a bitch and there are no hard and fast rules.. you do fine!!!

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              I feel like such a dumb ass when I try and pronounce Wordsss omgg so embargoing..thanks girl

                                          • Lori K.
                                            Lori K.  2 years back

                                            Natalie you are hilarious ! Great video...want it all. What shade are you in the Tarte foundation please. Love ya !

                                            • Flowerbomb31
                                              Flowerbomb31   2 years back

                                              I love you friend!!! lemme check on that!!

                                          • vorkutyanka
                                            vorkutyanka  2 years back

                                            I’ve been watching you for upwards of 3 years, and honestly, you look better and younger as times hoes on! Way to go!