UNDISPUTED - Michael Vick PRAISES Kyler Murray leads Cardinals to 1st win, 26-23 over Bengals


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  • Avol80
    Avol80  4 weeks back

    0:08 Dude! I thought that clip was sped up.

    • Davos of Oakheart
      Davos of Oakheart  1 months back

      What is a ky-sing Star

      Sounds like ky jelly to me

      • Jakeem
        Jakeem  1 months back

        if kyler can play against only the 0-___ teams in the league he could go undefeated

        • Journal Wright
          Journal Wright  1 months back

          Shannon Sharpe is right, Cincinnati misses Marvin Lewis because they rather be in the mix than to be defeated.

          • Journal Wright
            Journal Wright  2 weeks back

            @Arav Bhatt Stop making excuses like Gary Owen. Your team is sorry and they parted ways with a good coach. I get that he couldn't win in the postseason but this new coach is a downgrade. I personally blame Mike Brown for the failures of the Bengals.

          • Arav Bhatt
            Arav Bhatt  2 weeks back

            @Journal Wright true but a lot of the games have come down to final possession.

          • Journal Wright
            Journal Wright  2 weeks back

            @Arav Bhatt They've had injuries before. They weren't this bad under Marvin Lewis.

          • Arav Bhatt
            Arav Bhatt  2 weeks back

            he's ignoring injuries

        • shane hester
          shane hester  1 months back

          if it isn't the old dog fighter.is this show getting that desperate.

          • Luis Barrios
            Luis Barrios  1 months back

            You’re holding on to that shit from like 10 years ago 🤦🏽‍♂️😂😂

          • hamnet speare
            hamnet speare  1 months back

            no dumbass

        • Taz Saalim
          Taz Saalim  1 months back

          He's gonna be great

          • LaVal Adams
            LaVal Adams  1 months back

            Don’t nobody wish they had no fukn Marvin. Mf ain’t win not one playoff game n 17 18 years mf he should hav been fired 15 years ago cocksucka

            • brad haithcock
              brad haithcock  1 months back

              Bungals suck fired the wrong coach were is marvin Lewis is what the fans are saying lmao

              • lenny ash
                lenny ash  2 months back

                that little fucker is fast i mean real fast and can sling the rock he won't be in AZ long

                • JthaGreat B-SpottEnt.
                  JthaGreat B-SpottEnt.  2 months back

                  Skip said he went home and played ARI lol 😂😂😂🔪

                  • Lewi Yonas
                    Lewi Yonas  2 months back

                    Kysing star really now lmfao

                    • Lavar Ball
                      Lavar Ball  2 months back

                      People stop saying kyler has a better arm than vick. He is a little more accurate but Vicks arm strength was ridiculous even into his 30s.

                      • StevieMac!
                        StevieMac!  1 months back

                        @Speaking Facts A more accurate name for you would be, "Talking Out Your Ass". All I did was quote real stats, so I don't know where you get off calling it fake. Also, take a look at some of the passes Murray has thrown when he has had protection up front. That 24 yard pass to D. Johnson in the 4th with less than 1:30 to go was a perfect example. He threw the ball before D.J. broke his route to the outside. He caught it in stride along the sideline, and the ball dropped into his outstretched hands with such perfection, you'd have thought it was QB and receiver that had been playing together for years instead of just 5 games into his rookie season. I've seen a number of other plays just like that. You might see them too if you stopped drinking so much hater-aid.

                        What is your point? Do you think Vick had a better arm than Murray? I proved that was bullshit. Do you think Murray is not good enough to succeed in NFL? You're probably in the group of no nothing clowns who think he is too short to succeed in the league. If I were you, I wouldn't bet against Kyler Murray, he's been proving idiots like you wrong his whole life.

                      • Speaking Facts
                        Speaking Facts  1 months back

                        StevieMac! Murray throws it underneath every play but alright whatever helps for your fake narrative

                      • Humble Rumble
                        Humble Rumble  1 months back

                        StevieMac! Why do people think a “better arm” just means you can throw it farther? Anyone in the nfl knows it’s all about accuracy.

                      • StevieMac!
                        StevieMac!  1 months back

                        Kyler Murray has a better arm than Vick. He is not stronger than Vick in arm strength, but stronger than the average NFL QB. He is not a "little" more accurate than Vick, he is much more accurate than Vick. I did stat comparison between the two QB's. Since Vick only started 2 games his rookie year, I used his 2nd year stats which you'd think would give Vick the advantage with a full extra year of experience, all it does is show how mature Murray is for a rookie.

                        Passing Yards:
                        Vick threw for 2936yds in 15 games/ Murray has passed for 1324yds in 5 games, on pace for 3972yds for 15 games. Over 1000yds more than Vick.

                        Vick completed 54.9% of his passes, which is just below his career avg of 56.2% / Murray is off to a much better start, matching Vicks best year ever at 62.5%.

                        Vicks stats come from 2002, his 2nd year in Atlanta. A much better team than Murray has been handed. Vicks 2002 team went to the playoffs. Even the biggest Cardinal homer would admit that the Cards are not going to make the playoffs this year.

                        You are seeing Murray get better as he adjusts to NFL game. I expect his stats to only get better as his career progresses. You may not like it, but Kyler Murray has a better arm than Vick.

                    • Jay Leezy
                      Jay Leezy  2 months back


                      • Reginald Billingsworth III

                        He’s a beast. My favorite player this year so far. Very fun to watch

                        • Tag Lordy
                          Tag Lordy  2 months back

                          I respect this win because the bengals really not a bad team their just missing something

                          • Yikes McG
                            Yikes McG  2 months back

                            They should have vick on more often, so many running qbs these days and he’s the guy who invented it!

                            • Steve
                              Steve  2 months back

                              Yikes McG Steve young but Vick took it to a whole new level

                            • Leighton Harris
                              Leighton Harris  2 months back

                              donovan smalls Cunningham was athletic mobile qb wouldn’t say “running qb”

                            • donovan smalls
                              donovan smalls  2 months back

                              What about randall Cunningham

                            • Tag Lordy
                              Tag Lordy  2 months back

                              Yeah Vick is so cool and chill you can’t be mad at his takes

                          • Lashawn Nolen
                            Lashawn Nolen  2 months back

                            Bruh why are they talking about these garbage ass teams and garbage ass kyler, the ROOKIE RB jacobs just ran 130 yards againts rhe best defense in the league, yet they talking about these garbage ass teams

                            • Kevin R
                              Kevin R  2 months back

                              We need to see Murray continue to run like this. When he runs like that it’s a nightmare for defenses. I get that he’s trying to impress from the pocket but when he gets the lanes like Russell Wilson he has to go..

                              • Rick Morty
                                Rick Morty  1 months back

                                George Bran kyler is one of the best i’ve ever seen at avoiding hits. always gets down or out of bound

                              • lil p90 misery
                                lil p90 misery  1 months back

                                Best rookie qb.

                              • Humble Rumble
                                Humble Rumble  1 months back

                                Kyler is smart and only runs when it’s the best possible situation for it. That long run in the bengals game happened because Edmonds slipped on his route and that’s the only route Kyler looked at before seeing not even one defense player in the middle of the field.really great play call and scheming by kliff there.

                              • George Bran
                                George Bran  1 months back

                                Its not like hes going to lose his speed if he doesn't run. He should practice playing in the pocket why risk getting injured during a losing season.

                            • Jared Taylor
                              Jared Taylor  2 months back

                              How are we gonna ignore what Carolina is doing? 3 weeks not covering them?

                              • Npc_Hydra3
                                Npc_Hydra3  2 months back

                                I think you mean what Christian Mccaffrey is doing lmao he's basically the Carolina Panthers offense

                              • Nifty Grower
                                Nifty Grower  2 months back

                                You can tell all the subjects are picked by Skip. I have no doubts. They talk about the people he likes to talk about.

                            • Thor God of thunder
                              Thor God of thunder  2 months back

                              Km was amazing yesterday...a little Doug flutie ish in my opinion... he's a rookie QB with a rookie HC.. there will be growing pains.. they hit it on the nose with the o-line comment.. protect the little man

                              • William Freeze
                                William Freeze  2 months back

                                It's always nice having Vick on!

                                • CloutBoy Brian
                                  CloutBoy Brian  1 months back

                                  Nifty Grower it’s because he was a scrambling quarterback so they get him to come on to talk about Murray and Lamar Jackson. Makes sense, not hard to see

                                • FlashX
                                  FlashX  2 months back

                                  @Exliptic 💯💯

                                • Exliptic
                                  Exliptic  2 months back

                                  Flashyze not only that but his points are valid and make sense, Vick knows and understands the game so his perspective is interesting.

                                • FlashX
                                  FlashX  2 months back

                                  @Nifty Grower He's one of the most electrifying players in NFL history. Have to give respect where it's due. Yes, what he did with dogs was horrible. He paid his dues by spending over a year of his life in prison. Just because he doesn't talk fast, doesn't mean he can't speak English properly. Not all analysts have to be loud or funny when making their points. They bring Vick on the show because he is arguably the greatest running QB in the history of the NFL. It makes sense to get his takes on other QBs that are similar to him.

                                • Jake Blaze
                                  Jake Blaze  2 months back

                                  Nifty Grower relax omg. Toxic nutty virgin

                              • Conradrumz1992
                                Conradrumz1992  2 months back

                                Is Kyler winning over Shannon? His tune sounded a bit different on QB1 this week.

                                • Job Done Right
                                  Job Done Right  1 months back

                                  @StevieMac! You know his dick size too?

                                • StevieMac!
                                  StevieMac!  1 months back

                                  ​@Job Done Right Show me any profile of his that lists him as 5' 7" that wasn't measured in H.S. or younger. He measured at the NFL combines at 5'10 1/8" barefoot and weighed 207Lbs. By comparison, in 2012 Russell Wilson measured 5' 10.5" and weighed 204Lbs.

                                • Job Done Right
                                  Job Done Right  1 months back

                                  @StevieMac! Kyle Murray is 5'7"

                                • StevieMac!
                                  StevieMac!  1 months back

                                  @Job Done Right Tim Teabagger? Do you even watch football? Tebow had horrible mechanics that, to his credit, he tried to correct in many off seasons, but he just had too many major flaws in his game that couldn't be corrected.

                                • ramyanathaniel
                                  ramyanathaniel  1 months back

                                  Conradrumz1992 with a terrible team

                              • Bryan
                                Bryan  2 months back

                                Kyler Murray is Vick with a better arm.

                                • StevieMac!
                                  StevieMac!  1 months back

                                  @AJ Palmeri Do you just pour the bull shit out of your mouth and hope that you are close to being right, or hoping that no one will call you on your nonsense? Murray is listed at 207 and Wilson is listed at 214. That's 13Lbs less difference than what you stated. At their respective combines Kyler was 207Lbs, and Russell was actually lighter than Kyler, at 204Lbs.

                                  Your assessment of KM is truly pathetic. He is the only QB in NFL history to pass for over 1300yrds and rush for over 200yrds in first 5 games. He is only QB in NFL with those stats this year so far. He tied Andrew Luck as only NFL QB's with at least 20 completions in each of their 1st 5 games. Watching the poise that Murray has at the end of games, like he showed in last 2 minutes of game against the Bengals, is proof that he has Superstar DNA. He took over that game with incredible passing and running. Nick Bosa is going to be a great DE in the NFL, but Murray is a once in a generation player that can put a team on his back and will them to win. No other position in NFL can do that. As for Josh Rosen... boo-fucking-hoo. He was given a shot last year, it was a bad situation, but he didn't show enough promise to warrant passing on Kyler Murray. He's not showing any signs this year that the Cards should have kept him. I wish Josh the best of luck, but I would have been pissed seeing Murray do what he's doing for the Cards, only for some other team, and Rosen looking painfully vanilla in Arizona.

                                  Got any more shit you want to throw against the wall in hopes that it sticks? So far you've shown how clueless you are when it comes to football. Want to try basketball? You couldn't be any worse.

                                • AJ Palmeri
                                  AJ Palmeri  1 months back

                                  StevieMac! Kyler weights 20 pounds less then Russel Wilson, And Kyler Murray looks like a high school QB afraid of Linebackers, He refuses to run unless he sees he won’t get hit at all. He shouldn’t have been the first pick of a draft, It should have been Nick Bosa, Not to meant the Cards completely fucked over Josh Rosen’s whole career with that pick

                                • StevieMac!
                                  StevieMac!  1 months back

                                  @AJ Palmeri If he was 3/4 of an inch taller he would be the same height as Russell Wilson. You people act like he's an Ompa-Lumpa out there. Give it up already.

                                • Bryan
                                  Bryan  1 months back

                                  @Lboogey75 again I said BETTER arm...you said STRONGER.

                                  Vick completed less than 50% of his passes his rookie year..and most of his career.

                                  Kyler is more accurate,had a faster release and throws a tighter spiral.Also Kyler can throw bombs at ease.

                                • Lboogey75
                                  Lboogey75  2 months back

                                  @Bryan don't confuse the point guy, I said stronger buddy. That being said, he was still a 4x pro bowler in spite of the numbers you placed up here trying to prove his inadequacies as a qb. the name of the game is to move the sticks which leads to touchdowns. Vick definitely did that and more in atl with a terrible offensive line and only a. crumpler catching the ball.

                                  qbr ratings and all that other crap came about during the Manning, Brees and Brady era. you know, when the qb position became untouchable and almost glorified flag football which is why they can play into their 40s.......

                              • Frost 745
                                Frost 745  2 months back

                                KM is basically I little Vic only thing just gotta get him more protection on the line and they gonna be a really good team

                                • Bryan
                                  Bryan  1 months back

                                  @Tag Lordy Vick completed less than 55% of his passes for his 1st 10 years in the league.

                                  Vick was an athlete playing QB.
                                  Kyler is a QB who also athletic.

                                • Frost 745
                                  Frost 745  2 months back

                                  @Tag Lordy Very True

                                • Tag Lordy
                                  Tag Lordy  2 months back

                                  A little more polished passer then Vick was at the same period

                              • Scott Blanton
                                Scott Blanton  2 months back

                                Man, he ran for that first down like a bullet out of a gun. This kid is quick. Lil Vick is a good comparison