Game of Thrones Battle of Winterfell Reaction


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  • Jesse Cox
    Jesse Cox   7 months back

    Night King: yay or nay?

    • szperaczgmeracz
      szperaczgmeracz  6 months back

      nay, plus I dislike his make-up :/

    • DJS Drums
      DJS Drums  6 months back

      The dead were always by far the least interesting aspect of the series. Their increasing prominence was directly correlated to the decline in quality of the show.

    • Ian Irwin
      Ian Irwin  6 months back

      When I saw him survive dragonfire i was like What does this mean? Is he actually an ancient Targaryen so he can survive fire when no other wights can?? Nay.

    • aephix73
      aephix73  6 months back


    • It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt
      It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt  6 months back

      foqcking NAY!

  • Ryan Lorenzo
    Ryan Lorenzo  4 months back

    If they wanted subversive Theon should have killed the Night King because Snow Bran thought he was low-tier trash and underestimated our ballsy avenger.

    • Checkmate1138
      Checkmate1138  6 months back

      You say there was never a fight with the army of the dead, but what about Hardhome? Or the battle at the Wall?

      • April Harmony
        April Harmony  6 months back

        NAY. They built The Night King up to be "That MotherFμ¥*er and after S8ep3 he's nothing.

        • brian milligan
          brian milligan  6 months back

          There were several battles with white walkers and the undead wtf are you talking about?

          • Joshua Sweetvale
            Joshua Sweetvale  6 months back

            "We have 3 episodes where Cersei's the villain-"
            Bwahahahahahahahahahhhahaha....heh. Fetcher.

            • Tsujanryo
              Tsujanryo  6 months back

              Night King - One-trick croney.
              He's a force of nature, essentially. I recall ever only seeing him smile twice, very little motivation divulged, etc.
              He's the arch-vile of GoT.
              A force of nature exactly because he just revamps entire armies; controlling on which side of the line, that separates life and death, people lie.

              • Monika Marais
                Monika Marais  6 months back

                Well not that far of with nuking kings landing with dragon fire... *looks pointedly at dani* @14:43

                • Matt Brown
                  Matt Brown  6 months back

                  c'mon jesse, you're not giving the night king credit. he also was 1 for 2 in ice spear throws, and the one hit was a doozy. other than that, he was the biggest red herring in the history of herring-dom

                  • Adw91
                    Adw91  6 months back

                    They should have subverted expectations by having Arya kill him to save Jon, like have the Night King kick Jon's ass, and then just as he's about to kill him Arya steps in and fights, and then wins.

                    That way it meets the expectation of Jon fighting the Night King, but subverts it by not having Jon be the one to win, even going so far as to have him moments from death.

                    But it's D&D, so anything more than generic tropes is too far...

                    • Jeremy Glassford
                      Jeremy Glassford  6 months back

                      I was pissed off when one of the dragons was killed before it was ridden by (and he never rides a dragon) Tyrion. I strongly suspect Tyrion is a Targaryen as well.

                      • Jeremy Glassford
                        Jeremy Glassford  6 months back

                        No relation, no affiliation (aside from watching and following) but I wanted Jesse and you guys to see this:

                        • Jeremy Glassford
                          Jeremy Glassford  6 months back

                          Same, no affiliation. I thought these things before finding Shad to say it, and Shad says it well:

                      • Bloodstainer
                        Bloodstainer  6 months back

                        The King Beyond the Wall put up more of a fight than the Night's King

                        • Bloodstainer
                          Bloodstainer  6 months back

                          The Night King went from being the Death Star to becoming the droid command ship Anakin blew up on Episode 1 while spinning.

                          • Bloodstainer
                            Bloodstainer  6 months back

                            The Night King is like Bolvar's Lich King, kinda "meh"

                            • neocomp92
                              neocomp92  6 months back

                              Night King is Snoke

                              • Iris
                                Iris  6 months back

                                😂 I’ve never watched Game of Thrones, probably cause of the South Park episode, which Jesse reminded me of Butters when Cartmen just made him watch it for their plans 🤣

                                • DravenDresden
                                  DravenDresden  6 months back

                                  Before I make my (long-winded) comment, I'm just gonna say NK got screwed by the rushed nature of S8.
                                  That said...
                                  What we SAW was the final battle between the living and the dead. Prior to that, The Last Hearth was decimated by the dead. Hardhome was completely overrun. The Wildlings were running away SEASONS ago because of the army of the dead. TLDR: there were TONS of 'battles' we never saw that the dead completely destroyed everything in their path. I presume we never saw those prior battles (save Hardhome) so that we had no context for which their capabilities. Hardhome was to show us that even if we take out thousands of them, he can just raise our casualties to reinforce his numbers.
                                  So saying it was 1 battle is technically inaccurate. We only see 2 total, sure. But there were several we didn't see (partially for the above mentioned reasons). The current rumors are we never learned anything about him because of the prequel show and saving all that info for that show.
                                  Jon leaving Sam was him realizing he had something more important he needs to do. (Turns out he didn't, but he didn't know that.)

                                  What would have been a BETTER battle (barring the idiocy of the battle tactics): Dany burns The Night King to no effect. Jon rushes in and they actually fight. Night King looks like he isn't even trying and wounds Jon. Night King walks away and when Jon starts getting up, THAT is when the dead are raised.
                                  We get the fight, we get the raising still. But it is narratively more satisfying and we still end up with the same results.

                                  • Sammy White
                                    Sammy White  6 months back

                                    I'm sorry but you're wrong, snoke is pretty much as important as the night King as far as this new shity trilogy goes what he did with kylo set every original trilogy character down the path that would lead them to where they are for this goddamn trilogy that makes him extremely importantand we should know at least something about his motivation at least, anything more than the fucking nothing we've got right now

                                    • Darth Vader
                                      Darth Vader  6 months back

                                      The only thing we as viewers can do is not to watch any D&D "writers/producers" "TV shows" ever again.

                                      • B. Greene
                                        B. Greene  6 months back

                                        It should have taken Jon, Bran, Arya, and the Red Woman’s magic to take down the NK. It wasn’t a one person job, even for a top notch assassin.

                                        • Kyle
                                          Kyle  6 months back

                                          Condition us for the entire series run to not care about the throne and realize the White Walkers are the real enemy and threat. S8 undid all of that lol

                                          • Chris Winston
                                            Chris Winston  6 months back

                                            You are absolutely correct. Jon should have fought the Night King but lost in the end since he was clearly outmatched; and Arya could have still had her moment.

                                            • CosmicMegaDonkeys
                                              CosmicMegaDonkeys  6 months back

                                              You said it. The night king is literally just a "existential threat". He was a catalyst to gather all those characters for them to resolve their conflicts, both with each other and internally. Saying the Night King is a "bad character" is nonsense. Like I said, he basically isn't. I think most people are outraged because there wasn't a cool sword fight between Jon and TNK. which I totally get, a slow burn, old school samurai fight between them would have been amazing. But once again, it does'nt matter. Also Cersi is the main villain. She is more of a threat than the frickin God of Death.

                                              • Video Storage
                                                Video Storage  6 months back

                                                Last season is rushed and you can feel GRRM didn't want to drag it out any longer as the lore for the show is made up and almost nothing from it is in actual books. He said he didn't want to continue it because it's advancing way too quick compared to books.

                                                Speaking of the dead king and why he didn't fight one on one with John is because he doesn't have to, he has his army to do things for him, but I guess he was too confident at the end near Bran. It felt like dead will win, because he defeated almost everyone and serious threats were preoccupied fighting. He let his guard down and wasn't expecting a little girl to actually get close to him with all his guards around him.

                                                In the end it all boils down to GRRM getting tired with the show basically. He likes to tell stories through books, not the show.

                                                • SlayerRiku
                                                  SlayerRiku  6 months back

                                                  "nukes king's landing with dragon fire" - even when you're not making predictions you're making predictions Jesse

                                                  • George
                                                    George  6 months back

                                                    The night king was great!the writers are idiots!...arya killing the night king without seeing him fight.All night kings generals...see them fighting. Nothing!a black, blurry screen the hall episode.

                                                    • GW Norris
                                                      GW Norris  6 months back

                                                      Jesse i miss you playing board games with Wil. I have rewatched your tabletop ep many times.

                                                      • Splotchy Ink
                                                        Splotchy Ink  6 months back

                                                        I think that confused feeling is the realization of watching a franchise you love starting to get torn apart, and you want to still love it, but your logic is telling you its bad, but your heart wants to still love it.

                                                        • shikamaru317
                                                          shikamaru317  6 months back

                                                          Here's the thing. I don't mind at all that Arya killed the Night King, and I find it silly that people are complaining about that, what bothers me is that he never spoke, we never learned anything about him, and that he didn't get an epic fight scene against Arya in the episode.

                                                          • Navak
                                                            Navak  6 months back

                                                            Night King is reduced to a vehicle to justify that the only person who deserves the throne is the one who doesn't want it: Jon. Jon only cared about the Night King, which in the end makes him worthy for the throne. That ended up being the only point of the Night King.

                                                            • Nojig93
                                                              Nojig93  6 months back


                                                              • Raul Nasonov
                                                                Raul Nasonov  6 months back

                                                                I was dissapointed aswell how they finished off Night King. From season 1 episode 1 when they showed white walkers i was excited . Seemed good story to tell but when season 8 episode 3 all was good untill that conclusion.

                                                                • 5chr4pn3ll
                                                                  5chr4pn3ll  6 months back

                                                                  But the thing is the humans were losing the battle of Winterfell, it was not even close. They were getting wrecked.
                                                                  The classic badguy thing to do is to battle the hero and then get killed, but the night king just ignored that because that is how you lose. The night king what we all tell the badguy to do in films/games/etc. He didn't have a long monologue, he didn't get tricked into a battle where he might actually lose from being at a sure win situation, he did exactly the right thing.
                                                                  His only mistake was reveling in the moment of victory a few seconds too long, which you can hardly blame him for considering the situation, which allowed "no-one" to come and kill him.

                                                                  • David Mills
                                                                    David Mills  6 months back

                                                                    How they killed of Night King reminded me of what supernatural would do, all season building up a powerful villain, telling us how scary he is just to back stab him in the last ten minutes of the episode

                                                                    • timomastosalo
                                                                      timomastosalo  6 months back

                                                                      The Nightking did fight. He fought Theon who had killed loads of white walkers. He was so OP Theon was dead pretty soon.

                                                                      It really culminated to this: Bran was his goal, the honey pulling him. It would have meant wiping out the memory of the living. So there was no other fight, no other war. But they did fight north of the Wall - remember? That was the 1st bttle of the undead army, and they were OP. When the remnants of the Free Folk and Jon's crew barely escaped on boats. And bran facing Nightking - what could he do? Like Sansa and Tyrion some people just are not fighters. Bran was exposed. But in his wekness, he was the perfect bate. THAT's how Bran fought - others were his blades and muscles. Like brains fight - they have to use the arms and legs, teeth: the brains can't hit anyone.

                                                                      This not like Pokemon were every cute character has their warrior upgrade :)

                                                                      Nightking was actually so powerful, he had never fought any even duels. He had never met such a guile as Arya's attack was. All his enemies were puny to him - like Jon also. Jon wasn't a match even to his dragon. Then this puny girl pulled a surprise move the mighty ruler had never met. It was alien to him. He wasn't a soldier - he was more like a superhero, or supervillain, depending on perspective.

                                                                      Martin writes again and again that even the most mighty ones have there flaws. Nightking's death actually reminds me of how Tywin died.

                                                                      And as a character he was one of the 'Others'. He is meant to be odd, alien - not behaving like human. So he is not like Thanos, not that human, not a warrior. He threw an ice spear with super ability. He does everything OP. But his weaknesses had never been exposed before. He had no experiences of losing. which can be a dratic flaw too. You can fly as the top eagle only so long. What do you do, if you've been the best all your life, then for once you ain't? Well, at least you're surprised, and in a war that might be enough. Previous victories don't count.

                                                                      He was maybe so much more powerful than any other force in this world, that had Arya not surprised him, but died in an open battle, nobody in Westeros, Essos etc. could have won him. And only a few knew they need the dragonglass or Valyrian steel. So what if such people met the undead army alone? Difficult to surprise the whole army alone. Especially since that army grew after each battle.

                                                                      His end might feel cheap, because many wished it to be the final fight - the 'Big Boss' to kill in the final level. See how the vieo games make us predictable consumers? We expect the same stroy, same plot over and over again! But Martin seems to pull the unorthodox tricks in every other corner. This isn't the traditional story, the classic, where the Hero kills the Villain in the last battle, and the Heroine comes to his armpit, and they rise a mound, and stare at the horizon where the sun is setting, hair flying in the wind
                                                                      ... of the wind machine.

                                                                      Of course if Cersei wins and kill all the characters I love, I have to punch her personally.

                                                                      • Florian Gestraud
                                                                        Florian Gestraud  6 months back

                                                                        Disliked, because, you cannot like Arya after this Deux ex Machina. That is horrible writing, horrible realization, unsatisfying at all. Had to be Arya's hardcore fan, but truly, that was so anticlimatic that the show just ended there. Who cares now about the throne, send terminator Arya and begone.

                                                                        • Peter Savill
                                                                          Peter Savill  6 months back

                                                                          When we rewatch this show from S1 ep1 we might as well skip all the white walker scenes. It’s that irrelevant.

                                                                          • Adrian Gomez
                                                                            Adrian Gomez  6 months back

                                                                            GOT is dead, build up night king for what kill him off easily? and not even explain his and white walkers back story properly. FUCK THIS SHIT!!!!

                                                                            • Super33Saiyan
                                                                              Super33Saiyan  6 months back

                                                                              Come on! They had a fucking MILLION DEADS/WIGHTS + GENERALS + 1 DRAGON + A BLOODY NIGHT KING!!!!! And they couldn't even kill a teenager!!!!?
                                                                              This "girl power" shit going too far! And seriously!?? A tiny 40kg little girl defeating an over 10 000kg Giant!???? Even if she hit the eye, the thickness of skull could be as hard as solid rock!

                                                                              • coldfusionwaffles
                                                                                coldfusionwaffles  6 months back

                                                                                We wanted a litch on the level of Kel'thuzad... we got arthas... no not litch king ner'zhul inhabiting arthas as the litch king but whiney weak ass chapter 1 Warcraft III Arthas.

                                                                                • Solve Everything
                                                                                  Solve Everything  6 months back

                                                                                  finally they got rid of the infantile magical nonsense.

                                                                                  • ExW
                                                                                    ExW  6 months back

                                                                                    They didnt, arya is rolling around just fine:D and a dragon

                                                                                • dreamisolympia88
                                                                                  dreamisolympia88  6 months back

                                                                                  I am not happy with the episodes. Or any of the episodes. Every Sunday evening I'm expecting explanations from next episode about just how the fuck certain shit went down, and its just glossed over as if the fans wont notice. Biggest let down ever

                                                                                  • Undead Twilight
                                                                                    Undead Twilight  6 months back

                                                                                    What if he’s not the night king

                                                                                    • TheGhostOfTom
                                                                                      TheGhostOfTom  6 months back

                                                                                      The new Star Wars movies "subvert our expectations" and look what happened.

                                                                                      • jimipurple123
                                                                                        jimipurple123  6 months back

                                                                                        It was terrible. Just have an epic battle with Jon and when he is about to die the sword lights up and he kills the NK. Then the story has a purpose. Jon will have a reason for his rebirth. Then go down and but Cersei. Jon dies fighting for her. People find out he was the rightful king then Dany sits on the throne being pregnant with his baby. Sansa gets winterfell. Gendry gets storms end. Jaime get casterley rock. Bron gets high garden. Jon Arryan has the vale. Yara has the iron islands. The free folk go home. The twins and river run go to the edmure Tully. Sam tarly gets horn hill

                                                                                        • alexander leo
                                                                                          alexander leo  6 months back

                                                                                          Feminism, ruining everything since yorkie bars

                                                                                          • Aniket Dandekar
                                                                                            Aniket Dandekar  6 months back

                                                                                            I have exact same feelings you have after watching the 3rd episode...