Game Of Thrones - Season 8 Episode 5 Review - "The Bells"


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  • Tickled Elmo
    Tickled Elmo  6 months back

    Respectfully, you can't divorce these episodes from others. The whole thing that made Walter White's character so good and "believable" was it was a slow burn over multiple prior episodes. They didn't just level him up to be the person he ended up being going from 0 to 60 in a split second (w/ illogical reasoning). And because they had Dany go from 0 to 60 for a dumb reason it's not believable. Btw, the closest logical reason she would have done what she did, to intimidate others, was explicitly rejected as a reason by the showrunners. They explained it as she snapped, so even the best possible explanation (which would still be dumb considering her actions) doesn't work.

    Breaking Bad is considered such a great show because it did almost the complete opposite of what was done in Thrones. You can't "trick" your fans into feeling like they didn't really know characters we've been following for almost a decade. If you want them to turn, a great choice, it has to be gradual where fans think "Man, we are a long way from where we started. I can't believe I used to like this person." Pretty much the opposite of why people liked the Jamie plot until the end. It worked because we slowly got bits and pieces of his backstory leading up to his end being believable. They botched it w/ Dany.

    And no, people complained about plot armor only for the main characters in situations where they clearly should be dead. Arya was the definition of main character plot armor. Just like in the Long Night, everyone else that isn't the main character dies. There was no change. The only change was now the writers wanted to kill off the main characters for the story. The plot armor was just as bad if not more so!

    • Kay D
      Kay D  6 months back

      I completely agree-we really needed more episodes this season. Idk why they chose to rush it like this. Can we give it up to Drogon though?! He's the real MVP here.

    • m l
      m l  6 months back

      one further thought, if Tyrion's father really was the Mad King, then he would have the best claim to the throne being the oldest of the 3 surviving Targaryens.

      • Malligrub 1
        Malligrub 1  6 months back

        No, the writers are definitely idiots

        • Karolina
          Karolina  6 months back

          I didn't like Varys death. They kind of suggested that he was trying to poison Dany (the scene with little girl from kitchen), but maybe if they made it clearer the Tyrion's action would have been justified. The way they did it makes me feel Vary's death was stupid, it's a sneaky sly character that was around for 8 seasons and now he dies as if he was clueless and reckless.
          The second death I hated was Cersei. She had too good death. I mean come on after all she did she gets to die in the arms of a loved one? Not cool. Also not cool that it was a roof that fell down on her. so disappointing.

          • Lovely Liza Love
            Lovely Liza Love  6 months back

            Too much hype. Too much expectation. No one is going to be happy unless we all take it for what it is. IT IS WHAT IT IS.....

            • johnaway
              johnaway  6 months back

              I loved it. Sad about Danny going mad. Poor danny

              • Darlene B
                Darlene B  6 months back

                Sttteeevvve! Great review as always!!! I agree with all your points. So much I loved, so much I didn’t..ahhh this showwww.

                • mary dauby
                  mary dauby  6 months back

                  I find when a series is hyped up too much everyone is disappointed. HBO drug out the last 2 seasons making everyone wait and salivate. So much buildup breeds disappointment. HBO took that risk and now they can live with the blowback. Let’s hope the prequels turn out better since D&D are bowing out.

                  • cableaddict
                    cableaddict  6 months back

                    Season 8: 
                    "What do we say to the God of Logic?
                    "Not today."

                    • Daniel Leone
                      Daniel Leone  6 months back

                      Thank you for balancing positive with constructive criticism. I think it was a best direction, best cinematography, best music and well acted of a poorly written season. So more good than bad for me. 3 more episodes would have helped immensely. As always thoroughly enjoy your reviews buddy ❤️🎞🐉❄️👆🏼

                    • FUNNYMAN ERICWHITE
                      FUNNYMAN ERICWHITE  6 months back

                      Im a walking dead fan. Now you know how i feel lol

                    • Nourishing LI
                      Nourishing LI  6 months back

                      I think the fact that, with one episode left, this show could still end any number of ways; it's still totally ambiguous and that's what makes it great.

                      • akia goldsmyth
                        akia goldsmyth  6 months back

                        Can't believe Cersi died by rocks falling on her head.

                        • Chris Kane
                          Chris Kane  6 months back

                          Bravo, excellent review. Great episode, beautiful ending. Fuck these negative nellys that disagree, people who didn’t like it are only not liking it to sound cool and hip. 8.5 tho, a little low, more like 10!!!

                        • TwinkleStar
                          TwinkleStar  6 months back

                          I rewatched this episode again and have a different appreciation for it. I actually loved it. The emotion that had built up in Dany before she snapped was excellent acting. I felt like she made this sound like she was fighting back tears, but it was just like I went through all of this for this shitty city of folks that exiled me and my brother when we were kids. These are the same folks that cheered Ned getting beheaded, and threw shit at Cersie. And was okay with Robert Killing her and her brother when they were kids. In addition to losing Missandei, Jorah, Jon and having to kill Varys. She was so emotional and took it out on King’s Landing. Just the sheer amount of time she spent burning that city up while Cersie watched was EPIC BOSS SHIT! And Cersie died desperate, scared and helpless and watched Jamie die too. I can’t think of a better death for a control freak like Cersie. Just the fact she got the see Qyburn and Jamie die and the city destroyed was enough for me. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

                          • Alanna Michelle Bova
                            Alanna Michelle Bova  6 months back

                            You forgot to mention the show with one of the best endings ever, Six Feet Under 😋

                          • Frank Laudicina
                            Frank Laudicina  6 months back

                            That's why I respect the hell out of Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould. They refuse to rush their writing no matter what. They will bring you a great story. You might have to wait..... but it's so worth it.

                          • Frank Laudicina
                            Frank Laudicina  6 months back

                            BCS is the only show I watch anymore. Can't wait till it's back so I can watch your channel again. Looking forward to your reviews.

                            • Steve Varley
                              Steve Varley   6 months back

                              thanks frank. that means a ton. yes great show!

                          • Amrit Trivedi
                            Amrit Trivedi  6 months back

                            Dany became the matrix

                            • lagaman11
                              lagaman11  6 months back

                              I think everyone needs to let this episode sort of sit and simmer for at least a couple of days before judging it so harshly. Daenerys has been using restraint, under advice from her council, and against her better judgment, for the last 6 seasons, and what has it gotten her? 2 of her dragons=dead, her husband=dead, her son=dead, her entire family=dead, her first true love(Daario Naharris)=lost, Ser Barrister Selmy=dead, Jorah Mormont=dead, Dothraki Hoard=decimated, Unsullied Army=decimated, her rightful claim to the iron thrown=taken from the man she loves, her best friend and closest confidant (Missandri)=beheaded in front of her, loyalty from all of the people who should be licking her boots in appreciation=nonexistent, betrayed by=EVERYONE! This episode was a return to form, as far as I'm concerned. You damn right she's the Mad Queen, mad as hell with every right to be.

                              • Steve Varley
                                Steve Varley   6 months back

                                love this comment, thank you for rational thinking!

                            • Jay J
                              Jay J  6 months back

                              For me its the pacing, we watched Reek get tortured for how many seasons just to see single episode resolutions.

                              • m l
                                m l  6 months back

                                everything about this episode character-wise made sense to me, jaime & cersi, arya, greyworm, daenerys & john snow. what didn't work was how little effort was required to defeat cersi's troops and how ineffective the Scorpian launchers were. maybe i should say how little used they were, an occasional shot here or there when really there could have been 10-20 shots at a time which would have hit and killed the dragon. the golden company was just plain stupid. for the next episode, i would suspect daenerys will try and kill all those she believed betrayed her. there are a host of people who will try and kill daenerys from arya to tyrion. daenerys is a killer, always has been, john snow isn't but will kill when he has to. would be kinda strange for arya to kill both the night king and daenerys. so my guess is daenerys has sansa, arya & bran killed (because they know the truth) and john snow will kill her in retaliation. there is your long promised bittersweet ending, john snow takes the crown, that he doesn't even want, at the cost of losing his entire family.

                                • mary dauby
                                  mary dauby  6 months back

                                  Sand Snakes were suppose to be bad ass but ended up being a bunch of yapping lapdogs

                              • Jeff Fulton
                                Jeff Fulton  6 months back

                                Maybe Arya will become the Barathian (sp?) Queen and rule the realm.

                                • Donna Lynn
                                  Donna Lynn  6 months back

                                  I don't dislike the entire season but they are rushing this season and for what? We didn't tell them they only had 6 episodes to finish the story. HBO didn't tell them that either. The fans would have preferred more eps. They took an extra year to tell the story and its rushed. Why? There's absolutely no reason for it.

                                  Hubby and I were beyond POed about Cersei's death. She did NOT deserve comfort in her last moments and certainly didn't deserve to die in Jamie's arms. We all thought he would kill her, but no. What a cop out. Then after all she's done we don't get the satisfaction of a good death for her.

                                  As for Dany, she went completely mad. Did not like that at all and enough of the blood and guts already. They didn't need 20 minutes of Arya running thru the streets (that's what it felt like) and we absolutely hated it. Arya is a warrior. I feel like during the scene where she ends up getting trampled that wouldn't have happened. She knows how to hold her own and would not have been pushed around as she was. Very poor scene and then dragging the mother and child outside saying if you stay here you die only to lead them to their deaths? WTF?!? Just a horrible scene with her that should have been cut completely.

                                  • Tickled Elmo
                                    Tickled Elmo  6 months back

                                    How bad are the wasted scenes in episodes 1 and 2 look now given everything? The scene w/ Brienne and Jamie was just fan service that really did absolutely nothing to advance the overall story. They could have had a quick scene were Brienne is upset he's leaving because they obviously bonded and it would have accomplished everything they were going for. Instead, they wasted so much time on a plot point that really didn't matter. Time they really could have used to flesh things out better w/ the more major arcs.

                                • Victoria Dolan
                                  Victoria Dolan  6 months back

                                  This review is spot on! Thank you.

                                • Sunshine Bee
                                  Sunshine Bee  6 months back

                                  They totally destroyed Dani's arc. If you look back at her battles she never hurt innocent people. They folks she killed were killed for being horrid people. And she gave sams dad and brother a choice and they chose death. They should of took more time to create her into this demon. It was rushed and just awful. I feel Bran will warg into Drogon and eat Dani or some stupid sh*t! Just give me some milk of the poppy to take away the pain.

                                  • Casey28xxx
                                    Casey28xxx  6 months back

                                    The fact is when people are invested in characters/stories of such a long running TV show like GoT or Walking Dead etc. everyone wants their wishes fulfilled and hopes paid off for their vision of what is to happen next.

                                    The writers need to balance getting a good story to pay off for as many of those fans as they can as well as 'attempting' to get the story where it needs to go in order to wrap up and also pay off character arcs as well as they can for the story to feel complete.

                                    I find it's always best not to have hopes and aspirations for your favourite characters, just go with the flow and enjoy the story as it's being told. If folks can't enjoy a story and plot twists that they don't expect or didn't want, then they just gotta stop watching.

                                  • Wayne McLeod
                                    Wayne McLeod  6 months back

                                    This episode was the motto of Daenerys' family - fire and blood.

                                    • Dee Varley
                                      Dee Varley  6 months back

                                      I might be in the minority here but I enjoyed this episode. This episode is just setting up for the finale. Dany's character is believable to me. You can't murder large numbers of people and come out the other side being a pretty princess. If they were having trouble deciding how to end the show they could always refer to the book. Steve very good analysis of Cersi and Jaime relationship.

                                    • R
                                      R  6 months back

                                      What happened to this show? The writing is absolutely the worst!

                                      • Nancy Allen
                                        Nancy Allen  6 months back

                                        Steve your reviews are the best! I appreciate that you always manage to point out the good and the bad aspects of the episode. I agree with the amount of killing needed in this episode lol- it’s Game of Thrones! It gave me Red Wedding vibes (kind of) because I wasn’t expecting this to happen. Who do you think will will the Game of Thrones? Do you believe some of the fan theories of the realm becoming a democracy?

                                        • Steve Varley
                                          Steve Varley   6 months back

                                          and thanks for the kind words nancy :) follow me on instagram if you can!

                                        • Steve Varley
                                          Steve Varley   6 months back

                                          i do! i think it will end with no throne. and sansa and tyrion having to rebuild a democracy. happy we see eye to eye nancy!!

                                      • BLACK ALIEN MUSINGS
                                        BLACK ALIEN MUSINGS  6 months back

                                        Cersei dying like a bitch, crying that she doesn't want to die is so out of character.

                                        • BLACK ALIEN MUSINGS
                                          BLACK ALIEN MUSINGS  6 months back

                                          The only "subversive" thing that they can do now is let Dany end up on the throne. Let the Mad Queen win.

                                          • supercarolita81
                                            supercarolita81  6 months back

                                            Not only would it be subversive, but it would follow what many real-life monarchs did in the past.

                                        • JT Zimm
                                          JT Zimm  6 months back

                                          Overall, I liked this episode, but I’m with a lot of the peanut gallery calling foul on how quickly Dany’s madness elevated. If anything, Dany had a God Complex, and fed her ego by smiting her enemies with a quickness, and offering the oppressed salvation and freedom from under various tyrants’ thumbs. We definitely needed to see more regression from who that person was to the psychopath we saw in last night’s episode. I think we are seeing a bad case of the producers and show-runners biting off way more than they can chew, and choking in the final hours. Still nowhere near as offensive as Lost, tho...

                                          • No Name
                                            No Name  6 months back

                                            I liked it! If anything played out the way I had hoped for, that would be disappointing. I don't watch it to verify what I think should happen. I am glad they didn't draw out Dani's madness, I'm not sure it would have made sense. She needed to snap, and then she did. Those who follow her needed to see that even when mercy and sanity is given a game plan, stop with the bells, they needed to see that yes, she is powerful, but she can't control it. The characters that they have built her up with, to support her, are loyal and honorable people. They needed to see a clear cut justifiable reason to not want to back their queen. I loved seeing the mountain fall towards the flames, did not want to see the hound end up in them too. But it works. The hound has no purpose after he destroys his brother, that was his role, he did it. I think Cerci's flat reaction is because it truly means nothing to her to watch her people burn. She only cares about herself and what she can grow inside of herself. I also think she was still delusional in her thinking, in still being in the mindset that as always, somebody will save her and she will be fine. I don't know what I think, I will definitely shut up now. Great review, thanks!

                                            • Crazy Gemini
                                              Crazy Gemini  6 months back

                                              I knew dany was going to go mad. I just wish they fleshed it out better the last few seasons. Like you said...RUSHED and EMPTY!!!

                                              • Bloods
                                                Bloods  6 months back

                                                Maybe mad but not stupid. We both know she is rational person. She did kill people for revenge and own amusement but she also knows she has 0% chance sitting on throne as everyone in kingslanding wants her dead. It doesnt fit her character arc.

                                            • Lanetta McAlpine
                                              Lanetta McAlpine  6 months back

                                              I call BS 😂😂😂😂 I actually was enjoying this season, until this episode this episode made no sense I am fine with Daeny and what she did, What frustrated me Jaime and Cersei

                                              • scott wolfe
                                                scott wolfe  6 months back

                                                I didn't like the path Darys has taken.  This sets up a bitter sweet ending for next bummer :-(

                                                • Bloods
                                                  Bloods  6 months back

                                                  It feels cheated ending. She wanted to be queen 8 seasons and now suddenly when she won she threw it away because everyone wants her now dead. I wont watch last episode.

                                              • kuyu kot
                                                kuyu kot  6 months back

                                                nahh.. i love it.. go dany.. burn them all.. keep whining or watch some disney movies then.. lol 😂

                                                • Steve Varley
                                                  Steve Varley   6 months back

                                                  hahaha im with u! we are alone on a abandoned island lmao

                                              • Amri Abderrahim
                                                Amri Abderrahim  6 months back

                                                the problem is not the happy ending it is the writing and the weak dialog, the lines of the characters are getting stupider and many changes felt out of nowhere like Arya for example, Danarys burning the innocent people is out of the line she has been saving people and freeing them all these seasons and now she just kill for no reason? why didn't she head to the Cersi directly if she is power hangry?

                                                • Steve Varley
                                                  Steve Varley   6 months back

                                                  i mean dany has said herself, she wants to burn cities to the ground and take back what is hers. so i dont think it is too out there

                                                • Amri Abderrahim
                                                  Amri Abderrahim  6 months back

                                                  yeah it is not about the story or anything anymore it is just a fan service and doing what they think would impress the viewers so that they can get even more money also in the beginning the show was unpredictable but everything made sense every act was for purpose now they are just throwing random scenes " unpredictable" here and there and expect the viewer to be stupid and accept it

                                                • William Laubach
                                                  William Laubach  6 months back

                                                  The after episode commentary was so dumb, they essentially said "we thought it would be more intimate and emotional to follow a loved character through the destruction than random extras so we chose to follow arya" I mean come on she did nothing and they admitted she was just there because people like her and it would be scary if she almost died hence the two times they made us think she died.

                                                  So empty

                                                • scott wolfe
                                                  scott wolfe  6 months back

                                                  my thoughts exactly

                                              • mary
                                                mary  6 months back

                                                Please don’t compare the red wedding to this shenanigan. Rob did so may mistakes that led to his death his arc was a child that didn’t listen to his mom’s words a young king who fallen in love not here’s Dany she is good but now she is mad she is on her period

                                                • mary
                                                  mary  6 months back

                                                  Steve Varley she was 16 years old and starving with her 3 cats dragons. I would say the same thing if I was in the same place. that was the only way to survive and guess what that “madness” waited 10 years till it comes out

                                                • Steve Varley
                                                  Steve Varley   6 months back

                                                  to quote dany from season ago, i will burn citites to the ground and take what is mine, it fits to me.... that is exactly what she did

                                              • mary
                                                mary  6 months back

                                                I mean come on my baby brother can write a better ending disgusting. WTF

                                                • Daria Takova
                                                  Daria Takova  6 months back

                                                  I'm sorry but this 8th season is BS!

                                                  • Volume Dealer
                                                    Volume Dealer  6 months back

                                                    Kaiburn getting Dashed by the Mountain was the best.

                                                  • Hecate's Daughter
                                                    Hecate's Daughter  6 months back

                                                    If Weiss and Benioff were “trying their best” they would have hired GOOD writers!!!

                                                    • chara208
                                                      chara208  6 months back

                                                      She didnt kill the civilians because she was power hungry though because they had already surrendered. She did it for no reason other than her own sick enjoyment. It is way too extreme a thing for her character to have been capable of. Bad writing. Baddddd

                                                      • Angela Raber
                                                        Angela Raber  6 months back

                                                        Steve Varley That’s all true and I guess I was mistaken to expect better from her but it was so traumatic. The destruction reminded me of all those horrific scenes from the war in Syria. 😢 It was just too realistic for me. In Deep Geek put out a video that explains the psychology behind her actions in depth which I recommend highly. Helped me to come to terms with my bitter disappointment in her character. The ending is supposed to be bittersweet. I hope there’s a sweet ending for some of our favourite characters.

                                                      • Steve Varley
                                                        Steve Varley   6 months back

                                                        she said in previous seasons i will burn cities to the ground and take back what is mine,. and that is exactly what she did

                                                      • Bloods
                                                        Bloods  6 months back

                                                        Not only that but she is rational person. She know every person in kingslanding wants her dead. Very bad writing. I will boycott watching last episode. I also unsubbed hbo.

                                                      • Angela Raber
                                                        Angela Raber  6 months back

                                                        After finishing off all the scorpions it would have made more sense for her to fly directly to the Red Keep and deal with Cersei to get her revenge. Spending so much time destroying the city and killing innocent civilians, besides being unnecessarily cruel, served no practical purpose and almost allowed Cersei to escape. The city is in ruins and she is now just Queen of the ashes.

                                                      • mchlphotoguy
                                                        mchlphotoguy  6 months back

                                                        I don't agree, it was not for enjoyment; it was for vengeance, her rage and hatred for Cersei and what to her is Jon Snow's betrayal

                                                    • David Lopez
                                                      David Lopez  6 months back

                                                      I don't mind the deaths but dying in a lame way that's fucked up