Top 5 Plot "Leak" Game Of Thrones Season 8!


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  • Lisa B
    Lisa B  2 years back

    I feel like you should write an anonymous plot leak, and then act like you're the first to see it drop and do your videos! LOL

    • Noxjin
      Noxjin  2 years back

      i dont understand why people call it an ice dragon. its not an ice dragon

      • DropinDirty Dueces
        DropinDirty Dueces  2 years back

        How'd you ever enjoy the books being such a awful reader?

        • celt4 life
          celt4 life  2 years back

          Shit my notifications are playing up,thats 3 different channels i sub too not sending nots.

          • Danny Mckay
            Danny Mckay  2 years back

            Gotta love the Jam in the background. Long Naaght

            • Cassie Roberts
              Cassie Roberts  2 years back

              I saw this come live when I was at work yesterday. Sad panda missed all the fun 😑

              • DoYouKnowWhoIam Im Ivar the Boneless

                The NK will go next to KL..Cercei will have to be fucked up as well.I think this little girl looks like a combination of Danny and Jon

                • DoYouKnowWhoIam Im Ivar the Boneless

                  Jon and Danny cannot fight away from each other during the war ..He need her to fight with him and she needs to protected by him because is pregnant and they need each other..Greece is always beautiful ..sunny and with a lot beaches now who summer is coming there.Sansa is going to die in a blaze of glory defending Winterfel...oooooo

                  • DoYouKnowWhoIam Im Ivar the Boneless

                    Sansa will go nuts to Danny and Jon...She will not be happy to hear Jon/Danny are in relationship,bend the knee and having a kid together..she will hate that..Littlefinger..before dies talk to her about Jon/Danny being young,beautiful and unmarried and so he refined the seeds of jealousy inside Sansas heart ..Sansa is so distrustful and moody character..That Crypts of Winterfell part with Jon/Danny talking for their lost families is so emotional scene and makes sense..may be bring them even more together.I agree with that Sansa dies in Winterfell defending it like the captain leaves last his ship.

                    • Cornelia Echzeller
                      Cornelia Echzeller  2 years back

                      SerHunt, Im surprised to hear, the sparring between Arya and Brienne is your favourite scene in the entire Game of Thrones series. I like this scene as well - no doubt Arya is badass, but I think her skills are pretty much overrated by many people. Don't forget: this was a sparring match and Brienne didn't use Oathbreaker but a sparring sword. In real fight - and if Arya was a foe - she would have finished her off in the moment she went to ground. Besides: Arya is Cat's daughter and Brienne swore a vow to protect her - she definitely won't do her any harm at all and injure her in a fight.

                      • Marina and the Almonds
                        Marina and the Almonds  2 years back

                        I'm I the only one who can't stand Sansa stark, completely useless boring character who has been a victim for seven season ?.

                        • God Emperor Darrin
                          God Emperor Darrin  2 years back

                          Cant tell what is going on...but the easy jazz is nice touch

                          • MannyG33309
                            MannyG33309  2 years back

                            What no confirmation by Watchers on my Balls? lol

                            • Maaike R
                              Maaike R  2 years back

                              The leaker said he just happened to see the scripts but didn't have his phone to make a picture. The scripts got send digitally. How did he just happen to see the file and just happen to know the password to the file. But he couldn't make a copy or photo by phone for some weird reason. Its bullshit.

                              • Jules 327
                                Jules 327  2 years back

                                Great stuff, I really enjoy your videos...
                                I don't understand how anyone could mistake this gawdawfull fan fiction for an actual plot leak, hearing you explode into a stream of expletives over it is soooo satisfying lol
                                and yeah, that carpool karaoke video of Maisie & Sophie was THE best thing EVER !!!

                                • Dean Chase
                                  Dean Chase  2 years back

                                  Jules 327 lolol get lost

                                • Jules 327
                                  Jules 327  2 years back

                                  Ok you win, I was fine with you being offensive but you going all sweet and lovey-dovey on me like that just made things weird and kinda icky, plus that last comment was so juvenile as to make it really creepy, I just ain't into that shit.
                                  Have a nice Day.

                                • Jules 327
                                  Jules 327  2 years back

                                  Just read your last comment, so Wow You're a real credit to your race, give yourself a big pat on the back.

                                • Jules 327
                                  Jules 327  2 years back

                                  Thanks for taking the time to explain yourself in more detail, English obviously isn't your first language and your point wasn't made clear the first few times you made it. I don't think someone responding to a substandard work of fiction should have to edit and compact it to make it "sound better", as you put it. Oh and I don't mind a little trash talk when people are discussing trash, I find it quite fitting...

                                • Dean Chase
                                  Dean Chase  2 years back

                                  Jules 327 and Jules I think your black but let you know I don't give a shit about plot leaks it's call passing time if I watch something then I like to enjoy it I hope.I subscribed to Ser hunt there's only a few I listen too sorry but talking thrones the best yes your black like Ser hunt so you love him but I don't give a fuck what you think just read the shit better ok bi

                              • Sai's Sari Sari
                                Sai's Sari Sari  2 years back

                                theres no video

                                • Cathyreal_ LaiQue
                                  Cathyreal_ LaiQue  2 years back

                                  I love how real you are! In the fact that you will call yourself out on your own mistakes! Makes you definitely more approachable.

                                  • Dean Chase
                                    Dean Chase  2 years back

                                    Ser hunt I like your videos but your not talking thrones there's a reason he has 230k subscribers n you have 36k he knows it's b's you need to see his videos about this leaks his was better n your trying to make fun of his videos about it his reading was lot better then this crap you did please clean up your videos a bit ok I still like you dude

                                    • Dean Chase
                                      Dean Chase  2 years back

                                      Arthur plus Rhealler equals Dawn heiress lol funny n stupid you know shit about anything bet your a sad person who's real fat sits on his ass all day looking for someone on his laptop to give him some love n I'm just the fool who's doing that well I get it sorry but No More bye bye fat boy I'm no sucker

                                    • Arthur plus Rhealler equals Dawn heiress
                                      Arthur plus Rhealler equals Dawn heiress  2 years back

                                      Dean Chase You're* . Not too bright are you ?. LOL

                                    • Arthur plus Rhealler equals Dawn heiress
                                      Arthur plus Rhealler equals Dawn heiress  2 years back

                                      Dean Chase I'm just pointing out the fact that you can't spell and your grammar sucks, you call me retarded, I can't even understand what the fuck your talking about LOL. Anyway it's been fun, maybe it's time for you to learn the basic art of writing.

                                    • Dean Chase
                                      Dean Chase  2 years back

                                      Arthur plus Rhealler equals I come from my father's ass

                                    • Dean Chase
                                      Dean Chase  2 years back

                                      Arthur plus Rhealler equals Dawn heiress fuck off stupid inbreed who cares what you got to say I'm useing a cellphone

                                  • Ser Hunts Reviews
                                    Ser Hunts Reviews   2 years back

                                    Awe shit! I hope you guys enjoy this, theory video drops later this week!