What Trisha Paytas REALLY meant- A TransMans Perspective


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  • Truth Love
    Truth Love  5 days back

    So what are Legitimate reasons for her then? And who are you to deny her truth?

    • Myrk Fælinn
      Myrk Fælinn  6 days back

      Before I transitioned, I was okay slacking off with lazy clothes at the store or even out at school. I had short hair pre T for 4 years and barely got sexualized. I got called shemale and such but little did they know... lol

      • Myrk Fælinn
        Myrk Fælinn  6 days back

        The only times guys were after me was when I looked girly before (and I quit that, by only cutting my hair at age of sixteen so I get what she means in a way, but to be fair, many of her reasons are about misoginy)

    • Carson Adams
      Carson Adams  3 weeks back

      Very respectful way to put this Aydian, thank you

      • Krystal Bello
        Krystal Bello  3 weeks back

        i appreciate the calm logical way you went about this, its hard to keep calm with the shit she says lmao

        • Jett Jo johnson
          Jett Jo johnson  1 months back

          Some woman have facial hair.
          Shaving sucks.

          When you sooner contain you girls not display them.
          Sports bras are a good choice.
          A lot of gay girls spoken about they would like to have a wanker for 24 hours just to experience what it's like and with there girlfriend.

          I like my girls, they can be pesky and get in the way, I have had to bind for years , and yes I hated unwanted attention from guys , when they thought I was a transvestite, bisexual and gay man are aggresive and confrontational as hell.
          People thinking your a dude with fake boobs and then they think your a Transvestite, shit gets ugly.

          Transsexuals are not transvestites.
          Transvestites are gay and bisexual man with a sexual fetish dressing in woman's clothing and yes some of them do take hormones.

          I personally will not tolerate them.

          Next , trans man have a lot of hurtles to overcome.
          Cisgender men have to deal with a lot.

          If your a female and you dont like long hair than cut it, if you dont like putting on makeup then dont .

          Many women prefer sports bras.
          Truth is I dont like bras however my work requires my to compress my girls .
          And I'm very butch , thick shirts work great to hide curves.

          By the way, I know a lot of women who dress like the Dorky trans dude in this video and go out.

          Plus, have you ever watched, People of Walmart videos on YouTube?
          Just saying.

          • MELANIE GRANT
            MELANIE GRANT  1 months back

            1) Had she really been in gender therapy for 6 months she would be savvy on terms, less confused, and less offensive in her delivery. So I'm hard pressed to believe her.
            2) She has offended before when she 'identified' as black, a teletubby, a chicken nugget, a Trump supporter. Offending the mass public for clicks is what she's known for. The LGBTQ+ community is her new target.
            3) For someone who isn't a fan of labels she sure does use a lot of them to self-describe. Hence the video click-bait.
            4) Trisha's video was monetized and her name is on everyone's lips. Mission accomplished! Our shock, anger, offense is making her rich.
            Where is the accountability or consequence on her part? She video'd a mukbang right after. She's learned nothing.

            • Ziamusic
              Ziamusic  1 months back

              whether Trisha is trolling or not, you still deserve mad respect for the way you broke this down while still being respectful of all the different people and groups involved in this situation


                This is due to the new fad of not being normal, & being a victim is all the rage. I don't see myself as less than or not good enough as a female . Someone called me a minority because I'm female & it pissed me off. Don't victimize me, you wanna victimize yourself by giving weight to idiots who say women aren't good as, or gays are any different because of their own choice that's you lowering yourself. People talk trash, they say what they think is going to hurt you. You choose to let it hurt you. I don't get offended at what or who I am, I get pissed at the ahole acting like what I am isn't good enough THAT'S NOT BEING A VICTIM, THAT'S BEING ABSOLUTELY FINE WITH WHAT YOU ARE.

                • Eric Sparks
                  Eric Sparks  1 months back

                  You couldn't have said it any better Aydian.

                  • Weslie Martin
                    Weslie Martin  1 months back

                    Man I can't tell you how relieved I am to listen to your thoughts on this. As a trans man myself, I've been so nervous to look into this whole issue because all I've seen are people policing the FUCK out of gender identity. But hearing you start this video out by using they/ them for Trisha made me waaaay more comfortable to hear your thoughts. This video was so calm and analytical vs angry and policing. I love your thoughts and this video allowed me to look at things from this perspective instead while also validating trans peoples identities. You're very introspective and I've got so much respect for you.

                    • GAS
                      GAS  1 months back

                      Everyone is hopping on the bandwagon to get more subscribers by adding her name in the title... smhf 🤦🏽‍♀️

                      • Just a dude Man
                        Just a dude Man  1 months back

                        Dude, Silicon Valley is full of woman who roll out of bed, walk out of the door with no makeup,
                        wearing basic jeans and hoodie.
                        Woman choose to conform.
                        Men aren’t given a pass because society gives it to us or O.B wouldn’t be seem as unattractive.

                        I shave because I love the ritual of shaving. I go to the gym because I love lifting. I stopped going to bars because I felt judged and deleted dating apps profiles because I felt over sexualized.
                        If you feel pressured to do something your not feeling hot about, grow a backbone and stop doing it.

                        Stop blaming other people who have little bearing on your life “friends, family, and employers not included”.

                        Yes, I am a man saying “buck-up buttercup life sucks for everyone” so stop adding other peoples shit to your priorities list and move on.

                        • robin raadhi
                          robin raadhi  1 months back

                          my thoughts from the get go. she's hella confused

                          • John Newmark
                            John Newmark  1 months back

                            Hi. I'm new here. I'm confused. Are you really trans? You are a very handsome man. There's nothing , literally NOTHING female about you. I hope I'm not offending you. I mean no harm. I'm truly impressed with how you pass. Just so handsome and well spoken. I'm subscribing!!!

                            • Blooming Gloomer
                              Blooming Gloomer  1 months back

                              You really are a good listener! Since the controversy i only see other trans man reacted with anger almost like lashing out about the topic but i kind of understand where they came from.

                              T said a lot of offensive things. But watching your video and seeing you act calmly and choose your words wisely about this topic really shows that you are mature and seeing this video is just makes me grateful that there is still people like you out here! Anyways, great video! Keep doing you, please never stop continuing to spread the love and understanding🌻🌻🌈🌈

                              • Nick Torok
                                Nick Torok  1 months back

                                I say some of the same things in my trans responce video. I hadn't seen yours till now.

                                • Amy G
                                  Amy G  1 months back

                                  I don't think Trish understands what being transgendered is really. Also she is prob just doing it for views.

                                  • Midas Seinfeld
                                    Midas Seinfeld  1 months back

                                    Thanks for this! A few trans men reacting to her video also noted that she's basically complaining about sexism simultaneously exhibiting signs of internalized misogyny, and she thinks that's gender dysphoria. You went in depth and really approached her with kindness, great angle!

                                    • doc 68w
                                      doc 68w  1 months back

                                      She is the reason why transtrenders get a free pass and no one has the balls to start telling people the truth about being transsexual and that the vast majority of people who claim trans aren't even actually trans. Her whole video was a slap in the face to those of us who are legitimately transsexual. She is a cisgender female who owes all of us transsexual men a huge ass apology. I get that she did it to be a giant fucking troll but come the fuck on. If you do not have crippling sex dysphoria and you do not medically and surgically transition to treat that dysphoria then you are not transsexual. It's really that fucking simple.

                                      • Victoria Bryer
                                        Victoria Bryer  1 months back

                                        Vanilla cupcake scented beard butter, with holographic sparkles.
                                        Pumpkin Spice Latte beard wash.
                                        idk someone else can come up with more.

                                        • NativeNYerChicHK
                                          NativeNYerChicHK  1 months back

                                          I have known women my whole life who cut their hair short, worn comfortable clothing and haven’t worn makeup. That’s a choice, you just have to not give a shit what people think. No one is forcing anyone to have long hair, wear makeup or dress up everyday. This is all getting so out of hand. You don’t need a label for this, you just need to stop caring more about what society thinks about your appearance than how you want to dress and wear your hair. Trish is being ridiculous.

                                          • Lauren Martinez
                                            Lauren Martinez  1 months back

                                            I agree and disagree. Watching some of her video she is clearly confused with the terms and their definitions. Even in the idea of gender v sexuality. She seems to be realizing privileges yes that are afforded to cis white men the most but also starting to become aware how all things are gendered and sexualized especially for cis women. It sounds like she is at a crossroads with seeing she can do and be whatever she wants without the labels but is still trying to label herself. Maybe for views on YT or maybe bc that’s white supremacy. How would life be without all this labeling? Less about identity and more about what really matters. Being and living. We all label. I am a non binary trans MASC black queer person. Using they/them pronouns. But that is how I identify. That’s not who I am. She is searching for labeling with how she feels and is confused with how to put language to it in my opinion. And I think that’s what you’re saying in this video. Thanks!

                                            • myflyingkidney
                                              myflyingkidney  1 months back

                                              i'd say in europe people are generally expected to look apropriately in public. not everywhere, not everyone, I am generalizing of course, but generally I feel like people are generally expected to look put together. not saying that men don't have privileges but I feel like european culture treats male and female beauty standards differently.

                                              • bosh
                                                bosh  1 months back

                                                She sounds like a gender non-conforming female. Where she identifies as female but doesn't embrace "femininity" forced by society. But like you said in your video, a lot of women do and say this. I questioned myself for years for some of the same reasons but in the end my dysphoria is what hammered it in for me. I didn't watch her whole video but it sounds like she's doing this for attention and I hope she gets some help and figures herself out.

                                                • TransBruh Podcast
                                                  TransBruh Podcast  1 months back

                                                  Its 2019...women can wear whatever they want. Women get a lot more judgment from other women. It isn't necessarily male privilege but more so the expectations and judgments women get from other women. Trish is probably trolling. If she really felt like that she wouldn't have her boobs thrown out all over the place. It isn't the pAtRiArChY. And no being a woman isn't seen as less than unless you choose to see it as such.

                                                  • dun with yøu
                                                    dun with yøu  1 months back

                                                    okay but about the sports bra thing Trisha literally got a boob job to get bigger boobs

                                                    • Lily Frey
                                                      Lily Frey  1 months back

                                                      4:29 ... wait. Is that what people think? I thought they were just admiring me :p

                                                      This is one of the best takes on all of YouTube. I see myself as a girl but not a woman... but I'm 30, almost 31, I'm a grown ass woman, it's weird. But I'm definitely not trans, just not sure about my position in life rn. Great analysis Aydian :)

                                                      • Lily Frey
                                                        Lily Frey  1 months back

                                                        @Estrella Moore I just have trouble realizing I'm an adult, like I'm not emotionally ready, and idk, the word "woman" vs "girl" is just not me? Hard to explain.

                                                      • Estrella Moore
                                                        Estrella Moore  1 months back

                                                        I think it's pretty common to see yourself as less experienced than you should be at your age and maybe it's because everything is new to you. Honestly, aren't we all just trying to wing it like all of the time lol!

                                                    • Deaf ComicBook Bear
                                                      Deaf ComicBook Bear  1 months back

                                                      Aydian, I am really gay man. I enjoyed watching you for few years. I tell you that I don’t look at you as FTM or Trans man. You are just a man with real feelings to me. I want to ask you biggest question: I noticed few gay men begin to attach Trans men. They don’t care about your gender. They like you for who are you. I need to know what’s your reactions. Thanks! 🌈

                                                      • JustKenda
                                                        JustKenda  1 months back

                                                        AYDIAN THE WISDOM HOLDER!! PREACH IT, DUDE! So much insight in this video.

                                                        • Melvin Brandt
                                                          Melvin Brandt  1 months back

                                                          This was a great video. I love listening to your viewpoint. You dont see a lot of older mature transmen and you raise a lot of good points. I've been on T for almost a year now, and got ostracised for doing it. Hopefully my fam comes around one day but anyways her video did hurt. It is a really serious topic and it affects a lot of people. Coming out is a HUGE deal and ultimately can cause people to lose their homes, family, jobs, and sometimes even their lives. Its pretty messed up to joke around about something like that. Society is messed up.
                                                          On a different note, what was your experience with society and forming relationships with other men after coming out? Especially since you werent raised and socialised as a cisman?

                                                          • Alice
                                                            Alice  1 months back

                                                            You basically just said what "you think" T's gender is. Peeps are insecureeee. Imagine if someone told you all these reasons to try to convince you you were female... :/

                                                            • almond_m1lk
                                                              almond_m1lk  1 months back

                                                              I think that this is an example of why it’s dangerous to come out as something on the internet. You can hurt somebody with your ignorance, and unfortunately, you can hurt yourself because you don’t understand what you’re going through.

                                                              • Idiotic Lasagna
                                                                Idiotic Lasagna  1 months back

                                                                I agree and the hate towards her is bad,,,,
                                                                But what she said about trans women, NB Pals and how it seems like she fetishizing gay men....
                                                                Some of it is kinda just people yelling for her to stop..

                                                                Great vid bro

                                                                • Sarah M
                                                                  Sarah M  1 months back

                                                                  I think you've nailed it, I felt this too from Trish. She's confusing her frustrations with societal norms with being trans. I get her frustrations, but do worry her confusion could be detrimental (only because she has such a big sub count and her voice is amplified).

                                                                  • Ashton Wenyon
                                                                    Ashton Wenyon  1 months back

                                                                    But please watch her interview with TMZ. She's outright fetishizing being a trans man and even finds it "hot" that she's getting so many DM's now.

                                                                    • King Mob
                                                                      King Mob  1 months back

                                                                      Just call it was it is: mental illness.

                                                                      • 21EILISHS
                                                                        21EILISHS  1 months back

                                                                        I agree with you and you also did a really good job at being respectful by calling Trisha they/them pronouns

                                                                        • Jemini36
                                                                          Jemini36  1 months back

                                                                          i like the new perspective i still think she is not trans and just wants attention

                                                                          • The Amazon Is On Fire
                                                                            The Amazon Is On Fire  1 months back

                                                                            People think she's just saying that she likes short hair, but if you don't know them in real life, you have no right to tell her what or who Trisha is. This video was very well thought out and calm. Good job. 👏

                                                                            • ZootedZ
                                                                              ZootedZ  1 months back

                                                                              Most rational video on this yet!!! 👍🏼
                                                                              You’re such a smart dude!!

                                                                              • Armando Armstrong
                                                                                Armando Armstrong  1 months back

                                                                                be careful. her fans are rabid and if they think you are doubting her they will go after you. just look at what her fans have done to Daniel E Carroll. She made a video about supporting trump and when she started to get backlash because of it she accused him of stalking her and he is still being harassed by her fans to this day.

                                                                                • Chelsea Deeg
                                                                                  Chelsea Deeg  1 months back

                                                                                  You articulated this so well

                                                                                  • E D
                                                                                    E D  1 months back

                                                                                    Don’t call women sis or cis, whatever, that is not ok, that is disrespect!

                                                                                    • Kleineganz
                                                                                      Kleineganz  1 months back

                                                                                      No, it's not disrespect at all. Both trans- and cis- are latin prefixes that were originally used in medical papers to define transsexual/transgender and cissexual/cisgender. Cis/cisgender is the correct medical term for people whose gender identity aligns with their biological sex. How can that possibly be disrespectful?

                                                                                  • Kasey Marlowe
                                                                                    Kasey Marlowe  1 months back

                                                                                    Their are bennifits of each sex. I guess people want it to be exactly the same

                                                                                    • Kasey Marlowe
                                                                                      Kasey Marlowe  1 months back

                                                                                      Women can get by with and do a lot men can't do too!

                                                                                      • Kasey Marlowe
                                                                                        Kasey Marlowe  1 months back

                                                                                        People are being wayyy too sensitive with this..

                                                                                        • Hold That Ghost
                                                                                          Hold That Ghost  1 months back

                                                                                          I agree that she has suffered because of misogyny and probably disgusting objectification. However, she's said she is against they/ them pronouns and also immediately after she made the apology video, posted nudes as an advertisement to her 18+ only account....sooo don't know how much she actually hates her body like she claims to when she's literally showing off nudes to strangers.

                                                                                          She also claimed on Twitter to be with a gender therapist for 6 months, which as us trans folks (at least in the states) know, a gender therapist doesn't just smile and nod and go YES YOU ARE TRANS when you meet them. They work to distinguish if you have dysphoria, dysmorphia, trauma, sexual abuse history, penis envy (like you said, it's about privilege not actual personal dysphoria), etc. If she's been talking like she did in that video to a gender therapist for 6 months? She needs a new therapist because they're obviously doing a horrible job, or she's ignoring everything they're saying to her. I get she has stuff to work through, everyone does, but when you have 5 million+ followers, maybe don't publicly make a HUGE claim like being trans when you're not educated, not medically transitioning, not changing your pronouns, and really making an ignorant SCENE during a HUGE, important, historical time in trans and lgb+ rights. Focus your attention on getting help, figuring out what you DO want, and helping the cause instead of making trans people look like indecisive nutjobs. Because having a track record of saying you're straight, then a lesbian, then bi, then posting a video about how you're "black now " then you're trans? Not a good look. Also her telling other well jamiel, established trans, gnc, nb folks THEY'RE ignorant and closed minded when they spoke up and called her on the video? Uhhh she obviously knows nothing about the community she claims to be such a big part of.

                                                                                          I feel bad that she's having a rough time, but I'm 32, trans, and I didn't fight every day of my life to be made a mockery of by someone making money off shit like this. Foolishness.

                                                                                          As always, Aydian, you're well spoken and much calmer than I could ever be. Lol but that's why I don't make videos, I suppose. 🖤🧡🖤 Hope everyone has a good day, take care of yourselves and each other.

                                                                                          • Funko, Haunters & More
                                                                                            Funko, Haunters & More  1 months back

                                                                                            Thank You Aydian!!! I am glad you put out a video. I was so confused. I have never been fem. So I never questioned that & I have passed all my life as male. I guess that is why Trisha confused me. I now get what is going on. Thanks for explaining in depth about this. 👍😎🐺✌
                                                                                            Sorry for got I changed my name on you.
                                                                                            Krischen Allen