Game of Thrones Symbolism | Stannis Baratheon and the Peach


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      Max  7 months back

      can you prove its all going to charity

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      Oh nice!! I should finish another video for tall tomorrow

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      Just became a channel member. 😉

  • Johann
    Johann  5 days back

    I hate a good many things, but I suffer them all the same

    • bridge4
      bridge4   5 days back

      Lol. Brutally honest

  • Elsa Frost
    Elsa Frost  7 days back

    Ok, but burning his Shireen was only in the show.
    In the books she's back in Castle Black with Melisandre, and if she's going to be burned it'll be done by Melisandre *behind Stannis' back*
    He'd never do this. They screwed up his storyline. And fuck those who consider the show as canon.

    Btw, I enjoyed the video, so no offence except against the showrunners who disrespespected their king.

    • Enzo Auditore
      Enzo Auditore  2 weeks back

      "Family, duty, honnor"
      Family = Stark
      Duty = Baratheon
      Honnor = comi o cu de quem tá lendo.

      • Lord_OnionKnight
        Lord_OnionKnight  2 months back

        Foh with patchfaces creepy ass song at the end

        • James Aaron
          James Aaron  2 months back

          You are describing the show character. Book Stannis never interacts with his daughter. The tv show really amped up Stannis’ humanity and cut the 95% of his book speaking which consists of him whinging about all the ways he feels he has not gotten his due.

          • James Aaron
            James Aaron  2 months back

            Edit, meant to add, Stannis bails on duty often if it conflicts with his agenda. For example, after Jon Arryn was killed (by, Stannis thought, the Lannisters) he had an obvious and immediate duty to tell his brother/king the danger he was in...but Robert named Ned Hand over him, so instead Stannis left Robert in the dark and went and sulked on Dragonstone until he was killed. That’s...a lot of things, but dutiful is not one of them.

        • d.a. pryor
          d.a. pryor  3 months back

          Why would someone 'dislike' this video?

          • bridge4
            bridge4   3 months back

            To each their own :))

        • Hrishikesh Nair
          Hrishikesh Nair  3 months back

          Stannis's story towards the end was extremely depressing. 😞

          • blackninja937
            blackninja937  3 months back

            What’s the theme playing at 12:30?

            • Geo S.
              Geo S.  4 months back

              An utterly damn shame that peach scene was not included. So simple and so powerful.

              • Miscellaneous Mind
                Miscellaneous Mind  4 months back

                At least he lives by a code. Love is the death of duty.

                • freyedat theedges
                  freyedat theedges  4 months back

                  I am trying to move on from the final season then you make this ex video lol. Stannis was the rightful heir.

                  • Shai Hulud
                    Shai Hulud  4 months back

                    I'm really late to this vid, but I am so glad it was recommended to me. I love Stannis and his reflection on the peach is one of my absolute favorite moments of ASOIAF!

                    • Jonathan J
                      Jonathan J  4 months back

                      I imagine their father was like how Tywin was to his children. A combination of all three. As ferocious as Robert, dutiful and honorable like Stannis, loving and gentle at times like Renly. Idk I haven't read the books so I'm not familiar with him. 😂

                      • Kasino Kaiser
                        Kasino Kaiser  4 months back

                        J J They never spent a long time with their father

                    • Thomas El Hage-Boutros
                      Thomas El Hage-Boutros  4 months back

                      Great analysis! 
                      Stanis was one of my favorite characters along with Cersei, because of the complexity of the character. So much depth to explore. The same way I loved the sad story of Arthas in the Warcraft story.

                      • bridge4
                        bridge4   4 months back

                        Stannis is definitely a best character. And stephen dillane was awesome

                      • bridge4
                        bridge4   4 months back

                        Thanks thomas :))

                    • CS
                      CS  4 months back

                      The other lords following Stannis should have been shown at least once.

                      • John Smith
                        John Smith  4 months back

                        lol the peach scene reminds me of victarion greyjoy and euron crows eye. a bit slow to get the joke so get angry instead.

                        • bridge4
                          bridge4   4 months back

                          Haha. I hear ya but victarion is my boyz so tread carefully :-P

                      • ThejollyFrenchman
                        ThejollyFrenchman  4 months back

                        It's interesting that honour and duty are often used interchangably, when they aren't the same thing. Stannis isn't an honourable man, he's a murderer and an adulterer, but he sees these things as his duty, that he has a responsibility.

                        • David Lopez
                          David Lopez  4 months back

                          I’ve never read the books but after that peach scene stannis is my favorite character those scenes with the peach really speak about what words can’t describe

                          • bridge4
                            bridge4   4 months back

                            I hear ya. GRRM is pretty awesome. Stannis is a great character for sure

                        • Eduardo Cortes
                          Eduardo Cortes  4 months back

                          “Insert; Look how they butchered my boy meme” ... long live the one true king

                          • Nemo7The7Pirate7
                            Nemo7The7Pirate7  4 months back

                            Lawful neutral?

                            • Sough
                              Sough  5 months back

                              idk I thought the peach dialog was pretty clunky

                              • Jeffy B
                                Jeffy B  5 months back

                                Loras: "You know Renly even tastes like a peach."
                                Stannis: "Son of a bitch was right, he tastes like a peach"

                                • My therapist is useless
                                  My therapist is useless  5 months back

                                  Shereen's death hurt me as much as Ned Starks. It makes me so fucking sad.

                                  • bridge4
                                    bridge4   5 months back

                                    same here, espcially because they developed Shireen's show character (as well as her relationship with Davos) very well. not only was she a child, but she was an incredibly loveable child :*(

                                • Its_Swan
                                  Its_Swan  5 months back

                                  Stannis deserves the throne

                                  • Lemonade lemon
                                    Lemonade lemon  5 months back

                                    I stopped liking Stannis as soon as he killed princess Shiree. Rip baby girl 💔

                                    • bridge4
                                      bridge4   5 months back

                                      I pity him. But I cant fault anyone for hating him. I did for awhile since shes my favorite character if we include non POV character

                                      Team shireen!!

                                  • romain burgy
                                    romain burgy  5 months back

                                    "Is he a ham ?" Just for that line I support Renly

                                    • bridge4
                                      bridge4   5 months back

                                      haha im with ya. i am releasing a video tuesday that opens with that line because its hilarious

                                  • OhManHolyShit JK
                                    OhManHolyShit JK  5 months back

                                    I hate the way they ended him tbh

                                    • Noah Johnson
                                      Noah Johnson  5 months back

                                      Love is the death of Duty
                                      He had no love for anything

                                      • Paul Chapman
                                        Paul Chapman  5 months back

                                        I love that Nikolaj cracked up at "I love a necklace". He must have heard that the same way I did. :-)

                                        • SDMIII :
                                          SDMIII :  5 months back

                                          "She's my daughter, you will not strike her." I love that line.

                                        • Mr LMB
                                          Mr LMB  5 months back

                                          1 realm 1 god 1 king

                                          • Ajax D Gonzo
                                            Ajax D Gonzo  5 months back

                                            Stannis was such a compelling character for views on duty. As it’s pointed out he wasn’t just killing people he saw as his enemies but some were friends and family. He only did what he did because he thought that was truly his role and who he was, and that is was hard but he had to be who he was and do his duty.

                                            • Lord Sesshoumaru
                                              Lord Sesshoumaru  5 months back

                                              When you say that he tried to make Jon a Stark for his own benefit, lets not omit how proud he was for Jon to deny it

                                              • Seaworth
                                                Seaworth  5 months back

                                                It always amused me how Stannis’ bluntness and honesty always made him look strange, but Davos’ always got him out of troubles

                                                • Purva Lama
                                                  Purva Lama  5 months back

                                                  HE IS THE BEST CHARACTER 😍😍😍

                                                  • John Weissmüller
                                                    John Weissmüller  5 months back

                                                    Very cathartic, subbed.

                                                  • AwesomeBillFromDawsonville

                                                    Pretty sure he was tasting the red woman's fruit the whole time

                                                    • Vivek C Nair
                                                      Vivek C Nair  5 months back

                                                      The one true king of westeros.

                                                      • Vivek C Nair
                                                        Vivek C Nair  5 months back

                                                        @bridge4 It's so easy being like that.
                                                        Failing to make his father proud.
                                                        Not even good enough to fight a single battle.
                                                        Lying around for no one to notice.
                                                        The One who fights pays the price.

                                                      • bridge4
                                                        bridge4   5 months back

                                                        @Vivek C Nair sam didnt have over 100,000 men calling him king... i dont think he had even 1 person call him king, except maybe Gilly offscreen :-P

                                                      • Vivek C Nair
                                                        Vivek C Nair  5 months back

                                                        By that logic, Sam should become the king of Westeros then.
                                                        Renly was ungrateful, Stannis was his elder brother, Stannis had every right to sit on the throne.
                                                        1. Stannis held Storm's end by himself for Robert denying the Mad king's offer which led to Robert's victory.
                                                        2. Stannis rode to the wall to help the Nightswatch and gave Jon ships to rescue the Wildlings.
                                                        3. Stannis wanted to be the king as per duty not per greed or ambition.
                                                        He never had any ambition.
                                                        4. Stannis had to kill Renly because Renly was about to kill Stannis anyway using the army that Stannis actually deserved.
                                                        5. Even Renly's men respected Stannis more and subsequently joined him.
                                                        6. Stannis was honest to the core.
                                                        7. Stannis fights straight into the battle leading by example without any kind of fear. Tywin once said during the war of the five kings:-
                                                        " Out of all the threats, Stannis Baratheon is the biggest threat compared to all other threats combined"
                                                        8. Even Robb Stark once said :-
                                                        " Renly is not the king, he is Robert's youngest brother, and Bran can't be Lord of Winterfell before me, Renly can't be king before Stannis."

                                                      • bridge4
                                                        bridge4   5 months back

                                                        @Vivek C Nair to answer your question more directly, the concept of "claim" is flawed. no one has a "god given" right to rule over others. what Renly had that Stannis did not, is love. people loved him. he had the support, and had it not been for a disgusting choice by Stannis, Renly would be king =))

                                                      • bridge4
                                                        bridge4   5 months back

                                                        @Vivek C Nair how much did Aegon I have?

                                                    • duhawma
                                                      duhawma  5 months back

                                                      The Grammar Nazi. 😝😁

                                                      • bernard noel
                                                        bernard noel  5 months back

                                                        great vid for a great character!
                                                        well done mate

                                                        • bridge4
                                                          bridge4   5 months back

                                                          Thanks, bernard!

                                                      • Norm DePlume
                                                        Norm DePlume  5 months back

                                                        I'm done know why but I love saying the name...

                                                        • Zemlja je ravna
                                                          Zemlja je ravna  5 months back

                                                          why are my knees bending?

                                                          • P B 22
                                                            P B 22  5 months back

                                                            “Make it Ser Jamie Lannister the Kingslayer whatever else he is the mans still a knight”

                                                            • P B 22
                                                              P B 22  5 months back

                                                              bridge4 season 8 was a letdown but we can’t just ignore one of the best shows ever IMO it’s 3 after the Sopranos and Wire. I never liked the fantasy genre and never wanted to watch it, but I did and loved it. No matter how it ended it was overall a great show and showed a lot of people who would never thought to pick up a book to do so.

                                                            • bridge4
                                                              bridge4   5 months back

                                                              Yeh for sure. Stannis is a very unique character, and I love some if the show only lines for him, specifically the one you mentioned. And Stephen dillane casual delivery if it too. So awesome

                                                            • P B 22
                                                              P B 22  5 months back

                                                              bridge4 it shows that he has a respect and understanding for honor. He hates and wants to kill Jamie, but he still respects who he is and what he’s done.

                                                            • bridge4
                                                              bridge4   5 months back

                                                              Great show line. That whole scene was gnarly

                                                          • Salman M
                                                            Salman M  5 months back

                                                            “I’ll go to my grave thinking of my brother’s peach.”

                                                            Davos: Uhhh ...

                                                            • Chedi Amor
                                                              Chedi Amor  5 months back

                                                              Who else is still loyal to king Stannis Baratheon in 2019

                                                              • Riuno
                                                                Riuno  5 months back


                                                                • Daniel Coughran
                                                                  Daniel Coughran  5 months back

                                                                  "Go on, do your duty."
                                                                  I fuckin love it.