The Farewell reviewed by Mark Kermode

  • Published: 20 September 2019
  • Mark Kermode reviews The Farewell. A Chinese family, upon discovering that their grandmother has only a short time left to live, decide to keep her in the dark and organise a wedding in order to spend time with her in her final days.

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Comments • 27

  • mkozzie
    mkozzie  2 weeks back

    It's actually the paternal-grandmother

    • David Arnold
      David Arnold  3 weeks back

      This was utterly interminable! I wish I hadn't paid heed to Mark's review and gone to see it. This film is utterly tedious. And the acting was awful, so hammy!

      I haven't looked at my watch so often during a film for a long time and each time I looked time had hardly moved- much the same as this slow moving and boring film. During JOKER i didn't look at my watch at all.

      • Nice Shoes
        Nice Shoes  1 months back

        Hopefully a strong Oscar contender. It's been a long time I've left a cinema with something to think about and a smile. It's so gentle and uplifting - a perfect antidote for this politically plagued year.

          CHIRAYU PATIL  2 months back

          There was a scene in movie when billi lifts her shirt she also had that spots on her body
          Kinda confusing

          • CHIRAYU PATIL
            CHIRAYU PATIL  1 months back

            @Stirling Attfield damn that scene gave mi chills cause i thought she is diagnosed with the same thing as her nanai

          • Stirling Attfield
            Stirling Attfield  1 months back

            CHIRAYU PATIL This was from the massage parlour - she had a cupping treatment.

        • crazy7chameleon
          crazy7chameleon  2 months back

          As a Chinese-Brit, I adored this film, my favourite of the year so far

          • blue dale
            blue dale  2 months back

            I am English and i loved this movie.....My movie of the year

            • MARTIN MITCHELL
              MARTIN MITCHELL  2 months back

              A great film.

              • Ka Wang Kwok
                Ka Wang Kwok  2 months back

                In Chinese film title 別告訴我, literately translated "Don't Tell Her". It is true that you cannot tell these kind of bad news, when family have happy things goes on...

                • aah
                  aah  2 months back

                  This means “Don’t Tell Me” in English, not “Don’t Tell Her”.

              • Nick Brooks
                Nick Brooks  2 months back

                I listened to the story on This American Life and I'm so glad the movie's doing great. It's a fantastic story that's both funny and melancholy.

                • Karen T
                  Karen T  2 months back

                  One of the best films I've seen all year.

                  • Jaws
                    Jaws  2 months back

                    The one downvote brought to you by cancer itself.

                    • Charlie Panayiotou
                      Charlie Panayiotou  2 months back

                      Unlike some acclaimed films I'm dying to see (*cough*Parasite*cough*) at least I haven't had to wait months and months for this one to come out here!

                      • hi_ho
                        hi_ho  2 days back

                        i've seen parasite, (sips rum) ;)

                    • MrTkeddo
                      MrTkeddo  2 months back

                      The Kitchen and now The Farewell not much time spent on thinking up title’s then .

                      • Nt4ubs
                        Nt4ubs  2 months back

                        The title that always makes me cringe is the Netflix show “money heist”, it has to be the most unimaginative title ever.

                      • Gavin Henderson
                        Gavin Henderson  2 months back

                        Great criticism. Truly.

                    • Tim Wilson
                      Tim Wilson  2 months back

                      Loved the film but that ending post credits-WTF?

                      • tony bennett
                        tony bennett  2 months back

                        @TheTruthiest Yes, I think it was the wrong decision. It played like a fiction, so why not keep it that way?

                      • Travis Spazz
                        Travis Spazz  2 months back

                        Too many endings.

                      • TheTruthiest
                        TheTruthiest  2 months back

                        Yeah, the ending was a disappointment in multiple ways for me.

                    • Gavin Henderson
                      Gavin Henderson  2 months back

                      I think it's wonderful. Just beautiful. My favourite of the year so far with my favourite acting performance of the year so far from Awkwafina.

                    • J D
                      J D  2 months back

                      What's going on with the audio?

                      • Reuben Canning Finkel
                        Reuben Canning Finkel  2 months back

                        Mark's recording his audio from Azkaban! Pretty bad audio with all those ghosts about