Greatest Fumble Recovery Touchdowns (Recent)


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  • Kimberly A Moreschi
    Kimberly A Moreschi  2 years back

    They can only return for a touchdown

    • Kimberly A Moreschi
      Kimberly A Moreschi  2 years back

      Panthers are too good to fumble

      • Draemon Berger
        Draemon Berger  2 years back

        i like the vikings

        • Kenneth Whitmill
          Kenneth Whitmill  2 years back

          im in the NFL

          • Kenneth Whitmill
            Kenneth Whitmill  2 years back

            do you like football I'm a football plar

            • Niki Edmonds
              Niki Edmonds  2 years back

              Video RUINED by the fast forwarding!

              • Ethan Diaz
                Ethan Diaz  3 years back

                I think the one at 7:24 is technically an interception because he never got full control of the ball

                • Karim Belhirch
                  Karim Belhirch  3 years back

                  Denver Seattle? The 108 yard or so fumble Return touchdown by brandon Browner?

                  • Cole Perry
                    Cole Perry  3 years back

                    brandon browners was the best but it wasn't on here

                    • Cs4 daman
                      Cs4 daman  3 years back

                      How did Von Millers in Super Bowl 50 miss this list. That set the tide for the whole game.

                      • RICH LIFE
                        RICH LIFE  3 years back

                        J.J with the Nae Nae

                        • Rivers
                          Rivers  3 years back

                          I want phone cases

                          • ItzB1ades
                            ItzB1ades  3 years back

                            Huh, kinda unusual for joe buck and troy aikman to broadcast a seattle at cincinnati game

                            • Travis Worrell
                              Travis Worrell  3 years back

                              7:00 I think int

                              • Peaceistheanswer27
                                Peaceistheanswer27  3 years back

                                you get a dislike for repeating fumbles 3xs.

                                • ColeBromfield01
                                  ColeBromfield01  3 years back

                                  Can you please stop including the replays?

                                  • Monkì
                                    Monkì  3 years back

                                    2:32 bottom Browns leading Ravens?

                                    • SaintEpic Yt
                                      SaintEpic Yt  3 years back

                                      boo giants go saints

                                      • This is the meme channel

                                        Fumble recover is by on team and gets the ball back

                                        • GUILZ Dripz
                                          GUILZ Dripz  3 years back


                                          • GUILZ Dripz
                                            GUILZ Dripz  3 years back

                                            You rewind it every fumbal like wtf

                                            • Jays gaming channel
                                              Jays gaming channel  3 years back

                                              at 6:02 he dropped it before he hit the touchdown

                                              • Golden Kingdom
                                                Golden Kingdom  3 years back

                                                Am I the only person who finds that fast forward thing really annoying?

                                                • CoreyThe Rocket
                                                  CoreyThe Rocket  3 years back

                                                  This kid is trash. 1st of, he just takes highlights without the written consent of the NFL. 2 he doesn't put in the better of fumbles like SB50

                                                  • Everett Herr
                                                    Everett Herr  3 years back

                                                    Here is an idea dumbass
                                                    instead of fast forwarding, use editing and cut until they show a replay

                                                    • Michael Ritter
                                                      Michael Ritter  3 years back

                                                      what about the von miller strip sack in superbowl 50? or even the week two recovery for a touchdown by bradley roby to win the game?

                                                      • Dante Klinek
                                                        Dante Klinek  3 years back

                                                        there was no steelers one why the steelers recovery the ball in the endzone this season in the steelers vs browns game

                                                        • Infionare
                                                          Infionare  3 years back

                                                          Dude, your a scam, you take all of this from highlight factory

                                                          • FloofDoggo ZR
                                                            FloofDoggo ZR  3 years back

                                                            I know

                                                            • Kadin Hohenadel
                                                              Kadin Hohenadel  3 years back

                                                              Do best intrseptions rectory toch down

                                                              • Sickly Gaming
                                                                Sickly Gaming  3 years back

                                                                Leave it to Beasley to fumble the ball.

                                                                • CREEPONATER
                                                                  CREEPONATER  3 years back

                                                                  No Von Miller cam newton Super Bowl strip sack

                                                                  • Zachary Rakowski
                                                                    Zachary Rakowski  3 years back


                                                                    • SG3 —26
                                                                      SG3 —26  3 years back

                                                                      7:12 was a interception😂👏🏻

                                                                      • awesome boy
                                                                        awesome boy  3 years back

                                                                        it seems like you're videos are short but I do love them

                                                                        • R41d1
                                                                          R41d1  3 years back

                                                                          Allways fast foward... to lacy to cut?

                                                                          • Steve Dey
                                                                            Steve Dey  3 years back

                                                                            Stop the fast forward rewind shit not cool

                                                                            • Highlight Heaven
                                                                              Highlight Heaven  3 years back

                                                                              Yep shove an arrow up his ass in the thumbnail that'll get you views

                                                                            • Mistic Dark
                                                                              Mistic Dark  3 years back

                                                                              Where is the butt fumble

                                                                              • FederalAmerican_Law
                                                                                FederalAmerican_Law  3 years back

                                                                                he's knee was down they are so blind

                                                                                • Ernie Arredondo
                                                                                  Ernie Arredondo  3 years back


                                                                                  • supermariogalaxy2pro
                                                                                    supermariogalaxy2pro  3 years back

                                                                                    What a great day, no more phone case and no more claiming its best EVER!

                                                                                    • RobotWillie
                                                                                      RobotWillie  3 years back

                                                                                      Its great seeing the Hawks so much in this. Go Seahawks!

                                                                                      • Alex Hollingsworth-mcduffie lll

                                                                                        Check out my juju on that beat

                                                                                        • Zachary Smith
                                                                                          Zachary Smith  3 years back

                                                                                          2:01 I'm dead

                                                                                          • T Hech11YT
                                                                                            T Hech11YT  3 years back

                                                                                            these are not even good bro step your game up

                                                                                            • T Hech11YT
                                                                                              T Hech11YT  3 years back


                                                                                              • Adam Rogers
                                                                                                Adam Rogers  3 years back

                                                                                                co vs utah?