Why is Drogon bigger?


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  • Brandon Martinez
    Brandon Martinez  7 months back

    Bridge 4? Like Stormlight Archive bridge 4?

    • Alex Zone
      Alex Zone  6 months back

      ​@bridge4 Bro, this just opened up a HHUGGE rabbit hole for me! Been a fan of your vids, so I thought, ok lemme see wtf a Stormlight is. 5 minutes ago, I never knew of Sanderson. Now I'm like, I really want to learn everything about this crazy magic world! Figure I'll start with Elantris. Rite on

    • Navod Thivanka
      Navod Thivanka  7 months back

      Can you please explain this? I'd like to know more what's that mean.

    • bridge4
      bridge4   7 months back

      oh course, Gancho! ;)

  • Skylark Song
    Skylark Song  5 days back

    I'm sorry, but I think you've contradicted yourself. You said that there's no such thing as blood of the dragon, and that power is illusion, but you've read Fire and Blood. Fire and Blood talks about The Dance of the Dragons, a war in which the Queen enlisted people who could bond with dragons to fight for her. The only people that could bond with dragons were "Dragonseed"-Bastards from the Dragonrider bloodlines. Everyone else got toasted to a crisp and ate.

    Now, your statement that power is an illusion could be true, because while the Targaryans did keep it in the family, they also married daughters to other houses. The most notable that exist in the story is House Baratheon. Robert was The Mad King's first cousin. In theory, Robert's bastards (Gendry, or some from his youth that we don't know about) could be Dragonriders. Or any member of any house from a Targaryn line, including Aegon The Horrible's bastard houses.

    So, while the Targaryans aren't the only house that could potentially ride dragons, there is a Blood of the Dragon. Dragons only recognize the blood of Old Valyria as riders, although that can be *anyone* with Old Valyrian blood.

    • Eric Russell
      Eric Russell  2 weeks back

      He ate his vitamins and said his prayers

    • Jamexen
      Jamexen  4 weeks back

      There is more evidence of the food being a factor than the volcanic action being a factor crossing out the food seems hasty.

      • Dob Mann
        Dob Mann  4 weeks back

        Let's ask why Drogon is smaller in S8 v/s S7. A mess.

        • Jay B
          Jay B  1 months back

          I don't like your interpretation of things. Not at all.
          You see that when she was chained alongside her dragons with the warlock. They were exactly the same size. Exactly.
          When you get the picture of the eggs you can see that the camera was shooting on perspective so it make sense that the first egg was bigger. Anyway.....

          • Rhysrobgold
            Rhysrobgold  1 months back

            But what about the good dinosaur

            • Miss Trike
              Miss Trike  2 months back

              Whose just thinking that Drogon hatched from a bigger egg? :I

              • Soozie mc
                Soozie mc  3 months back

                Was Drogon hatched from a egg produced by Balerion perhaps

                • Evan Mcgowan
                  Evan Mcgowan  3 months back

                  I never noticed

                  • Jack Dalton
                    Jack Dalton  3 months back

                    Im pretty sure that in the TV show someone said that the dragons in the prison didn't eat as much as expected

                    • Klarissa Davis
                      Klarissa Davis  3 months back

                      Is Drogon male? Often the female is larger.

                      • Ajesh N.U
                        Ajesh N.U  4 months back

                        The Targarians are unburnt...

                        • bridge4
                          bridge4   4 months back

                          Dany was the only one. Not rhaenys, aegon ii, rhaenyra, or any if the burnt/killed dragon seeds

                      • Eddiemore69
                        Eddiemore69  4 months back

                        Because Smaug was his gym trainer

                        • Yssa Ermitanio
                          Yssa Ermitanio  4 months back

                          And he's also the smartest, dunno if that makes sense in their sizes but no one actually acknowledged it. And I think smartest animals survives and grows in the given environment because they were able to adjust

                          • Jendrew YT
                            Jendrew YT  4 months back

                            F&B says that Targaryens had better resistance for plagues. They were also the only family able to ride on dragons, they had colours of eyes and hair, which were impossible for another families. Valyrians weren't like normal people, so your last arguement is invallid (when you said there isn't anything like dragon's blood).

                            • Jendrew YT
                              Jendrew YT  4 months back

                              @bridge4 Some lords during Dance of the Dragons tried to ride dragons, but they died. Nettles was propably Dragon Seed.

                            • bridge4
                              bridge4   4 months back

                              @Jendrew YT nettles did not appear to be targaryen. And it would have been hard for other families to ride dragons because the targs kept a tight grip on the eggs. They freaked out when the three eggs went missing for this reason. starks didnt have an opportunity to bond dragons for example since they didnt have any eggs ... basically theres an illusion of causation when it's just correlation (those with the eggs bonded the dragons)

                            • Jendrew YT
                              Jendrew YT  4 months back

                              There are only family in the world, that can ride dragons, so maybe they have other special abilities.

                            • bridge4
                              bridge4   4 months back

                              @Jendrew YT because everyone was brainwashed into thinking they were gods when they are just humans

                            • Jendrew YT
                              Jendrew YT  4 months back

                              @bridge4 It also says, that they were immune for lot of illnesses, and when this little princess (I tkink her name was Daenerys), everyone was surprised.

                          • Brickbon Brickbotop
                            Brickbon Brickbotop  4 months back

                            maybe their namesake have something to do with it

                            • Valdemar Backman
                              Valdemar Backman  4 months back

                              Probably because he was Daenerys favourite and got the most food when the dragons were young

                              • Maddy Shepard
                                Maddy Shepard  4 months back

                                Why not a mix of all 4

                                • sushmita das
                                  sushmita das  4 months back

                                  Your voice is soooooo soothing...keep up the gud work..cheers

                                • Desire Faded
                                  Desire Faded  4 months back

                                  “Ser barriston the badass” ahhhhhh another man of class I see

                                  • Fabian Cruz
                                    Fabian Cruz  4 months back

                                    Drogons egg wasn't bigger, it just looks like it cause of the angle. I believe he was bigger because he was able to roam free, unlike the other 2

                                    • bridge4
                                      bridge4   4 months back

                                      It says its bigger in the books

                                  • Henry Knippling
                                    Henry Knippling  5 months back

                                    Pretty sure it’s because the other two spent like a season and a half locked up in a dungeon which was said multiple times to hinder the growth of dragons for whatever reason

                                    • bridge4
                                      bridge4   5 months back

                                      It's probably a factor. But we dont know it to be true. Barristan suggests that as a reason in the books and jorah counters that he doesnt believe it to be a factor

                                  • MUD PIE
                                    MUD PIE  5 months back

                                    Here's another theory it has to do with the sacrifices used to hatch the eggs. Drogo was a warrior one of the greatest warriors in the dothroki see

                                    • Tekkdogg
                                      Tekkdogg  5 months back

                                      Didn't Gendry and Stanis have kingsblood (Targaryen blood) according Mellisandre and her bloodmagic

                                      • bridge4
                                        bridge4   4 months back

                                        @Tekkdogg I believe kings blood is a liez or rather a mistake. Nothing special about the blood of someone named a king or someone who descends from someone named as a king. Melisandre believes it to be true, but that doesnt make it true. Grrm likes to play with belief like that

                                        For instance, hes said that no gods have been on stage. Characters believe in them, but he doesnt know if they are even real and havent played a part in the story

                                      • Tekkdogg
                                        Tekkdogg  4 months back

                                        I ask because at around 9:00 you said that there is no thing as kingsblood and blood of the dragon, even thou Gendry was almost burned because of his "kingsblood" because its special. The TV series shows that Targaryen blood has magic properties and I'm not sure if you meant the show or the books while talking about kingsblood.

                                        Also keep up the good work man, you're the best.

                                      • bridge4
                                        bridge4   5 months back

                                        Yeh that's why she tried to get stannis to burn him on the show

                                    • QuietStar silence
                                      QuietStar silence  5 months back

                                      Because the other two were locked and shackled, drogon flew free and ate more

                                      • Jimbles Notronbo
                                        Jimbles Notronbo  5 months back

                                        Drogon is bigger because the other 2 were locked up and not able to fly. He was free for a long time while they never flew. If dragons don’t get to fly they don’t grow. That’s why the last dragons were the size of cats they weren’t needed for war after they conquered everything

                                        • bridge4
                                          bridge4   5 months back

                                          Some believe that

                                      • jawad telleih
                                        jawad telleih  5 months back

                                        What will be crazy is if dany was revived by her uncle in valeria and she is controlling those sick guys to out throw brans kingdom

                                        • Morgana, the Fallen
                                          Morgana, the Fallen  5 months back

                                          One reason: Daenerys shackled Viserion and Rhaegal when they were younger and Dragons grow to fit their surroundings. Drogon was never shackled.

                                          • Magic Bacon
                                            Magic Bacon  5 months back


                                            • Jeremy Lai
                                              Jeremy Lai  5 months back

                                              If they aren't locked up they can hunt and get more food btw

                                              • YAMI1300
                                                YAMI1300  5 months back

                                                I,am an 100% atheist in real life,and even i belive in the power of blood in the books.
                                                Dragons somehow are able to choose there riders an 99% of the time those are with valerian blood.
                                                Although i believe that the term magical creature is a little overused by the fandoom.
                                                I don't believe that dragons are as special,ashai is probably filled with them.
                                                The same goes for krakens and direwolfs.

                                                • Sparrow_ HD
                                                  Sparrow_ HD  5 months back

                                                  If I'm not mistaken it's because of the time that the other two were locked up, if they remember in season 7 when they are agreeing with cersei to support them in winterfell with the white walkers, in a scene Jon and Daenerys are talking and she says " For a time they were the center of attraction, they fought among themselves, being locked up did not let them grow, their skull did not grow more than that of a cat "

                                                  • 「Kuma」
                                                    「Kuma」  5 months back

                                                    Because he is Khal Drogo reborn as a dragon ;-;

                                                    • Andrew Burton
                                                      Andrew Burton  5 months back

                                                      He's bigger because he was able to rome freely.

                                                      Rhegal and Viserion were locked beneath the pyramid of Mereen and probably didn't eat as much and so that experience probably stunted their growth. Drogon meanwhile was able to eat, fly and grow strong in the wild.

                                                      • Black Mane
                                                        Black Mane  5 months back

                                                        The first season locked me in. Everything was going so right for her and suddenly went all wrong. She lost Drogo. She lost his khalasar. She was right back where she started. By now I was invested in her character and then she made a move that had me like ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh SHIT!!!! She stepped into a great fire that burned Drogo's body and awakened her three dragon eggs. Ever since the first season's last episode the dragons became my favorite characters of the show. Every season I would look for the growth of the dragons. Every season watching very closely the dragons growth was equal in size,Every season. Despite them being locked up every season they came back they were not the same size that they were in the previous season. All the way to the final season Rehgar was the same size as Drogon. When John first Road Rehgar They put their heads side by side so you could see they're the same size. You're entitled to your opinion I just didn't see the thing's ur talking about in this video.

                                                        • Shadowswolf girl
                                                          Shadowswolf girl  5 months back


                                                          • Alex Sandford
                                                            Alex Sandford  5 months back

                                                            Growing small was a figure of speech. I remember reading somewhere that one of the reason the dragons died out was because Maester secretly poisoned them.

                                                            • Invincible Gamer
                                                              Invincible Gamer  5 months back

                                                              Cuz when Someone said that he need some milk, He actually took an overdose

                                                              • tau rauross
                                                                tau rauross  5 months back

                                                                He's the alpha of the three

                                                                • Dolphinman 300
                                                                  Dolphinman 300  5 months back

                                                                  In the show the only way they were able to escape was because Tyrion took off their chains

                                                                  • MrRaquy
                                                                    MrRaquy  5 months back

                                                                    It’s simple coz it’s a female dragon in lizard kingdom females are larger than males

                                                                    • ToXiCcLoNe 999استنساخ


                                                                      • Khajtriana McGirl
                                                                        Khajtriana McGirl  5 months back

                                                                        They did not break from their chains, Tyrion released them.

                                                                        • Titan Dragon
                                                                          Titan Dragon  5 months back

                                                                          Drogon was bigger because he was always outside- roaming, free & able to hunt as much food as he needed. Being a rogue dragon saved Dany’s life. As he was never caught and locked away like Rhaegal and Viserion. After the accidental death of the shepherds daughter. Plus Drogon was always bolder- however I think that Rhaegal and Viserion could have been bigger and bolder if they had not been locked away. They never really had a chance to be as strong and independent as Drogon. As Drogon was free to roam as he pleased. Thus making him the biggest and he had far more battle experience ( which is why he survived) in the show. When poor Viserion and Rhaegal did not. Still annoyed that they killed Rhaegel in the show- Losing Viserion was bad enough

                                                                          • TheTrulyBroken
                                                                            TheTrulyBroken  5 months back

                                                                            There is kings blood lololololo

                                                                            • Khane Carroll
                                                                              Khane Carroll  5 months back

                                                                              Than y is that Bitch Fireproof?!

                                                                              • Modernday Knight
                                                                                Modernday Knight  5 months back

                                                                                It’s like the bigwing from wings of fire were the oldest of family meaning brother is the largest out of all of them and has fire proof skin