The biggest curse-ending moment in baseball history demands a deep rewind | 2016 World Series Game 7

  • Published: 18 October 2019
  • This is perhaps the most important at-bat in baseball history. With two outs in the bottom of the tenth inning of Game 7 of the 2016 World Series, the Chicago Cubs stared down Cleveland looking for one final out.

    The difference between an out and a hit -- potentially a walk-off hit -- would determine which curse reached its end: Chicago's painful, generations-long "Billy Goat Curse" or Cleveland's own long history of defeat on the biggest stage.

    This moment was so big that it kind of buried how absurd the whole game was. Chicago had come back to tie the series, but experienced some bad breaks, then fully blew their substantial lead when Rajai Davis homered off typically lights-out closer Aroldis Chapman. After more bad breaks, Chicago finally pulled ahead again thanks to more heroics in the top of the tenth, but in this moment, stood one big hit-- and more scoring from Davis-- away from blowing it all again.

    Before we watch this monumental baseball event, we have so much rewinding to do.

    Written and produced by Seth Rosenthal
    Shot and edited by Jiazhen Zhang


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Comments • 1 590

  • Connor Hoagland
    Connor Hoagland  9 hours back

    "Lester wouldn't come off the mound and try to throw to first because he doesn't do that"

    Seems like something standard.

    • HotWax93
      HotWax93  21 hours back

      I would argue that the Cubs didn't truly break the Curse of the Billy Goat until they won this World Series, not when they clinched the NL pennant. Sure, making the World Series is nothing to sneeze at, but it's better to win it.

      Also, anybody else notice how the sports pundits didn't play up the Cubs' championship as the end of a curse or long drought like they did with the Red Sox in 2004, despite the Cubs going over a century without a World Series title (compared to 86 years for the Red Sox) and 71 years without the NL pennant (compared to the Red Sox's three during their drought period)? Sports pundit bias at its finest.

      • Julia Landauer
        Julia Landauer  1 days back

        ngl this video made me tear up a lil at the end

        • get the papers get the papers

          Joe Maddon should've been the first manager to get fired immediately after winning the WS

          • Jose Llanas
            Jose Llanas  3 days back

            It doesn't matter what sport or moment he's talking about, Everytime he says "welcome to a moment of history" I get chills Everytime.

            • Lj Bara
              Lj Bara  4 days back


              • fpjrzman
                fpjrzman  5 days back

                Here's an idea for a recent Rewinder. Kawhi's Game 7 buzzer beater.

                • AztekWarrior
                  AztekWarrior  1 weeks back

                  id like to know more about the beef between Eaton & Frazier

                  • Morning Napalm
                    Morning Napalm  2 weeks back

                    2016 was a magical year
                    Cubs win world series
                    Leicester city win the premier league
                    Raiders made the playoffs
                    Trump beat clinton

                    • Giuseppina Botticelli
                      Giuseppina Botticelli  2 weeks back

                      Though a history book says Joe Maddon was the manager that ended the drought for the Cubs, he made wrong decision after wrong decision in game 7. Players are the ones that brought themselves back on their feet during the rain delay after the 9th inning. Maddon was paranoid during the game 7.

                      • Daksha Films
                        Daksha Films  2 weeks back

                        How could have Heyward scored, what if his coach held him up and what is the 3rd baseman coach as well didn't know that Crisp's arm isn't that strong enough

                        • moparmon
                          moparmon  2 weeks back

                          and since they have under achieved

                          • Benjamin Schultz
                            Benjamin Schultz  2 weeks back

                            That Rajai Davis home run gives me PTSD. Still tough to watch after three years.

                            • LordFvckingHorst
                              LordFvckingHorst  2 weeks back

                              Why am I watching this? I don't even LIKE baseball! And yet, I sat through the whole 17 minutes and 19 seconds of this video.

                              • Harold Enrique Canizales

                                Please do the nationals winning the 2019 World Series!

                                • Cynric
                                  Cynric  2 weeks back

                                  Watching that moment the Cubs won still gives me chills. It's like baseball ASMR.

                                  • Wyatt Epp
                                    Wyatt Epp  2 weeks back

                                    I don't even follow baseball anymore and I'm still salty about 1995.

                                    • Free Agent
                                      Free Agent  2 weeks back

                                      Could you do the ezekiel elliot run against Alabama in the 2014 CFP semi-final

                                      • Storytime Kellan
                                        Storytime Kellan  2 weeks back

                                        the cubs now suck

                                        • Brutal Cupcake
                                          Brutal Cupcake  3 weeks back

                                          that year was crazy with comebacks cubs new england and the cavs

                                          • Mike Wack 67
                                            Mike Wack 67  3 weeks back

                                            Rocky Colavito can rot in hell

                                            • Mike Wack 67
                                              Mike Wack 67  3 weeks back

                                              If there was no rain delay the Tribe would've won.

                                              • Maanas Ravishankar
                                                Maanas Ravishankar  3 weeks back

                                                you should do game 5 jose bautista's home run

                                                • Barry Johnson
                                                  Barry Johnson  3 weeks back

                                                  Watching this on the three year anniversary still gives me the same goosebumps as that night standing in Wrigleyville.

                                                  • Sam Wert
                                                    Sam Wert  3 weeks back

                                                    PLEASE BRING BACK UFFSIDES!!!!!

                                                    • eriknephron gfr
                                                      eriknephron gfr  3 weeks back

                                                      It was so good! It was so damn good.

                                                      • bl00dyanu5
                                                        bl00dyanu5  3 weeks back

                                                        Do a rewind on the cueto chant in the 2013 wild card game. As a pirates fan it’s really all I have to offer that doesn’t go back 30 years.

                                                        • tahnalos
                                                          tahnalos  3 weeks back

                                                          An odd omission: you left out the fact that the AL won the All-Star Game, and why Game 7 is in Cleveland and not in Chicago, despite Chicago having the better record. Of course, this ties into Schwarber being the DH.

                                                          • Westin Mcclister
                                                            Westin Mcclister  3 weeks back

                                                            It's about time for a nationals video

                                                            • Val Pehrson
                                                              Val Pehrson  3 weeks back

                                                              Sooooo obviously give us our time to enjoy the moment, but the 2019series will certainly deserve a rewinder some day

                                                              • Avi Scheinberg
                                                                Avi Scheinberg  3 weeks back

                                                                Stephan Strasburg's World Series Game 6. Aka The performance that saved our fan base from dying. Or just our entire playoff run.

                                                                • August West
                                                                  August West  3 weeks back

                                                                  I cried like a baby when the Cubs won this game. It still gives me chills. Rizzo catching that ball and the game ending was absolutely surreal. I know it's just baseball and I shouldn't care so much but being a Cubs fan is in my blood. Its's not just my lifelong fandom but generations of it. Great video!

                                                                  • FCN Videos Pt2
                                                                    FCN Videos Pt2  3 weeks back

                                                                    Ross is now Cubs Manager, crazy

                                                                    • Stiggs0803
                                                                      Stiggs0803  3 weeks back

                                                                      God damn it.. They just had to bring me back to this.

                                                                      • Molly Schlatter
                                                                        Molly Schlatter  3 weeks back

                                                                        November 2nd was my birthday and Bryant is my favorite player. And he made the last play to win on my birthday

                                                                        • Pandaborg Productions
                                                                          Pandaborg Productions  3 weeks back

                                                                          The only time I have ever legitimately, uncontrollably cried tears of joy was this exact moment, seeing my favorite sports team of all time finally win it all

                                                                          • Gamerman009313
                                                                            Gamerman009313  3 weeks back

                                                                            So when are we getting a rewind of the 2008 Brazilian Grand Prix? I think that definitely deserves a rewind with the history and the drama behind it.

                                                                            • Delano Crew
                                                                              Delano Crew  3 weeks back

                                                                              Could you do a video on didier drogba's equalizer vs bayern in the champions league finals pleaseeeeee

                                                                              • WAYNE CADDELL
                                                                                WAYNE CADDELL  3 weeks back

                                                                                What the Cubs fans did to Steve Bartman, has to be in the same class as the Chicago team that soul its soul in the World Series to a MOBSTER. What Bartman has done with his life before and after shows that yes, a single person can still make a difference. Bartman didn't sell secrets to the Soviet Union. He wasn't a wife beater or child molester. Yet he was the sacrificial lamb of a kids game. If you'll go back and look at the actual tape, he was doing what everybody else was doing. Yet the fans would have crucified him if they could. What a joke! Several years later, the Cubs get there World Series win. I have a question for all of the Chicago Cubs fans, WAS IT WORTH IT?

                                                                                • Windy City
                                                                                  Windy City  3 weeks back

                                                                                  This was really well done.

                                                                                  • Erik Weiss
                                                                                    Erik Weiss  3 weeks back

                                                                                    Love the awareness of Rizzo to put the ball in his back pocket knowing it was a piece of history. He could’ve easily got caught up in the moment and just threw the ball somewhere and lost it

                                                                                    • Brandon Blanco
                                                                                      Brandon Blanco  4 weeks back

                                                                                      Can you do a Mexico vs Panama rewinder that happened in the 2014 World Cup qualifiers the goal of Raul Jimenez. Would be interested in this video because that allowed Mexico to qualify to the World Cup playoff and eventually to the 2014 World Cup, even though there were doubts that the worst Mexican soccer team would qualify.

                                                                                      • Jonathan Petgrave
                                                                                        Jonathan Petgrave  4 weeks back

                                                                                        Do a rewinder on the Bluejay 2015 ALDS!!

                                                                                        • Nolan Sperline
                                                                                          Nolan Sperline  4 weeks back

                                                                                          Do a rewinder of Oklahoma state vs Iowa state 2011

                                                                                          • Definitely not my second account

                                                                                            In 10 years there better be an episode about Texas A&M vs LSU 2018, 7 ots and all that

                                                                                            • Definitely not my second account

                                                                                              Can't wait to see 2019 Sharks Vegas game 7 on here in like 10 years

                                                                                              • bolter39
                                                                                                bolter39  4 weeks back

                                                                                                Do a rewind of Liverpool vs Barcelona.

                                                                                                • Gratify_ scrump
                                                                                                  Gratify_ scrump  4 weeks back

                                                                                                  A little bit late, but i think you guys should do catholics vs. Convicts. I think it deserves a deep rewind.