HUGE Quaithe Theory / WHO IS UNDER THE MASK!? (Game of Thrones)


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  • Claudia
    Claudia  6 months back

    Maybe because there are no wierwood trees she is communicating with her brother, the three-eyed raven.

    • Ali Macabre
      Ali Macabre  7 months back

      what about she's Elissa Farman? it coud be, except for the eyes color

      • Abdulrahman B
        Abdulrahman B  7 months back

        I think she's Lyanna Stark !

        • Derrick Williamson
          Derrick Williamson  7 months back

          She is the red Woman

          • julian victor
            julian victor  7 months back

            The great ancient sword of House Dayne, Dawn (a.k.a. Sword of the Morning). I’m thinking out loud here, bare with me- this sword, House Dayne, and/or Starfall may be of importance in the Great War. One major theme is the power of light, mainly regarding the Lord of Light. The power of light will have a major, major role in battling the White Walkers. They are killed by fire, and people can be brought back by the Lord of Light.

            That’s my main point regarding the sword Dawn. Additionally though, I want to talk more about the power of light and it’s role in the show. I’ll also kinda further explain the connection between the power of light and Dawn/House Dayne. This is a long comment, but interesting if you are into GOT theories and conspiracies.

            The new three eyed raven is Brandon Stark. Bran-don. I read up about an ancient Celtic god/king named Bran. He was a demigod, son of the sea god Llyr and a mortal woman; he was considered a god of prophecy, and was largely associated with alder trees and ravens. You know how weirwood trees have that carving of a face crying red tears? Well. Once, the god/king Bran led a battle and his armymen painted their faces red with dye from alder trees.

            Bran was Welsh. He had a sister named Branwen. Once, the High King of Ireland sailed to Wales to ask for Branwen’s hand in marriage. Bran gave his blessing and Branwen wed the Irish king. Bran’s relative (either half brother or cousin, tales vary) Efnisien/Evnissyen wasn’t invited and got furious and attacked horses given to the king as wedding gifts. The king was going to leave without Branwen, but Bran offered him a magical item of his. It was a magical cauldron of rebirth that could reanimate dead soldiers. All was good; the king and Branwen were happy in the beginning. He became disappointed/tired of her though, and expelled her to work in the kitchens for long hours with an abusive head cook. To me, this sounds sort of like Sansa and Joffrey (even though they never married). Branwen one day found a STARling (a bird), taught it to speak, told it all about her current misery and her family/home, and sent it to her brother Bran to inform him of her mistreatment. This is like when Cersei forced Sansa to send a raven to Winterfell- it didn’t say she was being mistreated, but her family knew something was up. Anyway, Bran was furious, and sent an army to Ireland. This sounds kinda like Robb, Sansa’s brother, though not Bran. Peace negotiations were in order, but Efnisien screwed everything up again, and Bran went to war against the king. To briefly pause, this is all obviously like the Starks and Lannisters. However, the upcoming battle is more like the fight between the living and the dead. Perhaps also with the Lord of Light, as he brings people back to life.

            The battle commenced. The Irish were winning by a landslide because they had the cauldron of rebirth. Death was no problem for them. Bran’s army was losing, so Efnisien decided to sacrifice his life to save them. He hid among the dead Irish soldiers and was accidentally thrown into the cauldron.... No living thing could be placed in it; it was completely destroyed. The battle continued fairly until only Bran, Branwen, and 7 of Bran’s armymen survived. That wasn’t necessarily a win; neither side won, and only a few lived. This could be a possible ending to the show. All but a few of the living obliterated. So there’s that.

            I’m going to explain more about Bran’s deal. His father is the sea god Llyr, who married a sea goddess from the godly Irish race called the Tuatha de Danann. Danann was a triple goddess and was also called Danu, Dannis, Anu, Annis... Her name meant “shining one”, as she was goddess of the moon. The sea goddess, Irish daughter of the triple goddess Danann, was not Bran’s mother, but stepmother. Nonetheless, the children of the Welsh god Llyr were said to represent the “powers of darkness”. They were constantly warring with children of the “mother goddess” Don, who represented the power of light. Don could very well be the equivalent to Danann. Danann’s Irish, and the high king was Irish...

            Bran-don. Bran, who represents darkness, and Don, who represents light. Brandon Stark is (very unsurprisingly) the key. Everyone knows that, everything I said was just additional evidence I’d not heard of before & wanted to share. 🤷‍♂️

            Dayne, Dawn, Danann, Don...

            • Isqandar Zulqarnain
              Isqandar Zulqarnain  8 months back

              Lord of light protect us for the night is dark and full of theories

              • Isqandar Zulqarnain
                Isqandar Zulqarnain  8 months back

                Lord of light protect us for the night is dark and full of theories

                • Some Degree of Sundown
                  Some Degree of Sundown  8 months back

                  people who live in ashai wear masks dude.

                  • Quigeeboh
                    Quigeeboh  8 months back

                    "I am no one." Quaithe is Jaquan Hagar from Bravos ?

                    • Lamaur Roystar
                      Lamaur Roystar  9 months back


                      • em D
                        em D  9 months back

                        Would very much like a spin off back to when ED was young and we get to see Roberts rebellion and everything taking place before it.
                        Can imagine feeling so sorry for Author when Reed stabs him in the back because he knew how important that baby and Lyarna was to his best friend.

                        • CarwashNinja
                          CarwashNinja  9 months back

                          I don't know how it would all fit, but she looks like the red priestess Kinvara. Dark hair, great rack.

                          • 0rion!
                            0rion!  10 months back

                            Quathe could be Arya. The whole Im am no one thing, and black hair. Not sure.

                            • Cisco4kid1990
                              Cisco4kid1990  10 months back

                              she just seems like a witch so I guess she really is NOBODY

                              • TheLonelyOne36 Was Here
                                TheLonelyOne36 Was Here  10 months back

                                My belief is that quaithe is a girl called Elisa Farman. Look it up, there isn’t much about it, but it’s very interesting.

                                • Sunsence
                                  Sunsence  11 months back

                                  Could she be a burned Daenerys, that got caught in an echo of Bran in the final battle between Ice and Fire. Like how Bran will most likely get caught in the body of the Night King.

                                  • American Coup Intelligence

                                    Quaithe is Lyana Stark , she didn't love Robert and made Ned promise to not make her marry the man who killed Rhaegar. She knew of the prophecy and is going to return as Jon's mother.

                                    • yc
                                      yc  12 months back

                                      Dude, you need to stop with your Dumbass theories.

                                      • James Mcguigan
                                        James Mcguigan  1 years back

                                        It’s the witch that stopped her having babies.

                                        • B. Tan
                                          B. Tan  1 years back

                                          QUAITHE IS SARELLA!

                                          • B. Tan
                                            B. Tan  1 years back

                                            Then she mentions the candles being lit again AFTER Arellas saw them burning again in the citadel. Hmmm...

                                          • B. Tan
                                            B. Tan  1 years back

                                            Quaithe is introduced early on then Sarella is introduced a bit later. This I hope is the case if it isn't bloodravens GF.

                                        • Media Fibonaut
                                          Media Fibonaut  1 years back

                                          My guess is Shiera Seastar

                                          • Brad Morgan
                                            Brad Morgan  1 years back

                                            Quaithe is Snoke

                                            • Jiggy fly
                                              Jiggy fly  1 years back

                                              This is just my theory and will probably sound laughable to most but I think she is a future version not of Danny but of Arya who somehow through her faceless man training awakens her green seer powers in the future and is able to communicate with specific people from the past...remember while on the show they don't show her worging ability it is in the books and the next step up is green seer and I think it could be argued that next to brand her ability seems to be the strongest, also the hair color matches and without the mask she could be recognized or mistaken for her aunt plus the mask could somehow inhanse her adilitys

                                              • J 3
                                                J 3  1 years back

                                                I’m amazed that I’ve never heard a ‘Quaithe is Lyana Stark or Ellia Martel’ theory just on the hair alone.
                                                I’d like it to be Shira Seastar but I think Asharah Dayne is more likely. However, knowing GRRM it’s probably not anyone we’ve thought of.

                                                • squattingheads
                                                  squattingheads  1 years back

                                                  Its so damn stupid when people say stuff like "thats not how the faceless man act".
                                                  We dont even know a spoonful about them. Could be thatthe house of b&w is and exceptional part of tneir organisation

                                                  • James Gross
                                                    James Gross  1 years back

                                                    I think Dani and JonSnow win but don't want it and Thrown ends up with it and gives it up to the bald guy who has no dick Then kills his uncle and big chick who should have a dick Marrys Bronn andhegets gets his castle and Jamie ends up being spared but ends up alone after killing cersi!(or does Cersi betray Jamie and has him killed for bean hairlike thesopranos too many stories opened and unconcluded whew need a hit .I'm stressed thank god it's 420!

                                                    • Kathy Bennett
                                                      Kathy Bennett  1 years back

                                                      She's John's mother

                                                      • Josh Morris
                                                        Josh Morris  1 years back

                                                        Malora Hightower, maybe? Idk. Maybe she's just Quaithe, a woman with scars covering her face.

                                                        • Steve Hartley
                                                          Steve Hartley  1 years back

                                                          Quaithe, are the faceless men!(women) They are the weavers of the world! They guide humanity along their designed path! They are the lords of light, but is misrepresented by Melisandre etc! The necklaces are hexagonal, but only a few are complete! Quaithes mask is complete!

                                                          • KaiserLynn De LaFranc
                                                            KaiserLynn De LaFranc  1 years back

                                                            Has anyone pointed out already that Ashara didn’t kill herself over her brother but rather the stillbirth of her daughter? Or apparent stillbirth, I subscribe to the theory that the daughter survived but was taken away for safe keeping of some sort. We’ve seen how broken Mothers get when separated from their kids (Gilly, Cersei, Cat) so suicide isn’t a stretch, though they never did find her body so yeah she could be Quaithe, trying to help her long separated daughter, Daenerys

                                                            • Joe Davidman
                                                              Joe Davidman  1 years back

                                                              If you look at the red woman’s necklace segments and the masks segments, they are similar. This either says that quaithe is a red priestess or using anti aging magic

                                                              • lisa carter
                                                                lisa carter  1 years back

                                                                I think she's one of the 5 Martell sisters.

                                                                • Cheryl Baxter ,Stormborn

                                                                  Her mask has the same pattern as what Melisandra wears round her neck to glamour her appearance all the ones who follow the Lord of light , maybe she's alert if that but we don't know if she looks into the flames but seemed to know alot about Jorah an Daenarys

                                                                  • mommaluvsmakeup
                                                                    mommaluvsmakeup  2 years back

                                                                    she has the eyes of Robert Starks wife that was stabbed at the royal wedding
                                                                    . is she a no one? faceless?

                                                                    • Don Rajah
                                                                      Don Rajah  2 years back

                                                                      Quaithe is actually Bran Stark from the future after using transgender magic

                                                                      • Tito Jr
                                                                        Tito Jr  2 years back

                                                                        Ashara Dayne can't change her purple eyes! I also want 2 know why Ned tore down the Tower of Joy and then return Dawn 2 House Dayne?

                                                                        • Tito Jr
                                                                          Tito Jr  2 years back

                                                                          Binder is pronounced Byn-der, and Asshai is pronounced A-shy! In S8 they better reveal who Quaithe is!

                                                                          • Michael Genji
                                                                            Michael Genji  2 years back

                                                                            I think she is a red priestess

                                                                            • Leyla Rustamova
                                                                              Leyla Rustamova  2 years back

                                                                              i thought trgaryerns were the only ones who had purple eyes? Now we see other purple eyed characters?

                                                                              • Leyla Rustamova
                                                                                Leyla Rustamova  2 years back

                                                                                3:10 I am not a hater, but why would you use mason Beer's face in GoT fan art?

                                                                                • Fabiano Pina
                                                                                  Fabiano Pina  2 years back

                                                                                  I am so excited to see Arya fit into all this, she spent her time in Bravos ... could be something

                                                                                  • Will The Wolf
                                                                                    Will The Wolf  2 years back

                                                                                    I always thought she was one of the sand bastards.

                                                                                    • Danio rerio
                                                                                      Danio rerio  2 years back

                                                                                      According to The World of Ica and Fire, Shadowbinders usually wear masks, so Quaithe's mask doesn't necessarily mean that she has a secret identity to hide. I believe in neither Ashara nor Shiera, nor in any other person that might be known to the reader. I guess she's just Quaithe, maybe a servant of some other entity, but not any other person we might know. And besides, Melisandre is able to use glamours to disguise Mance as the Lord of Bones in the books and to appear young in the TV series, so Quaithe as another Shadowbinder wouldn't need a mask to hide her Identity anymway, given that she has the same powers a Mel. I guess her mask is rather a symbol of her "status" as a Shadowbinder with no further purpose.

                                                                                      • Anabella Mason
                                                                                        Anabella Mason  2 years back

                                                                                        My favorite theory is when Ned Stark was wasn't truly him and when he was killed he uttered 'valar morgulis' (sp) this goes back to the first season when Ned and Jon Snow parted he said he would tell him about his mother the next time they see each other...The bittersweet ending G.R.R.M says will happen is that Ned reveals himself to be alive to Jon Snow as he's dying after killing the Night King and Jon can die peacefully knowing he was a Stark and not a bastard...I doubt its true but an awesome way to end it.

                                                                                        • Sam Bush
                                                                                          Sam Bush  2 years back

                                                                                          I think Quaith is Oberyn's sister who was raped and presumably killed by The Mountain. The Hound warns The Mountain that they both know what is coming for him and I believe that there is some unrevealed plot that both the Hound and the Mountain know that the Mountain did not infact kill her. Not much evidence except that under the mask Quaith appears to have tanned skin and dark eyes both of the people of Dorne.

                                                                                          • Siya Dube
                                                                                            Siya Dube  2 years back

                                                                                            Since the faceless men believe that death is a "gift for all" shouldn't they help with defeating the army of the dead?

                                                                                            • Patrick K
                                                                                              Patrick K  2 years back

                                                                                              du bist voll kacke

                                                                                              • h.k.7
                                                                                                h.k.7  2 years back

                                                                                                we need a sothoryos an ulthos spinn off asap