Optimistic Nihilism


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    • Viryl Lucas
      Viryl Lucas  2 days back

      Thank you for lifting me out of depression

    • Jake L
      Jake L  1 months back

      More vids like this please. Please do a video on free will

    • Mavi
      Mavi  2 months back

      can you make a video on political nihilism?

    • Carlos Eugênio
      Carlos Eugênio  2 months back

      Não que seja uma coisa boa da essa pecepção de vida para todo mundo. É otimo, e eu vivo assim... Bem isso é diretamente ligado ao meu ateismo, mas para diversas pessoas, a unica razão delas não se matarem ou matarem outras pessoas é a crença no "continue" seja da crença que for... Acho que é perigosovda essa pespectiva prq alguém que se agarra em alguma cresça pra não fazer, passa a pensar assim "i'm freeeeee". A pessoa pode simplismente sair fazendo babaridades com sigo mesmo ou com outros.

  • TheUnderratedSeal
    TheUnderratedSeal  1 hours back

    Than what? What do we do when we have found our answers? When we have reached our desires? What do we do?!

    • TheUnderratedSeal
      TheUnderratedSeal  1 hours back

      hm, after I thought about it, I would say that creating a matrix would unravel my questions above; because at this point we would have the technology to do that.
      Oh man, what if we are in an infinity deep matrix space dimensions far from the actual reality? Doomed, and this circle is never to be broken...

  • annonymous man
    annonymous man  2 hours back

    Video games to finish.I like it

    • Ayush Saxena
      Ayush Saxena  4 hours back

      Elon Musk is getting more bonus points.

      • Liams Clan
        Liams Clan  6 hours back

        Yay I still want to die and this sucks

        • drifting melodies
          drifting melodies  8 hours back

          he is full of knowledge insight and understanding but he doesn't realize that his thinking in his video is just a thinking of an imperfect man of physics in its infancy ..turn to metaphysics ..

          • Danery Lopez
            Danery Lopez  11 hours back

            Everybody: Reflecting on the meanning of our existence in this vast universe
            Me: the kitty 😭

            • Akis Wonderland
              Akis Wonderland  12 hours back

              Life changing - Thanks for the great content, this video helps me a lot

              • Laxy Bird
                Laxy Bird  13 hours back

                Optimistic nihilism that is what i was thinking about before.

                • Glob Animations
                  Glob Animations  22 hours back

                  Ah, my daily dise of existential crisis

                  • Puteri Adleen
                    Puteri Adleen  23 hours back

                    I’d prefer the birds dammit

                    • Physics Freak
                      Physics Freak  1 days back

                      Thank you. I needed this.

                      • • I love Nothing but Peace

                        I agree with everything here but not the part u say we are here for each other that might be true but not really we have became isolated many people r lonely and plus I hate people so meh😅

                        • Kon Linakis
                          Kon Linakis  1 days back

                          I disagree with this whole "don't worry it'll be like it was before you were alive". Thats the thing,I didn't know what life was then tho,now I do,and something is going to take it away from me and I don't even know if I'm gonna live long enough to enjoy it.
                          It's like the biggest fuck you ever.

                        • Chukwuka Nwobi
                          Chukwuka Nwobi  1 days back

                          Without religion, optimistic nihilism still means nothing 😂

                        • Rudolf Jožinec
                          Rudolf Jožinec  1 days back

                          Where is the optimistic part?

                        • Adamokalypse
                          Adamokalypse  2 days back

                          I don't think a video has ever been able to explain how I feel about the universe better than this one.

                          • smiley• flower
                            smiley• flower  2 days back

                            dang man things are depressing for people without Jesus

                            • • I love Nothing but Peace
                              • I love Nothing but Peace  1 days back

                              Not really I'm fine without Jesus but i respect your faith.

                            • Jake L
                              Jake L  2 days back

                              Haha you can say that again brother! The only true path is the path of Allah peace be upon him

                          • Jeremiah Patlan
                            Jeremiah Patlan  2 days back


                            • Squall Loire
                              Squall Loire  2 days back

                              "When you know nothing matters, the Universe is yours."

                              • Squall Loire
                                Squall Loire  2 days back

                                @• I love Nothing but Peace Sadly I can't take credit for it, it's a Rick & Morty quote. The rest of the line is "and I've never met a Universe that was into it.", which is slightly less optimistic ;)

                              • • I love Nothing but Peace
                                • I love Nothing but Peace  2 days back

                                Well said

                            • Eye Scream
                              Eye Scream  3 days back

                              Since humanity doesn't have the ultimate goal anyway, lets do our best to scribble a dick on the face of the Universe itself. That would be the most human thing to do

                              • SasquatchRex
                                SasquatchRex  3 days back

                                My personal world view 😊😎💯

                                • Lilian Roizman
                                  Lilian Roizman  3 days back

                                  Kurzgezagt: do drugs

                                  • Juha Ulkoniemi
                                    Juha Ulkoniemi  3 days back

                                    Your life is just a flicker in the cosmic expanse. It's truly mind-blowing to think about that fact. Let's say the average human lives about 75 years. How much is 75 out of 13,7 billion years (the age of the universe)? Google calculator says it's 5.47445255*10^-9. That number is so minuscule that it's difficult to comprehend. It's possible my math is way off, but what I'm trying to illustrate is how infinitesimal human existence is. As the video said, you get to decide whether this tiny slice of existence means anything. Yep, this is the kind of stuff I keep thinking about at 5:07 AM in the morning. Thank you for the scintillating video, Kurzgesagt. I'll keep coming back to this video whenever I feel bleak and depressed.

                                  • Malthe Ejlers
                                    Malthe Ejlers  3 days back

                                    The meaning of life emerges when you make other human beings happy.

                                    • Jake L
                                      Jake L  2 days back

                                      That's bullshit, 8 billion people is too many, all they do is consume resources faster than they can be replenished and go to war.

                                    • • I love Nothing but Peace
                                      • I love Nothing but Peace  3 days back

                                      Nah humans r idiots

                                  • Joe Wilson
                                    Joe Wilson  3 days back

                                    I've called myself an optimistic nihilist for years..... I cant believe I just found a video with the EXACT same title

                                    • Jake L
                                      Jake L  2 days back

                                      That's nice, but you know technically optimistic nihilism is an oxymoron? It's like saying the "living dead"

                                  • Highlyskeptical
                                    Highlyskeptical  3 days back

                                    ...Or you could save your connectome (your thoughts) and genome (your body) in a lead (prevent DNA shredding, easy to find) box on a mountain (always cold, tissue sample preserved), to be brought back by future altruistic humans 1000's of years from now, as we would with a cloned wooly mammoth today. Future humans will figure out how to reverse aging as well, and the first immortals may exist today in a real way.

                                    That's one of my many projects that I'll probably fail at when I retire in 2 years (HS bio teacher), but .000001% > 0% alternative, and a win affects us all.

                                    • Alpakapucuf
                                      Alpakapucuf  3 days back

                                      You guys often make cry or almost cry. I dont know if i like it

                                      • Sub-Visser Sixty-nine
                                        Sub-Visser Sixty-nine  3 days back

                                        Nah I’m never gonna forget when she kicked that cat

                                        • Humphrey Egwangu
                                          Humphrey Egwangu  3 days back

                                          if you guys were to start a religion I would most probably join it

                                          • Mr. McFly
                                            Mr. McFly  3 days back

                                            This is basically Camus’ take on existentialism.

                                            • Juampixulo
                                              Juampixulo  3 days back

                                              I want some bonus points

                                              • Frezton
                                                Frezton  3 days back

                                                Happiness is just a hormone being released so......... Just watch 0:00

                                                • Owen B
                                                  Owen B  3 days back

                                                  thanks yall

                                                  • dilek c.
                                                    dilek c.  3 days back

                                                    dünyadaki her şey gibi herkes kendi için yaşar

                                                    • BulukEtznab
                                                      BulukEtznab  3 days back

                                                      I have found a mistake in the English Transcript at 04:49:
                                                      "its centre organs" must be "its sensory organs" - since that's what is said in the audio file!

                                                      Thanks for correcting it, dear English Subtitle Authors - Sandor Magyar, Wilbur Yu, Wumbolo, Tomificus, CookiesNMilkFilms !

                                                      • Barrett Pardo
                                                        Barrett Pardo  4 days back


                                                        You think?

                                                        • Disdyakis Triacontahedron

                                                          The positivity in this video is entirely superficial. I don't agree with nihilism, optimistic or otherwise.

                                                          • Nihil0s
                                                            Nihil0s  4 days back

                                                            "A few hundred thousand years ago we became conscious" What? Where did you get this? Define consciousness. Define the specific moment in human evolution where we gained this quality. Are you saying that australopithecines weren't conscious? Are gorillas and chimps not conscious? What about elephants, dolphins, dogs, pigs, etc.? Are you saying that no other life form on Earth is conscious and it's exclusive to humanity? Most of your videos are great, but it's statements like this that make me question the validity of the information that follows. It's arbitrary, unscientific, and wasn't even necessary to make the point of the video.

                                                            • Maxer13
                                                              Maxer13  4 days back

                                                              Seriously speaking, I never understood how people could live without a religious belief. It really makes me wonder how they live without sadness. Or at least look like so. I wouldn't even be able to get out of bed.
                                                              It's just an opinion.

                                                              • Nick
                                                                Nick  4 days back

                                                                Eggxistencial dread

                                                                • Peyton Burnsed
                                                                  Peyton Burnsed  4 days back

                                                                  I know this comment may be drowned out, but my take on this is that Kurzgesagt is a very interesting program, and that they bring up extremely cool things all most all the time. I love the content.

                                                                  • SY Doukou
                                                                    SY Doukou  4 days back

                                                                    Spotted the "No u" in this video

                                                                    • Sarah
                                                                      Sarah  5 days back

                                                                      So basically my purpose in life is to eat as much cake as i want cause that's what makes me feel good... sweet!

                                                                    • Sana
                                                                      Sana  5 days back

                                                                      yo my philosophy class really has me in an existential crisis right now so i'm back to this video to not wallow in my pointlessness

                                                                      • Joan Peña Peña
                                                                        Joan Peña Peña  5 days back

                                                                        This video resumes exactly my thoughts, how i see life, how i feel about life... it is so heartwarming to know that there is people who i can share how i experience life... i felt so alone so many times, i thought most of the people were like blind... i didn't even know what nihilism was. Thank you so much @kurzgesagt 😭

                                                                        • Vlad Tepes
                                                                          Vlad Tepes  5 days back

                                                                          trick 17: when death arrives - be gone.

                                                                          • Vlad Tepes
                                                                            Vlad Tepes  5 days back

                                                                            there are no absolute truths, which i therefore am unable to say.