Daenerys Won't Marry Jon Snow - THEORY BUSTED!


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  • Lobby Fisher
    Lobby Fisher  2 years back

    I disagree I think they ll marry and have a kid but unlike so many I think it won't end well, one or both will die in my opinion, their story wont have a happy ending just like Greyworm and Missandei one or both of them will die aswell because thats game of thrones and next season its going to return to form garuntee, relationships in Westeros are a curse lol

    • Rania Jones
      Rania Jones  2 years back

      Busted, really. You sound like a jonsa fan. We already know they are going to get married, read danys vision again. She is the bride of fire and Jon is the blue rose at the wall. Best you do some research before you put up embarrassing videos like this one. The dislikes say it all

      • Libra Goddess
        Libra Goddess  1 years back

        Lmfao jonerys marrying is the most predictable and expected plot ever in this show. It won’t happen.

      • Rania Jones
        Rania Jones  2 years back

        Lobby Fisher Look at the dislikes for this video, I'm not the only one who thinks this video is a load of junk. You need to relax because he wanted me to give him my opinion so I did.

    • Hypo Flump
      Hypo Flump  2 years back

      You where wrong inscest does take place

      • Throne Theory
        Throne Theory   2 years back

        It did indeed. In the form of Epic boat sex!