Fire In The Blood/Snake Song [LAWLESS TRACK #7]


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  • Robert Walden
    Robert Walden  4 weeks back

    This film has been out for a while but me personally have just found it on Netflix and it's fuckin brilliant + has a cracking soundtrack 👍⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

    • Cheryl
      Cheryl  4 weeks back

      Love the movie & music...Emmy Lou🔥❤️

      • Francis Powell
        Francis Powell  1 months back

        This track just touches my soul so deep I cannot describe. Today I am not lonely no more.

        • Alex Love !
          Alex Love !  2 months back

          That fucked me up a little when cricket got killed.

          • Paul Scott
            Paul Scott  3 months back

            Mr Ralph Stanley your a legend sir

            • Paul Scott
              Paul Scott  3 months back

              Ralph Stanley legend

              • Paul Scott
                Paul Scott  3 months back

                Listening again to this toon again brilliant what a film and soundtrack can I marry you Emmylou lol

                • Paul Scott
                  Paul Scott  3 months back

                  What a film and soundtrack opened my eyes to country music this song wow so ?

                  • Brandy Farmer
                    Brandy Farmer  4 months back

                    Love ralph stanley

                    • Steven Gerrard
                      Steven Gerrard  8 months back

                      Always , the old songs or the songs by the old way is the best ,,In all word different clutures ,,,
                      Classic time is a better than our time .
                      What does happen to our time ?!!!

                      • slevin kelevra
                        slevin kelevra  10 months back

                        Damn I love this soundtrack 😍
                        I cannot express how I really feel this old timey type of music. Deep in my soul 👍😁👌😊👍😳

                        • Graham Dominey
                          Graham Dominey  11 months back

                          Superb music acting and film excellent cast unique

                          • Colter  Browes
                            Colter Browes  1 years back

                            That boy never hurt a fly

                            • Celestial Dreams
                              Celestial Dreams  1 years back

                              Loved this scene in the movie. Her absolute vulnerability in the scene.

                              • billy hill
                                billy hill  1 years back

                                I see what the lord asks of me will we ancestors accept the fire

                                • Jezza Woolgar
                                  Jezza Woolgar  2 years back

                                  The best...... that's all folks...

                                  • David Forde
                                    David Forde  3 years back

                                    one of my all time fave movies anything that has tom hardy is awesome

                                    • Davis E McCollum
                                      Davis E McCollum  2 months back

                                      Ditto that...! The guy that played the Bad Guy was pretty good too...!

                                  • @Nr1SupermanFan
                                    @Nr1SupermanFan  3 years back

                                    The Beaver :P

                                    • Mr76Escobar76
                                      Mr76Escobar76  3 years back

                                      greetings from germany!! Incredible movie and Soundtrack.

                                      • Dylan McCallister
                                        Dylan McCallister  1 years back

                                        From Oregon. All my ancestors lived in the smokey mountains and have some recent Irish and German that married into our root

                                      • Tobby Martin
                                        Tobby Martin  1 years back

                                        Greetings from Tennessee 🍸

                                      • jon do
                                        jon do  2 years back

                                        greetings im from virginia with german ancestry

                                    • Steve Davies
                                      Steve Davies  3 years back

                                      Should be Tom hardy not Shia

                                    • Cnl.Sarge
                                      Cnl.Sarge  3 years back

                                      Where can i find the slower version of this song? The one that plays in the movie (sex scene) isn't the same as this..

                                      • Štøñędwōłf 420
                                        Štøñędwōłf 420  11 months back

                                        It's the version 2

                                      • Anon ymous
                                        Anon ymous  3 years back

                                        Not sure but you can change the speed right there on the bottom right of the video in the settings marked with a cog next to the cinema/default view and full screen buttons. Hope that helps!

                                    • Mermer
                                      Mermer  4 years back

                                      what is the techno remix's name please guys

                                      • Thomas Pacaud
                                        Thomas Pacaud  3 years back

                                        Kipi vibration lawless

                                      • Aurélien Long
                                        Aurélien Long  3 years back

                                        There is a trance remix under the name of Kipi Vibration Vs Wicked Wild - Lawless

                                      • Gregory Bayashvili
                                        Gregory Bayashvili  3 years back

                                        i've heard some kind of trance remix of this song and looking for it ever since hope someone will help us

                                    • Kaftann
                                      Kaftann  4 years back

                                      So appropriately inappropriate. Fucking love it.

                                      • Hector Troll
                                        Hector Troll  4 years back

                                        +Kaftann Ze mną Ci nic nie grozi ;)

                                    • amon rame
                                      amon rame  4 years back

                                      damn good song,top movie

                                    • GTA Online
                                      GTA Online  4 years back

                                      hmmmm.. no it doesn't sound like the one. I think it's midnight run.... I think.

                                      • GTA Online
                                        GTA Online  4 years back

                                        hmmmm.. no it doesn't sound like the one. I think it's midnight run.... I think.

                                        • Regina Canada
                                          Regina Canada  4 years back

                                          super movie super song

                                          • GTA Online
                                            GTA Online  4 years back

                                            Lawless... a super good movie. Trying to find one of their songs tho. Can't remember name.

                                            • Allison Watts
                                              Allison Watts  1 years back

                                              A Rodriguez same

                                            • Swear Gryllz
                                              Swear Gryllz  4 years back

                                              +Arty Delgado White Light White heat perhaps?

                                            • GTA Online
                                              GTA Online  4 years back

                                              Good thinking... thanks.

                                            • Cody Sackaney
                                              Cody Sackaney  4 years back

                                              watch the movie with subtitles..states the name of every song playing through out the movie

                                          • Natalie Wilde
                                            Natalie Wilde  5 years back

                                            Luv this film

                                            • Brenden Miller
                                              Brenden Miller  5 years back

                                              Ralph Stanley

                                              • Chararles Edwards
                                                Chararles Edwards  5 years back

                                                Nice music

                                                • Kiara Brass
                                                  Kiara Brass  6 years back

                                                  Love this song, as well as the movie!

                                                • Lisa Hamilton
                                                  Lisa Hamilton  6 years back

                                                  Amazing movie and soundtrack!!

                                                • Lollipop Plays
                                                  Lollipop Plays  7 years back

                                                  the bonderant brothers remind me of me and my brothers.
                                                  Exept the fact that my youngest brother is going to be the drunk and my oldest brother the coward.

                                                  • JBtheMountie
                                                    JBtheMountie  7 years back

                                                    He's the same guy who sang "o' Death" in O, Brother Where Art Thou? He's brilliant

                                                    • Morotn Mitchell
                                                      Morotn Mitchell  7 years back

                                                      Ralph Stanley is his name. You can get more of his music, he also sang with Ricky Skaggs at one time

                                                      • Scott Livingston
                                                        Scott Livingston  7 years back

                                                        who's singing this? i SAW THE MOVIE AND WHANT MORE OF THIS GUY

                                                        • dirtyjew1974
                                                          dirtyjew1974  2 years back

                                                          Ralph Stanley. He sang in the o brother where art thou sound track as well. He's a blue grass legend!

                                                      • Blawless1000
                                                        Blawless1000  7 years back

                                                        This song reminds me of the song my great uncle sang at my grand fathers funeral.

                                                        • 600sixtysixBullets
                                                          600sixtysixBullets  7 years back

                                                          best movie i have ever seen, next to goodfellas, public enemies, and blow. beautiful music too.

                                                          • Paige
                                                            Paige  7 years back

                                                            Cried like a baby when Cricket died. Great film. FUCK YEAH!

                                                          • SMOkINREVZ
                                                            SMOkINREVZ  7 years back

                                                            What's with the shitty dubstep at the end

                                                            • gary grimsley
                                                              gary grimsley  7 years back

                                                              quart of apple pie , a pint of peach . come morning I won't have the flu anymore . And if I do I won't care .

                                                              • renthungo5444
                                                                renthungo5444  7 years back

                                                                Bad. Ass.

                                                                • TeKeR Nito
                                                                  TeKeR Nito  7 years back

                                                                  Awsome !

                                                                  • dazzelknight
                                                                    dazzelknight  7 years back

                                                                    fucking amazing

                                                                    • Shelley Sharp
                                                                      Shelley Sharp  7 years back

                                                                      Love it all!!

                                                                      • Deadcrows1981
                                                                        Deadcrows1981  7 years back

                                                                        emmylou harris is haunting in the snake song O.O

                                                                        • liquorlover1234
                                                                          liquorlover1234  7 years back

                                                                          Love Love Great Movie Great Scene Great Music!