Nudie Patootie Palette and Liquid Lipsticks by Laura Lee Los Angeles Review


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  • Ava melia
    Ava melia  12 months back

    I just received my nudie palette a few days ago as she was having a Black Friday sale. I’m so disappointed 😑. I really wanted this to be my go to palette for nude looks/everyday. It seemed to have every color I needed. The mattes are chalky. The shimmers are just ok. The only shades that seem worth it to me are the foils.

    • Beauty Butterfly Make up Play Time

      I like those colors very nice. Enjoyed watching!!🦋

      • Laura Zamudio
        Laura Zamudio  1 years back

        Is it me or does all them colors look chalky 🤷🏻‍♀️

        • Ask Candace
          Ask Candace   1 years back

          The matte shades are chalky😩 I prefer the shimmer shades.

      • EnglishProfStyle
        EnglishProfStyle  1 years back

        There are some pretty colors in there, but I don't think the colors will look as good on my complexion.

        • Lin's Lane
          Lin's Lane  1 years back

          Goodmorning my dear. Love your channel and always happy to see new videos.
          Anyway have a wonderful day

          • Ask Candace
            Ask Candace   1 years back

            Thank you so much for watching, have a great day❤️

        • Solstice Beat
          Solstice Beat  1 years back

          Hey girl! Love your review! I’m actually wondering if we could support each other. “Jessica Nel Brown” is my channel. I love makeup and will try new things. I love your video. Xoxoxo

          • Beth Standley
            Beth Standley  1 years back

            Looked good 😉😉😉😉