Bob Fitzsimmons


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  • IgnatzKolisch
    IgnatzKolisch  6 years back

    I think Fitz was the greatest p4p fighter of all time, for the very reasons you describe. But SRR was hardly a joke. Surely SRR is one of the greatest fighters of all time also. I think Fitz was a 160ish pounder with 220+ pound power, which is how he'd beat SRR. But you seem to dismiss Robinson because of his trouble with a Light Heavy. Also, not to make excuses, but the heat was definitely a factor; is it true the ref, Ruby Goldstein, was replaced mid-fight from heat?

    AWESOME that you saw it!

    • joseph riesterer
      joseph riesterer  8 years back

      he is my direct descendant through blood lines and i want to work out where my bloodlines come from as our family tree from nz is not that extensive!

      • The Truth
        The Truth  8 years back

        they say there was no man under 200 pounds that hit harder than fittzsimmons

        • IgnatzKolisch
          IgnatzKolisch  9 years back

          That's the same point I always make. Fitzsimmons may very well have been p4p best of all time, but it's just so impossible to tell, at least in my opinion. Certainly, even with the scant material to review, he has to be considered one of the top ever, but it's hard to come right out and say. Some people I respect very much do rate him as the best ever, of all time, and I can't really argue with them except to hedge my bets in view of the limited information to study on him.

          • Jim Cushman
            Jim Cushman  9 years back

            Ring Magazine has Fitz # 8 on the list of all time punchers...

            • kelloggcerealxoxo
              kelloggcerealxoxo  10 years back

              @MrGranthill33 white ozzy pride!

              • kelloggcerealxoxo
                kelloggcerealxoxo  10 years back

                one night, seven men...hmmm...that's pretty gay

                • Melleficent
                  Melleficent  10 years back

                  i am related to him also

                  • chad fitzy
                    chad fitzy  10 years back

                    thats my great great grandad! or uncle. or something down that line

                    • Nikki Ryan
                      Nikki Ryan  10 years back

                      I am also related to Bob Fitzsimmons! :)

                      • Kyle Whitley
                        Kyle Whitley  10 years back

                        I heard he once faced a guy who weighed over 300 lbs. Bob rocked him with a few body shots and nailed him with a left hook to the chin to knock him out inside 2 rounds. I bet Fitzsimmons would have demolished the fat slobs in the heavyweight division today.

                        • fillyerboots1
                          fillyerboots1  11 years back

                          No doubt America paid better than Cornwall!

                          • Andrew *
                            Andrew *  11 years back

                            I've read that Fitz became and naturalized American citizen. Cornishman by heritage American by choice.

                            • fitz068
                              fitz068  12 years back

                              Thats my Grate, grate, grate, grate, grate, Grandad Bob Fitzsimmons

                              • Fred Benson
                                Fred Benson  12 years back

                                Fitzsimmons can whip Mike Tyson's arse 24/7/365 until Iron Mike is a bloody mess! If Fitzsimmons took on one of today's boxers,he'd win in less than 5 rounds! All hail Fitzsimmons,king of boxing!

                                • fillyerboots1
                                  fillyerboots1  12 years back

                                  I imagine people assume that Bob Fitzsimmons was an American - WRONG! He was a Cornishman, born in the town of Helston, which is famous these days for the Furry Dance on 8th May each year. There's a plaque over the door of the house where Bob was born in Wendron Street, and a pub called the Fitzsimmons Arms in Coinagehall Street, known to all around as the 'Fitz'.

                                  • Lava1964
                                    Lava1964  13 years back

                                    Fitzsimmons and Jack Johnson are buried in the same cemetery.